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The Right To Freedom


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Psychic and spiritual attacks.

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Good spirits who help God.

he doctrine is important because it can know what is good and what is not. The doctrine is not just something you should try to follow, it is necessary reasonable because in that we do, we can understand the reason for their existence.

The Divine doctrine has existed since the beginning of time, but has sometimes been confused by false prophets, empires, and all kinds of cults. In these days 2000... (12 A.S...) It is not always easy to understand the Truth of things.

First we must know who is God or that:

God is the one who dominates all things, who all lived, the author of the life, who is moving the universe. Everywhere he pleads, he is wanted. Some call it the Universal Soul, The Law of Karma (Natural Law), Allah, Brahma, the Giver of Life, Even the Virgin of Guadalupe is a manifestation of the Author of Life..... Whoever finds the order, who knows about this, he knows that this together.
The partners of God and the prophets guide; over time have spoken of a higher order that governs the universe. So Buddha called: The Law of Karma, Rama called: Brahma, Muhammad called him Allah, Nezahualcoyotl called: The Giver of Life...
In this world we came from. You do not remember anything, but God is everywhere, it is noted in the motion of the planets, the cycles of seasons, God, you are looking for, and pray.
This life is like a pilgrimage, a transit. You know good and evil. So we must choose the way forward, because all were born free. Knowing the Truth and freedom, rights are unquestionable, but we need to look for them.

Our faith is based on knowledge of the Truth in the perception of the soul. The soul is the essence of all Being, is made of pure energy. Energy is what makes the planets move, is something that we do not see but which is there. Ourselves the soul, the soul is eternal. The body is just a vehicle created to inhabit this world; the material world. And most important is that all souls are born of God.

We believe in one faith, based on knowledge of the Truth in the fact that we are all brothers and come from the same Being who, whether a call or otherwise, who gives life, who created the universe.

We believe in the good in moderation.
The desire to take over and consume is not good. This can only lead to vice, to the pitfalls of capitalism, so we can finish becoming slaves, leading to a life of permanent competition to see who accumulate more assets, plunge into a life where if we are not able to accumulate more other possessions that cause us to unhappiness and despair.
Nor is it good that things are achieved with little effort, because this does not correspond to reality. In the real world there is a constant battle between good and evil. Evil want things easy through traps, not always think of the consequences, if recent experience is unreasonable, and would like excesses. His conscience is short so it always fails in the end.

The good is moderate as well see the self-interest than that of others, knows that if want the good for himself, must achieve the good for others with whom they live. Always measure the consequences of their acts, cares about others, learn from their experiences, it is responsible. So always triumphs in the end.
The well is achieved through consistency, hard work, unity, and avoiding selfishness. Because we must be aware that we are part of a community by beginning our family, friends, country and the world at large. Live together for all because we are united as a better life. Sharing is part of an education. If we want the good for us, we must see that they are all important and necessary, without any distinction.

Sometimes life is difficult because there are many people who try to cheat or abuse whenever they have the opportunity, and it is often that people who in their lives have suffered injustice and abuse, it is common for them to act hostile manner, so that sometimes, we think that because they have gone through difficult situations are good people but in fact is the opposite. Case in which it is good to help them but at the same time take precautions to avoid that they cause us problems.

On the other hand, if we have had to deal with treacherous and abusive people, we should not act like them, because that is not good, because it makes us look bad to others. So the ideal is to learn to understand the people, even the most hostile, in order to be able to control the different situations that we face, but always be loyal and honorable, especially with people who trust in us.

Sometimes it is difficult to know how to act in every situation that is presented to us, because it is not always easy to act with good judgment and at the same time avoid being harmed, but our guardian angels always have the perfect answer, which they transmit through advice from a relative or through our dreams, which often prevents us many problems, hence it is important to learn to listen to those wise messages that they try to send us all the time.

Here are some of the essential rights and principles that can help us get a better idea of that is right and honorable, and that is not.

- Right to Freedom.
- Right to Identity.
- Right to Justice.
- Right to Know the Truth.
- Right to Progress.

Our family is based on four principles:

- The Principle of Freedom.
- Principle of Peace.
- The Principle of Justice.
- The Principle of Union.
- The Principle of Yin and Yang (Burnt Water).


reedom is the first principle is that everything must be free. But we must understand this in the sense that if only we lived in absolute solitude could do what we wanted, but when we live within a family or a society, we need to follow certain rules, so that no violation of freedom of those living with us, and in turn they respect our freedoms. Thus it is possible coexistence group, the first group is our closest family: our parents, siblings, then our children, wife or husband, as well as other relatives and people with whom we live, the next group to which we belong are: our nations and all people of the world in general. In Heaven and sub-worlds, there are also many people who live together. The difference is that in heaven there is peace and harmony. In contrast, the sub-worlds, there is a proper line, so in those sites, despair prevails. (See: Right to know the Truth).

While the world as we know there are different religions or teachings. It is seen that there are similarities in many of them, since in these cases were formed by employees of God and prophets guide, to lead people. Moreover there are other lessons formed by the false prophets. Yet there is freedom, and each person is free to follow a true prophet or a false prophet, but has the unquestionable right to know the Truth about each of these lessons. Because there can be no freedom or truth in what they can not be questioned or was imposed by force.

The false prophets, they see religion as a business, and their prophecies do not come to meet. While the true prophet does not care about the profits, or dominate others, the true prophet cares about others and their prophecies are fulfilled in full.

To really understand what it means freedom, it is necessary to understand the following:
God is the whole universe both material and spiritual, so your conscience is God in heaven where the highest order and transmits motion to the universe, as an order can not exist without an intelligence said. All persons living within God is the Universal Soul, who makes things exist. Yet everyone is free, meaning that at first you can choose to live within a group of people, or live in isolation from others, for example, in a forest or on a site in the countryside, trying to isolated from everyone. If you choose to live together with others is necessary to follow certain rules and limits, just like a family. Because otherwise it would be very difficult to live with other people. The rules and limits, are very simple. As a traffic signal, if this is not respected, it would be very difficult to travel on a site, or the same thing happens if we listen to music too strong, it might annoy others. The right thing is to think a little in others and that others do the same.
As regards the time of leaving this world, there are also options, as is the highest heaven where there is peace and harmony, where people who live there feel appreciated by others and where there is no proper concept of material goods . Moreover there are sub-worlds, which are sites where there is no consideration for others, and therefore there is a constant despair. This does not mean it is possible to choose again, as those who inhabit the sub-worlds have the ability to reincarnate and choose again.
In this material world, there is freedom in thinking, God gave us freedom from the outset.
We must understand what the thinking. We believe when we do anything, we think all the time. But there is a difference between just thinking and thinking freely, because freedom comes from the spirit of free will. So that there is a simple instinct to think, and think that comes from the soul, and this thinking freely, appreciating all things, being able to challenge, to see beyond, because it depends on freedom. There is no way to force someone to not use their understanding, if someone keeps doing so is by its own decision. So if someone asks us to accept unconditionally a so-called Truth, is doing something wrong, as is common within sects. Because we all have right to question.
Thinking freely is a precious gift of life. God is always present, but it gives freedom to all its children.

With regard to Heavens, there is a high Heaven where God dwells where you can live forever. And there are others where it is Heaven for some time by not having achieved enough merit to go to the highest Heaven, these Heavens is in for some time and then returns to the material world.

- The Freedom of the Family

In the universe exist the freedom. Therefore there are good lessons and bad lessons. People and nations can act on its own volition, while it does not harm others. Because it violates the freedom of another, accept that others can do the same to him, to break the rules of coexistence. In these cases it is a victim of its own acts, as for example the case of great empires, they arrive to commit great injustices, but eventually succumb to reach other empires, even worse.
An example is: in a country where a president starts an unjust war against another country, killing many innocent people, then that can be re-elected president could, if so, who will vote for him or supported in some way to continue to be president, you're an accomplice to such injustices.

There are other cases when a nation goes to make a deal with a rebellious god, and thus carries out major injustices. In such cases, since there is no right to steal freedom to others, along with the fact that the rebel god help a hurting others, is something that tries to break the natural order, and fundamental rights of every. That is why we must always be attentive to what our governments do.
In our immediate family: when we are young or young people must listen to our parents, this is one reason, and that is: They love us and have a lot more experience than us, so they can guide us during our first years in this world, is also good take account of our older brothers for the same reasons, the family always looks for the good of all its members. When we grow we begin to take decisions because we have already begun to experience this world, we have had some experiences, which allows us to begin to think our actions, but without losing sight of the advice of our parents, teachers, family and friends older, we appreciate and have more experience than us. This is how we can avoid many pitfalls.


When old enough we can find a partner to attempt to raise a family and that this fails to break, especially if you have children, then we are no longer concerned only with us a breakdown of the family. Having small children, they are also affected by this. That's why we acquired a responsibility to get married.
When a family breaks up, especially for reasons that are not too important, we are denying them the right to these children to have a family. The family is the foundation of society, where we can find support. And our partner is part of our family like parents, children, siblings, grandchildren..... Then the disintegration of divorce can only be justified for reasons that affect members of the same when there is a constant danger or damage. Well past offenses should be forgiven, but a poor ability to change if he refuses to be a justification, for instance: In cases of family violence continues, if it is not possible remedies, such as when a father refuses to change his fitness. Sometimes these things can be caused by alcoholism, a disease, but in that case we can do two things, consent and further hurting the disease to family or seek help on the other hand, as an institution dedicated to and this approach to religion, because this is damaging to others not to do so would be selfish, but it is also important to support the family. So we must always make a great effort to keep the family together.
Now when the children are adults and we understand that divorce is no longer so directly affect others, and while forcing someone to do something they do not want is a violation of the principle of freedom should be exercised to prevent the separation of husbands to the extent possible. Even after the divorce should take into account the possibility of a reconciliation, so before you decide you want to get married, we know very well that person, together with her in different circumstances, without reservations or keep secrets, and for a time wise .

When we got married we love our partner, because it is part of our family, respect and make decisions between the two, with each contributing our experience, living without violence or aggression, to be our partner because of our family is so important as our fathers and sons.

It is important that our children when they arrive, give them the greatest possible care since the early years are beginning to see the world. As we drink to be there to guide them on the right track, starting to show the example of a life line, without any kind of aggression, much less beaten. Children understand things if they are explained in an appropriate manner, always trying to show the consequences of certain acts.

It is very important that a child has the unquestionable right to grow in a healthy family, which seeks to give a good example. Children listen better reasons blows and this is more in line with the principle of freedom, when they are forced to continue to show a certain behavior without reason, they are forced to do something they do not understand, must convince and not oblige.

Another very important thing in the family, is that in most cases, the problems have been reached between spouses and between parents with their children, talking about it are resolved, exchanging opinions and viewpoints. So that everyone can explain what they feel their views, which bothers you, you would like to change..... So everyone can get in the place of another, particularly to know how you feel and what you think. Because of not having communication is very difficult to try to understand others. Devote the time for the family to gather to talk, you can avoid most problems, because we know what it might be bothering someone we want, if there is communication and forgive offenses, because the family is something very important.

-The Freedom Of Nations.

Exist the freedom of every person, and freedom of certain groups of people such as nations and countries. If for some countries a large family, within countries, there may be several nations, and these are of two types: So think They are MODERN NATIONS who are formed from the merger of others, and are TRADITIONAL NATIONS, which are those that were never merged with others as the nation Maya, Inca, Mixtec, Cherokee, et cetera. in that sense there is not only the freedom of people in the individual, there is also freedom of the groups. So in order to live together is necessary to follow a set of rules, so that a person or nation or affect the freedom of others.

The first is that countries respect the freedom of various nations which compose it. This includes your identity, ensuring the survival of their traditions and customs, which should be included in the laws of each country, marking the rules to be followed in each case, there must Codes law books or enough for everything, whether civil, criminal, tax, labor, and so on.

Since each nation has a set of customs for each particular case. This has to be in harmony with the rules of each country concerned and the rules of respect that other nations should keep to these, so that they can keep the matches across the country, while the identities each small nation to ensure their existence and their rights.

Also each country within a country should have the opportunity to advance, but always with respect for one's own culture. For example: In the case of new technologies, sometimes could hurt small nations, because although the technology can be good, it is also important to respect the different traditions. We can see for example the case of television and advertising that can sometimes damage the traditional identity of nations, it is important that in such cases it is possible to do not damage the traditional identity of nations. In particular must be more careful in those TV programs aimed at children, because this is when we can see more affected by such things, because this is when forming our identity.

It is important to have good control over the television, for example, cartoons and other programs aimed at children, should promote family values, because sometimes you come to see in many programs for children such things as the lack of respect for dad when the cartoon was seen as the father is not respected by their children. It is important that the media transmit programming for the most part consistent with the important values, and with regard to all the various nations of the country, but not excluding any extolling the value of each.
Besides the media caused a strong impact, especially in the more traditional, because if care is not enough, you can go slowly destroying the identity of many nations, both traditional and modern, very important that the media communication used to disseminate and enhance the traditions and especially family values, so that they can help a good cause by exploiting the spread so large they have.

Many countries are composed of several nations, and each is a member of our family, each brother has his own personality, but not for that reason we are angry with them.
But are not the only things that should be taken into account, such as Maya nation, which is not only part of a country, but even beyond political boundaries and has a presence in several countries in the Americas. In these cases requires the cooperation of all those countries, and obviously in the parliaments or congresses of countries, not just be composed of representatives of each state or department, you must also have at least one representative from each of the traditional nations in it, because all are part of the same country and we are all entitled to help make important decisions.

