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Dreams: Ra

- This sign represents the ability to bear children, such as the possibility of having children soon. It is also a sign of pleasure, makes us see our sexual desires, but at the same time do not realize that we must be careful with lust.
- If in our dream we see a rabbit on fire, burn it or dream, represents a difficult delivery, difficulties in having children, infertility or difficulties in sexual relationships, depending on our current situation.

- If we dream that one of our enemies or opponents say he lives as rabble, that means the person will have a deterioration in their finances, concerns, less work, and other problems because of the way they act.
- If we dream someone call us rabble, means we will have fewer responsibilities, deterioration in our finances, concerns our relations with others, and less work. But if someone calls rabble to someone we know, then, the meaning applies to that person.

This sign represents someone angry and aggressive he wants revenge on us, we will either because you did something bad, or simply because that person has too much envy us.
- If we dream that a dog with rabies BITES us, means that there is a danger that we do not get to see our desires fulfilled (Most of the time is related to a girlfriend or probably marriage) because of someone who wants revenge on us in somehow.

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- If in our dreams we see a raccoon, it means that there is someone who wants to sabotage or prevent us from carrying out our purposes.
- If we dream that a raccoon bites our hand, it means that someone is trying to sabotage us to prevent us from doing something.

Race (From: Competition):
- To see a foot race indicates an evolution in our situation.
- To see a horse race portends moneymakers.
- To see a race car, deep desire for change.
- To see a greyhound race portends good luck in money matters.

If in our dream we see a person of a race that is not common in our country, the message is related to someone we know, and that looks like foreign, or is foreign.
- If we have a girlfriend(boyfriend) that is or seems foreign and in our dream we see a person of the same race or a race that is not common in our country , it means that the message relates to our girlfriend(boyfriend), for example, if we dream wearing a white shirt, it means she(he) have good feelings towards us.
- If we have an adversary who has a surname that is foreign, then in our dream we see a person of a race that is not common in the place we live, it means that the message is about that person, in which case it useful to search for the meaning of other things we see in the dream, for example, if we are in a school and there we see a person of a rare race, it means that we must prepare more, because our adversary is having the foreign name, may be more clever than we thought.
- If in our dream we see a young man of rare face, as if from an unknown country or of an unknown race, means that there is someone who wants to impose their ideas by force.
- If in our dream we see a very beautiful black woman, it means that we will be lucky in love.

Races, dog/Breeds, dog:
Sometimes we meet someone who has some special feature that distinguishes it from most of the people they know, such as hair, so that if in our dream we see a dog of a particular breed, which bears some resemblance to the person you know, such as their hair, says that dream is related to that person, and in most cases we are told that it is a loyal and in whom we can trust.

This dream is a reflection of ourselves.
- If we dream that we are racist, it's a tip that tells us that we should not discriminate against others for any reason.
- If you dream to defend someone being discriminated against, it means that we have good feelings for others without any discrimination, but some will be reluctant to accept our ideas.

Rack, supermarket:
- If we dream that we are in a supermarket next to the rack crackers and suddenly a stranger trying to take a picture of us next to the rack, it means that someone tried to resort to any dirty tactics, even witchcraft, to us have money problems.
- If a man dreams of a woman dressed in red behind a rack of cookies, means there is a woman who could make him spend more than they should. But if cookies are in aluminum packaging, then, it means that there is a woman who tried to do him spend everything she can.

Racna is one of God's names, and dreaming of him means the same as: God >>

- To dream you see a contaminated by radiation, tells us that we must change our attitude.

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- If you dream of a radio or a stereo, the meaning of the dream depends on what we hear, so if we like what we hear, means happiness, but if we do not like, then, means approaching a problem.
- Dreaming of a stereo or radio off, it means that we are able to help someone, but we do not, or have not done well enough.

Radio control:
- Dreaming has a radio control car or a radio control toy shopping or a toy, tells us that we are in control of our destiny.

- It means that we fear and distrust. The same mean if we dream to use any apparatus for a radiograph.

- If we dream that someone invites us to a banquet and what we remember most is very red radishes, it means that some small difficulties in love can arise due to excesses, for example: Because we run the risk of suffering some discomfort of Cheers for eating too much when we have a date with our girlfriend/boyfriend.

If we dream that we win a raffle, it means loss of money/goods.

Rafting (From: The extreme sport):
- If we are practicing rafting or see others practicing rafting, it means that if we do not have sufficient skill, we can get to get into serious trouble.

Ragged man:
- To dream that someone ragged and dirty wants to hurt us with a piece of glass or a piece of mirror, he represents someone who has been unlucky and he wants revenge with us (either because we will remember someone he detests or simply by Envy).

Raid, ask for a:
In this case the meaning of the dream depends on who we ask to give us a rai or where we are going after someone agrees to give us a raid.
- If in our dream we ask a woman scientist for a raid and she agrees to take us, it means that continuing to experiment, study, observe and be creative will bring us good luck. But if she does not agree to take us, then it means that we are doubting the convenience of studying, doing research, observing, experimenting and being creative, which does not benefit us at all.

