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Dreams: Ba

- Dreaming of a baby indicates happiness in the home.
- If in our dream we see one of our enemies, and also present a baby, it means that our enemies are behaving immaturely.
It may also mean that one of our enemies is attacking either strategically, with demands, witchcraft, gossip, etc., and we are not defending well, what we suggest to analyze the situation well, as there is something that is dangerous and we are not taking into account, for example, gossip that seem unimportant, but nevertheless they can cause problems in the future unless we act in time.

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Baby bottle:
This dream tells us that engender a baby and everything will be fine.
- If we dream of a baby bottle of triangular shape it means that a married person wants a child ours.

Baby cot, Crib:
If in our daytime life we don't have children and we dream that we have a child, which we see in a crib, it represents our desire to be father(mother).
But if in the dream we see a crib with an unknown baby, then it means we have a dangerous enemy.
- If we see the HOUSE WHERE ONE OF OUR ENEMIES LIVES, and we observe that in one of the rooms there are several baby cots in which there are babies, it means that our enemies are planning something that can cause us harm, So we must be very careful not to fall into a trap.
- Dreaming of an EMPTY crib reflects insecurity and dissatisfaction with ourselves.

Baby food:
If in our dream we see baby food, or we eat porridge, it means that we are being forced to learn something that we already knew.

Baby Jesus:
- To dream that we bathe a baby Jesus, means that we are trying to get rid of a complex of guilt.
- If we dream that the person we like shows us an image or video of baby Jesus on his cell phone, it means that that person feels guilty for something he did to us, for having been discourteous...
- If we dream of a statuette or figure of a baby Jesus lying in our bed, it means that we feel guilty for some reason and it is generally related to the affairs of love.

Baby romper:
- If in our dream we see wet baby romper, it means probable difficulties because of a person who is behaving immaturely.

Baby shower:
- If someone married, dream to makes a baby chower, means that there is happiness in her marriage and is happy with her husband and son. But if someone single dreams a baby chower, then, means you want to marry.
- If a married woman dreams that will make a baby chower, but then gets angry at her husband's family, and goes, it's a board that says, that in the future, it is best to avoid unnecessary discussions with the family of her husband or any of them, and they do not understand the reasons and are not willing to budge, even though they know they are wrong, because that way to avoid difficulties in your marriage.

Represents lust.

It shows our desire to have a child.

Bachelor's degree:
- To dream that suddenly we decided to change bachelor's degree because we passed an exam, it means that if we do not analyze the situation well, we can have many problems.

- If we dream something and back of it, we see something else (hidden or unseen, unless we approach and review well). We begin by looking for the meaning of the object, and then the thing this back, because it means that what is back is influencing what is ahead (sometimes thought of someone or something in a certain situation, but we do not realize who or what is back of it(he) and can change the situation or influence opinion that someone).

Back (From: Body part):
This sign can have multiple interpretations depending on the context of the dream, for example, somebody back we mean that person is not supporting us, either because it is not really our friend or because they are angry with us for any reason; but if we dream that someone attacks us in the back represents someone who is betraying us somehow.
- If in our dream someone makes us a CUT IN THE BACK with a knife, represents someone who is attacking us treason.
- If in the dream, we see our girlfriend's(boyfriend's) mother and notes that your mother wears a black DRESS backless, it means that she(her mother) does not like you.

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A backhoe represents our desire to get something or someone from a certain place.
Sometimes it is related to our work, for example: If we dream that we have an excellent backhoe, it means good luck in our work or in our projects.
- If we dream that someone tries to run us over with a backhoe, it means that there is someone who has bad will and is trying to commit an injustice against us, or to get us out of a place.

This sign is related to our secrets.
- If the backpack is EMPTY indicates that the owner is unable to keep a secret.
- If we dream that our EX GIRLFRIEND (BOYFRIEND) steals our backpack to ruin it, it means that she(he) is planning to damage our reputation by using the things she(he) knows about us.

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To dream that something is backawards, tells us that there is a problem or a difficult situation in our life.
It may also mean that we thought at first about any matter or thing, is wrong.
- If in our dream we see a picture of a friend or relative that we know that he(she) appreciate us and we see hung on the wall, but backwards, that is, the image facing the wall; means that relative or friend that will be difficult to help us.