As for family values, good traditions that are aimed at peace, and avoid things like waste, especially food, like the various technologies can help a good cause: For example machinery that is used in factories to be built in order to help that there are more jobs to be able to help as much as possible.


This is a standard of living, because there can be no freedom where there is respect for the property of others, or property was obtained through the work and effort. To be considered as property is respected, there are certain limits to this. That is: On a

hand no government has the right to remove the property to someone, and if you do so because of public works, then you should pay the real value of this, the owner, in addition to fair compensation. In other cases there can be an excessive hoarding of goods, such as when someone has large tracts of land, so that does not give them the opportunity to others to have their own ground, in such cases there must be limits, so that everyone can have the opportunity to prosper. In the case of monopolies, the problem is more evident.

There will be times when individuals or groups come to violate the rights of other individuals or groups. In such cases, countries use as a means of control are the police and courts, which are necessary for the survival of a country, but they must have certain limits. One example is the importance that the authorities will lead with honesty, being an important part of having a fair wage for their work, but it is also important to conform with, and its decisions must be well founded. Equally important is that laws are fair to all without discriminating against anyone for any reason and especially to see if the protection of those who need it most.


Here we can see many issues, starting with contraception. The media are not bad, when seeking to prevent the union of egg and sperm, in fact the family planning can be good in many cases because of an irresponsible population growth will always have serious consequences, such as poverty, destruction of nature, disorder, and in extreme cases to come to cause wars.
The technology should focus on creating more advanced and practical forms of contraception, but not to help promote the services. It is good that parents explain to their children all the details of the conception.
When the egg has joined the sperm, it is better not to intervene, however, the issue is much worse when the union of sperm and egg, and has formed a body. That is, when there is a proper Being with a brain, a heart, when there is blood flowing through the body or body and has the human form, that is when there are sufficient conditions for which that agency may dwell in a soul. This happens because the blood that is flowing through the body is a good magic that allows a living soul there, and when there is a brain, the soul can perceive the world. So that you can feel and also receive a rejection of their parents. When there is a new course and to be and it is the argument that women can have its own body as if it had itself. Because there is another, even inside your body, it is understood that the killing is violating the principle of freedom. One can easily understand that it would be damaging to another, who also is his son.
Evil does not end there, because when that child is killed, his soul is in limbo and will remain there until it can be rescued by an angel sent by God, however, we must understand that the soul can spend much time in limbo before being rescued, because although the power of God is supreme, there is a constant battle between good and evil and the good always wins but in the end, sometimes you can spend time in that struggle, and not just do something subject to our family.


Homosexuality is not natural, nor any acts of nature, homosexuality is a disease that is why it is not good that someone is discriminated against for that reason, since no one is guilty of illness and no one tries to get sick on purpose . It is not good to deny knowledge of the Truth, as is that many governments say it is a matter of preference and to have adopted laws that allow gay marriage, reaching the absurdity of pretending to give them the same rights as any normal marriage, so that should be taken into account:
First. Homosexuality is a disease caused by several circumstances. One of these diseases are coming into place, when the baby starts to form. Are so well known that such diseases are constantly studied and even taught in schools, elementary education.
In other cases, homosexuality is caused by psychological problems that may be caused by several reasons. As we see in children who have been sexually abused, children who do not receive the medical and psychological care to develop appropriate reach such problems. So we can not tell the child that homosexuality is a matter of preference because it would deny the possibility of seeking help and have a healthy life. The truth is that in no case is standard.
Second. You can not be granted the same rights of a normal marriage, to an alleged homosexual marriage. Because this would lead to absurd to authorize an unusual marriage to adopt a child, which would be seriously affected psychologically. During the first years of life a person begins to see the world, in large part by the lessons they receive from their moms and dads, who are to follow their example. So when a child is part of an unusual family, it will cause psychological damage, which denies them the possibility of a real family and a healthy life.

A government that allows such things as abortion, gay marriage, or as giving them the same rights as a normal marriage, violating the rights of children and concealing the Truth. A good government is more concerned about improving medical techniques, and always cares for the good of all. There are cases where people feel secure as a man in the body of a woman or a woman in a man's body. This has nothing to do with reality. Sometimes, a cause many problems have a spiritual and material, especially because frequently, which initially can be caused by a spiritual cause, has also come to cause disorder in the body. In those situations, it will be good both seek help from specialists, such as spiritual, (in some circumstances, very few, only to reach a spiritual cause).
In the issue of homosexuality and some mental disorders, sometimes comes to what is a partial ownership, that is when a person is troubled by evil souls. What the person feels troubled soul that is what this person is leading. In such cases, as in many health problems, it is good to use a particular physician and ask God's help. So that God may help solve the problem at the spiritual and medical help to solve the material.


he peace has a reason: we live in a society or a union of many people, beginning by our closest family, followed by our nations, countries, regions, without forgetting that there is a bond with everyone, because everyone born of God in the highest Heaven (Omeyocan).

On the one hand exist the freedom, however, be shared at a site in this case, the material world we know today, it is necessary to seek coexistence in an atmosphere of peace. So to allow the coexistence is necessary to find peace.

For peace to be possible it is necessary to begin by respecting others, trying to get in the place of another. When peace is achieved, we can have peace and harmony.
Nations and families in general, must accept the existence of other individuals and societies: their identity, their values, their culture in general, and place in this world. Companies can cooperate with other, technically, commercially and in all types of activities and issues, but without seeking to take advantage of others and try to submit it.

Sometimes, the peace can be broken when, in a quest for domination, assault or other abuse just cause, it can lead to a chain struggles to gain dominance. This can be avoided through the union and the strategy, so that reason will triumph over the momentum domain.

Likewise our families formed by our parents, children, siblings, grandparents and other relatives living with us, every day together with other people and several neighboring families. This will provide many types of relationships, from the neighbors with whom we work for the good of the community leaders, teachers, firefighters, doctors, people who provide services to the benefit is, in all these relations are beneficial to us . If society does not live in cities do not exist or science. And that's why we could not have access to specialized medical services, or get help at a difficult time. Instead, we have many advantages if you do not have, if lived alone. Therefore we should rejoice in being able to help another, so happy from our usual activities or arranging things in trade, contributing in a factory, cultivating the land, healing others. All activities are important to society that exists to do it with pleasure and contribute to the welfare of all. It is also good to follow certain rules such as traffic lights, it is important to respect it, because otherwise no one could cross the street. Equally to do our job well and try to contribute to others as others do the same, everything is part of an education.

Sometimes there is someone who does not follow the rules and commit abuses, then we should not be angry, much less find the aggression, we must talk to the other person trying to find an understanding.
In countries sometimes come to turmoil and abuse, then the authorities involved, but for that to be fair, it is necessary that the same authorities who are beginning to follow the same rules, that is to start putting the good example, otherwise all of what they do distrust. This is where a system of justice is important. To the extent that this is fair and efficient help to peace. Therefore, the task of leaders is so important, for these reasons always ask God to guide the right path and give them the capacity to govern well.

Relations between nations may become more difficult, because normally when a nation goes to have more power than the others, usually tends to abuse on the other, then that is an ultimate authority to intervene, the highest authority is God.


he Justice is necessary for the existence of the universe. Justice is the only measure of order and order where there may be something.

Justice comes from God and it is thanks to God that this world exists, so that harmony can exist, he has created a series of rules and these are:

• Respect for others.
• The Consideration for others.
• The Existence of a supreme power.
• The Fundamental rights of every Being.

• Respect for others:

It is accepting that there are other ways of thinking, other ways of viewing the world, accept that there are many different Beings in the universe and each one has its own personality or way of being like us.
If we hurt someone at some point, you must stop doing evil and try to compensate those who have damaged to the extent possible.

• The consideration for others:

This is to help the distressed, not be indifferent to suffering or need other people, just as the countries and nations should not be indifferent to the needs and suffering of others. It is important to help those who are of the same country, but is also good to share with others, because we are all brothers and like the others, we can get us in trouble, for all we must never be indifferent to who might be in problems.

There are instances where governments take advantage of conflicts elsewhere in the world and may even provoke in order to deal with weapons, enriched at the expense of the suffering of others. If one sees that another country is being destroyed must not contribute to that selling weapons of greater power than it already has. Which is the same case that when a person gives charity to an alcoholic to use that money to buy more wine. This is a help in time of disaster or to help another country that has no specific product such as oil, so that it sells the product at reasonable prices.

• The existence of a supreme power
Only with the existence of a supreme power can there be any justice, that is, the order can only exist and continue to exist by a supreme power, without whom there would not stop the wars.
Endless wars and access to nuclear weapons, would destroy the known world.

• The fundamental rights of every individual are the fundamental and inalienable rights:

• Right to Freedom.
• Right to Identity.
• Right to Justice.
• Right to know the Truth.
• Right to Progress.

Right to Freedom:

The difference between the Principle of Freedom and the Right to Freedom, is that the principle of freedom, it refers to something that exists and is part of the universe. The Right to Freedom, refers to the right of everyone to be free, so that in this world is mixed right and wrong. So, for example, if someone wants to choose the good, you should use their freedom to think and feel the soul, because only then can find out what is True. At the same time be able to overcome the pitfalls and deceptions of false prophets, because freedom exists, but it needs to find it.

For example, in our world there are many religions, so if born in a Buddhist country would have a belief in accordance with the teachings of Buddha, but if you were born into a Protestant country would have a completely different beliefs, so we ask who is right. The answer is to find the reason, which may seem difficult, but in reality it is not, just want to seek the Truth. Thus, if we look at the different religions, we see that Buddha spoke of a Natural Law, Rama spoke of Brahma or Universal Soul, Muhammad spoke of Allah, Nezahualcoyotl spoke of The Giver of Life. If you look carefully, we see that they all like other prophets referred to it to be and we can see that Truth be spoken of, namely that led to the entire universe, so that these lessons are real, because just as it is heard when a Muslim is entrusted to Allah, a Hindu when entrusted to Brahma.

The right thing is to respect the freedom of others, both in terms of freedom to follow a particular education or religion, the freedom to have things both spiritual and material resources that God gives to all nations, in this case oil from Arab countries. So a good religion must respect the freedom of others, because who really is God, not to anyone by force, or want your message to be taught through violence or the martyrdom of any nation. Because, what is good, is not taught with violence, much less when one of the principles that God teaches us is peace. Because he wants us to be free, so we gave the gift of thought.
While religion is not always good become perfect and all the prophets who are not, only God is perfect, must bear in mind that God sent through all times and all places, the prophets taught that good way different nations. But there are also false prophets who have come to be false religions to confuse many nations. These false prophets have arisen in the past, but we must always bear in mind that even in the future reach new false prophets. It is important to always be alert to those people who promise us many things, so we must always seek the freedom that God has given us to distinguish between what is True and false.
Is not surprising that the false religions causing countless injustices and above all seeking to impose by force as the Inquisition was carried out by the early church and the new inquisition covered in the struggle against terrorism. On the other hand if we look at who is really God who gave life to the entire universe, Racna(god) helps us to live properly, you realize that there is nothing to fear, you feel that you really heard no matter what country you are. Because it has always been there, waiting for the call. Whether you know the name or with one another, yet you save. Since no one is stronger and she is always right next to your children whether they live in the known world or the world not yet known, as was the time when I knew that there were no other continents, as God is the whole universe.

God loves all people and just have someone look for what he heard, regardless of who is or has done, because it will show the right path and do not blame anything, since all their children and all deserve another chance.

Everyone can choose to be free, but it must respect the freedom of others. From the simplest things like that nobody can be forced to work for another indefinitely, and that all work must be paid fairly. Even more important things like that all people should have freedom of thinking and acting. So that no person shall be subjected or enslaved, can not be compelled in any way to follow a religion based on deception, because when there are no options, when someone must follow a specific behavior, then has no choice, that is A person must know the Truth of things, what is good, what is evil and then decide the way you prefer, just because that person has such a decision. Like our parents in this material world, the principle guide us, teach us, but when we grow, even though it is very important to take into account the advice of our parents, we must also begin to learn to make decisions for ourselves and seek This is True. That is why in this world that God exists but is being maintained by the order of the universe, monitors the order of this world to not be destroyed. There is a limit to the freedom not to violate the freedom of others.
This order is one that sustains this world. There are many options, among them are the two main options, which are, first: You can opt for freedom and respect for others, in this case, God protect this freedom and harmony. Second: You can choose not to respect others. But in doing so, we will also be agreeing that others can do the same to us and we may end up being victims of our own actions.

Sometimes we become victims of our actions, by not respecting the freedom of others, yet it is possible to change the way, and if it does so sincerely, so you can change things. For example: Not a bad person or a nation can have economic prosperity, but that prosperity is bad if we get to the base of abuse against others. And if we have economic prosperity, it is fair that we share at least some of it with others.

Other things that can attack things like freedom are the defects, it is possible to lose freedom, but that does not mean that we can not opt for something different, which is the search for freedom again.


In many cases we can come to lose our freedom because of vices. Initially, you can start even without intention to seek the vice, as is the moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages at parties, at first may be moderate, but if the parties become too frequent or we realize that we are the only person drunk It is when things have been wrong and can lead us to ruin. In other cases we may have the temptation to take drugs to get away from loneliness or a difficult reality. The problem is that drugs only make things worse, because we do easily fall into addiction, damaging our health. The fact is that the vices are part of a world where good and evil, where if we lean too far to the side of evil can end in ruin and in this case with a strong dependence on drugs or alcohol.
Some of the things that cause the defects are well known, such as alcoholic beverages consumed immoderately or drug use. There are others that are less obvious such as sex, pornography, consumerism, gambling and so on.
Evil is always present where the vices and bad attitudes there. On the other hand if we realize at some point that we have fallen into a habit, it's good to find a way to end this problem. The first thing to do is to really want to end this addiction, then. For example when it comes to substances such as alcohol and the like, first avoid the places abound those things and bad friends, whom we induce alcoholic drinks sprees or things far more destructive, like drugs; where possible is also good advise to stay away from those things.
It is also important to pray to gradually reduce consumption, which can add to the help we can get from medical specialists in the treatment of addictions.

