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Parapsychology in all its branches, such as: Biokinesis, telepathy, telekinesis, etc., is partly mental powers and partly spiritual powers, since for example, in all cases, vital energy intervenes.
As is the case with telepathy, where generally the key is to put the mind blank, so that there are no thoughts alien to what we are doing, in addition, being in an extremely silent place, and then thinking about the message that we want to transmit, what happens through the pineal gland that works as a type of radio transmitter and comes to be as an underdeveloped sense, however it will work better if we transmit the message accompanied by a strong feeling, be it love, anger, despair, etc. Since that is how we can manage our life energy.
However, there are cases in which the spiritual part intervenes to a greater extent, as in telekinesis, in which it is not possible to move objects with the mind.
Well, although we can mention some simple experiment, the truth is that the energy generated is minimal.

As it is when we stay in the sun for a long time and when we enter a building we touch a metal railing that is more or less cold, it happens that we feel a very small electric shock and there may even be a spark, for the reason that our body was charged negatively, while the cold metal was positively charged, causing a micro electric shock.

The point is that real telekinesis happens when we channel our vital energy and manage to move an object with the help of angels, as in the cases of the ancient prophets, who when summoning the help of many angels, were able to make it rain, heal wounds, etc.

On the other hand, it is important to note that the development of our psychic powers can make us more sensitive to any spiritual attack, so it is important to have proper protection. The ideal is to start by asking the Great Spirit for permission, such as by means of a prayer: "Oh God, Oh Racna, let me access the psychic world" (Racna is the oldest name of God).

Pending issues:

When someone leaves this world, there are times when it is difficult to follow your way for something that does not let go, for example, when we cry too much about the death of a relative or friend, so that causes them to worry, making it difficult to leave power, so that mourn too does not help, but on the contrary, they complicate things.
Another case is when someone is too worried about a pending case that he left in this world, and that makes them hard to leave, which often leads to constant dreams or paranormal phenomena, so that in these cases, it is also important to pray for them and try to convince them to follow their path (Trying to speak in front of his picture) so they can leave without worries and as Angels can help us in better shape.
The last case is when someone dies suddenly and traumatically, as n sometimes that causes certain energy that traps them between the two astral planes during certain periods of time, causing constant paranormal phenomena they repeat their last days generated life over and over again, when it is important to pray in that place to free his soul from the astral plane.


The perispirit is the energy field that surrounds the body, it is also known as "Chakra" or "Aura", and basically it is the vital energy that flows around the blood. But if the energy runs out and/or the blood stops flowing, then the soul is detached from the body. Although if it has not been long and the heart is revived, for example by a paramedic, the soul can be drawn back to the body by the magnetism of the blood.

Pesky spirit, Poltergeist:

A pesky spirit is a soul in pain, a soul that has not been able to leave completely of this astral plane, for example, the soul of a person who committed suicide or was assassinated of some form, and although in normal conditions rarely they represent some danger. But sometimes they are manipulated and energized in rituals of witchcraft to harm someone.
Among their main characteristics we can mention the following: They are bothered by light, heat; Electricity (especially from devices such as digital clocks and cell phones); Sharp objects such as sharp knives, scissors, and so on; the mirrors; they also dislike cleaning. On the other hand, the thing that gives them strength is the cold and darkness; the anger, hatred, fear and anxiety of the people, since for them it is energy; In addition to dirt, because it is where they can hide.
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by letter.


Possession and exorcism:

It is a procedure by which expels an invading spirit, the body of someone, and holding it as it is the manner in which an evil spirit gets into the body of someone.
There are two types of possessions that are the partial and total.

