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How to interpret rare and long dreams.

reams always tell us what to do, although the more problems we have, the rarer and longer they are, but if we remember them in detail, it is because there is an important message that we must understand, and here we tell you how:

First we give a detailed explanation on how to interpret dreams is usually enough to find the meaning of everything that we see in the dream and then understand the whole idea, and if we see one of the important signs, then the dream should be interpreted with respect to that sign and are as follows:
a) The most important: Water, Coins, Feathered Serpent, Rain, Tree.
b) The second most important: Animals, Baby, Bed, Books, Burn, Candle, Car, Cat, Child, Clothing, Disease, Dog, Doll, Engagement, Excrement, Fairy, Fight, Food, Medals, Mobile, Money, Mountain, Path, People, People already departed from this world, Phone, Pool, Pythia, Scissors, Sect, Shoes, Sweep, Urine, Wedding, Zombie.

Trees in dreams represent the cosmic pillar, its highest branches symbolize Heaven and its roots the underworld, so that a leafy tree represents good things, but the dreams related to their roots are negative significance. Meanwhile the mountains represent the way to Heaven, and a dark cave, the underworld.

For example, if our dream we see our girlfriend or boyfriend, it means that the dream has to do precisely with that person, so in this case we know that the message relates to it and the meaning of the other things tell us the details. A second example would see money in bills, which usually means economic hardship (At least that money will go) in this case the meaning of the other things we see in dreams tell us the reason of economic hardship.

As for rare dreams either short or long, especially when you remember in great detail, tells us that there is a very important message that we know.
The reason is this, it happens that the more difficulties we have or when approaching a difficulty that can cause us serious problems is when the battle is stronger, then something happens like what happens in a war when one side needs send an important message, but that is not intersected by the enemy sent in code, so that the greater the battle but the message is encrypted so that if it was intersected by the enemy and sabotage can understand things. Because sometimes there is a parallel struggle in this world and in the other and that is why the angels but the messages encoded in the difficult days.

To decrypt, we must first see the dream as a play, in which each character makes a specific role (A child may represent an enemy) and there are several acts such as may at first we meet and happen in a supermarket various things, and the next moment we go to another site where another series of things happen in this case we see two events, another case would at first see a series of signs or things that have a good meaning, but then comes another number of things but with a negative meaning.
These dreams tell us a little of what has been happening and what can happen to us in the future and usually the first acts tell us what has been happening and finally tell us what lies ahead for the future if follow the same path or do not take the necessary measures (May we recommend the same dream) to avoid adverse future.
So the first thing to do is check the meaning of everything that we see in the dream and then try to understand the full picture, as if we were putting together a story (act by act, and considering the most important meanings that are mentioned the beginning).
The fact is that sometimes the dream is very rare, because first the meanings are good, but later, as a second act, the signs have opposite meanings, for example, if we dream at the beginning of yellow water (mean disease) and then later we see orange juice (meaning health), then as the last thing you see is what a good thing, says that soon we will enjoy good health, but also tells us it is important not to change strategy, as can be to continue following the instructions of the doctor, because if we change our strategy happen first thing we saw in the dream, that is, the yellow water which means disease.
On the contrary, if we had first seen the orange juice and then the yellow water, then it means that our health may worsen, in which case we recommend taking all necessary precautions to face any problems that may arise, such as going to We review the doctor and get an amulet or good health.
We should mention that sometimes a scene can be difficult to interpret for the reason that it is complicated to build or understand the whole idea, in which case we must remember that sometimes dreams can be like a puzzle, for example If someone appears on the scene with whom we are angry and we also see that an unknown person shoot us, is interpreted to mean that the person is angry to us, could harm us because, although the dream has not been him who fired us, we must make an indirect relationship, because there are cases where the signs are not necessarily in order and assemble directly, case in which we try to associate things together and in relation to our current situation, for example, if in the dream we see the niece of our girlfriend(boyfriend) (Niece means a surprise) and we do not find sense, it is because it can be representing precisely our girlfriend(boyfriend).
Another point is to understand the LOGIC OF DREAMS, since it can help us to link one symbol to another, for example, according to the logic of dreams, the second is always a consequence of the first, as in the following cases: 1.- If we dream that we drive our car and when arriving at a red light a beggar asks for a pencil and we give it to him, but when the traffic light changes to green happens that the car does not start, according to the logic that follow the Dreams, the reason that it does not start is because we gave the pencil to the beggar (Pencil means that we have few resources), so that implies that if we waste the few resources that we have we will see in difficulties. 2.- Another example is if we dream that we are driving a car and suddenly the wheel is descompoused, which means that we do not know where to direct our life. But if we dream that we turn to the right and when we want to straighten the wheel again it happens to be decomposed, it means that the second was a consequence of the first, that is, that the reason that it decomposed was because we turn right (The right is good but here is a negative context), that we have already translated tells us that if we are too good something bad can happen, for example, that someone manipulating us or abusing our good intentions (But if we had turned left and then decomposed the steering wheel, then it would mean That we are being too bad and therefore could have consequences, such as punishment, romantic breakup, etcetera).

Recurring dream:

When a dream is constantly repeated, or even when interpreting a number of dreams we've had for some time, we see that same theme is repeated very often, it means that there is something we have not yet understood or resolved. In most of the time is because we have failed to fully understand the message of our dreams, and this may be because there is a problem that is difficult to accept, and thus become more complicated to correctly interpret our dreams. So in such cases can help us to be pessimistic when trying to interpret the dream. Since solving a problem, first we must accept that there is the problem.
And if they are recurring nightmares, then tells us that we must solve the problem quickly and well, as recurring nightmares, most often they are as a warning of danger.

feeling of falling/ Vertigo:

- If in our dream we feel the sensation of falling, it means that something is about to change in us, whether some of our personality or the way we see the world, which can be good or bad depending on the meaning of other things we see in our sleep.

Unpleasant sensation:

If an unpleasant dream that enters the body, especially when starting with our feet and then rises through our legs, it means that we have had a prophetic dream (some call it astral travel), so that others see in our sleep may be future developments that may change. It can also happen that in addition to the unpleasant feeling in the dream we see a stranger who speaks to us, in this case it is an angel who comes to give us an important message and what we say, is something we should take mind for the future.
When the odd sensations occur repeatedly, as we begin to cause anxiety or problems, it is because they are people who have psychic abilities, but do not know, and know not control causes you all sorts of problems this is often compounded when People who have ill will either practicing rituals to harm or just have negative feelings towards them as being much more sensitive to negative telepathy makes any disturbance affecting them. In these cases it is prudent to wear an amulet of silver, because the metal absorbs the negative psychic waves.

Dreams can not remember completes:

Sometimes we even remember a dream that very well part of it, not completely remember, in these cases means that our near future is uncertain, but it depends on us. The fact is that the dream tells us something we must change or no change, so that our near future is positive, ie, it depends on what we do now and is related to the meaning of things we see in it.

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