Dreaming of a Barbie doll, usually has the same meaning that a normal doll, (It shows a lack of stability and balance in terms of the problems we face, and advises us address problems with maturity).
But in some cases represents a beautiful woman, for example, when you dream that someone (a woman) will say it is a Barbie, means that a person is attractive (attractive as a Barbie). But if they say they do not care if your line would not be a Barbie, it means do not care if her line soon cease to be attractive.

- For women suggests nostalgia for the past, which suggests that it is not good to stay in the past, because the best is always looking to the future. Except for the following case.

- To dream of a Barbie doll FRECKLES, means lack of stability and tranquility.

- If this is the Barbie HOUSE, is a reflection of our family situation and may mean:

    • If the dream is unpleasant, says that we have a difficult relationship with a relative or family with whom we live, and if we also see these dolls is because they represent the families with whom we have a difficult relationship.
    • If the dream is welcome and no dolls, means we have a good relationship with our family.

- If we dream of a Barbie doll that has a RESEMBLANCE TO SOMEONE BEAUTIFUL female who we know the meaning of what happens to the Barbie doll is applied to that known.

- If the dream is of a girl, and SADLY means loneliness and lack of communication.

- If a woman or a girl has this dream, and SOMETHING HAPPENS TO THE BARBIE doll, then the meaning of what happens to the doll is applied to it.

- If a woman dreams that SOMEONE SAY HER TO SHE IS A BARBIE, it means that others see as an attractive person.

- If a woman dreams that she STEALS A BARBIE OR A BARBIE ACCESSORIES, it is being insecure, or not feeling enough pretty, in this case the dream recommends be sure of herself.
It can also mean she is trying to be something it is not.


Ken (Barbie's boyfriend):
- If we dream of a Ken doll that has a resemblance to someone we know, what happens to Ken doll or meaning of what happens to the Ken doll, must be applied to that person, and generally is someone good looking whom we know.
- If a man dreams of a Ken doll that looks like him, then what happens to Ken applies to himself.

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