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Dreams: X

- Dreaming with a letter "X", or with things crossed, for example, two crossed swords, two crossed knives... Tells us that we have a good defense that can help us protect ourselves from any unforeseen circumstance.
- If it is a incorrect mark, ( ), means that something is wrong, since the incorrect mark represent things that are going well and the doves represent things that are going well.

-- If we dream of a X-BOX, means the following:
• Dreaming console x-box, or we're playing with it, tells us that we have the ability to manipulate others or to do what we want.
• If we are not children, and in our dream we see a child wearing a video game, tells us to avoid behaving immaturely, because that does not look good, plus it is not necessary, since we have the ability to deal with any situation that may arise.
-- We dream with a game, like we were in the virtual world, means that someone is manipulating us.

- If in our dream we see a xenophilic person, the dream speaks of someone fickle and not entirely reliable.

If we dream of a xerographic, we must seek the meaning of the word or image that we see recorded in, for example, if we see a picture of a xylophone, consult that meaning, in this case is the following.

If in our dream we see the region of Xibalba or a completely dark cave, means we should not get carried away by our passions, and is a board that tells us to be more thoughtful in our actions. If we dream that we went down to the region of Xibalba or a cave completely dark and deep, but then we leave this place, is a good sign that promises us new knowledge and a long life.

If in our dream we see the ancient city of Xochicalco as it was in its years of greatest splendor, it means that we will succeed in all our projects.

If we see in our dream, signifies success in love.
The same means if we see a beautiful woman as Xochiquetzal (Archangel of love) can manifest in several ways.

Dreaming of a Xoloescuincle either black or yellow color, is a sign that represents the loyalty, support, guidance, and fidelity.
- If the Xoloescuincle is FRIENDLY, means that we are sincere and so good.
- If you see a Xoloescuincle PLEADING, it is a council that tells us we get back on track. - If you hear a howl means that the death of someone close.
- If your EYES ARE OF AGGRESSION, advises us to be as loyal to others as we want them to be upon us.
- If you hear your BARK, warns us of danger.
- If you see a Xoloescuincle IN DANGER, means that a loving relationship may be in danger.
- If it is a PUPPY Xoloescuincle, it is a blossoming friendship or a friendship that is stronger.

- It means that we fear and distrust. And so it means if we dream that we use an x-ray machine.

If we dream of a xylophone or someone touches it, is a warning of approaching changes that will change our lives.

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