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Dreams: U

Udana/Apple, African star/Apple, white star:
This fruit represents an aid to solve a problem. It can also mean that we will soon receive someone's support.

-- If it is an extraterrestrial ship, it means the following:
• To dream about an alien spacecraft represents a spiritual journey.
• If an extraterrestrial ship is present in our dream and it is a nightmare, it means that our soul has traveled to an underworld. This type of dream occurs in some cases, when we constantly have evil thoughts and desires.
-- To dream that we see a UFO and that we feel CURIOSITY, and even try to approach it, tells us that before acting, we must analyze the terrain well, that is, analyze well how things are in our new environment, for example: In our new school, employment, neighborhood, city, etc.

- If in our dream we are being nasty, mean shame in circumstances of confrontation with our enemies.
- If the ugliness we see in anyone else, mean that there are evil intentions against us, and if we recognize it, it means that evil intentions come from that person.

If a woman dreams that make ultrasonography, means fear and distrust (In most cases refers to the fear of getting pregnant or someone abuse it somehow).

Umbilical Cord:
This sign tells us that we are too dependent on someone or that someone is being too dependent on us. This dream advises us try to be more independent.

It means protection.
- If we see a square or rectangular umbrella, means protection in our goods.

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Unanimous decision:
- To dream that you're in a boxing match or any other combat sport and won by unanimous decision means success, if draw, tells us that the future is uncertain, if we lose by unanimous decision means failure and if the dream ends before they give the verdict means that the future depends on us.

- It means that we have a shared trust. It may also mean that we will know some secrets that may be useful to our business or our affairs.
- If a man dreams of a woman unbuttons her blouse and shows her breasts, means intimacy and love, and if it is known or woman looks like someone we know, the dream is related to her.

- If in our dream we feel uncertainty, it means that something is not right in our affairs or business.

- If in our dream we see our uncle, means we will soon receive a notice or a surprise.
- If in our dream we see our sick uncle means that we may have a health problem, but was resolved without problems.
- If you dream of one of our uncles as a child, then we must find the meaning of child.
- If in our dream we see one of our uncles who have already died, then we must find the meaning of dead/ diseased. - Dreaming discussed with an uncle, means that soon we may have an unpleasant surprise. But if we dream we are discussing with an uncle and suddenly we go, then, means that we are free or we get rid of an unpleasant surprise.

- If we dream that we are bathing and there are more windows than normal, plus we feel uncomfortable because we think someone we may be seeing, tells us there is someone who is attentive to everything we do, so we must be cautious.
- If we dream that we are married (When we are not in reality), and we felt uncomfortable, because we do not want to be married, it is a warning that tells us to think about things before doing them, because we can finish in a very difficult and uncomfortable situation; it can also mean that there is a situation that is bothering us.

- To dream that we are unconcerned, it is advice that tells us that we must not be overconfident.

- If we dream that we were unconscious (By a stroke, accident, tiredness, suddenly, etc.) it means that we are losing or we can lose control of the situation.
- To dream that someone silk us with a soothing, and let us unconscious, it means we are losing or may lose control of the situation. And the same means if a woman dreams that someone silk another woman and left unconscious.

- To dream that left a felt pen uncovered, it means that we are missing something that is related to the color (Because if we leave a felt pen uncovered by forgetfulness or because we are losing the lid will cause the down to dry and no longer serve ). So if it's red, it tells us that we are missing courage; if yellow tells us that we need to be more thoughtful; if it is blue, it means that we will have bad luck in our projects; if it is white, it means that we are missing to be more honest; if gold, he tells us that we lack wisdom; if silver, it tells us that we need protection; and if green means we have little hope.

- If in our dream we see ANYTHING IS DOWN OTHER THING, we must first look up the meaning of both, and their sense is, that the meaning of what is down is less important than, what is above, for example: If we see bills (meaning poverty) and over we see a white paper (meaning no problems), tells us that in future we will not have money difficulties, since the role is the one above and therefore it beats this below.
- If we are UNDER THE STAIRS of a house or building, tells us that we should not try to evade the problems, but on the contrary, we must face the problems in order to overcome them.
- If in the dream we passed UNDER A BRIDGE, tells us that we must be aware of what may come and especially warns us that we should not try to evade the problems, but on the contrary, we must fight them to overcome.
- To dream that we can breathe UNDERWATER, tells us that we would not have to take important decisions or take any responsibility.

- More bulky, means happiness.
- Less bulky, indicates deficiency.
- With more hair, protection against our adversaries.
- With less hair, means that we need protection.
- To dream that someone stabs us in the armpits, represents a person who wants revenge or hurt us, for the reason that he hates the idea that we are adapting well to the circumstances.

- To dream that we are an undercover cop, or that we collaborate with the police infiltrating in a criminal organization, it means that we have something, that we do well and with discretion.