Partial Possession:
Such possessions occur for several reasons, but always with the help of someone in this world, for example, when someone constantly invokes the spirits of subworlds (Such as through the Ouija or others), and frequently uses or talismans malignant, as is the pentacles or fish hieroglyphs.
When it starts to take that kind of possession, there are changes in behavior, loss of appetite, then you can be a loss of control in a similar way as happens in some movies, but not so exaggerated, it is commonly called when a for a priest who practices exorcism, as well those things comes psychological disorders (Homosexuality, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, split personality, et cetera) , so they sometimes need help from a doctor in psychology (Psychological side effects are usually of possession).

Here is a book that contains spells black magic and rituals, which can cause malignant possessions, which are exacerbated by the hatred with which they are spells, as they create a very negative energy that is exploited by evil spirits.

To cure that kind of thing, it is important to start by cleaning the bedroom and the house, which is to remove all kinds of evil talismans and things that have been used to invoke spirits, the ideal is to burn them, then we must repaint the rooms with light colors, preferably in blue and green; we can place arrowheads above the doors, preferably of obsidian, sort everything in 4 and 5, for example, that there are 5 pieces of furniture in a room or 5 pictures in a room, Also we can light at least one candle and before it is finished place another, so that there is one on all the time we have to face such problems.
They are the procedures for exorcism, the ideal is that the procedure is carried out as follows: There must be a man and a woman of strong character, preferably priests, then with the help of good talismans, which are made of silver, coins with sacred images are taken in hand and then go to the front of the possessed, and is said twice each of the following sentences:


Oh Racna (God)
Oh God
you who give movement
and give life,
to all that exists

to see you
just look
the order is in
all things;

I ask
I pray
you restore peace
and prosperity

Oh God
Oh Racna
Let my guardian angels
inspire me
good things

I ask you let
that Quetzalcoatl
grant us wisdom
and prosperity
and Bastet keep us
always safe
and grant us
joy and happiness

They both help me
to reach you
and keep us from all
pest and disease

I promise to be
Loyal and faithful

Because only you
are God no matter
call you Brahma,
Great Spirit, Allah or Racna
because all are you,

Because you are Omnipresent,
because you are Universal.


I conjure
I will exorcise
in the name of God,
in the name of Racna
who has created everything that exist
and orderly in
two and five;

And by that sacred name
in this act
I break every bond
and command you leave here
spirit dirty and liar.

When finished, it is important that the victim always carry a silver bracelet if an adult or a bracelet with an amber in the case of children, should not seek to remain fasting, and if it had not yet improved, we can make the Mass in our home as indicated in section:

The Psychic Religion

So that the spirit will feel uncomfortable and will eventually move away, especially, we must ensure that in terms of images and religious symbols in our house that we have only listed here (Avoid crucifixes, pentacles, communism signs, hieroglyphs fish...), on the other hand the sign of Quetzalcoatl is very important because Quetzalpapalotl and Quetzalcoatl, are more we can help in these cases. Here is a bracelet with amber.

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Total Possession:
Possessions, are caused by spirits chocarreros and sometimes by an evil god. Possession is when a spirit of total expels a person or an animal of your body, such possession is rare, but sometimes comes to animals especially, the most common is when a spirit invades the body of a pet, however it is not difficult to realize this as they usually are pets that come to our house soon, have a somewhat strange behavior, they are often very affectionate with people of the opposite sex. In other cases are pets that suddenly become very aggressive, but in all cases of cancer or other illness, soon after, and that possession organic cause a mess, because that spirit does not belong to that body, which causes the pet dies irrevocably, unless it is treated.
When this type of possession occurs in an individual are generally very different from the assets in part because in a part, there is strong resistance from the victim so that the suffering can last for months if not treated properly even years, but in total possession is only a moment, for example:
One case happened within a christian sect, which tend to practice a form of spiritualism something strange happens that one of the pseudo-priests, during a ritual of trying to steal a person's body through an elaborate ritual at the beginning victim began to feel as if something eject of your body and your soul is detached from the outside, but then came several good angels that prevented it from taking place, then the victim felt like his soul returned to his body, but at the same time he felt stifled and stand hard work, the evil priest, seeing who could not achieve its purpose, and to conceal, told the boy (the victim) that lie a little, the next day boy ill with smallpox, the reason is that when an evil spirit can not carry out its purposes tries to take revenge on the victim causing insanity or other disease, in this case was not so serious with the help of the Angels.
There are other cases where if you come to complete the total possession in such cases, it may happen that no one know it, especially because the symptoms do not distinguish, otherwise you would immediately, so that when she such possession, the person may experience epileptic seizures that disappear shortly after, as in pets, the sick person, because of strong organic disturbance, often causing frequent vomiting and cancer, there are changes personality, and even aggressive behavior, dies in the final few months.
In some cases a partial possession can become a total possession, as when treated by someone who does not have enough experience, and instead of having an improvement if terribly worse, as was the case of Emily Rose.

