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Activating and consecrate Amulets & Talismans

- Blessing and consecration.

- Activation and Empowering.


As mentioned before, the preparation and consecration of a talisman is part of it as talisman means "Consecrated object. As for the amulets, but many believe that only the talismans to be entrenched, the truth is that both need.

The first thing to keep in mind as mentioned in the main section, is to consider the meaning of the sacred mountain and the sacred tree.
Because they represent the union of Heaven and Earth, as we can see from the example of the prophets, who managed to cross the sacred site and bring a message from the Heaven, as if the Buddha attaining enlightenment with the help of the Tree Bodi, Mohammed ascended Mount Hira, Rama climbed Mount Himalayas, Quetzalcoatl climbed Mount Tonacatepetl, et cetera...
In terms of talismans and amulets, we can achieve prepare them as follows:
The best way is to do during the start of the season, that is, when they begin the equinoxes and solstices, for example, if we have the opportunity to visit Teotihuacan during the spring equinox, we could carry or buy an amulet as close to the venue and climb up to the top of the pyramid of the sun, and there it stands with both hands, heading towards the sun, and it says the following prayer:

God of our sustenance
material and spiritual
bless this amulet.

And ask Quetzalcoatl
and Quetzalpapalotl
I accompany
in difficult times.

It may also be useful, which finished this, we burn a stick of incense turning 5 times with his hand, so we form a spiral and what we do first looking at the sun and then repeat facing another cardinal point, so that are four times, this is done as an offering to give thanks for the blessings we have received.
If we can not carry out the above, just do the same at the start of any season on top of a mountain, albeit a small mountain.
You can also do next to a tree, for example if you live in the city we can go to the nearest park and find the tallest tree and from there to lift our talismans or amulets directing them toward the sun during the early season and say prayer. If you live in the country simply find a tall tree in preference to the top of a hill. Even if the onset of the next season even this far we can go to the nearest tree or mountain during sunrise and after sunset (Approximately 7:00 AM and after 7:00 PM), so for four days.

To program the amulets:

Another important point is how to program an amulet, since for example: we may have an amulet/talisman that is excellent for love and it happens that suddenly there are many people interested in us, but we want someone with certain characteristics. Case in which, at the time of consecrating the amulet, that is, once we carry out all of the above, we can add a request, but we must say it in verse, such as: ´┐ŻO giver of life/finally I ask you/help me find/to a sincere love", for which it is advisable to study or read a little about how to write in verse.

Finally, it is increasingly important that our amulet help us, we give an offering, such as burning incense (Cones can also be used) and spend five times the amulet through the smoke, to give thanks for blessings received or if we prefer, we can do each month. In this case it is important that at the end, do not extinguish the incense, but leave it alone until it is gone.

Here is a Mayan pyramid showing the exact time of start of the spring equinox.

If it is a talisman like a fountain (Which we use to bring harmony and good fortune) we would be very difficult, for example, raise a mountain, so in that case we can do, is that once this is installed, say the prayer at dawn and dusk in front of it and headed toward where the sun rises in the same way as we mentioned earlier.

Here we see a garden with a fountain.

Also, any kind of talisman, they can be taxed images, and phrases such as prayers and wishes, even at times can be an image we've seen in a dream, which makes it extra special, because it is an image inspired by a celestial Being, (Remembering that sometimes angels visit us in our dreams), but we bless it before, because if we do then, will not work.

In this case it is best to do it using the sacred scripture, which we transcribe here:

In this case we consider only the sounds.


The activation and empowerment of our sacred items (Talismans and Amulets) can help us work better. In this case the first is that if it is portable objects such as rings, key rings, medals, necklaces, et cetera, we can begin to take them with us for at least about 5 days to adapt to us, then, for example, if we have a talisman to get a job, we can do the following:
The day we start to look for work and every time we need help, we must have our talisman at hand, then dampen your fingers with saliva and rub five times our talisman, so that is activated immediately and start helping, if not We accomplished the first we try again, because sometimes there are forces or against us evil desires that may hinder a little thing, but the important thing is not to surrender to the first, and if things are tough we can combine two talismans, or a talisman and an amulet, one to protect us. By example, envy, and one that will help us to find work, and then dampen fingers of both our right hand as our left hand and rubbed 5 times each so that a talisman Rub both at the same time, this helps us to increase the psychic properties of our sacred objects, as our body fluids are the property of conducting this type of energy, besides serving as a sort of psychic connection with our guardian angels and good spirits.

Finally, we advise you not to buy talismans in the form of pentacles, or figures that they seem, especially when they contain letters and characters that we do not know they mean.
As to whether the talismans you can give, it is best not to do so, unless someone is very close to us as a family member or someone you love for Truth, on the other hand, if someone gives us a talisman, we make sure that person will be appreciated, because if someone does not love us, or we are jealous, we give it away, you'd better throw it away immediately, because far to help give us bad luck because it contains negative vibrations of the person giving it to us by hypocrisy.

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