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Dreams: Fa

Fable :
If in our dream we hear a fable, means that soon we will live happy days.

- If we dream that we stole a fabulous motorcycle, it means that we remain difficult for others to admire us or see us as successful people.

It represents our exterior, if we see old or outdated it means so are our thoughts and lifestyle; if we see it in good condition and good looking, it tells us that our thoughts are good as our way of life.

The face represents the way we see others, or how others see us, (like when someone says that a certain person is double-face, which suggests that the person shown in a certain way to others but which is actually quite the opposite). Even if the dream focuses on a particular part of the face, then the meaning can vary.
- Dreaming we have pimples or ACNE means that we feel out of place or uncomfortable with the way others see us.
- Dreaming with a BLOODY face, says it is likely that we will have a change of personality.
- If in the dream we see a FACELESS person (with head but no face) represents a person whom we have failed to understand, or who wish to know more. Alternatively it can also represent someone who has not been given to know.
- If you dream we SEE WITH CARE THE FACE OF SEVERAL PEOPLE means there is something we need to understand better, or that we are to understand others better.

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- If a child or a teenager dreams that someone steal your face book, means it is likely that soon, their parents would not let him use his facebook because of low grades, but can be otherwise, depending on your situation today.

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Facebook status:
- To dream that the person we like, says something of our facebook status, it means that she(he) is interested in that we feel or think, for example: If you're single. But if she(he) makes a negative comment, then, it means that she(he) does not like us.

Face down:
- If in our dream we see something is face down, means the opposite of what it would normally. But if that we see face down has a bad meaning, then, means that we are protected which means that is face down.

Facial paralysis:
- If we dream that our mouth is twisted because of facial paralysis, it means that we do not know what to say or that we should avoid worrying or getting too angry.

- If we dream that we face something of value, it means that we are doing well.

Means unexpected news.

- To dream of running a factory, heralds good luck in our work.
- Dreaming of a factory stopped, says that our work is in danger.

- To dream that we fail at something or that we failed to do something, it means: Emotional loneliness or bad luck on our activities.

Fail a course:
- To dream that we fail a degree or an exam, it means that we must analyze the situation well and study more. If it's an exam, it means we haven't studied enough or we haven't done it well enough; but if it is a difficult matter that we are faced with, it means that we must analyze the situation better, since we are not yet sufficiently prepared.
Dreams usually show us things of the future, but sometimes, it also lets us see things from the past, in this case, for example: If it is an exam we did recently, it means we fail it or we get a bad grade; which advises us to take it more seriously next time.

Failure/ Malfunctions:
- If we dream that an engine fails or malfunctions, it means difficulties and failure.
- In the case of an electric failure, it means that something is wrong in our affairs, so there is a danger that things are not favorable for us.

Symbolize the paranormal powers to spirit and the imagination.
- To dream of a fairy promises you the fulfillment of a wish to be thought impossible.
- If you see a fairy in a tree, you dream predict a good fortune in your projects, as well as the realization of a wish.

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If we passed out in the dream means a promise of short-term pleasures that become hazardous to our health or reputation, it can mean the following:
- If we dream that we were unconscious (By a stroke, accident, tiredness, suddenly, etc.) it means that we are losing or we can lose control of the situation.
- To dream that someone we silk, with a soothing, leaving us unaware, it means we are losing control of the situation. The same meaning if a woman dreams that someone silk another woman and left unconscious.
- If we dream that our mother fainted or something bad happens to her, and we ask for help but no one comes to our aid, means that something related to our current situation is not doing well and we have very little help.
- If a woman dreams that faints in her work while his mother carry one of his sons, it means losing control of the situation, because it is being difficult to work and care for their children.

Fair rides:
If we see a fair with rides, means that we have good hopes and good projects, but if our dream focuses on a particular game, means the following:
- If we dream we are in a CAROUSEL, means that we are afraid to relive some of our childhood, or we feel stuck.
- If we dream that entered the HOUSE OF HORRORS, says it is likely to face some problems and dislikes.