Here is a picture of Emily Rose, she suffered a partial possession to be treated badly by an inexperienced priest, became a total possession, and when the evil god seized it, died shortly after.

To treat the total possession, we must begin to anoint the person with the fragrant perfume of cedar or woods, the cedar and woods represents the sacred tree, through which we send our prayers and petitions to God who transmits the order and move the universe.

It can also be very useful to spray a perfume with a very strong smell on the back (even if we don't find one, we can mix several perfumes until we get a really penetrating aroma).

We can help:
Then write a paper with holy scripture ( Sacred script>> ) we must write: "Oh my God, you who dwell on the heights of Heaven ask back the soul of the name of the person to this body, and you beg, you ask, let Quetzalcoatl Quetzalpapalotl and help us in this time of difficulty for our souls can be at peace and this house is protected from any evil. then rolled and tied with the blue thread, which must put into a little bag, which the affected person must always carry with you.
While this takes place, there must be a medical specialist in psychology as the magical cure to be accompanied by the common medicine to be expelled once the evil spirit, the body can be healed of the damage that has caused this be malignant.
Upon completion of the above, it is important that the home is cleaned with a quartz which has been previously prepared and placed arrowheads, obsidian preferably above all doors, the most important thing is that everything is perfectly arranged in 4 and 5, so that everything is in harmony.
At the entrance of the house must have a talisman with the figure of a cat and one with the image of Quetzalcoatl sign, to be protected, then we can do the same as on the treatment of a partial possession as described above paragraphs.

Psychic Attacks:

Many believe that witchcraft attack and psychic attack are different things, so they associate psychic attacks, to telepathy, while witchcraft attacks attributed to the spiritual attacks, but the fact is that witchcraft can be used both, and although the witchcraft in most cases it is superstition (Superstition is when some people know very little about a topic and some people to assume that they know a lot, mix their poor knowledge of a topic with things imaginary or invented by them) uses anything to achieve their ends from pheromones, invocations, sign up telepathy.
For example: A common case is called: "The devil on your back" which is when waking feel the presence of someone, and this phenomenon is caused by unscrupulous people who mix invocations with telepathy, but they do not see it that way, since I did not reason, (as an example, we mention the pheromones, where, in rituals like voodoo usually cleaned the area armpit, with the pillow of Being loved, the fact is that the voodoo in most cases do not know that is a pheromone and just follow the formula, but the truth is that the body secretes the hormone through various areas of the same, including the armpits), what they do is follow formulas, so that their rituals included in part invocations and telepathy, but the important thing is that these things can be countered easily with a silver amulet and a magic weapon, as is placing a folding knife inside the pillow, as we see below

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Psychic Cleansing:

The dirt, junk, arguments, jealousies, and so on, tend to attract dirt psychic, but if we remove that kind of dirt should begin by keeping the places where we live and work as clean as possible and to avoid the constant arguments. After that, we can make a psychic cleansing. The most common forms are: With incense, which burns during the mornings and evenings, and the other way is when we need to clean up such an amulet or something that is important, what is done with a handkerchief and a little cedar-scented perfume or any other type of wood. This may also be useful, for example during an exorcism, because this type of perfumes produce a very strong psychic-aroma that underworld Beings can not stand and therefore away, like when someone pulls ammonia, and the smell is so stronger than all away.

