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Book of Truth


he signs are the way in which the Good Spirits communicate, like when a white butterfly follows us, which is the way in which an angel influences a living Being, through a type of telepathy, to tell us that he is there. The important thing is to pay attention to unusual things, as it could be that an angel is trying to tell us something important.


The dreams and signs seem to be a little bit, because while in some others we see as important messages, using a language that is somewhat similar, though not equal, at least not in all cases.

For example: at times may have a dream, and then in real life, you may see a sign associated with our dream, for example, we fall from a ladder (not do us harm) or we break a shoe, in these cases is like a dream associated with the message, provided it happens within four days we had to sleep in that case we can see the meaning of that sign in the dictionary of dreams and so we will know the meaning of the message our guardian angel, because that message is associated with sleep.

Another example is when someone has a prophetic dreams (dreams where we see a scene of something that can happen in the future, but when it happens exactly as we saw in our dream, we have the possibility to change something if we do it) accompanied by some signs that then we managed to find in real life, as is the case of the prophets. Like when Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl had a prophetic dream in which God showed him: the cosmic axis leading to the four directions of the universe.
In the dream Topiltzin was crossing two rivers, and reaching a crossroads. From that site were four paths of different colors, leading to various places.
The first went to the world as we know, the second to a desolate place, next to a dark place, and the fourth of them to heaven; Topiltzin followed the fourth and when it finally was able to come back to see his father, who had from this world soon after a terrible battle, toward a short time. Topiltzin suddenly awoke, but turned to sleep, was when he had another dream where he saw a great drought, but then was making himself a sign with his hands, suddenly saw his dream as the wind brought the rain clouds , And with it the green fields and drought finally ended.
The next day, Topiltzin awoke, and although not well understood those dreams, recalled that in these moments his people and other neighboring nations suffered by a major drought, as in her dream. So he ask to Quetzalpapalotl, who was his mom and a great prophetess. She said:

"Topiltzin sometimes we can come to have prophetic dreams, through them sometimes God makes us learn an important message, so you should always take this into account and try to understand it."

Things were difficult in those days, so by following the revelations of his dream was to the highest temple, and then did the same thing, was when suddenly the clouds began to arrive and with them rain and drought at last finish. Thus realized that dreams can sometimes be a divine message.

In terms of the four roads, they represent the four directions of the universe, which are the World, the Limbo, the underworld, and Heaven. and it is through dreams in a way that we can travel to them.

The signs also can be represented in different ways, such as the sacred calendar, which is one of the most important signs, as it describes the movement that God conveys to the universe. We can see a many representations of the sacred calendar in many cultures, for example the Mayan (Mayan calendar), but also can be represented in the way it looks at the next image, which is also a wonderful sign that helps us attract good luck.

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