THE TEACHINGS (Religions).

While it is understood that there are many religions and that these facts show the way to God. On occasions it can be some friction between them. But that's not because of the same religion, but because sometimes there are those who want to confuse people, but those battles do not last long, despite the attempts of evil.
On the other hand, there are false religions, which were taught by the false prophets, who are constantly trying to pretend to be God, or simply trying to confuse people. So, while education could harm others, it is necessary to have rules so that the world may exist because there is freedom even eligible for an education that is not good, but should in no way harm others or trying to impose by force.
Keep in mind that false religions, always seeking to impose by force. In these cases no shortage of prophets who claim to be God and above all to attack all other teachings without justification, saying only that his teachings can lead to salvation, completely denying the Truth that God has always been next to all their children without distinction. So that the false prophets always seek domination and its closest supporters: The power and money. But just look to find the Truth, because there is nothing hidden that fails to discover, there is nothing hidden that fails to tell.
It's like there are many religions, most good, some bad. Yet everyone must respect other religions while not good, and in the case of True religion even more, as they all seek the same goal which is to God, no matter how you call. Therefore, it is not wrong to see a valid Indian praise by the name of Brahma or Arab by praising the name of Allah, because Brahma and Allah are the same that it is God who spoke on Tepeyac and soul universal. The important thing to note is that for example if the prophet Mohammed taught that there be one that I think everything that exists, who loves all her children equally, which is against the vices, who lives in heaven and he called Allah and on the other hand the prophet Rama taught the same, but different, that he called Brahma. It is clear that both be referred to, which is the same as in the case of the words: Green and verde, because both words refer to the same color, but these are in different languages.
On the other hand there are the false teachings, such as those preached by false prophets who proclaimed themselves as Divine, or religions that promote racism, even in those cases when impostures and openly seeking confrontation with other religions, no we must assault. The truth is that all people are free to follow the instruction they want, as long as no harm or mislead others. In this latter case we can help, not through violence, but of reason and prayer. To help with our prayers to God to maintain order in the universe.

Right to Know the Truth.

Everyone has the right to know the Truth, because only when it is known, one can achieve self-determination of individuals and nations. To be free you must first know the Truth, which is the highest value out there.

There is nothing hidden which does not become uncovered, and nothing secret that will not come to know. Truth can always be reasoned unlike to hidden or secret.

With respect to religious good, it is True. The case is:

because we believe in medicine, the answer is: because it works. Why believe in a miracle, the answer is: because they exist. Why believe in a prophecy, the answer is: because it is fulfilled. Because believe there is an order, the answer is that there is, in our world follow a lot of things, for example: take a handful of objects and winnowed on the floor, they clearly do not fall into a certain order, in that If there is any order. Otherwise if we take these objects and placed, one by one on the floor, so if there is an order.
In case the same universe, that is why some things do not have a precise order, but others if, for example, if we make a bubble does not matter what instrument you use, always tend to be spherical, because it follows the shape of the universe, same with the leaves of a tree, where we can see that they all have the same form, because follow a set order. A different case is: if we see in a microscope you see that snowflakes are all different, in these case do not follow a defined, because there is no order in it, so do fingerprints (hands always the same form but not the fingerprints.).

For there to be an order, first there must be somebody to set that order, then this order is from another world bound to this, this is the spiritual world.
It is also True that our instinct is necessary to believe in something, that is the case of religions, but the need exists for a reason and that is that the material world is related to the spirit world. There are a number of Truths we must know are:

First Truth.

The spiritual world and physical world are related and one influences the other and vice versa.

In the universe there are four places, and these are: The Heavens, the material world, the limbo, and the underworlds.

Heavens is the highest in the universe, in what is called the place of the thirteen divisions, although in reality it is a place divided into nine regions. Eight of them is where a number of places inhabited by the lesser gods or prophets guide, but not in the sense of a god for every region, but many gods who live in various places in Heaven or a region.
In the ninth region, there are five places, for that reason it is called Heaven, the place of the thirteen divisions, because eight plus five = thirteen. In the ninth highest in the region living God who is known as Brahma, Allah, Racna, The Great Spirit..... Around the highest Heaven is called: Omeyocan, there are four sites that are around and a little down. Each of the four sites is a way of Heaven and each was inhabited by one of the top four contributors of God.

The Omeyocan is a place where neither suffering nor pain, is a place where everything is real strong. Omeyocan everything is in harmony, happiness and peace where there is a caring God. The highest Heaven is a unique place, a place of pleasure, where there do not exist the concept of death. Because it is not a place of transit, but a place where we can live forever. In peace and harmony.

There are many worlds but everything that life has had its origin in one place and in one Being, so all we are living are individual Beings and at the same time part of a single Being

In the beginning was only exist the vacuum and the energy, that energy in any form or by accidents or by randomly generating life began to change, forming the first Being. But this was only an infinite place, so I choose divided by two: Being male and Being female. Subsequently had four children or four pairs of twins, they help to God, to continue forming the universe, but from the beginning there has always been free and one of the first four children became rebellious and forming the underworlds. Later born of God, all Beings, including gods, such as: Rama, Buddha, Lao-tzu, Muhammad, and so on.

The reason being in this material world. Is because in principle it is born in Omeyocan, but before coming to live there permanently, we must make a pilgrimage to this material world.

This dimension is like a dream passenger, as is not a real world because in truth does not belong here it is only a transition. This is a world of appearances. It is not quite what they seem, is a place of illusion, where things do not remain, a mixture the real things and illusions, because what is made of matter, is something that breaks or disappears. Only what is real survives, as is the friendship and love. This apparent world was created by God with the help of his first four collaborators.

To be born free, we must know the good and evil, but we need to learn overcome our passions such as: hatred, selfishness, revenge, indifference for others, and so on.

This world is like a traffic school to learn where we came to seek the Truth and live in harmony with others, before finally live in Omeyocan, where we reunited with our friends and family.

God gives us the apparent and the real things, like education. Racna is presented at the beginning of Cycles of time and subsequently by her envoys, who says in his message. In addition, God sent the prophets to guide the nations and shows us the path of good, through our spiritual awareness, as well as having granted the freedom to think things and especially those that deal with the Truth and with the justice. Racna is above all the empires, and their ambitions.

In the material world is not bad to live more or less well in economic terms because it is not to live in constant suffering. The important thing is to learn to live together in harmony without causing abuse against our nation or other. But it is not good to focus our efforts on accumulating material things, because those are just illusions. In a way that is unhappy when you have a wisdom in vain, when looking at the value of material things. Just be wise when we realize that the valuable things from the soul that is precious realities.

This means that progress must be sought not in the material sense, but in the sense of teaching this is that progress is for all, so that should not be eligible to accumulate material goods at the expense of abuse that cause suffering to others, but seek to work together for the progress of all. As this is not to accumulate possessions because at the end of all this is only an illusion to be overcome and has nothing to do with the reason being in this world.

The difference between this world and the spiritual, is that this world is a world of appearances. Things are not always what they seem, we can only see the Truth, after much reasoning. The only real things are like friendship and love. Because when we die actually traveled to the reality and the only thing that endures is the things of the soul. However the Heaven is a completely firm and True, because it is based not on material things; the Heaven it is based in things of the soul, so is not given importance to the objects. Because the Heaven was not our souls united to a body is easier to distinguish the True from the false.
We see an example in marriage, there are people looking for beauty in a partner, however, that beauty is only an illusion that tends to disappear, then the case is to see beyond the appearance, we can share and appreciate this other Being.

In the universe there are five different Beings, the first is that God, after are the first four sons of God. Then there are the gods or prophets, beginning by Cuauhtlatoatzin and followed by the other prophets: Muhammad, Lao-tzu, Rama, Buddha..... Including many who do not know but that are known at other sites in this material world from which not even have direct knowledge. In addition, there are the archangels who are Beings who help guide the angels. They were once people, but its merits have become archangels, as was Gandhi. Finally there are the angels, when someone of this world is destined to be an angel, in his absence will be missing angel.

In this world are the prophets sent to help people on their way to God. As well, in this world there is a constant struggle between good and evil, which is between Beings sent by God to guide people who are like our older brothers. How are our guardian angels, archangels, guide prophets, couriers, et cetera. On the other hand people who have chosen the path of evil and seek to harm others either directly or from scams such as the false prophets.

God does not condemn anyone in this world or the spiritual. Sometimes God comes to punish a nation or a country where this has made things really as evil distorting their Divine message. In other cases, when making human sacrifices to the rebel god or a revel prophet. Then there is a punishment, but this is only for a short time. God sometimes leads to anger like our potatoes occasionally, but nevertheless condemns us, nor leaves us to love.
In other cases, individuals and nations come to go through bad experiences either in this world or another because of their own actions.

In the spiritual world is not condemning anyone to hell or some spiritual prison. That is, if you can finish in frightening places, which are underworlds. But they are places of eternal punishment is not the work of God, but from other causes, the fact is that someone who is obedient to God, never ends in an underworld. Therefore those who misbehave end up being victims of their own actions. When someone starts to take the path of evil. God will be there through your spiritual awareness and to ask him to not continue down the wrong path.
But as there is freedom. If that person insists on taking this path, it will be because they want and that's when it becomes a victim of its own acts, as when someone steals and ignoring their spiritual awareness, it continues to make. sooner or later ended in a prison in this world or end up in worse circumstances as a result of their own actions.
As regards the time of his death the following happens:

If the person behaves well or more or less well, with the understanding that although it has done some bad things, has always sought the path of good, their good deeds outweigh the bad. And above all that God has always wanted. Whether you've known for its Divine miracle or through one of his messengers who speak of a Divine Being that transmits motion to the entire universe, no matter how you name is Allah, or the Great Spirit, by mention a few. In this case, their chances of reaching the Omeyocan will be higher, so if that person has already achieved enough to learn, when you leave this world the angels will lead down the path that leads to Omeyocan.
if it was not possible to learn everything you need, the angels will lead first to a Heaven for one of the first eight divisions of the Heavens, where it remains until it reaches its turn for its next reincarnation.

The directions of the Heaven around Omeyocan are places where souls are tested if they are good enough then go to Omeyocan, otherwise return to reincarnate, then in this case it is said that his journey continues.

In the universe, then there is the Limbo and underworlds. If the person most often preferred the vices, the path of evil, choosing to harm others and even more does not regret it, or save big grudge against those who have done wrong. So far with his attitude to the angels. Since its ability to prevent the angels can be comfortable at his side and thus eventually leave. This means that at the time of death is most difficult to angels appointed by God to lead him to Heaven to reach that person, because having a constant battle between good and evil, there will be people opposed to the angels who try to prevent it or get the lead to other sites.

Those opposed to the angels, beings from underworlds and sometimes travel between these places and the limbo is the place between the different worlds.

The worst case is that someone is carrying, and even if they do not repent, will cause a greater number of Beings who are not good to try to prevent that Beings may well lead to one of the Heaven. And while the good always wins in the end, is among worst behaved took a longer time to reach Heaven and more time will remain in limbo. In such cases, that person can get to Heaven faster. Help much in the prayers of the people who had appreciated in life, and forgiveness of people who harm during their lifetime in the material world.

-The fact is that people are free. So while looking to God, He is always with them, but God does not oblige anyone so if someone chooses to follow the rebellious god that will be carried by an underworld.

Moreover, if the person has not been as bad but has not been good enough to go to a Heaven for less then reincarnate then most deserving and higher into the Heaven where they live forever. Except for the prophets or the guide closest to God who come to this world, reincarnated in different people to bring a message and thereby helping people to reach the highest Heaven.

-For those who did not join any religion or teaching, his life in another world will be much more difficult. Since we did not have help, and you will most likely have to remain in limbo until they reach their turn to reincarnate. But it will take a long time before that, and will do so in a pet, but not in animals that are destined for something else, such as barnyard animals. Since they have remained indifferent to life. Because the passage through this world is only a moment and look good so it is what is True. So if during the passage through this world will not remain totally indifferent to the Divine help and therefore does not have any privileges. As for those who do not want to join any religion, it is good to at least give thanks to God for the basics.
On the other hand where we can be deceived by a false prophet. In such a case is not being totally indifferent to life, although in such cases does not lead to reincarnate in an animal, if we can stay in a underworld for a while.

The universe is like a great sphere, in the highest part is Heaven, while in the lower part is the underworld, which are underworlds inhabited by the souls of the most hostile people, and where they wait until their turn comes to reincarnate again, in order to have a new opportunity.

Although it is necessary to take into consideration that it is not a place of eternal punishment nor is it ruled by a god of evil, so that there is no devil spoken by fundamentalists, what if it exists is evil spirits that when invoked can influence this world and even cause problems of possession.

As for the demons, they are souls of people who during their passage through the world had many followers and dedicated themselves to do all kinds of evil things, so that upon dying, their followers deified them into a kind of evil gods, as are many of the spirits invoked in practices such as voodoo, French Masonry and some cults, even some evil gods like Loki, Damballa, et cetera, that being in the underworld and being invoked by many people, acquire some power, which although not invincible, can sometimes be a nuisance and a bad influence for some people.