- If in our dream an Archangel tells us that, "Though things are bad, remember me." It means that he(she), visited us in dreams to tell us that he can help us in difficult times, so it is good that we have it in mind. For example: Asking God and the Archangel to help us when we are in trouble.
- To dream that somebody insinuates that we have done something bad, means that it is probable that soon we receive the reproaches of somebody.

Bad mood:
If in the dream we see someone in a bad mood, it means that our new friendships, bosses, relationships, etc., may not be that we expected.

Bad omen or bad meaning of our dreams, How to counteract a:
Sometimes the same dream tells us to do, like when we dream that someone we know gives us paper money, in which case just be wise to that person, to avoid the difficulty, another way to counter is a bad sign means of an amulet.

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Bad vibe:
- To dream that there are bad vibe means that there is someone who has us ill will.
- If in our waking life we have a shop, and dream to be there to feel bad vibe, it means that someone has ill will to our shop. What is advice that tells us to keep well groomed, and be optimistic.

Badly told, joke:
- If we dream that we say a bad joke, it means that it is difficult for us to relate to others.

Badly trained:
- If we dream of a badly trained white dog who goes to the table to try to eat what is there, represents someone who wants to marry us, but at the same time tells us that it does not suit.

The bags are related to the ups and downs in our life.
- If it CONTAINS IS NOT COMMON or logic tells us that we may have difficulties soon. In this case we can help find the meaning of the things we see in the bag, since the difficulties we may come to have, is related to it.
- If it CONTAINS IS COMMON, then it means that we have the situation under control.

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Bag, hand:
- If full symbolizes that we kept secrets.
- If empty indicates that the person owns is incapable of keeping a secret.
- Lose the hand bag, means that someone knows our secrets.
- If someone steals it, means it's very likely that someone will find out what we do not want to use force.
- Dreaming with a hand bag of wood, which is full, means we will have good luck because we have some well-kept secrets.

This sign portends bad luck in love.

-- If we dream of a baguette unprepared (pure bread), means:
• If ever we were poor, or have spent days of need, and in our dream we are looking for a baguette, means that we are afraid to see us in misery. But if we have never had a major economic necessity means that are afraid of something related to the moral or with the psychic.
• If we dream that is being developed or baking baguettes, it means that we have confidence in ourselves, unless the loaf comes out wrong, in this case means that we lack confidence in ourselves and in our abilities.
• If we dream that we put a talisman or an amulet in a freshly baked baguette means that we have confidence in ourselves, plus we enjoy special protection and if the talisman or amulet is engraved the image of a good means we must trust that being who is close to us.
• If we dream of old baguette, mean difficulty for money.
-- If it is a prepared baguette, we must consult sandwich, as it means the same.

- To dream that we grant bail to someone, it means that we did not expect some difficulties.
- If we are asking for a bail it means that we will have a good change.

- If in our dream we see a bakery full of good fats and breads conditions, means wealth and success. But if we see empty or nearly empty, it means the opposite.
- If you eat cake and sweet taste means that we welcome and positive emotional experiences.
- If you eat cake and it tastes sour, mean: inconvenience and distress.
- If the dream informs us of the price or steal candy reveals an excess of sentimentality.
- If you only see a cake, promises us joy.

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- If in our dream, we balance anything, it means that we will succeed, but if we do not balance it well means that we are missing something for success.

This sign represents our need to look around us and others.
- If we are ALONE IN A BALCONY, means that our merits be returned.
- If we are alone on a DIRTY BALCONY, means that our efforts will not be grateful, because of that we are not showing the best way to others, either physically, or because we are showing negative aptitude (selfish , insecure, unkind, low collaboration, etc.).

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- If we dream of a product for baldness that has a large print on the label "Z" means that there are products that can help us not to drop the hair, but the important thing is that we do not get angry or stress too much because then nothing will serve the product.

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Bale of straw:
- To dream that carry a bale of straw, it means we have to do hard work that most likely we will not be compensated fairly.
- If we see someone is carrying a bale, it means we are being selfish and shy away from responsibility.