• With incense, which burns during the mornings and afternoons.

• Another very effective method, which can also be used during an exorcism, is to mix a handful of sea salt in a bucket with water. Which we can use to bathe or to clean the entrance of the house/business, and then rinse with normal water.

• If we need to clean, for example, an amulet or something that is important, it can be done with a cloth dampened with alcohol, then put a little perfume with a scent of cedar or any other type of wood, which is usually very useful, for example, during an exorcism, since such perfumes produce a very strong psychic aroma that the Beings of the underworld cannot bear and therefore they move away, such as when someone throws ammonia, whose smell is so strong that everyone moves away.

Another type of psychic pollution is caused by evil talismans, such as those developed in voodoo and other rites.
Among the most common is the ground of tomb, dolls, oil, salt, etc. which are spread at the entrance of our house or even in our car.
To counter that sort of thing, the first thing to consider is that we should not suggestible thinking that because someone does that kind of thing, everything will go wrong, especially because in most cases, all you cause those things is that we lose heart and be pessimistic, but enough to have a strong determination to reverse the effect (Unless we receive an alert on a dream, or has any psychic unusual-phenomena, in which case, you need a protective amulet).
However, if you find, for example, soil mixed with fragments of bones, or a foreign object, buried in our garden, we can wear plastic gloves, carefully pick and once away from flammable things we can throw alcohol and turn it so it burns, we finally shed debris to drain. Another way is to mix water with a pinch of salt and toss the foreign object, and then throw it away.

Psychic defenses of the body.

Just as we have antibodies that protect us from microbes, we also have something against evil spirits, and it is mainly through respiration, because in addition to carrying O2 to the cells... By inhaling oxygen and exhaling CO2, it is how our body catches to bad airs (bad energies), and then enclose them in a coal and expel them. But sometimes the body needs help, like when someone gives us something in the food and we drink water with activated charcoal to remove the bad energy from the stomach. Which is where they stay in those cases (where they find an empty space, generally in the ears and stomach; in this case the stomach, since it is something we ate).
Which should not seem strange to us, since the body is a vehicle that was designed for a soul to inhabit it, but at the same time, it has means of defense to protect us from parasitic spirits that steal energy.

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Psychic Wapons (Magic Weapons):

Psychic or magic weapons, are another type of amulets consisting of sharp weapons can be put on and take various forms. Are a kind of spiritual weapons, so that when we use it as if they were planning to in another cosmic plane in which our guardian angels use them to fight the enemy forces, examples:

- Sword: we put two swords in a cross, for example in the living room to protect us from ill will.
- Arrowhead: Ideally, that are of obsidian and placed above the doors to prevent evil from there.
- Ax: Can be used as the above.
- Ninja stars: That kind of weapons can also be used as an excellent amulet, which is so efficient that can help even when carried out an exorcism, the ideal here is to place ninjas stars with four peaks, preferably two, one color metal and a black, above the front door or the room where we sleep.
The color that is a metal and a black represent good and evil, ie harmony, as they represent the proper balance between these two forces.

- Swiss Army Knife: It's an excellent psychic weapon, as it contains two of the best weapons to cut the evil that are the knife and scissors, plus it being a folding knife can prevent many accidents, and has the same power, so that we can place it under the pillow to prevent nightmares and all kinds of dream disturbances to take as a key-chain to counter any type of psychic attack during our waking life (in difficult cases can rub the handle with the fingers previously moistened with saliva, remembering to avoid rubbing metal blades). In the following picture show a Swiss army knife to which only made a small modification to the cross logo, so you put a green dot in the center and one at each end, using an indelible marker of which are used to mark the DVD´S.

Note: You can use any model as long as it has among its tools scissors and a razor.

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