- If we are men and see an undergarment of the same sex, means shyness, and in the case of women, it means the same thing, but it can also mean: fear of sex or motherhood.
And if a man dreams of breaking or burning an undergarment of the same sex, says that getting rid of shyness and distrust attitude will bring he good luck.
- If in our dream we see an undergarment of the opposite sex means sexual desire.

This dream tells us that we are going through a period of pessimism and uncertainty, unless we manage to get out of the underground, in which case it means that a time of trials and difficulties is approaching before we can achieve a better situation or total success, depending on other signs of dream.
- Dreaming that we leave an underground parking lot in our car, augurs us that we have the possibility of getting out of a difficult situation.
- Dreaming that we go down a ladder to board the subway or the train that travels underground, tells us that there are some difficulties to be able to achieve a positive change.

Underground passage:
- If we dream that we have to cross the street through a very dark underground passage and where there are many maleante, it means that it is difficult for us to achieve a change, especially because we will have to fight with dishonest people, so that we can achieve change, so we need to learn to detect them before they cause us problems or learn to control them.

To dream about undergrowth, it is a warning that there will be obstacles that will oppose the realization of our purposes.

- If in our dream we see a document in which we see some words or phrases underlined in red, and we distinguish what it says, it means that what it says there can be useful to solve an important matter.

- If we dream that there is something we do not understand well, it means that there is something missing we look good, or have not understood at all, not judge hastily.

- Dreaming that can breathe underwater, meaning that we wish to would not have to make important decisions, nor have responsibilities.

- If in our dream we see the Xibalba region or underworld, means that we should not get carried away by our passions, and advise that we should be more thoughtful in our actions.
- If we dream that went down to the underworld, or Xibalba region, but then we get out of this place, is a good sign that promises us new knowledge and a long life.

They represent the feminine side of water and its dangers.
- To dream of undines, warns us of the possible risks related to love and uncontrolled instincts.

- If we dream that undressed one of our children, means there is something we want to know about them, but if we do not have kids, it means we want to know something about someone close to us, and who else will look like the daughter of our dream, as can be someone of the same age... But if sexual implications, the dream tells us that someone is holding back too much or we have sexual needs that we have failed to satisfy.

- Unearth an object means: Surprise for an event we may find favorable.

Means the failure of a project that particularly interested us.

Represent obstacles

Unfinished construction:
This sign represents a matter that we left unfinished, but which is important to finish.
- If we see ourselves in a construction that is unfinished and it happens that at that moment the police arrive and they want to arrest us, it means that we feel guilty for not having concluded a certain matter or task.

- If we dream that someone we know behaves unfriendly way, it means the opposite, that is, actually she(he) is a very friendly and sociable person.

- It means that we have to correct something that has to do with an important issue.

- If we dream we travel in a car with a family member or friend who has already left this world and happen to suffer a serious accident, but in the end we realize we left unhurt, means that relative or friend has become our guardian angel and recently he saved us from a misfortune.

- Unicorns are the favorite pets of the fairies, and their significance in Most cases are associated with a trip or a new project.

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Represents our obligations.
- If the uniform bothers us or we fail properly, means that in real life we are being forced to take a job, work, family relationship, or other type, we do not like.
- If we are in military uniform, or in that uniform in hand, tells us that we have a duty to the society, if the dream is pleasant means we are willing to obey a superior, such as, serving the country or even serve God. If instead the dream is nasty, mean that it is difficult for our professional lives or our family life.
- If in the dream we see an unknown child in a school uniform, it means that we have a dangerous enemy who is studying ways to harm us.

- If we dream that we want to enter the bathroom but there is only one that is unisex, and we enter but we are ashamed, it means that there are things that it will be difficult for us to keep secret.

- If in our dream we see stars in the sky, is a sign of good fortune, economically and spiritually, but if we fall, warns us of negative changes, we must be prepared.
- If we see turn the stars or the planets around the sun, means good fortune in general.

- This dream tells us we are looking for new opportunities to develop our capabilities, which will eventually bring us good fortune.
- To dream that we attended university, but our father attended a better university, means that even we can do better or try harder. But if your father left this world, it is he who has visited us in our dream to say we can still do more or we can do even better.
- Dreaming that one of our brothers is part of a University of poor quality, meaning desire or need to develop our skills, but for that we need greater knowledge and if something has worked for us, then we must find a different way of doing things.
- If in the dream we see a very modern university, research tells us that the most modern methods and techniques will bring us good fortune.
- If we dream that we forgot that today we had to sign up to college, so we left immediately, but we see that we reach the time, and then use super powers, and so we arrive on time, means that if we develop our capabilities or our psychic abilities, achieve what we want.