- This dream tells us that our success depends on our wisdom and sacrifice.
- If a ball is black, says that success depends on our wisdom and sacrifice, but also tells us that we should not abuse the situation, or others.
- Dreaming of a worn ball, tells us to expect a difficult battle, as well as to try to slander us, so we try harder than we thought.
- If you dream that we are playing and most notorious of the dream, is that we win the ball, it means that our adversaries are those who now have the chance to win (This dream is a bit like what happens during a match, so that when our team has the ball, we who have the ability to score, but if we win the ball, then we must do more, to retrieve the ball, and it is you who have a chance to win).
- If you dream to play in the street, kicked the ball and someone takes it, means the same as above.

Ball, crystal:
- If in our dream simply, we see a crystal ball like using the MEDIUMS, reveals the desire to receive news or visit the person you long for.
- If in our dream we consult a MEDIUM, SO LET'S SEE IN CRYSTAL BALL is what can happen. You can also relate to the meaning of the images we see in the crystal ball.
- If in our dream we consulted with a MEDIUM, but noticed YOUR CRYSTAL BALL COVERED with a cloth or something similar, it means that our future is uncertain.
- If in our dream we consulted with a MEDIUM, and noticed that his crystal ball is covered with a cloth or something similar, but suddenly BREAKS THE FABRIC AND STANDS THE CRYSTAL BALL, means that we control our destiny.
- If we dream that we WRAP, or someone wrapped a glass sphere, for example with paper or cloth, it means that we still lack knowledge and spiritual harmony, to carry out a project we have in mind.

Ball pit:
- If we dream that we are with the person we like and kiss her, but suddenly we lose sight of her(him), and although we see her later, to get to her(him) we have to go through a ball pit with obstacles like nets and boxing bags. It means that we like her too, but first we have to pass some tests, which, however, will be easy as a children's game.

He says that approach hassles and difficulties.

- The balloons symbolize the whole.
- If we dream that someone throws us a water balloon represents a person who is causing us problems.
- If we dream we hold an orange balloon toy, along with the person we love, it means we both want to go further, for example to become a couple.

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- If in our dream we see a ballot and in it we see the logo of a certain political party to top or marked, it means that political party will win the next election, which must take into account. It may also mean that we should analyze the situation well and think that is what can be more profitable

It tells us that approximates a period of luck and prosperity.

It symbolizes the male, and sometimes has to do with love and or sex.
- Dreaming with a full glass of BANANA SHAKE, augurs good luck in love, but if we see an empty glass and noticed that before was full of banana smoothie, means bad luck in love.
- If a man dreams of a very RIPE BANANA, tells him it's time to find a couple, visit his girlfriend, marry, etc., depending on your current situation.
- If a woman dreams that she plantain BANANA SEEDS, and watch the plant born, means good luck in love, or having a friendship with someone of the opposite sex.
- If a girl-child dreams that she PLANTING BANANA SEEDS and see born the plant, means she have a good friendship with someone of the opposite sex, and the same means if she only dreams of banana seeds.

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See a band parade with joy, indicates that receive happy news.

- To dream that we cure someone with a band-aid, it means that our concerns will end soon and we will have a new chance of success in our projects.

- If in our dream we see a bandstand and everything is nice, it means peace and harmony in our lives, and in our interior. The same means if we see musicians on the bandstand.
- If the dream is not pleasant, it means that there is no peace and harmony in our life because we are missing something or something is not going well.

Banks and in general the things that are related to having lots of money, usually mean: poverty and economic hardship.

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Bank account:
- To dream that we have a bank account means economic difficulties.
- Dreaming about the bank canceled our bank account, it means that we will manage to avoid the economic difficulties.

It tells us that we may suffer financial losses or disappointments.

It means an opportunity to improve our living conditions.

It tells us that soon receive an award for our efforts.

by letter.

- To dream about a bar, it is a warning to be careful with our relationships of love, friendship, work, or business, as there may be a looming threat.
- If in our dream we see that at the entrance of a bar there is a sign, we should pay attention to what he says, because it means that there is a looming threat that relates to what the sign says.

