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Book of Truth


ormally we inculcate religion since the recall, and it is therefore difficult to find new information, but sometimes we need to know more, especially because there are things that happen and we do not understand why, from how the amulets If there really is witchcraft, which is vital energy, even if it is true that we descend from apes, that is why here are the laws governing the universe, to understand the Truth of things.
In nature there are a number of laws, like for example the law of gravity, which is known as a law of physics. But there are also other laws that apply to the relationship between this and other cosmic level, and to call those psychic and magic laws, and are:


irst we must know that there are two types of vital energy, FIRST the sutil energy, which is commonly known as perispirit, and is helping to unite the body and soul with the help of a metal such as iron in blood, and mainly for that reason, when blood stops beating, it is not possible to continue living in this world. SECOND is the universal energy, which is from God and is the energy that feeds the soul (Spiritual sustenance).

The universal energy we can not see, but we can perceive, from the moment we feel that we live in a subtle life energy, but can not be seen directly, if you can see through their effects (Such as the gravitational energy that makes the planets revolve around the sun, can not see it, but if we see its effects) in addition, the sutil life energy can be attracted by the metal, similar to how a magnet attracts iron.

With regard to this law says that when a Being of another cosmic plane comes into contact with this world needs the help of someone in this world, and something that helps you stay here, for example a metal object that contains a sign (This law applies to all Beings except God and Her senior aides), for example:
When someone invokes the spirit of an underworld, which necessarily need someone in this world and it invokes help to stay here by a metal object that contains metal or, for that reason some lessons are conducted exorcisms (Expulsion of pesky spirits) using natural quartz (The natural quartz are better because they have not been made, in this case are in greater harmony with nature and thus with the order to be in the universe) , for the reason that the quartz has two important properties psychic, because this material is formed by a combination of silicon and oxygen, and silicon is a metal and therefore a driver of psychic energy. In addition to the quartz light properties, these is it can produce some effects on the light, and can also influence a pesky spirit, for that reason when we pass by a quartz prism of our body, as if we are cleaning, especially if we do it at dawn and dusk, can help us free ourselves from a bad influence, especially when we feel nervous for no reason, but it is also important that the quartz is cleaned with clean water after use.

There is another property related to the sutil life energy, which is neutralized, these is deport this cosmic level, and they have some materials that are transparent in appearance, as is the very clean water, which can make a evil spirit is expelled from one place, because without sutil life energy can not be in this cosmic plane.


his law tells us about the transmission of the qualities of some things and places, such as sacred sites, such as when running at a sacred amulet, it is imbued with the qualities of the place and tends to form a link with this site.
Otherwise, it's like when I brought a sacred sign, near the heart, it makes the bond stronger.


his law is similar to the above, but this is taking a fragment of a whole, for example a plant which springs from a holy site, has a link to the place where born.


his law relates to people who help to God, and said it was good to ask God's help first and then the one who specializes in this that we need. For example, if we need someone who cares, it is best to be our guardian angel, but if you need someone to look after us in our dreams, the ideal is to be the soul of a dog, a dog that we love to much, but already from this world, as they become a kind of guardian angel who looks after us during our dreams.

by letter.



his law says that the True God will always be strongest than any Being or creature, then, for example, when someone uses an evil talisman, no matter how it is produced, simply use a talisman as the True God to break any evil magic, so that while we carry with us or what we have around us, the evil canīt win, because there is a very strong bond, so that the archangel sent by God canīt be beat, because he has Divine support, and this causes other archangels come to help if needed.


t is always important to give an offering to the Angels to help us solve a problem, for example burning a little incense or to make a pilgrimage to a sacred place.


he signs are part of the language of angels, and for that reason is like a language they can understand easily.


..nity is strength, hence, the various religions together to achieve something good on behalf of the True God, is always going to bring benefits, such as closures and people of various religions sometimes turn out to go to the Basilica of our Lady and Lord of Heaven (Virgin of Guadalupe), because they know the True God is the same, even when manifested in different ways.


..hile we can not believe everything they say or everything that made us believe it is best to do the test, these is, believing that it may be possible, this helps because it's like giving someone a chance and end see the result, and only then form an opinion, this law applies to religion in the sense of being able to distinguish good religion from bad or the good talismans from the bad. This law also says that what works once, it should work again because of another superstition seriously, for example: If a book says that long ago someone made great wonders, should have the possibility of recurrence, either through a rebirth, or a miracle, since it is the only way to know really happened and who is not simply a legend and superstition, is invalid because someone asked us to believe unconditionally just because you read a book, and then in another country may have someone else saying exactly the same and we would not know who is lying, for example: The ancient Hindus spoke of the yugas, which are eras in which time is divided, and on their side the Toltecs speak of the Suns, who are ages that divides the time, that is, both refer to the same, the fact is that the ancient Toltecs said that in a year (2012) would begin a new era was marked by one element (Water, Air, Fire, Earth and the Movement), in this case by the movement and it was that on March 20 it was the moment of spring Equinox and the beginning of the Toltec year, when they happened earthquakes throughout all the world (Earthquakes that were synchronized with the spring equinox) and if there were no major disasters and not end the world, it is because God (The Spirit who created all that exists and that is called God, Racna, Brahma, the Great Spirit, etc., but in reality is the same)He did not want it to be over but leave that symbol as a sign of his presence.


his law tells us that sometimes we make up for the things, for example, if we did something bad, we must do something very good; if we worked in excess, we must rest to compensate.
The other case is that all things have an opposite extreme, for example, there is an extremely high mountain, there must be a very deep place.