To dream of falsifications means that problems are approaching against which it will be very difficult for us to protect ourselves.

- But if we dream of FAKE BILLS (paper money), it means that we will not have money problems. And the same means if we see a fake CREDIT CARD.

- To dream of a FALSE CREDENTIAL, means that we will receive unpleasant news that can leave us in a delicate situation and from which it will be difficult for us to protect ourselves. These types of dreams advise us to stop underestimating our enemies and pray in the morning, preferably at dawn, every day, until the danger recedes.

- If we dream of a FAKE MERMAID, it means that there is a love that is not as impossible as it seems, so it is only a matter of trying harder.

- If in the dream we see a FAKE PHOTOGRAPH (an altered photograph), it means that there is something/someone that is not as it seems/appears.

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