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- If we dream that we did something very bad, but then begin to have faith in the Virgin of Guadalupe or God, and ask Him to help us, it means that we are protected from harm.
- If you dream that we have not faith in God (The One who created the whole universe and is present in all good religions) or that we doubt our faith in God means that something is not right.

If in our dream we remain a faithful, mean that everything will be okay and we will succeed in our projects.

This dream tells us that our situation can be misleading.

The falcon symbolizes advancement in all planes of existence, the physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual.
Indicates victory and superiority.
- If in our dream we see a falcon tearing a hare announces victory over the unbridled desires.
- If we are people with spiritual aspirations and we see the dreams hooded falcon symbolizes our desire to receive the coveted light of enlightenment.
- Dreaming of a black falcon, tells us that we are not being able to take the win, it can also be dangerous.
- To dream that a black falcon attacks us means the same as above

Falling in our dreams usually relates to a danger, but if we feel dizzy, means that our personality and the way we perceive the world is changing.
- SEE FALL NOTHER PERSON, means someone possibly be ruined and we had a lot to do with it.
- If the fall occurs in a DEEP meaning very bad omen.
- If in our dream we feel the SENSATION OF FALLING or dizzy, it means that something is about to change in us, whether some of our personality or the way we see the world, which can be good or bad depending on the meaning of the other things we see in our dream.
- If we fall and then we GET UP, indicates that soon recover the confidence in ourselves.
- Fall, but did NOT GET UP: danger of material detriment.

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Fall (From: An object that is falling or falls):
- To dream that something is falling out of hand, means that we are missing an opportunity that relates to the meaning of the thing that we like.

Fall (Autumn):
This season can indicate changes in our life with respect to age, to which we must adapt.
- If we dream of dry leaves and autumn, it represents something that is ending, for example, a stage or an issue.

Falling in love:
- It tells us that we will be successful in love, and the same means if a person who falls in love with us.
- But if we who falls in love for a cop of the opposite sex, means that soon we may be lucky in love, but only if, you stop to repress.

Fallow deer:
It is a symbol of elevation.
- If a herd portends huge profits and triumphs.
- If we kill it, portends bad luck.
- If we see a fallow deer with their young augurs fertility and happiness.

- If we are slandered, means that we will receive reproaches. And if we are the ones who falsehood, means that we are unwise.

- To dream of a false credential, means that we will receive unpleasant news that can leave us in a delicate situation and from which it will be difficult for us to protect ourselves. These types of dreams advise us to stop underestimating our enemies and pray in the morning, preferably at dawn, every day, until the danger recedes.

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- If we see a RELATIVE AS IS CURRENTLY means we have a surprise soon.
- If in the dream we see someone who does not know in our waking life, but in the dream is FRIEND OF THE FAMILY, a family member or friend, it means we will have a little help to solve a difficult problem.

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Fan (Fan of paper or cloth):
- If in our dream we see a fan, means that we are trying to hide some things.
- If we see someone bring a fan, means that person is behaving treacherously in real life.

Fan (Ventilator):
- Dreaming of a fan, it means we have resistance, which is good. It may also mean that we should calm down after a strong emotion.
- If we dream that the fan breaks down, it means that there is a danger that the family or work environment will break down or become even more complicated.

The fangs are a sign of aggression.
- If we dream fangs, means that we are being too aggressive.

See our dream a parade of fantastic things, means that we have many sincere and faithful friends.

To dream that something is fantasy or someone tells us that something is fantasy, it means that we should not believe everything they tell us, because some things are true but not others, so the important thing is to analyze things well.

This dream tells us that our situation can be misleading.

Far away:
- If we are looking into the distance, it means there will be a change that relates to what we see far into our dream.
- If in the dream things that are far away, we see well, but things that are close we see blurry, it means that we have failed to understand the important things.
- If we dream that we are far away from home and we care about it, it means that something is wrong in our business or in our family, so we need to review the situation.