In the spiritual world, there is also another site that is among the various sites of the universe. That place to which we referred is limbo, that place is a site of loneliness and despair. God does not want anyone to stay there. But when there is a constant battle between good and evil, sometimes there are those who stay there a while, but in most cases will be removed from the site. Except those who did not join any religion, who are more difficult to leave that site and sometimes come to wait there until their next reincarnation, unless the prayers of many who were alive and appreciation of all to pray for him.
In other cases are in limbo, people who have died in a non-natural. Whether they were killed or have committed suicide by bad attitude. Generally there are not able to go anywhere until they are being rescued by angels sent by God. That's why when someone dies because they have killed or committed suicide, we must ask God and our guardian angels help him, so that our prayers and supplications to God to help these souls are saved faster.
It must be said that there is an exception and that is, when someone is killed for seeking the good of all, the soul of that person grows and many of them become archangels, God gives them tasks such as helping to care for the balance of the universe But if there has been an obvious intent to kill.
They recall that the continued presence among us, so do those who dedicated their lives to spreading the Truth and is not a bad request your help, as long as first let us ask God to help us and we will do so only after the archangels.

When somebody dies in our family is even more important to ask for them. Because they are intended to be guardian angels who loved life. Albeit for different reasons that might happen while they remain in a limbo, which would be needed in life have constantly sought the path of evil so blithe or not linked to any religion. (The case is at least worry about the search for Truth, for at least thank God for all blessings received and to have a little help at the end of their passage through this world.) Will be difficult to reach at least a Heaven before Omeyocan. But in most cases there is always something good in people. So even if a little badly behaved with the help of the intercession of their families and loved good that have accompanied some point in their lives, such as the archangels, those people may get to Heaven in no time.
When you have managed to get one of the one Heaven or even Omeyocan stay there but also come into this world to help people they saw in life, when these memories and they seek your help and God. The guardian angels can be near their families if they do not have a life of Unordered consistently choose where defects are selfish to others, seeking violence or seek help from people who know they are malignant. The angels help us in several ways. As councils are coming to our mind through our consciousness as something to remember, or take us in different ways for people who can help. To mention a few cases.

With regard to the birth of souls and reincarnation: The souls are born in the highest Heaven, to God, souls are born of God, and are sent to this world. As is easy to see today more people live in this world than ever before. The souls are at the same time be an individual, and part of God, as the union that exists in the vast majority of cases among our families, sometimes what affects one affects the whole family.

With regard to other doctrines or teachings such as Buddhism, and others: The fact is that any one religion or education that supports the existence of a Being superior is Allah in Islam, or Brahma in original Hinduism. These is, the teachings transmitted by prophets are never presented as being the reincarnation of a Supreme Divine Being, and who taught that in life there is a higher Being or force that governs the universe, or religious doctrines are good. Being as the driving universe is God, then those who have joined one of these lessons have to reach the Omeyocan because God sent the prophets to guide many nations. But it should be noted that only God is absolute perfection.

In summary: in cases where someone follows a religion based on the sound teachings of the true prophets; Their souls either a pre-Heaven or the Omeyocan when its merits become sufficient.

The Reincarnation.
As already mentioned, this happens when the merits are not sufficient to reach the highest Heaven, then you must reincarnate again, after a certain time. Reincarnation follows an order established by God: That order is as follows:
People reincarnate into his own family, not necessarily in their direct descendants, but if close relatives and their own nations, this is the principle of justice.

Many countries have suffered from their own actions, but they often come to suffer from those consequences, even several generations. Like when making a deal with the rebel god or with a false prophet. These false doctrines coming to harm, many years later. So that damage is suffered by them or by persons who were their close relatives, to reincarnate in one of its descendants.

Many strive for the good of their homeland, since it depends on their children and themselves in a country just reincarnate. So for example when someone contributes to corruption, helping to inherit a corrupt country and causes in the future or a family member is a victim of the same corruption that helped create, either in life or in other post. This as a result of their own actions. That is why it is so important to promote freedom and Truth, our families and countries, while ensuring that it is the path of peace in order to inherit no more wars because of revenge.

On the other hand we are not allowed to remember past lives, the truth is that eventually some memories and signs of previous lives arise, as when we just met To someone and we sympathize immediately or we detest it without reason. What happens because it is someone we met in a previous life, in other cases when a place causes us nostalgia or too much interest, it is because we had already been there in another life. There are also dreams that give us hints, others a sudden flash back, where we see ourselves in an archaeological zone together with a familiar and wearing the old fashioned, which can last a second, although most of the time we do not give importance and Even forget what happened.

As for animals, a dog has the soul of a dog, even a wolf. A cat has a soul of cat. A bird has a soul of a bird, the insects soul of insects. In the case of primitive species such as bacteria or viruses do not possess a soul.
People usually never reincarnate into an animal except those who did not join any religion, then reincarnate to do so in an animal and then in person, but not just any animal, just pets. What happens because of their indifference to life.

The relationship of the two worlds is that in this material world comes to live, then die, it's like when we woke from a dream, then we will be in a place where there are four paths that correspond to each region of the universe. We must take one of these paths, as we choose in this world. Since in this world if we choose the path of good, to rise up from the sleep of this world, who will be there to show the right direction, because we are free to seek what is True or not. Yet there is the possibility of reincarnate and selecting again, because the change of opinion is part of freedom.

Furthermore, when praying, we help to God to maintain the order in the universe. Prayer is how we generate energy and helps to God to maintain order in the universe. Prayer is important because it is one way to find the path of good. So that to pray is very important.

When we leave this world, normally an angel comes to take us to the place that corresponds to us, but when someone leaves this world ahead of time, for example: Because he committed suicide, died in an accident or was killed, happens that their soul is trapped in this astral plane, even, there are times when they do not realize that they are no longer part of this world and it goes on to spend a long time until they realize what happened.

In some cases, when someone dies in a traumatic way, so that their emotions are altered drastically while leaving this world, may cause some paranormal phenomena, such as the so-called ghosts, sometimes repeat what happened during the last moments of his life in this world; on other occasions they try to drive people away from a certain house or place...

In such cases it is very important that the people who loved that person during his passing through this world, pray for him, so that the angels can take it to a better place. Hence prayer is very important when someone leaves this world and more when someone leaves early, which is why it is always good to be loyal and considerate with our family and friends, because they can always help us in a difficult situation and more, when we leave this world.

There are three astral planes (This world, the underworld, the Heaven) and limbo. But only some Beings can communicate directly with someone from another astral plane, that is, just as in this world there are mediums that are able to speak (Directly and in real time) with Beings from another Astral plane, in the other astral planes only some Beings have the ability to talk to people of this world. So, just as there are mediums in this world, so there are in the other astral planes.

Although there are other forms of communication, such as dreams, through which we can send and receive messages from people who are in another astral plane, although most of the time, the messages arrive in a code that we must translate with the help of a dreams dictionary.

As for the angels, for example, the guardian angels, sometimes they can see us and try to warn us of danger, through counsel of a relative or in a dream, but that does not mean that they can speak with us as a medium would.

Although many people think that things like witchcraft are just superstition, the truth is that it is not so, it is enough to see the cases of possession, in which a soul can even seize the body of a person, so it is common to hear to speak of terms such as: Obsession, oppression, infestation, etc. which are forms and processes of possession phenomena, so that an attack of witchcraft is a variant of oppression, and although we wish that such things did not exist and we arrived at think that if we ignore them will disappear, the truth is that it is something real. Even though most of the time, it is enough to be determined to prevent these things from affecting us, there are cases (Rare, but exist) that can cause an accident or even an illness, so it is always good to have information about how to defend ourselves.

Second Truth.- Poverty too is not good.

Truth be said is that the material world that we live among the things of the soul, and that material things are like mirages. In this world many appearances and is not always easy to distinguish the True from the false, but we must also take into account:

Although material things are like illusions, and there is no point in putting money into an altar, trying to get through abuse or whatever form, (things that are constantly driven by advertising and capitalist systems). Be seen that the important thing is to learn to live in harmony with others, helping as much as possible. This world is not a punishment but a place similar to where we came from one school to learn to live in harmony with others. Therefore, it is better to make this world attain a life of dignity and freedom for ourselves and others.
We must not settle for misery and the constant abuse, it is not live in such conditions, or in the continued suffering. Everyone has the right to liberty and justice, as is having a job and pay fair and duty to assist others to obtain the same.

It is important to see that if in the past often resorted to war to get the most essential rights, it does not mean that this is the appropriate way to achieve this.
God does not want to live in a world of endless violence. The best way to get something is always the path of peace, and therefore the path of good. Sometimes the constant abuse of a nation to another can lead to constant violence and war, but sometimes you can get to curb these abuses through some simple measures that can prevent future wars as the union of countries that can help to halt these wars. For example today it is mainly commercial empires, based on the purchase and sale of products, coupled with a clever strategy in which the various monetary values of coins is part of the game of empires. In these cases it is sufficient to control the trade relations.
There are other cases such as the independence of India, or treaties made by Simon Bolivar, where the union of the Americas prevent new invasions. Since the powers knew that if they insisted on invading another country, all would be united to prevent this. This not only ended the war, they also prevent other future. It not only strengthened the peace, also helped the friendship between the countries.

Any intelligent Being must find the strategy and not violence. We must always seek the best for everyone.

Third Truth.- The fight of good and evil.

In this world and even in the spiritual, exist difficulties. The reason is that there is a constant battle between the forces of good and evil. That's why things sometimes go wrong, there can be injustice, even against the righteous and innocent, but good always triumphs in the end. Because only where there is loyalty, which strongly seeks the best way of doing things, where there is respect for others which is the basis of the union, and where there is True appreciation for the wisdom, where there is victory. Even when we go to achieve a path of struggle between good and evil, between virtue and vice. This is as true as the fact that throughout history there have been injustices. Such as wars and invasions that achieved equally good as a selfish person. It is, the wars to reach people in his time with his wrongful acts were the excuse for others to take revenge. (revenge that went beyond that and was taken as a pretext for all kinds of abuse) and innocent people.
It is not enough to be fair, though with respect for others to help bring peace, it is not always so easy. It is therefore important to help either. This can be achieved by avoiding the divisions and bitterness between us, as it is through unity and prayer as the balance leans towards justice. It is especially difficult when there are either individually or in our countries when we need more help to God and his angels, taking a moderate life, not to abuse alcohol, it's best avoided. Because eating away at the angels, in addition, to get away from alcoholic drinks to avoid diseases caused by chemicals. It is with the virtues, such as: the union of our countries, prayer, courage and practice of justice, which attract the angels and the victory. The Beings who choose evil whether in the spiritual world as this, are strengthened when there are abuses, violence, vices, fear towards them, corruption, resentment, apathy and division, with which protracted difficulties.

Fourth Truth .-

Whoever seeks the Truth, seeking freedom, when born in Heaven, God gave us the gift of freedom in this world forget things from our past lives and our spiritual life in the world.

All were born free, however, the story is long and oldest of what we assume. Not taking into account the history is to ignore our experiences, even if there are historical facts that have been modified around us today. Then as we know it's true and what is not. This is achieved by allowing only feel the soul and think for ourselves.

Fifth truth

Preaching is bound up with the miracle or an extraordinary event, which is the sign that confirms a knowledge transmitted by God to one of his envoys.

All preaching must be sustained by a miracle or an extraordinary event that may be verifiable, but in addition to that it is important that it work, that is, it can bring a positive change to our life, so that if we are loyal to the people who trust in us and we pray at least once a week, we must get something positive and good.


The priesthood is very important and is described in the section of the right to know the Truth. Why are the priests who most need God to help spread the Truth. These letters set out the principles that God teaches us, and even some cases in particular have a special significance. For its part, the priest must try to guide people in all cases based on four principles, always praying to God to guide to help people.

Currently, the priesthood in the Catholic Church met with a series of rules imposed by the Vatican, however, this should not always be so, firstly because the Vatican has no right to impose itself by a series of rules that only for its part has established. So the correct way to play the priesthood can only be determined by God through his prophets (either their first partners or prophets guide).

Although currently the priesthood, is not carried out as appropriate way, must be respected. In times like the present it here said, can only be implemented in two ways: First, when we are far from a Catholic country, second, when we live in a Catholic country, but in this case, the division but not seeking help others and also visiting the churches dedicated to the Virgin of Guadalupe (Racna), as narrated below.
To become a priest, to start studying these texts, reading the book slowly, reflecting page by page, trying to ponder why each thing and how it relates to the principles of Freedom, Peace, Justice, Union and Burnt water (Yin-Yang). So that you can apply the same principles to different cases.
If we see that we can advise other people well, then it may be a Divine sign. Sometimes it may be a clearer signal as a miracle, if you should like the idea of helping others.
At that time we have organized four prayers to Racna with several people at home or a quiet place, before each prayer fasting (No food or beverages consumed on the day of prayer, but to finish it). must also be in the morning as a sign of something starting. If after four prayers for them it does not rain, it means that we can be a priest or a priestess. Then we can play as priests and helping others in many ways, starting with teaching the message of Racna to anyone who wants to listen, contributing through good advice, because a priest is a guide for others.
The ideal is to begin to seek help from somebody of the opposite sex, to help us convey the Divine message, the best is also someone who is dedicated to the priesthood, but if not possible, just as someone who wants to help.
Another important thing is that the priest must be someone who is willing to give everything for others, without expecting something in return, because, well, that way, people realize they really have a gift for engaging in spreading Divine message. The priests should be aware that their mission is not to make people feel bad for having done something wrong, but to help whenever possible through a sincere and friendly advice. What is even better when there is both a priest and a priestess, because sometimes people can come more easily to a priest, or a priestess, depending on the case. In addition, priests must always be a sincere friend to each of its faithful.
If you want to conduct a formal Mass as narrated below, can be done in a house or an apartment where several people can attend. If it is not possible to find another priest or priestess, as in a formal Mass a priest should be present and a priestess, then such a male priest, can be accompanied by a woman who helps a reading of the text in the True History and then he can explain.
In a way that can be a priest without confronting the Church, and even if a priest able to gather a significant amount of true collaboration and build a new church, this does not mean attacking the Church. Because I would be doing so independently and when to go to a Catholic church or a temple of a good religion can always do so in a respectful manner. For example if you were passing through a country where they worship God as Brahma or Allah, may go to a temple to venerate respectful to God, or if it was to visit the Basilica of Guadalupe can do the same, as respectful as possible. Without trying to argue with anybody, just as a more faithful.
Sometimes we can go through difficult days, but can be made to overcome through prayer and seeking the Truth through the feeling of the soul.