- If we dream that we are going on a train, but then it stops because there is a BLOCK ON THE RAILS, it means that we have to face an obstacle, at the same time the dream tells us that we must face it safely and decisively to overcome it.
- To dream that we cross the tracks of a train, and there we see the dead FETUS of a black dog, means that a family member or friend who left this world recently, has not been able to reach Heaven because, when he was in this world did many bad deeds or was an atheist.
- If we dream that we are on the train tracks, and suddenly we see that a TRAIN APPROXIMATES quickly, then, to save us, we jump or move to the other track, but then we realize that on the other side a train also comes, so we take off immediately and save or wake up before being overwhelmed; It means that if we do not move away from dangerous situations, rivalries, doubtful businesses, light loves, etc., we can find ourselves in a very delicate situation from which we will not be able to escape or it will be very difficult to escape. The same means if instead of being roads, it is a two-way street and instead of saving us from being run over by trains, we are saved from being run over by cars.
- If we dream that we are in a train station and observe TWO WAYS, that is, that of the trains that come and those that go, it represents good and evil. Which tells us that sometimes we must be firm in our determinations even though others think we are being bad. r

- If in good condition, augurs good luck and protection.
- If we look rusty, means disappointments and dashed hopes.

This sign represents the success and relates to the other signs that appear in our sleep. But if we dream of overcast skies with rain, then it meant that there may be some difficulties and we must do more.
- To dream of a slow steady rain portends that the benefit will be large but slow in coming.
- If it is a downpour that we have fixed, is that there will be interference or problems to be solved before reaching benefits.

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Rain forest, Jungle:
- If we walk through a rain forest and we feel good, it means that we have good power of decision and we are sure of ourselves.
- If we are in a rain forest and we know where we are, and a bright sun, it means that we will soon know the cause of our fears and overcome them succeed.
- If we lost in the rain forest, or we are afraid for whatever reason, means that even we do not own ourselves.
- If we see a rain forest from the distance and the view is nice, it means that we will soon know the cause of our fears and overcome them succeed.
- Hiding in the rain forest, tells us that we have failed to find a solution to our problems and if we see someone hiding in the rain forest, then tells us that one of our opponents has not been a solution to our break.

The rainbow represents the bridge between earth and Heaven, so in most cases it means good luck, or the end of our problems.

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- If we dream we wear a raincoat, it means that we are hiding our true personality.
- If the wearer is another person, he hides selfish intentions.

Raise your hand to ask:
- If we dream that we are in school and raise our hands to ask something, it means that we must defend our interests, but we must study the situation well before doing anything.

If in the dream we see raisins, it means that we have made a good decision or that the decision we have in mind is correct. It can also mean that we will have many benefits.

Rama (Prophet):
It represents one of the good prophets, sent by God, since Rama taught the good way to people and never said that he was God, but that God is from whom everything comes and called him Brahma.
- Dreaming about Rama means that our problems will soon end. But if he looks sad or angry, it means that something is not right, so we must analyze our actions well.

- Climbing a ramp represents the possibility of achieving our goals.
- Going down a ramp means lack of ability to control the situation.

- If we see ourselves inside the rampart, it means that we will be protected from any danger.
- If we see a rampart fall when we lean on it, it means that we have little security in our protections.
- See a rampart in ruins, means insecurity and despair.
- To see that we demolish a rampart or jump over it, means the desire to change our situation to a more favorable one, but this requires constant effort and firm determination.

- To dream about a herd of glossy rams or a rams walking quietly, portends that we will, powerful wealth and possessions.
- Take a ram represents immediate fortune.
- If we carry a ram on shoulders, the fortune will be very important.
- Hear a ram bleating predicts that we will have very effective protection and assistance.
- If the herd comes to us and the rams pass between our legs indicates that we achieve success but with difficulty.
- If the rams are dead portends bad news.
- A ram lost, doubt and uncertainty in our affairs.

- If we dream to live on a ranch, it reflects the state of our business, so if it looks good, it means that our business will also go well, but if the ranch is in poor condition, it means that our businesses are also in poor condition.
- If we are visiting a ranch, is a warning that we should review the management of our heritage.

Dreaming of something rancid represents something that has not been used in a long time and therefore, no longer works. It may also represent something that is too old fashioned.

In this case we must pay attention to the letter (Lyrics for a song), since the meaning of the dream is related to it.

- If in our dream we see that some paid rappers would do us harm, it means that if we do not do something to prevent the likely difficulties await us serious problems.
- If a woman dreams of having a rapper husband, means that if she does not do something to prevent the likely difficulties await her serious problems.

If in our dream we see the princess Rapunzel like a real person, it means we will have good luck in love, or that we will find the solution to a health problem or a difficult problem.

- If in our dreams, we feel that there something is strange or rare, means that something is not right, in our current situation.
- If in our dream we see a young man of rare face, as if from an unknown country or of an unknown race, means that there is someone who wants to impose their ideas by force.