- If we dream to live on a farm, it reflects the state of our business, so if it looks good, it means that our business will also go well, but if the farm is in poor condition, it means that our businesses are also in poor condition.
- If we are visiting a farm, is a warning that we should review the management of our heritage.

If the farmer is planting indicates that we must prepare to acquire knowledge that we will then be useful in our work.

- If the farmyard is in good condition predicts increase in goods.
- If it is dirty and abandoned portends poverty and losses.

- To dream that we fart when there are people nearby, means that we are directing our energies and efforts towards the wrong side. It can also be advice, which tells us that we must learn to say what we feel and not act in a hostile way.
- If we dream that our dog climbs up on the couch with us and farts, it represents a friend who is upset with us because of some of our attitudes.

It indicates a need to escape from our habitual life, and to modify our habits.

Fashion designer:
It augurs a favorable change to our situation.

- If in our dream we see ourselves escaping from something, quickly, it means that we have escaped a difficulty quickly and efficiently; in this case it is convenient to consult the meaning of the thing, from which we escaped, to know what we got rid of.
- If we dream that we drive too fast, it is an advice, which tells us, that we should take things slowly.

- To dream that we see a closed door, but which is without the faster setting, means that we have put our hopes in something, but we still need a bit to achieve definitive success.
It can also mean that there is something we should not forget.

- If we dream of an annoying fly (A fly flies around us and that's a fastidious), it represents a person who keeps getting into our affairs and/or having us ill will for some reason.

It means prohibitions and limits, it may also represent our responsible part, and in some cases related precisely with he.
- If we dream of asking an ADVICE, means we need a little help.
- If in the dream we CRY FOR HIS DEATH, lets us see that we feel very guilty about something.
- If ALREADY DEPARTED THIS WORLD and we dream as when he was alive, it is he who visits us in dreams. In this case we see the meaning of the other things we see in dream before getting the message, but sometimes the message is literal. Also see: Dead/Deceased (Meaning of dreaming People who have already left this world)
- If in the dream we see our father DIED IN A CAR AND SEE ALL BLOOD STAINED, means that we are hurting our father in some way, or that someone is taking advantage of him in some way. That means the former or the latter depends on our current situation.
- If we dream so FRIENDLY means need for protection or assistance, may also mean that we have a good relationship with our bosses.

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by letter.

This dream augurs news or surprises.
In the negative side (when the dream is accompanied by things that have a negative meaning) means difficult relationships, whether with family or with someone we know , and in some cases it represents jealousy and disagreements.
- If we dream that our father-in-law is ANGRY OR UPSET WITH US, represents an unpleasant surprise that probably has to do with our family relationships.

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- If in our dream we feel fatigued, means it is very likely to fail in our business or affairs.
- If in our dream we see someone we know, tired, mean that that person is likely to have failures in their business or affairs: But who we lost is one of our enemies, the dream tells us that we are winning.

- If we are fat in dreams portends an increase in goods and health.
- To dream about a very fat woman augurs good health and luck in money matters.
- If a woman dreams talking to her sister on the fat, for example, that her sister was saying she prefers not to wear clothing striped (Horizontal), because it makes her look fatter, means that if neglected too her figure, could get to have some difficulties with your partner.

- If we dream that the faucet is open and the liquid is being wasted, it means economic difficulties or loss of money.

Fault (Sports):
- If we dream that we are watching a basketball game in which are playing the person we like and suddenly someone gets fouled and she(he) cried watching us, it means that she(he) is fighting for our love but someone who is intimidating or annoying (Another person also like us) so she(he) does not come to us.

This dream tells us that we can see in a confusing situation, which can harm us.

- If we dream that our favorite team wins the championship, but no one concern, it means that if we succeed (And is very likely to achieve), everybody concern him, either because they want to support us, they we have envy, because they want us to sabotage, etc., but the point is that we will not pass unnoticed, so we must be prudent and be prepared for anything.

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