NEW TEMPLES: When a priest or a priestess have brought together a large number of faithful and wish to pursue the construction of a new church should do as follows:

- The collaboration of many faithful free is very important because it is a sign of cooperation in the search for Truth and the Divine presence, where such collaboration is appreciated by God. The important thing is that there is collaboration of several faithful, but only make a small part of the job.
- It's good to be included among the materials of construction stone of volcanic origin, as a sign of renewal.
- It's good to have four columns at the main entrance and in the gardens outside.
- In the main altar should be an image of Racna (Virgin of Guadalupe) and other of Cuauhtlatoatzin and can also be included in different parts of the temple images of the four apparitions of Racna to Cuauhtlatoatzin (Juan Diego) in Tepeyac or windows, you can also include images or statues of the collaborators of Racna, for example, Fray Juan de Zumarraga, Cihuacoatl, Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl, Sister Petronila and so on.
The priests also to help build the temples, can also help with other tasks, for example in places where there are many needs. For example: you can help with the collaboration of the faithful also want to collaborate with them, to build hospitals and schools. As for schools, these can be devoted to teaching common. Since religious education is carried out in temples where they can also help others who wish to priesthood.

TASKS IN TEMPLES. Both men and women should cooperate in all tasks, why should not do less the women, who must work at all even as priestesses, as for example the case of Cihuacoatl and Tlalquetzal (See True History). Terms, and more, if the universe was created by the first Divine couple, comprising to Being male and a female Being.
A good priest must always start to set an example and be moderate.
It is also very important to keep in mind that we can all help spread the Truth from different messengers of God, even the priests, but also are catechists who are priests who help to spread the Truth, and dads who teach Truth to their children.
As for the catechists, they have a very important task which is to inform the community that there is a temple or place you can go to learn about the Truth; catechists (men and women) can go from house to house explaining a bit about the Truth and invite people to come to the oratory that is near the site. But it must do so with kindness, without seeking to impose by force education, meaning that if well received, then it may explain the teaching and an invitation, but if that happens, you should not insist on this, to be respectful toward others.

There are other IMPORTANT THINGS such as the good example that should give all priests and priestesses:

Fasting is something very important, through it, we not only sympathize with those who have less, but also thereby achieve a higher concentration in order to move away from the shackles of this world, these is, the things that distract us and we will not see the Truth. For example, the most common fasting is carried out during four days (like when the priests must fast prior to carrying out the most important Masses) and is not to consume any food or drinks during the morning, until noon but refraining from eating sugar and salt, as is usually the sugar and salt that cause us pleasure, the same must be done with regard to flavor sauces and condiments strong. Thus fasting helps us to better meditation of the Divine message of Our Lady. It is important not to break the fast during these days and we should also refrain from living with a partner or wife or girlfriend, if the husband or boyfriend priestesses.

In the case of priests and priestesses, are not prohibited from marriage, because, for example: Cuauhtlatoatzin was married, but can also be something optional. The priests are free to choose whether they wish to marry or engage only to the priesthood, however, if it is important that the days of fasting are very respectful, and when the priests start, even if they are not married, it is preferable to remain unmarried until they achieved at least one important goal.

Fasting should be done in the following cases:
1. DAY DEDICATED TO GIVE THE MASS, this fasting is for the priests and priestesses, is only one day, in this case the day of the Mass, and is not consumed at all during the day, before giving the service, except a little water in the morning as a sign of communion. After the Mass and can consume food and drinks normally, and is the time being ending the fasting. This helps us to have a higher concentration, , because the Mass is not carried out properly priests, but they serve as intermediaries between God and this world. So that the Mass is actually done by Divine inspiration, but this may be so, there must be a preparation before to do it.

2. Every priest and priestess should seek to practice moderation, and a fasting of four DAYS BEFORE THE MASSES MOST IMPORTANT, the fasting takes place during five days as follows: First, during four days as indicated at the beginning by refraining from consuming food and drink until the day of each of the four days devoted to it and after half a day and can consume food and beverages. But refraining from consuming salt, sugar, sauces, condiments and flavor strong during those same four days prior to the mass. Second, since the days of mass equivalent to the fifth day of fasting, the day when we got up took only a little water. After the Mass, when the fasting ends, and you can consume food and drink normally with sugar and salt. The important Masses are:

- The day that begins each season (Equinoxes and solstices).
- End of the century; that is, every 52 years (The last century began on March 20, 2012, corresponding to year 01 Nahui Ol'lin, and the next will be the 20/21 March of the year 2064, which corresponds to year: 52 A. S. or 52 Nahui Ol'lin).

- When the priest realizes that one Age is ending, then, must also seek to undertake a pilgrimage to the faithful to their sacred sites major (First temple dedicated to Racna, is the most important: The Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe at Tepeyac and secondly, the sacred sites of the good teachings transmitted by guide prophets.....) but should not worry so much about the end of an Age, because God is always with us.
On those occasions, the priests and priestesses, to fasting during the four days preceding the celebration of Mass. This will be to try fasting at least possible to consume salt and sugar.....

PILGRIMAGES can be conducted by priests, but they can also be performed by anyone who has faith in the True God, preferably a pair consisting of one man and one woman, but like the priests must to do fasting before driving the pilgrimage. Before starting the pilgrimage will be met by all the faithful who will join her and those who lead start by reading aloud the histories of the Divine miracle, that is, the apparitions of Racna. Then start the pilgrimage on the road and get to the site can be made sacred songs and prayers to Racna, the offerings are presented, which may include: Flowers, the same pilgrimage, reconciliation with others, with someone with whom we had been alienated or angry, a prayer and so on. There are two ways to perform a pilgrimage, the first was when I went to a sacred place, in an important date, when many pilgrims who are on the same day, in this case to reach the temple only leave offerings and leaves temple to give opportunity to other pilgrimages. The second is when to get to a temple we stayed to hear the Mass, in such cases follow the same steps, but the offerings are presented after a request (See below: Collective Prayer).

During the Mass must always have four candles in the form of attached cross, which symbolizes order and harmony of the universe (Also symbolize the light of Truth).

Priests can also hear confessions of their adherents, they always give advice on request, as the priest is a guide, and among its most important duties, this to help people find the right path.

It is also good to take into account important details, for example, fathers that usually give gifts to children at the end of the year. In any case it is best to do this twelfth day of December and must be two gifts, one on behalf of Tonantzin and one on behalf of Totahtzin. Likewise it is good advice to employers and teachers to give days off to their employees or students during the days of important celebrations. As for the Mass should be conducted according to the collective prayer, as described below.

THE ORGANIZATION OF RELIGION: True Religion is made up of all religions that preach the Truth that we are all brothers and that God is who governs everything. In this set of teachings he called the Church Universal, and the material does not need a government, only the most Divine inspiration.
With regard to religion in every country, there may be a priest who is the highest grade, who is responsible for the management of religion in this country, can be a man or a woman. The priest has increased in each country the responsibility of caring for the principles given by God must also be in charge of approving each new priest. For those with a special ceremony where the priest or more principal, put the palm of his right hand a few centimeters above the right palm of someone who has just started. In this way a special power is transferred to each priest, to carry out their important mission.
If for any reason not possible to do so, then it can be done through the reunion of the faithful, over four times on different days, these is, four prayers, as has been said before.

The priesthood is a calling that God makes some people special, but always bearing in mind that the priesthood is a service to others and should never be used as a business or a way to dominate others. While, for example, may accept voluntary donations, do not charge dues for the services.

It is very important that priests are always present, for example, in the case of Protestantism, while sects are led by a false prophet, why do not they should be attacked, much less encourage others to attack those sects. Why you should never forget the principle of Liberty. So that all people are free to choose the path we want to continue, even if that path is wrong. And only when those who have followed a wrong path, to accept or listen to talk about the Truth is when the priest to explain to this person, what is Truth and what is not.
Moreover, any priest should bear in mind that praises God who can not be frowned upon, who praises Brahma, Allah, Great Spirit, The Natural Law... This praising God, because he is omnipresent and is the Universal Soul, no matter how it is called, because he is everywhere. As always on the side of all their children.
He also has sent her prophets to guide their children to all places of the world known and unknown. That's why you can not make any less a prophet of God who has spoken, no matter the name they call it, as were the prophets: Muhammad, Rama, Buddha, Lao-Tzu... In their time trying to guide people towards God, and it never said they were God. Thus, for example, when someone is traveling to a place where there are no churches, you can go to a temple of a good religion, that is, those that love God, however, to know the Divine miracle, also seek to make meetings in order to pray and thank the Divine miracle.
You can also go to the conference representatives of the good religions in each country, provided they make the most respectful way possible.


To this end, the good is that there has an altar or at less a picture with the Divine image and four cross-shaped candles to symbolize the light of Truth. Second, the two seniors or those who are the most pious, being a man and a woman, must lead the prayers. With this we can thank God more. There are two ways of carrying out a prayer, the first is simply to pray five prayers (see chapter of Good Magic) or can be made as follows:

Collective prayer can take two forms. Because although the ideal is to make a formal Mass, conducted by a priest and a priestess, and reading sacred texts (these texts). In the beginning there will be quite simple, for that reason, even when it is not possible to conduct a formal service, is sufficient to meet some people and start to do some simple prayers, and when someone feels called to the priesthood, may be doing better little by little until we make a formal church, but the principle is not in a temple. And then when a large number of faithful, make the construction of a temple with the help of many faithful.

In the collective prayer is to present a good woman and a man, possibly a priest and a priestess. In particular be carried out during the days devoted to this, that is one day a week, and days when they started the solstices and equinoxes, being the ideal, the following steps:

A) It's good to start by welcoming prayer to the four cardinal points, beginning with the east, because it is where the sun rises. This means that God is present in the east, the sunrise symbolizes the birth of creation and therefore the presence of God.

To greet the cardinal points the faithful should stop turning on each cardinal point. Then they burned incense in a fret, and are directed toward each cardinal point, and then place it against the altar, the ideal is that the latter does a woman.

B) After the above all ask a prayer, which should read:

Oh Racna; You created all that exists, You give movement; As the atoms that the planets; to see you just look the order is in all things; since the order it is no coincidence; I can well understand in Truth That you, Racna you are God The dispenser of life; The Great Spirit, God, Allah, The Law of Karma, all are you, And so, I promise to be Faithful; So be welcome on your Divine kingdom.
(Note: Racna is the oldest name of God and is the same as saying: Our Lady of Guadalupe, God, Allah, Brahma, etc.)

C) Of the people who lead the prayer, whether man or woman to read an excerpt of the chapter of the Doctrine. This will become Mass in each sequence, this is, in a Mass or prayer is selected text from the first paragraphs of the Doctrine. Then at the next Mass or prayer Selecting one of the following paragraphs you selected earlier in the Mass in the same order of the texts of the Doctrine. In other cases, it is dependent on the celebration, as is the December 12 that are read from the texts concerning the apparitions of Our Divine Lady. Another case is when there is a problem that is happening in the community, in this case selects a part that relates to it. Finally in the case of a pilgrimage, if I had the opportunity to recite a formal Mass was read a text associated with the pilgrimages. Who leads the prayer can also advise others on the principles of Freedom, Peace, Justice and Union, so that women can give advice and then another man.
Upon completion of this part can recite poetic songs with certain instruments.

Some people recite songs accompanied by instruments, such as one that is called: Teponaxtli, but any instrument can be used provided they are not drawbacks as instruments of the battery, those that produce noisy sounds that are not appropriate to recite a sacred song.
Preferably, you can recite the following songs:

- At the foot of that hill - where the light has emerged - we saw - the real reason.
- All nations are concerned - with find You - and raised his voice - to worship.
- That my voice - praise you - and my heart - love you forever, - Universal Soul.
- That your devotion - that your protection - extends - to all nations.

D) After reading a passage from the chapter of the True History.
It is important to do well in this part, and should be done as follows:
We must take into account that reading the True History is related to the reading of the Doctrine, so that, for example, if the doctrine of the chapter select a snippet related to the family, then we must select a fragment of the True History which is related to the family. Because it is easier to understand a teaching, so that the lives of the prophets can serve as a guide. So reads a portion of the True History and then give a little explanation. As for the texts, there are parts that are written in italics, which can help the priests and priestesses, as these parts are for an explanation, and may be helpful, so they can give more detailed explanations.
the final song was also recited poetry.