Unknown (From unknown words or unknown things):
- Dreaming UNKNOWN WORDS, or someone to tell us an unknown word, we listen well, but do not know its meaning. It tells us that we must first write the word down on paper and try to arrange the letters in different ways, and if we form a word that makes sense, it should look up its meaning in this dictionary; but if we canít form any words, then, the dream tells us there is something we have not understood.

If we dream that our pet makes improbable things, for example: Act as a person and also we are surprised by it, that tells us that we still do not understand how we could do something or that influenced so we did.

- If we take off the mask, then there is a risk that we finish humiliated and embarrassed.
- If we or someone else unmasks someone, means that we will defeat malicious adversaries.

Unpleasant feeling:
- If we dream that an unpleasant sensation enters our body, especially when it begins with our feet and then goes up our legs, it means that we have had a prophetic dream (There are those who call it astral travel), so that the rest we see in our dream they can be future events that we can change. It can also happen that in addition to the unpleasant sensation, in the dream we see an unknown person who speaks to us, in this case it is an angel who comes to give us an important message and what he tells us is something that we must keep in mind. Account for the future.
- If we dream that someone is on top of us, that he wakes us up, pulls the sheet or caresses us, and the dream is very real, and is accompanied by unpleasant sensations; it means that there is a choking spirit that is bothering us. In these cases we can breathe deeply through the nose and exhale through the mouth several times, until the unpleasant sensation goes away, in addition to not showing fear; It can also be useful to place a silver amulet under the pillow, such as: A silver four-leaf clover.
A common case is when we feel that someone is on top of us, and sometimes it happens when we are half awake (In some places they use the expression: "The evil on your back", to refer to that psychic phenomenon), and what happens is that a clashing spirit comes into contact with a part of the aura or peri spirit, which is what causes that feeling, like someone is on top of us and sometimes we can't even move, but if we are half awake, at that very moment We must inhale air through the nose and exhale through the mouth repeatedly, since this causes the invading spirit to be expelled, which is very unpleasant for them.

This dream warns us of a possible disappointment because of the situation we are today.

If we dream that we are tied means a dependence that weighs too much. If we can untie soon find liberation.

by letter.

If in our dream we see someone being upright, it means that we must act with good judgment.

Uprising, Revolt:
To dream of an uprising, it means that soon there may be fights or quarrels around us.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply):
A good looking UPS means that our work is protected and safe. But if we see a UPS in bad conditions, then, it means that our work is not well protected or is not safe.

Upset (Disturb the health of) :
- To dream that we have an upset stomach, tells us that we are doing too much guts.
- If in our sleep we see or take medication for an upset stomach, it means that we will soon have some help to solve a difficult and annoying matter.

Upside down:
- If in our dream we see that something is upside down, means the opposite of what normally would. But if what we see something that has a bad meaning upside down, then, means that we are protected that what meaning this thing.
- If in our dream we see the photograph of a friend or relative that we know well that he appreciates us, and we see it hanging on the wall, but the other way around, that is, the image facing the wall; It means that family or friend is having a hard time helping us.

- Dreaming of uranium or with a sign to represent, he says that sometimes to create something new, something old must be destroyed, for example, when a construction defect, it is better to demolish it to build something new that is more useful.

- If in our dream we see a urinal, and you perceive a strong smell of urine, tells us that something is not right, and advises us to be careful about delicate matter.
- If you dream of a urinal filled with urine and also perceive a strong smell, but then went down to the lever, and urine and the smell is gone, means there is a seemingly delicate matter, but in fact no danger.

Urinary Incontinence:
- If we dream that we suffer from urinary incontinence, it means that there is a danger that we fail to control certain situation (That we must take into account and/or take precautions).

- Dreaming with a bag filled with urine or urine, tells us that there sensitive issues that we deal with caution.
- If you dream to pee, we said that we will wake up immediately from bed to go to the bathroom.

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This sign tells us that soon came the end to our economic or moral dependence, of someone, unless we are kneeling before her, in this case predicts that we will have troubles.

- Dreaming of a USB memory or a memory card, tells us that we need to strive more and more to analyze things, to fulfill the task entrusted to us.
- If in our dream to connect a device, by USB, and not function well, it means that we have difficulties to get in touch with someone or something, or we have difficulty in uniting two things.

Used/Second hand:
- Dreaming of things used or second hand, means poverty.
- But if I dream that we are in a market or flea market and there we see a shoe or slipper used (one, and that is the opposite sex), tells us that we are able to marry a divorced person.

Usi (Weapon):
- If it works well predicts success. But if optics swing or not working properly, means that even though we strive to be impossible to get what we wanted.
- To dream that you reload a usi, tells us that we must prepare to defend our interests.

If we see a usurer in dreams, is a warning that there will be things or people who oppose our good purposes.

- Dream a utensil with missing bristles, means that we have a project or an issue that is a bit difficult to resolve or carry out.

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