Seeing a savage or barbarian, represents our aggressive side.
It tells us that we must analyze the situation well before venturing to move forward, or we could make a serious mistake.

To dream about barbecue, tells us that we are having trouble to socializing with others or to achieve new friendships.

- If we dream of barbed wire, it means difficulties caused or derived from a difficult relationship with someone (Love, business, friendship, family, etc.)

It means that we will have the cooperation of someone.
- If we wash the beard in the dream is a sign of anxiety. And if it appears, a barber reveals important collaboration and help of important people.

Barber chair:
- If in the dream we see a barber chair in bad condition, it means that we are seeing ourselves badly in front of others, either because of our bad attitude or because of how we do certain things.

Barber Shop:
- If we dream that we are in a barber shop and there are also scissors present, it means that gossip and slander are approaching.
- If in our dream we see simply we see a barber shop (As long as we do not see scissors), it means that it is important to improve our appearance.

Barbie Doll:
Dreaming of a Barbie doll, usually has the same meaning that a normal doll, (It shows a lack of stability and balance in terms of the problems we face, and advises us address problems with maturity).
But in some cases represents a beautiful woman, for example, when you dream that someone (a woman) will say it is a Barbie, means that a person is attractive (attractive as a Barbie). But if they say they do not care if your line would not be a Barbie, it means do not care if her line soon cease to be attractive.

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- If in our dream we see a barcode, means that it is important to defend our interests, and if we see someone puts a barcode on something, it means that someone tried to defend their interests.
- If in our dream we see a money bill with a barcode on it, means that to you can avoid problems of money, you must manage money in a better way and defend your own interests, but others think that you're being bad or too severe.
But if we first see bills then disappear and instead appear one bill with a bar code, means that first we were having money problems, but then the situation changes because we have begun to manage money in a better way and defending our own interests.

- If we are barefoot, is a warning that we may be subject to the other.
- If in our dream we see someone barefoot, means that someone we know can get to be submitted to us or that someone may find it difficult to get to our cause, and if we recognize him(her), then the dream is more specific since the dream is telling us who it is.

- If we dream that a DOG BARKS US (Only barks us), BUT a moment later we see that dog in our arms and with a very friendly attitude, represents someone who at first we will produced distrust but now who knows us better is our friend or someone like us.
- LISTEN barking, it means a warning that a danger threatens us.
- If we have a nightmare or something we disturb us during our sleep, but then we heard the barking of a dog MAKES US FEEL CALM (In the same dream) means that the soul of our dog is taking care of us during our sleep. Whether in the past we have had a dog who departed this world and became one of our guardian angels (Since when one of our dogs part of this world, becomes a guardian angel which is mission: taking care of us during our dreams) or our dog who was sleeping at the same time as us, join us in our dream and we take care of any evil.
- To dream of SEVERAL DOGS that are barking and howling, it means that a grave danger approaches.

Bark of a tree:
It means a delicate and fragile protection.

- A barn full of animals means, financial relief.
- If this empty or with sick animals, announces very likely lose money.

Barney (The dinosaur of TV):
- If we dream of a Barney plush or plush dinosaur, it means to be protected from problems, we must change an old skill that does not benefit us.

- This dream augurs prosperity, and the more WINE contains, greater abundance, and we will succeed.
- If it contains WATER, ALCOHOL, OIL, OR OLIVE OIL, tells us that we may fail for being too ambitious.
- If it contains HERRING portends that we never miss the most indispensable.
- If EMPTY, portends difficulties.

It symbolizes the difficulty to achieve a purpose.
- If the barrier was ALREADY FORMED, means that obstacles come to us from outside.
- If the bars are BROKEN, there are gates in the barrier, disappears, or something that allows cross the obstacle, is favorable because we means to solve our problems.
- If we BUILD A WALL, means that problems also generate us.
- If the wall is BURNED, means we have problems and we run a danger.
- If we see CROSS BARS, and obstacles, means we will have penalties.
- If the barrier is DEMOLISHED, means we have problems and we run a danger.
- To dream about a barrier of GLASS, means that there is an obstacle that prevents us from achieving our goals.
- If we dream that we are caught between two GLASS BARRIER or who are trapped inside a glass cube, we mean someone is doing witchcraft to prevent us from achieving our goals and the dream be advised we sign our decisions may seem that we are being bad, besides getting a talisman to protect us from any spell.
- If we can STAY ON the barrier, our effort augurs ultimate success.