E) Finally, it is said, four or five collective petitions, praying for our leaders, good religions for those present and the problems of the community and the world.....

Requests can be for example the following:

• We ask that you all have your faithful one soul and one heart.
• We pray for our homeland, to ensure Justice and Union
• We pray for all your children, to find the light of Truth.
• We pray for everyone here to help you in all your needs...

And in the end it says: "that freedom, peace, justice, and unity is all."

* * * * *

To give a better explanation on how to offer a service, are some examples, but although the examples may provide guidance and can be done that way, it is not obligatory exactly alike, because the priests and priestesses, they can refine according to the case:
The first example is about how you can perform a common Mass:

ONE- It says: Welcome to this sacred prayer.

TWO- Attendees look to the east and stop for four seconds, then the same on the following points.

THREE- Continue waving the four cardinal points, the priestess or, if the lady that helps states provide the Mass with incense to each cardinal point starting from the east.

FOUR- All says: Oh Racna; You created all that exists, You give movement; As the atoms that the planets; to see you just look the order is in all things; since the order it is no coincidence; I can well understand in Truth That you, Racna you are God The dispenser of life; The Great Spirit, God, Allah, The Law of Karma, all are you, And so, I promise to be Faithful; So be welcome on your Divine kingdom.
(Note: Racna is the oldest name of God and is the same as saying: Our Lady of Guadalupe, God, Allah, Brahma, etc.)

FIVE- The man or the priest who helps to provide the Mass reads:
"From Doctrine
God is the one who dominates all things, who all lived, the author of the life, who is moving the universe. Everywhere he pleads, he is wanted. Some call it the Universal Soul, The Law of Karma (Natural Law), Allah, the Lord, the Giver of Life... Whoever finds the order, who knows about this, he knows that this together.
The partners of God and the prophets guide; over time have spoken of a higher order that governs the universe. So Buddha called: The Law of Karma, Rama called: Brahma, Muhammad called him Allah, Nezahualcoyotl called: The Giver of Life...
(Note: This part was taken from the first paragraphs of the section of the Divine Doctrine.)

SIX- All singing:

- At the foot of that hill - where the light has emerged - we saw - the real reason.
- All nations are concerned - with find You - and raised his voice - to worship.
- That my voice - praise you - and my heart - love you forever, - Universal Soul.
- That your devotion - that your protection - extends - to all nations.

SEVEN- The priestess or the woman who helps in the prayer reads:
"The True History:

"The people could either receive an order constant in nature, seeing that everything had to have been created and ordained by some, especially to see the movements of the sun and moon. Then there was a young man in his dream saw a Being creating the universe, and in the dream called “Racna” sometimes saw it as one and sometimes as two Beings, then Racna said"
(Note: This part was taken from the first paragraphs of the section of History, from the part that corresponds to Universal History.)

EIGHT- All sing:

- At the foot of that hill - where the light has emerged - we saw - the real reason.
- All nations are concerned - with find You - and raised his voice - to worship.
- That my voice - praise you - and my heart - love you forever, - Universal Soul.
- That your devotion - that your protection - extends - to all nations.

NINE- The man or the priest who leads the prayer says: "Thus we see that we are all brothers, and God has always been present at all times, because God is with all his children no matter the time nor the place ".
(Note: This is just one example of an explanation).

TEN- The priestess or the woman who leads the prayer goes on to explain: "It is also important to see that everyone who has helped others to know God is good, so we must not see evil prophets such as Buda or Nezahualcoyotl, because both talked of the same Being, no matter where they were born or who have belonged nation....."
(Note: This is also an example of an explanation).

ELEVEN- All says:

“ • Good Spirit, we ask that all your faithful are one soul and one heart.”

“ • Good Spirit, we pray for our homeland, to ensure Justice and Union.”

“ • Good Spirit, we pray for all your children, to find the light of Truth.”

“ • Good Spirit, we pray for everyone here to help you in all your needs”

TWELVE- For the last, the Priest, or those who lead the prayer, say:

“Let Freedom, Peace, Justice and the Union will be with you”



ONE- It says: Welcome to this sacred prayer in honor of our Divine Lady and Lord of Heaven, and his young son Topiltzin.

FIVE-man or priest who helps to provide the Mass reads: "From Doctrine:

Right to Progress:
All people and countries have the right to progress through their effort and dedication, when this takes a good purpose.
The rulers have an obligation to respect the rights of its people and each other. Fundamental rights are something that exists everywhere in the universe, just as everyone has the right to seek progress, but at the same time have an obligation to respect others.

Progress should not be at a material aspect. these is, the progress should begin at the spiritual and then with respect to the material in the sense of sharing, looking for progress for all, which is the common good. That is not the purpose of achieving individual progress over the others, but progress along with others because we are all one big family. Needless to say, proving we have our closest family in this world as our parents and children, then there is our family nation, country, different strains. But the universal family because all of our parents were born in Divine parents, represented in the Divine image by Tonantzin (The Virgin of Guadalupe) and Totahtzin (The angel who is under the image of the Virgin in the same image). Even when people who choose other religions, that does not mean they stop being children of God. Because God is in all good religions. It was She who invented the universe, and the order of this is appreciated by their prophets, who called in various ways. Because in the case of good religions, in reality are part of the Universal Church, is the same word of God, made known to all her children, through all the prophets good reason for that is not nice to see Unlike with other people that are good for another religion, because God is in all of them, as for example: The teachings of Rama, Mohammed, Buddha, Topiltzin, et cetera.
So although She is present in a particular place that does not mean that other religions will not be known, because She is who maintains the order of the universe, therefore She is present in other religions through its various names. Even if people are still false doctrines, we must help them find the Truth by example, because we are all part of the same family and we all need help.

SEVEN- The priestess or the woman who helps in the prayer reads:
The True History:

When you reach the right place, all rejoiced and immediately began construction the new city (The current is known as the Teotihuacan City) despite the difficulties, specially because it was difficult to have enough food since it was a time of drought and crop did not produce much. So Topiltzin seeing the suffering of its people came very early in the morning in one day of the year: 1157 B. S. (855), to the sacred mountain where the sun rises which was then called Tonacatepetl (Meaning: Mountain of the maintenance). Upon arriving there began to rise toward the top, was when he saw door or entrance marked by a white light around her. Topiltzin decided to cross that door, and without realizing exactly what happened, managed to reach the Omeyocan (Highest Heaven), where was Tonantzin and Totahtzin, being surprised al that event, kneels.

So Tonantzin said:

“Which is what afflicts my little Quetzalcoatl”.

And Topiltzin said:

“My Lady, my Queen, your children suffer, because there is not enough provisions.”

Tonantzin then gave him some seeds and said. “Do not be afraid this difficulty, or any other distress. Take these seeds and carry on my name. Tell everything you've seen and admired, you who are my envoy very trustworthy, to enable sowing and so, do not miss the food; to meet my will, and convey my message, my word. You've heard my son, my message, go, has what is on your side.”

Finally Topiltzin said: “Thank you Lady, my Queen. I dismiss you”

Topiltzin return to the material world, took the road leading to Tulan (Tollan).

Upon arriving with his people told him all the wonderful event and planted those seeds he said as the Lady of Heaven, also Topiltzin and Quetzalpapalotl together with the help of many faithful and devotees built a temple on top of Tonacatepetl. In a short time began to end the drought, born a bigger corn and better than any other had been met. In gratitude for this miracle, all the people went in a solemn procession to the top of Tonacatepetl to give thanks to the Lady and the Lord of Heaven for all those blessings received. When the temple was at last completed, all the people went to the scene, and being there Cihuacoatl burn incense, spreading in the forma of a cross towards the four cardinal points beginning with where the sun rises, in sign of prayer for all peoples of the world. Then all the people took the first corn born that year, as an offering for the abundant harvest. Thereafter began to heal people who suffered of disease.

ELEVEN- all say:
“ • Good Spirit, we pray for those who work the ground for crops always bear fruit in abundance.”

“ • Good Spirit, we ask that you never miss the food on our plates.”

“ • Good Spirit, we ask that you always have unity in our families.”

“ • Good Spirit, we pray for all nations, to always have good fortune.”

* * * * *


ONE- It says: Welcome to this sacred prayer in honor of our Divine Lady and Lord of Heaven, and all archangels..

FIVE- The man or priest who helps to provide the Mass reads:
"From Doctrine:

THE PRINCIPLE OF JUSTICE: Justice is necessary for the existence of the universe. Justice is the only measure of order and order where there may be something. Justice comes from God and it is thanks to God that this world exists, so that harmony can exist, She has created a series of rules and these are: The Respect for others, The Consideration for others, The Existence of a supreme power and The Fundamental rights of every Being.

SEVEN-The priestess or the lady who helps in the prayer reads: The True History: At that time Egypt was composed of several kingdoms which in turn formed a sort of confederation, and in the center of Egypt had a battle because an evil prince named Seth, jealous that his brother had been crowned Pharaoh, and he did not, wanted to usurp the throne through deceit and machinations What he achieved with the help of some traitors of the realm. But he soon discovered everything, and Seth was expelled from Egypt, then the impostor wanted to take revenge and launched a terrible curse, causing a plague of rats to come into the cities, which were introduced in the barns, causing great losses, the problem was compounded and all the kingdoms of Egypt is in danger, people raised their prayers to the Creator Spirit (God), then was sent a archangel to prompted Queen Selene, who quickly became Bobcats bring to cities of Egypt and soon the Bobcats ended the plague, at the end Seth had to flee into the desert with all the traitors who supported him.

NINE-Thus we see that God imparts righteousness to the whole universe; even if sometimes we feel lost, if we pray and have faith in God, sooner or later, God will hear us and bring justice with the help of all good spirits. (Note: This is just one example of an explanation).

TEN-The priestess or the woman who leads the prayer, can complete explanation.....

ELEVEN- all say:
• Good Spirit, please teach us the Truth on our journey through this world.
• Good Spirit, please protect us from all evil.
• Good Spirit, please advise us, because you are always in our minds.
• Good Spirit, please join us during our passage through this world, and after him, and do not let that ever mistake the way.


CHANGES: ONE- It says: Welcome to this sacred prayer in honor of our Divine Lady and Lord of Heaven, and his your young son YOPI.

FIVE-man or priest who helps to provide the Mass reads: “From Doctrine:

The Yin and Yang or Principle of Water burnt as was known by the toltecs, is a Divine principle. For we must remember that the first creation of Racna (God) was a sphere, but then, God could not create anything more, until he destroyed the sphere, and it was like he could create new things, starting at the beginning of creation and destruction, which was the key to creating all things, and we see this principle in the universe: Light and dark, male and female, fire and water, soft and strong, and so on. The fact is that if we want to create something new, like a relationship, a business, a project, etc., the ideal way to do this is by considering the Yin and Yang, this means that we should be neither too good to let others abuse of us not too bad so that nobody loves us

SEVEN- The priestess or the woman who helps in the prayer reads: The True History:

Mab accumulated many victories as it was brave and a great leader. It was in those days that began to hear from Ulster who commanded a huge army that whipped the region, Mab thought he would win easily but then, Fedelma who was her trusted counselor, had a dream in which angels was warned her that Ulster was very strong and difficult to overcome, so that Mab, asked her subjects to go with the great smith Vulcan to fabricate them strong and powerful weapons, it was like a few days later when Ulster tried to attack the Elves, was defeated by Queen Mab, and thereafter the Elv settled permanently in Ireland, was then able to live in peace and harmony above all because even though sometimes the weather was difficult, Queen Mab, did not hesitate to help their neighbors; and so God blessed Ireland, with abundant crops.

NINE- The man or priest who leads the prayer says: “Thus we see that sometimes we must protect our family from the attacks of hostile people, but when everything returns to normal we must seek peace with everyone else, so we see the great importance of the principle of Yin and Yang.”
(Note: this is just one example of an explanation).

The TEN- The priestess or woman who leads the prayer goes on to explain: “That is why it is very important that we not be too good, so that others abuse us, nor too bad so that nobody loves us.”
(Note: this is just one example of an explanation).

* * * * *


CHANGES: ONE- It says: Welcome to this sacred prayer in honor of Racna and his many miracles.

FIVE- The man or priest who helps to provide the Mass reads:
“From Doctrine:
Fifth Truth.- Preaching Truth is necessarily linked to miracle, which is the signal that confirms knowledge conveyed by God to one of his messengers (prophets).
For example, God gave him a very important proof to Cuauhtlatoatzin (Juan Diego), to be believed.

And that message is so important, you can observe a constant miracle in him, because in the Divine image that is reflected in the mantle of the prophet Cuauhtlatoatzin, came to discover many years later, the image of some figures in the eyes of Virgin, as in a human eye. It was in 1929 when a photographer realized that they saw reflected the image of a face. Then Jose Aste Tonsmann using the most advanced techniques of that time was discovered several images left to see the exact moment of the miracle. So that as evidence that the miracle is timeless and can be proven even by science, because God is beyond all things.
In the doctrine, we distinguish two cases:

SEVEN- The priestess or the woman who helps in the prayer reads:
The True History: (In this part we mention one of the miracles performed by the messengers of God).

NINE and TEN- As for the explanation, we can observe a miracle, what it should be explained by the priest and priestess. In the case of Jose Aste Tonsmann, although he is somebody who is not dedicated to preaching, on the other hand strives to discover the Divine message is very important, it also can be considered as an envoy of God, for your example teaches us to seek the Truth.