Rare and long, Dreams:
We must first see the dream as a play, in which each character makes a specific role (a child may represent an enemy) and there are several acts such as may at first we meet and happen in a supermarket various things, and the next moment we go to another site where another series of things happen in this case we see two events, another case would at first see a series of signs or things that have a good meaning, but then comes another number of things but with a negative meaning.
These dreams tell us a little of what has been happening and what can happen to us in the future and usually the first acts tell us what has been happening and finally tell us what lies ahead for the future if follow the same path or do not take the necessary measures (May we recommend the same dream) to avoid adverse future.
So the first thing to do is check the meaning of everything that we see in the dream and then try to understand the full picture, as if we were putting together a story (act by act, and considering the most important meanings that are mentioned the beginning).
The fact is that sometimes the dream is very rare, because first the meanings are good, but later, as a second act, the signs have opposite meanings, for example, if we dream at the beginning of yellow water (mean disease) and then later we see orange juice (meaning health), then as the last thing you see is what a good thing, says that soon we will enjoy good health, but also tells us it is important not to change strategy, as can be to continue following the instructions of the doctor, because if we change our strategy happen first thing we saw in the dream, that is, the yellow water which means disease.
On the contrary, if we had first seen the orange juice and then the yellow water, then it means that our health may worsen, in which case we recommend taking all necessary precautions to face any problems that may arise, such as going to We review the doctor and get an amulet or good health.

- To dream about a rascally, means it is likely that we become used without us realize it.

- To dream about a rash means difficult problems.

To dream that we do a job with a rasp, predicts that we will achieve success through perseverance.

Dreaming of a rat tells us there is something that gnaws at us, but when we try to kill, the rat attacking us, we see died, we see it run over, or is accompanied by signs that have to do with fighting, gossip, bad feelings, etc., represents a very annoying enemy.
- If a rat bites us, tells us that an enemy has caused or will cause us harm. And if we dream that a rat bite us, but then we kill, the dream told that an enemy has caused us great harm, but we still have the possibility to reverse (For example: If our enemy steal us something, to return it to us, if said gossip, to clarify things).
- If in our dream we see a black rat represents an evil person who usually make life difficult.

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Rating/Report card:
- To dream that we cannot find the rating lists of our exams, is related to present or future concerns, and tells us that if we are not prudent and discreet enough, something can go wrong.
- To dream that we failed an exam, means that we must analyze the situation well and study more, in a more specific way: If we recently had an exam, he tells us that we have not studied enough, or we have not done it well enough. But if we haven't had an exam recently, then this is a difficult issue that we are facing, and it means that we need to better analyze the situation, as we are not yet sufficiently prepared.
Dreams usually show us things from the future, but sometimes, they also let us see things from the past, in this case, for example: If it is a test that we took recently, it means that we failed it, or that we got a bad grade; which advises us that next time we take it more seriously. r

A rattle on foot tells us that there will be a good evolution in our situation.
- A rattle of horses predicts good luck on the money.
- An automobile rattle means we need a change.

This dream augurs concerns that we face alone.

- The crow or raven is a sign of evil, so usually announces something bad, unless the crow speak to us, in which case heralds the end of our troubles.
- See a raven flying above train tracks, it means there is a danger associated with any changes that may come to be forthcoming, which advises us to plan well our projects.

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The ravines in our dreams are related to financial ruin, unless we avoid falling into because then it means that we will avoid a hazard.
- If we dream that someone is driving and falling into a ravine, it means somebody is ruined.
- If we fall into a ravine means that are unlikely to achieve success.
- If we dream that we fall into a ravine or gully, but then we get out of there, means we will soon find a way to succeed despite the difficulties.
- If we dream that we fall into a ravine or gully, but someone helped out, means we will have a little help to get find a way to succeed despite the difficulties.
- If we dream that we driving a car and collided with someone, and therefore, the other car fell into a ravine or gully, it means somebody is ruined by our cause.
- If we dream that we driving a car and fall into a ravine, means financial ruin, but if we dream that another car hits us and so we fall into the ravine, means that there is a person that may cause our ruin, which advises us red light a candle.
- If we see a ravine and we avoid it, means that in real life we get rid of the dangers.

Raw material:
The raw material represents the means to do something.
- Dreaming of ice pops sticks (The pure raw material, that is, the new sticks ready to make ice pops), means that we already have the means to get to have pleasant moments, for example: Money, time...)

Raw vegan:
- If we dream that we take raw vegan cooking classes, it represents purification desires or wishes to fix something that's been hurting us.

by letter.

Ray fish:
If we dream of a ray fish, it means we can end the intrigues around us.

Rays, Gamma:
- If in our dream we see someone contaminated by gamma radiation, and tries to infect us, it means that there are people who sympathize with communism or some other social evil power, to trying to steal something important, this dream and advises us not trust this may be dangerous people.
But if we dream that we flee or escape from someone contaminated by gamma radiation or gamma rays, which wants to infect us, it means that we will manage to get rid of the bad intentions of evil people who sympathize with communism or other malign social power.
- To dream that a relative or friend is contaminated with gamma rays, means that there are people who sympathize with communism or other social evil power to trying to harm our family or friend. This dream advises us to help that person.

Rays, laser:
See: "Laser"

Means jealousy or revenge.

Razor blade:
A razor blade, means the desire to try harder to face the problems that are presented to us.

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