Ball games, symbolize the struggle between two forces.
- If in our dream we see playing in a baseball game, the dream tells us that our success depends on our wisdom and sacrifice.
- If we dream that we are in a baseball game and we win the game, it means that in real life also win.
- If we dream we're playing baseball, but we cannot win, means a likely failure.
- If in our dream we are watching a baseball game and see one of the players of the team we support, shot and bleeding, it means that our adversaries can cause us harm. What we advises caution.

Represents our subconscious.
It can also represent hidden things/circumstances.

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Basilica of Guadalupe:
Dreaming of the Basilica of Guadalupe tells us that our projects will be made and we will have Divine help.
- If we are inside the Basilica of Guadalupe without paying attention to what is said there, warns us that we must change our attitude to see our good projects undertaken, ie, we should put more effort into our projects.

- View a laundry basket, warns us that approach difficulties in our economy.
- If we see it full of bread, it means difficulties in our business.

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Ball games, symbolize the struggle between two forces.
- If in our dream we see playing in a basketball game, the dream tells us that our success depends on our wisdom and sacrifice.
- If we dream that we are in a basketball game and we win the game, it means that in real life also win.
- If we dream we're playing basketball, but we cannot win, means a likely failure.
- If in our dream we are watching a basketball game and see one of the players of the team we support, shot and bleeding, it means that our adversaries can cause us harm. What we advises caution.

Bastet (goddess):
- Bastet is a goddess who is depicted as a woman with a cat's head, and dream about her, means we will soon have special protection.

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This sign is associated with evil.
- To dream a bat, it means that we expect bad luck or bad news.
- Listen to the cry of a bat, means probable death.
- To dream that we eat a bat, shows a tendency towards evil, and advises us to correct the way.
- If in our dream we see someone we know with bat wings, says it is an evil person.
- If we dream that we are bitten by a bat, a danger because of our bad attitude.

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- Dreaming that we hit someone with a baseball bat, means we want revenge.

If in our dream SIMPLY WE BATHE, means that we must seek more physical and spiritual cleansing, or can represent the desire to clean something like a lack or our reputation. But if remember how was the water or, if the bath was pleasant or not, means the following:

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The bathroom symbolizes purification (physical and spiritual cleansing, for example: Something you wish to clean or correct), but may also relate to the furniture we see in the bathroom (Sink, toilet, shower, tub, etc.), so too is convenient to see the meaning of what we see most notorious in it.
- If in the dream we see an ARMCHAIR OR SOFA IN THE BATHROOM, then there is something in our current situation we want to lean or fix.
- Dreaming need to go to the bathroom, but cannot because is BUSY, it means we want to get rid of old ideas and leave behind the bad times, such as an old idea that never worked and always ruining everything, even this dream tells us that changing some of our old ideas and prejudices can help us leave behind the bad times.

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Bathroom cabinet:
- It means that we should not leave things pending, and we must do them well, in order to obtain benefits.

- If we dream, that we bathe in a bathtub, and dream is unpleasant, means we will have difficulty achieving our goals.

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When we dream batteries, means that we need to be more sure of ourselves, but if the dream has to do with batteries without energy, then, this is a tip that tells us we need rest a bit before proceeding.

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Battery charger:
- To dream that we recharge a battery tells us we need some rest, but after that we will have more self confidence and do more.

The battles represent our battle against evil. And in some cases shows our fight against evil forces, as when we are accompanied by angels or soldiers, and the same meaning when we dream that we use superpowers to win a battle.
- If in our dream we are in a battle in which we beat our opponents, it means that we will achieve the recognition of our rights, but on the contrary, in our dream we are losing the battle, it means that we will suffer humiliation.
- If we are wounded in battle, means we will have moral sufferings.

- If in our dream we see an armored battalion, and more so, if we see the battalion approaching, means that we can be in grave danger, only able to overcome, facing with courage and decision problems that can reach presented.

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