The priesthood can also be a missionary task, especially in countries where there are religious conflicts and where they abound the destructive sects, so it is important to teach people that most religions are not so different as they seem, since the important thing is to see in which we resemble and not, in that we are different. This means that if a religion (Talking about God, whether they call Him, Brahma, The Great Spirit, Racna...), there is no reason to to see it wrong, unless it causes harm to people in some way as in the case of sects, those who use techniques of manipulation and pursuing dark purposes.

So if anyone wants to help people, he can use the present writings to teach the Psychic Religion, based on the search for the Truth and the conciliation between the Good Religions.


In the case of the newborn children and of all the people who want to do it within the Psychic Religion, the ideal is to do it of the following form:

The name of the child or of the person should preferably be the name of one of the good prophets or of those who have helped to spread the faith in Racna (The Creator Spirit, either as we know it or by the name of that it has been called in other good teachings: God, Brahma, The Law of Karma, Universal Soul, The Giver of Life... As can be: In the case of children: Topi, Yopi, Rama ... and in the case of girls: Maab (Pronounced: "Mei"), Quilaxtli, Selene, Tlalquetzal...

To carry out the baptism, you can start with a mass and at the end preferably the priestess takes the child in her arms and sprinkles some water on him or her saying:

"Receive the life breath that Racna, the Creator of all that exist gives you and that the Good Spirits always accompany you in your step for this life.

Oh Racna receive this child that we present to you at this moment, so that your heart will be purified and clean, and your life, in your hands stays; because only you can cleanse and purify souls since from before the beginning of the world.


To carry out the union in marriage. In principle there is a need for the consent of those who are to marry, because marriage in no way should be done by force. If possible, it is good that there is parental consent. Then go with the priests to be planning the wedding.

Ideally, to take place in a temple with all the formalities that are described in these writings and that the ceremony was conducted by the priest and priestess, but is not possible yet, and if you want the marriage takes place with any formalities. It can be done in a garden or similar place where it is possible to perform the ceremony (Preferably on a day that coincides with a full moon night). chairs are placed there by leaving a path to the center, and on the front can be placed where an arch of flowers may be priests and boyfriends, putting a big picture with the image of our Divine Lady and Lord of Heaven, and two white candles in each hand, in total: Four candles.

It is important that four days before the day of the ceremony (See: The Fasting) the bridge and groom do a fast every day, which should consist of not consuming food or drink, until the noon, and the day of the ceremony only can drink some water at dawn as a sign of communion with God, until the ceremony ended. During these four days the priest and priestess should give lessons to partner to help them in their future marriage, can be four classes during the days of fasting for 20 minutes or up to two hours.

The day of the ceremony, this must take place during the morning as a sign of something that starts.
- To start the ceremony can be performed and then a normal service, the bride's parents should take it to the altar and later the parents of the groom should do the same for the bride and groom are against the priests, then the parents return to their place with other guests.
The bride and groom must burning incense in front of the altar, first the bride and groom after (This may be an upset special, a special tool for this such as a plate with incense with which each of the couples form a cross in front of the altar).

- After the priest said: “Racna and the Good Spirits bless this union.”
- Then the priestess and the priest placed a ribbon or string around the bride and groom, who must remain kneeling. The loop can be any type of cotton or natural fiber, it must be white, preferably as a half of inch thick and about a little over seven feet long. Which will hold on the shoulder of the bride and the other side, the groom's shoulder. So two brides are taken from their hands and should read: “Lady of Heaven, Lord of Heaven, Please bless this union, ask us to teach and be just as good as all the prophets, we are also asking our future family happiness and teach us to understand well.”
Finally, both priests say: "The Lady and the Lord of Heaven is always with you."
After the ceremony, if they want they can start a party as they have traditionally.


Priests can also hear the confessions of his faithful, if they so wish, but more important is the good advice, because it is not enough to hear their confessions.
Something that is very important is that the priests (Both priests and priestesses) should not comment on the confessions of his faithful to anyone. For the faithful confession is a way to stay clean of their sins, provided they do the ability to change, but even if they could fall on bad behavior, the most important thing is to not surrender and continued commitment to pursue the path correct.


After a person leaves of this world, the priests should put some water on the head of the body and say
“Here you have to walk because the sky is red, as is the aurora, that your soul is raised, it becomes an angel.”
If you want to do during a ceremony dedicated to those who match the Mass was first performed and then the above.
The remains can be cream or bury as it normally is important to have an image of our Divine Lady and Lord of Heaven, either in cash or in the jar where the ashes are placed if the body was cremated in the latter case you can place a small jade stones on the ashes as a sign of prayer, or if it is buried, then it can be placed over the mouth.

For those who have some questions about the priesthood, PLEASE send me email: [email protected].

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Right to Progress.

All people and countries have the right to progress through their effort and dedication, when this takes a good purpose.
The rulers have an obligation to respect the rights of its people and each other. Fundamental rights are something that exists everywhere in the universe, just as everyone has the right to seek progress, but at the same time have an obligation to respect others.

Progress should not be at a material aspect. these is, the progress should begin at the spiritual and then with respect to the material in the sense of sharing, looking for progress for all, which is the common good. That is not the purpose of achieving individual progress over the others, but progress along with others because we are all one big family. Needless to say, proving we have our closest family in this world as our parents and children, then there is our family nation, country, different strains. But the universal family because all of our parents were born in Divine parents, represented in the Divine image of Tonantzin (Virgin of Guadalupe) and Totahtzin (the angel who is under the image of the Virgin in the same image). Even when people who choose other religions, that does not mean they stop being children of God. Because God is in all good religions. It was He who invented the universe, and the order of this is appreciated by their prophets, who called in various ways. Because in the case of good religions, in reality are part of the Universal Church, is the same word of God, made known to all her children, through all the prophets good reason for that is not nice to see Unlike with other people that are good for another religion, because God is in all of them, as for example: The teachings of Rama, Mohammed, Buddha, Topiltzin, et cetera.
So although he is present in a particular place that does not mean that other religions will not be known, because He is who maintains the order of the universe, therefore God is present in other religions through its various names. Even if people are still false doctrines, we must help them find the Truth by example, because we are all part of the same family and we all need help.

All, without exception, should help the common good. And a lot can help, such as by means of a job well done, because everything seems to work however small is important and necessary. So that when doing a job well done, we can help others, and we can see from the work of those who cultivated the land until the work of the scientist. Because without the first would not have to eat, and without the work of the second would be difficult to survive.
It is also very important work we do within our own family, such as the care that mothers give their children, teaching them the most important things that will help them when they grow up, like the tips of the grandparents, the example of older brothers, the help of the parents, and all other important cases.

Even within large companies can help others, for example, who makes a new medical discovery to benefit humanity, but can have big money gains. What we must not lose sight of is that the important thing is to help others and in any case make this new discovery or drug can reach all those in need at a price as accessible as possible and to make donations of medicines who are not buying them, the important thing is to help as much as possible.
Progress always be found within the path of peace and justice, seeking the Truth and hope. Everyone has the right to reach the Truth, and freedom. Everyone has the right to have hope that is the ability to succeed at every challenge in life, always aspiring to something better. What is even better when we all seek progress together.

The right begins to progress in children, so that all children can acquire the right to move forward needs to grow within a family in which emphasis is given to the union and the same values, it is important that parents do not drink alcoholic excess against children, wherever possible to avoid any violence. In the same way as we all have a right to have own family, we must also strive to care and respect, as well as others.
The example of an honest and sober life by the parents is very important because they should consider the rights of their children, they have the right to grow healthily, to seek freedom and especially the Truth. It is important to note that it's no good giving them access to television programs, toys, magazines, books that promote violence, or misconduct, for example, currently there are governments that try to see as abortion or the homosexuality as if it were a matter of preference. This is an abuse to society and especially children, because although it is True that for example there is no reason to discriminate against people suffering from diseases, The True is that all people have the right to speak to them with the Truth. everyone is entitled to speak with Truth, In this case the homosexuality is a disease that occurs for various reasons and not a matter of preference and in the case of abortion is an abuse against a helpless Being. Similarly it should be explained to any minor, as serious, pornography and other forms of sexual exploitation, promoting corruption or defilement of people. Those things are offensive to women and on children.

It is important to see that these practices are operating in most cases, especially for people who suffer to have reached some form of these circumstances, it is because of economic difficulties linked to family breakdown, various types of abuse, social and even psychological. And it must distinguish between what is a behavior of malice where someone can get some economic benefits, or simply satisfy a vice, and different aspects in which the person is directly exposed to discrimination and abuse, things that in the Most cases are not done for pleasure.

All persons are equally entitled to be respected equally and prosper. Both men and women have equal rights and equal respect. In no way must be admitted that a woman is assaulted in any way. The hurt the wife or the children is a way to offend the family, violence is not good at all, the husband or the parents have no right to offend or attack another member of the family, because his duty is to protect and help the family. When a child is injured through violence, is a way to show that violence can be acceptable in some way, which teaches to convey the same education to their future family, that's a way of giving a bad example a child.

Every child has the right to have a sound education, to distinguish right from wrong, to a complete education that can't be controlled in any way to political interests. Every child has the right to know their history, and all those essential knowledge to help you understand this world. To have a better chance of distinguishing the real from the fake stuff. It is necessary that you understand correctly what is freedom, and justice.

On the other hand we must also respect other families. The most common case of abuse against other families, is when someone tries to woo a person who knows who is married, as is well known that the infidelity of spouses come to cause trouble in families, and sometimes reaches to cause its disintegration, that is why it is so important to respect people who are married, considering that this can harm children who may be heavily influenced by these causes, which in no way fair.

There are also important aspects such as FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION and to be informed with the Truth:

The right to freedom of expression is important and is related to progress in all its forms. People have the right to express their ideas and the rulers have no right to intervene. Thus, the expression of ideas and discussion are very important rights, it guarantees freedom and progress. Then there is the need that people can and should always be free to see things as they really are and help in the progress of their own country. Although it is opposed to other forms of thought is a right which by its nature must exist in every time and place for people to obtain a true and real, especially in major media like television and film. Being part of the right to know the Truth.

The government should consider it your responsibility to ensure that no attack is what is True, why is it so important to comprehensive information, as well as hear various views aimed at informing the public of various issues through the freedom of expression. So that it is possible to criticize the actions of a government and of everything that can happen in a place without having to reach any kind of attacks on it. The right of society to be informed of reality, to avoid manipulation, it is important to know of things right to people. As the story should be passed beyond political interests, since it is very common that the story is writable to favor different interests, however, that nothing benefits a country, because then the history would lose its main purpose, which is to learn from the experiences over time, trying not to repeat past mistakes. What can not be fully achieved when the actual circumstances are counted in a modified form. It is also important to note that it is always at the same time to reveal the actual circumstances, the promotion of peace. Countries should receive in an easy and rapid knowledge in science, art, literature, politics and above the Truth of the soul. This allows an informed participation for the solution of major problems, and prevents the contents of twisting the facts may be important to know the Truth. It is also important that through the media to promote values such as the union of family and country. As freedom of expression and freedom to be properly informed as important as the right to think for ourselves. If the rulers are elected or appointed to serve and protect society, to assume the attitudes of moral misconduct, to deliver information to people manipulated, or incomplete, for whatever reason, preventing people the chance to know Truth to be able to freely participate in shaping the general will; incur a betrayal of their country. because their actions can only bring a world of deception and manipulation. So the lack of courage to lead a country on the path of Truth is a way to affect the family itself and the country with which it has a major responsibility.

Another important thing is that people always well informed on all kinds of issues. An example is the civil law. It is unquestionable that all people have the right to know the law, in fact leads to consider an obligation. So it is important that the documents given to know the laws are written in simple words that everyone can understand easily, and not just lawyers. Because otherwise it encourages corruption, as people can not have a minimum knowledge of their civil rights. and it is common practice that the law books are written in countries with a language difficult to understand for an ordinary person, which is a contradiction to the law itself. Furthermore it is the duty of every government to give at least know the most important laws for people through basic education, especially in the beginning and throughout the judicial process.

Moreover everyone has the right to a job with a fair salary, you need to see clearly that a poorly paid job and not commensurate with the quality of it, is equal to a form of slavery. That is: every worker is entitled to take vacation, and pay a fair agreement with their work.
There are cases where under the pretext of paying overtime, they are not well paid in relation to the sum of salary plus the payment of these, on the understanding that the worker has to work longer hours, but continuous sum receiving very low pay, then the abuse becomes more evident. In recent times it has been commonplace, and has been worsened by the free trade agreements, and abuse by some governments to devalue their currencies to overreact, to sell their goods at very cheap prices and thus eliminate all competition . The consequence of the excessive entry of these products to countries, causing the bankruptcy of many companies to fail or cause a break, that its sales are much lower, so when local firms sell less because of unfair competition, which happens to employers they can not pay fair wages and have to lay off workers constantly. Moreover, although a worker has the right to receive a fair payment for their work at the same time acquires the obligation to perform a job well done and honestly as this contributes to the progress of all.

BORROWING in the current time to request a cash loan is very common, but it can take a series of abuses. The loans must be provided, but not induced as in the case of credit cards driven by excessive publicity.

In the former case, the problem is that there are different types of loan or payment, but credit cards are based on notes, which is a commercial tool that provides many benefits to traders. In the case of such loans, you must take greater care when used to purchase things of greater value, such as automobiles, including machinery, it is easy to reach many abuses have also the best thing is we stopped take too much for fashion.

Every country and every person has the right to education and knowledge
An education is very important because it largely depends on progress. Education should always be on the path of Truth and progress, so that everyone who receives an education in itself be a criterion, to be able to understand the political and economic order that is capable of thinking for himself takes a critical view, in order to contribute to the formation of the country itself and hence can achieve well-being and self-determination for themselves and their families.
Finally, since all to work, must do so with the intention that this can contribute to the progress of others.


he Union begins in the family, dad and mom, who through advice and consultations, should seek the best for the family. The family should always try to maintain unity, avoid fights, always help as best as possible, children should respect and listen to the advice of his parents, besides peace and unity begins within our closest family.

To promote family togetherness is good to attend Mass together, especially when there are problems. If it was not possible to attend Mass, just pray together.

In general, the union should be started by our family and then everyone else, because the union is working with all the benefit of all.
It is important not to be indifferent to others, you should always try to help those most in need. In addition in our family as our friends, at work, school, city..... We must learn to listen to others, because in many cases is the best way to know what their concerns or affect others.


After our immediate family, this nation, like in our immediate family, the union of our nations should be made in the same way, without discrimination of any kind. Discrimination is treating as inferior to other people or groups in ways that are differences that can divide a country. This is done by people who are guided by the appearance of thinking that belong to certain social class, political, ethnic or cultural group to mention a few cases deserve to have some privilege. This is contrary to wisdom, is unbecoming of any civilized person. Such things are even worse when these behaviors are driven by a government or a political group, because the damage is greater.
We see many examples throughout history, as was the case of black people. It happens that some empires seem appropriate to say that black people were not fully human. The reality is that these empires were well aware that this is not True, but used it as a pretext to enslave a group, because it favored their empire. In other cases we got to see discrimination against persons of a particular religion. Some sites think it's good to discriminate against a protestant sects that bring division and violence, which is partly True, however, nether the violence nor discrimination are part of the path of good.
Generally people who join a cult are simply victims of social manipulation strategies. In these cases normally the deception is discovered, but too long, many people are in principle to join a sect, but eventually drop out, seeing that they are not what they preach, except in cases of a constant social manipulation .
We are all people who feel the same way. The various races are just a biological adaptation to a particular climate, and we are all entitled to freedom.

The correct view is that we are all brothers, regardless of physical appearance, nor the opinion of each person, as in a family, it is good to have an appreciation for each of our brothers, and although sometimes we get mad at, always reconciled us, as the union of all the family is most important.

With regard to the Church, this is also a family, being the union within the same which is important, so that a cult can never be good. Because this is a symbol of division and the division only to the intentions of empires. Since each time a rule is a problem, trying to provoke divisions. We can see that just as there are problems within reach of our immediate family, there also come to our nations problems, but they look for the division. In such cases is to resolve any differences through discussion, trying to find the Truth reasoned. In the Church should not be different.

Today the Vatican aims to introduce new doctrines alien to the justice and goodness, doctrines that are being targeted to sustain a political and economic empire, but the Church can not be conducted in this way. That is not what I really want is God. Should seek change from within, it's like when one of our countries are committing an injustice against a particular group, why not seek the division of the country and in the Church should not seek the division. Today many people within the Church throughout the continent, make great efforts to liberate themselves from oppression by the Vatican and thereby prevent this return to control rebel god

(Jesus), they are often repressed, but this can not continue in the same way forever. The important thing is that if the Church has come to know the Truth even if those who want to hide, the Truth is helping others to discover the Truth. Just as in 67 B. S. (1945), the Church recognized the importance of our Divine Lady and decide proclaimed Patroness of the Americas and the Philippines, as a way of seeking protection. This must be recognized as who really is, and I really like to save the church from the darkness that was hidden for so long through the Inquisition and so many abuses committed when it was not known even to our Divine Lady.

Regarding the various religious good, it is important to understand that God is the mother and father of all gods and all people, the gods are beings who help God to guide humanity, therefore the principle of unity goes beyond a single religion in this sense we must understand two things:

First. Only God is perfect. This means that She is above all things, He still has the highest wisdom. Why there are flaws in many religions, even when those seeking to teach a way of living in harmony, we must not forget that only God is absolute perfection, but that does not mean they are not respectable, because the True prophets of God are partners .

Second. Must distinguish between what a religion is True and what is a false religion. A religion is a teaching that God transmitted to people through his prophets. The True prophets are never proclaim themselves as God, since all were sent for the same purpose and for that reason we must be respectful of all the prophets who have not proclaimed themselves as supreme Beings. All religious education should seek to follow the five basic rights of all Being.

As to the false prophets, they also are responsible for their arrogance in the formation of many empires absolute. These are those who kill indiscriminately, trying to destroy the identity of other nations, destroying cities and traditions, often incited to vice and excess.
God loves all her children and do not want battles between religions. Even when people are free, this freedom is limited by the freedom of others. With no teaching can be implemented by force or by deception.
We must observe the behavior of the prophets, so that if a prophet is speaking of a higher power, whatever name you give to the Supreme Being, we know that a religion is True and that was formed by a true prophet guide. Furthermore religions formed by living prophets who proclaimed themselves as supreme Beings actually correspond to a false religion, and in most cases are cults.
In that vein, people are free to join a religion or a false religion, but it is important to do so with the full exercise of their freedom, it is free to criticize and analyze this religion or that prophet that decides to follow.

Under the principle of union must take into account the following considerations:

The Baptism is important, it represents the union with God in a big family, when a child is born to lead the Church to be presented to God in this way we give thanks to He for that new member has come to our family. (See: Priesthood)

Consideration for others: It must always be present, especially towards those who are going through a difficult situation such as widows and orphans. They must support and help as much as possible, because we can all get to be in situations like our closest relatives.

Respect for the elders persons, specially older adults: This is very important because they are part of us. Taking into account their experience and advice is good and beneficial for whoever is listening, your experience is like a treasure that must be shared.

Respect for others, is to see that we are all free, therefore it is important not to attack anyone for their thinking, and only if we are allowed, then we can help others find what is True.


It is important to avoid appearances, the hypocrisy: The hypocritical behavior is contrary to the union. Hypocrisy often uses lies and hides in appearance often takes a bad purpose. Because one thing is to be kind, so that even if there is trouble between two people or two groups, one always tries to avoid aggressive behavior in the form of talk and behave, always seeking an opportunity for reconciliation, trying not to cause major conflicts. And another thing is very different feelings appear pretending not to have to get a bad purpose.


Aging is part of our lives during the passage through this world.
On the one hand is not bad for someone to exercise and take vitamins to prevent aging too, provided that this does not become an obsession, then please note that old age is part of an education. Just as there are social classes, and this is a lesson in that it is important to distinguish between important things and which are not, so if you have a good economic position, it can be shared some of that with others. It is also important to understand the distinction between real things and those are only an illusion, as are material goods, what is true sharing and false is to accumulate wealth, they are only temporary illusions. Old age is something, on the one hand an elderly person has experience to share with others, and the other in turn can share other things.

The Revenge.

Revenge is a skill that is totally against the principle of the Union.
The truth is that the problems we've had with other people or with other countries in the past, are of diminishing importance. Forgiveness to those who have done us any harm is a good thing, not doing so is equal to a fitness of arrogance, as if they think that we are incapable of mistakes, and that this in no way benefit us as we get anything good with it.

In other cases, where for example there is a constant and current abuse, several things can happen, for example: when things are not important, you can try to talk with people. There are other cases where abuse is most important issues or even criminal acts, then there are courts and authorities to whom we can get into, because these have been constructed to avoid abuse, although this should not be possible to reach agreement in most cases, and that reconciliation is something we should strive always and in all cases ask for God's help everything is fine.

The union refers to the decision to live in a society to help each other, especially in difficult times. Thus we can achieve a better life.
seek the virtues is a goal, virtue consists in listening to the soul and finding things with reason, seek the guidance of God in all things important.

Being in constant prayer is something that contributes to the union; exist a constant battle between good and evil, the record is very important, especially to pray for others, not only for our family, even if aid much that the children pray for parents and parents for their children is even more help when we pray for others, especially those in difficulty.
With respect to our country is good to ask God to guide our leaders and all those who have a responsibility. It is not enough to vote for the most appropriate candidate, we must also ask God for his presence in our countries, as we see many good priests who never forget to ask those who have an important responsibility.

Under this principle, a number of issues that arise in some cases, the most common include:


this is a theory that could help shorten the life of a patient not to suffer, in simple terms is to help someone to die because he asked or because they think it is more convenient.
This practice is wrong, because the principle of unity refers to the decision to live in a society to achieve a benefit for all, in that sense we choose to help each other, but it is understood, help in the sense of a profit, not in the sense of helping others destroyed. For that reason not to give money to buy an alcoholic wine, because this is not within the principle of union, that case, if an alcoholic wants to buy wine, will have to work to get the money you want, because they are not tries to help destroy.

Although people have freedom, and it does not allow us to prevent a person from destroying itself, this does not mean that we can not try to give advice and help as far as possible.

Likewise if someone wants help to die, does something wrong, because it is not honest to try to influence someone to commit something that is not good.

The fact is that even when the time has not come to leave his body to be a person and for any reason this comes to shorten its life or voluntarily seeking help from another person and even tries to persuade her to help carry out such an act, this will mean the same fate of someone who commits suicide, then his soul was trapped in limbo, as mentioned above the limb is not a pleasant place. Being there is worse than the disease, the worst case being the fact that such person remains in limbo while a couple of which had remained in the material world, with its poor ability will make it even more difficult for the rescue of the angels limbo.

The case of euthanasia is even worse when the person you want to shorten his life, remains unconscious, because in this case is equal to murder. We must always strive to find the means at our disposal to help us give you a life expectancy of that person who is ill. But only when there is that possibility, if not would be to hold someone, because for example if that person should continue in this world. God sent a message to physicians and their families through a hope, but if there is no hope, then that person should go elsewhere. That happens when it becomes evident that the patient is no longer able to sustain life with this is when to keep your body in this world requires instruments that oblige them to continue breathing at the same time as there is no possibility of recovery.
The relationship with other nations.- We must bear in mind that we are one big family we were born to be the same, so that all nations are part of our family even though they are sometimes confused by nations or a bad ruling by a false prophet abuses against others in the worst cases and seek their welfare at the expense of others to plunge.

Among the most common are the prophecies told in the book of Revelation or the apocryphal gospels. These prophecies were fulfilled or not fulfilled, although Christ has hurt the Jewish nation on several occasions, first to Christianity and then by communism, thus causing great persecution. It has caused great violence to the emergence of its doctrines, it must end, like any kind of religious or political imposture seeking the proclamation of the privileged nation or race above. Everyone born of God and we are all brothers, then freedom can not be obtained on the basis of the martyrdom of any nation. Freedom is achieved only when we seek the freedom and welfare of all.

All nations are important because they all come from God.
All nations without exception, deserve respect. Respect the rights of others is something we must bear in mind constantly. You must always seek peace with all, as well as aid to everyone, whether rich or poor, the same among all nations. Neither the rich nor the poor are excluded, God loves all his children equally, and want the harmony of all.
If an individual or a nation tries to abuse others should do to avoid that, always by peaceful means, but this does not mean that person or that nation is an enemy, on the contrary, our desire is to achieve peace and friendship of all people and all nations.


he Yin and Yang or Principle of Water burnt as was known by the toltecs, is a Divine principle. For we must remember that the first creation of Racna (God) was a sphere, but then, God could not create anything more, until he destroyed the sphere, and it was like he could create new things, starting at the beginning of creation and destruction, which was the key to creating all things, and we see this principle in the universe: Light and dark, male and female, fire and water, soft and strong, and so on.

The fact is that if we want to create something new, like a relationship, a business, a project, etc., the ideal way to do this is by considering the Yin and Yang, this means that we should be neither too good to let others abuse of us not too bad so that nobody loves us, for example: If we are to make a business, first we must be good, in the sense of doing good things and being kind to our customers, but at the same time, we must defend our interests even if it seems we're being bad, such as register a patent of any invention or innovation, because otherwise someone could strip away what belongs to us. In a relationship is like, and it's always important to be nice to the other person but also put certain limits because otherwise we could end up being victims of all kinds of abuse from our couple, but if we put the record straight from the beginning, it will not happen.

Good spirits who help God.

The guardian angels.

Our guardian angel is a good spirit who cares for us while we are in this world, and is usually the soul of an ancestor. It can also be a friend or family member we met in life, who in the beginning of this world becomes our protective spirit. They protect us from accidents and give us advice, either through the dreams or the advice of a relative.

The archangels and good gods.

They are chiefs of angels and generally fulfill a specific mission, for example, in matters of work, love... As for the good gods is what the archangels were called in ancient religions.

The spirits of the prophets and the messengers of God.

They are the founders of good religions, who are sent into this world by God to teach us good things. Its main function is to protect us and teach us the path of good.

The Coyolnahual.

The Coyolnahual is the good spirit that among other things, is responsible for rescuing the souls of those who die in irregular circumstances, such as when someone is killed, suicidal, suffering an unexpected accident or is going because of a sudden illness ahead of time, because in those circumstances his soul is between two astral planes, but when the people who loved him when he was in this world, can get their souls rescued and taken to Heaven or in their case, wait in an intermediate place, while it is their turn to reincarnate again, in order to have another chance, for example, someone who has been very bad and treacherous, could not go directly to Heaven, but if he can have other opportunities to do things better, because under normal circumstances, when someone leaves this world, there is usually an angel waiting for him or when a lot comes a few days later. Anyway, when a Loved One has already reached Heaven, He will always let us know in some way, so that we are no longer concerned about them, as this through dreams, as when we see them on a beach or dresses of blue and white clothes, to mention some cases.

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