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See: “wind”

It is also called: sacred table.
There are altars that are found in temples and altars that we have in our homes, each sacred altar or table, should contain the following:
- An image or sign Divine, as is the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe (Racna).
- Sacred Fire: This may be represented by Syrians or candles, but there should always be preferably two or four.
- Sacred Water, for example, we can put a glass of water, to symbolize the life that comes from God.
- Incense, represents our prayers.
- Flowers, representing the love of God.

This food with which we work are commonly called sweet joy, it may be useful to signify the communion with God, as when we do a good purpose, or sometimes, when we go to church; in such cases, we can eat, as a good sign to ask God to help us meet these good intentions.

Angels, guardian:
Guardian angels are those good spirits who always take care of us. The rule says that each one has to take care of his family, so that when a family member or friend leaves this world, who in life loved us; once he reaches Heaven, he becomes our guardian angel. But in fact, we can have more than one guardian angel, in addition to the fact that there are several types of guardian angels, since in addition to the one we already mentioned, there may also be a family guardian angel, who can be a great-grandfather or an ancestor, but as long as it is still remembered by the family, otherwise, the bond would be broken, ceasing to be our guardian angel. We must also consider that animals have souls, especially dogs and cats, so that if we ever had a very special pet, it can become a type of guardian angel.
As for the way in which angels help us, there are several, such as through their advice, those who can reach us through dreams and signs, they also tend to inspire us, send us a feeling, there are even times that They give us advice through a family member, so if we are left thinking about a tip that a family member recently gave us, it is very likely that it is, because it is one of our angels who is trying to guide us.

Animals and the signs, the:
Sometimes the spirits can influence the behavior of some animals, in order to send us a message. It is a type of telepathic hypnosis that has an effect on them. But it is important to note, that it is always about rare and unusual events, for example:
- If suddenly, in the garden we see a SPIDER of a species that we have not seen before, it means that there is someone who wants to make us fall into a trap.
- If we listen to the singing of an OWL, it means that there is a danger of death.
- If we see a RAVEN or a rook at the top of a tree, it means that our enemies are planning to harm us in some way. The same means if a crow/rook gets in our way.
- If a BLACK BUTTERFLY lands on the entrance to our house, it means that there is a danger that one of the people who lives in it will die.
- If we notice that there are PIGEONS in our house, when they had never approached it, it represents the arrival of true love, although it can also mean that there is someone who wants to marry us.
- If we have a ROSEBUSH in the garden and suddenly it starts to bloom more than normal, it means that something good is starting or restarting.
- If the HEEL of the shoe breaks, it means that there is a danger of a sentimental break.
- If we see a WHITE BUTTERFLY, it means nothing, but if we notice that the butterfly begins to follow us, then, it is an angel who tries to tell us through that sign, which, although we cannot see it, is there to take care of us.

If you enter a house, means that there is a detestation of someone who lives there. It may be by a neighbor or an adversary.


If during the previous night dream of a bark, and suddenly a dog barks us, it means that the danger is near.

If we see a bee at the entrance to our house or near the entrance, it means that we will soon have good luck in love.
But if we see her dead, then it means the opposite.

  • On the other hand, if we suddenly see a bee that makes constant turns to the left, it means that our girlfriend/boyfriend or someone who likes us is very angry or is having an attack of jealousy.

Biting while eating:
If at the time we are eating, it happens that we accidentally bite our lip or tongue, it is a sign that tells us that a family member or someone close to us is going hungry.

Magical substance that gives life

Meaning by letter.

This color represents the dawn, which is good, life, the birth of someone or something good.

When books are burned in large quantities, as when they are burned libraries mandated by a dictator, means that there are people who are planning to kill many people through the terrible war or persecution.

Seeing a dead botfly means that we have gotten rid of someone's bad intentions.

To support our brothers near and far, is a sign of strength and unity

Brown, Color:
Associated with this land, fertility, sensuality, and fertility.

Burnt water:
Water and fire are opposites, so their merger, symbolizes the union of opposites.
The opponents are: Light and Darkness, Heaven and the underworld, Men and Women, Creation and Destruction Day and Night...
We must take into account that in the entire universe there is a constant duality, is that there are things that are inconsistent, but sometimes it is necessary that both unite and so that may exist and creating harmony. For example, so that someone can come to this world needs is a man and a woman, because otherwise both would die early in isolation, therefore we speak of a duality of creation. The same goes for the day and night, because we need the night to rest and be able to do something the next day.
There are other cases that are a little complicated to understand, such as Life and Death, in this case, sometimes it is necessary for something to die so that something new is born, or someone dies to revive in another plane of existence, another case: Sometimes, we need both the bright side, as the dark side, which means that sometimes we must be firm despite the fact that it appears that we are evil, for instance, when someone scolds (Without violence) to its son because they did something wrong, you may even feel bad about it, but something is needed.

Sign Atl-tlachinol'li (Burnt water).

- If a BLACK BUTTERFLY lands on the entrance to our house, it means that there is a danger that one of the people who lives in it will die.
- If we see a WHITE BUTTERFLY, it means nothing, but if we notice that the butterfly begins to follow us, then, it is an angel who tries to tell us through that sign, which, although we cannot see it, is there to take care of us.
But if we see a drowned black butterfly, it means that we have escaped danger or misfortune.


The first thing is to bring attention to the flame:
- If shaking, it means that there is a struggle between two forces.
- If the flame is calm and firm, it means that things are going well, but as long as the candle is done well and without problems.
- If a candle ends too quickly, is a notification that a difficult problem to solve, which requires us to greater effort.
- If you smoke a lot, warns of probable betrayals.
- If a candle is extinguished before completion, we must turn it on again until it is finished completely, otherwise it's like giving the victory to the opposing forces, and that means you are making every effort to overcome what is not we must allow.
- If form as a well, is a reminder that our business is stagnating and we require more effort.
- When a candle burns well and lasts longer than usual, is a good sign, and tells us we are doing things well.

It represents our material and spiritual sustenance.

Climate change:
Climatic changes in the world, are a sign that there is anything you need to change or are close to major changes.

One son is and represents a step in our support for this world.

Drinking chocolate drinks or as a beverage, can represent the family union, what can be done in some important family celebrations such as birthdays and anniversaries.

Christian rites:
The rites or Christian sects are false religions that try to be imposed by the force. Whether by force of arms or the science of manipulation, that is, through deception. Constantly attacking all the other teachings without justification, saying only that his teachings can lead to salvation, completely denying the truth that God has always been next to all their children without distinction. Because God has always been known, either with one name or another, for example: Universal Soul, Brahma, Ala, Yahweh, The Great Spirit... But the sects do not say or try to hide it, because it runs counter to its purposes and economic domination.

Christian sects are handled secretly by the Freemasons hostile, and those who do not stop, to give rise to new and more aggressive sects, worst case is that sometimes his experiments go beyond control and cause even greater damage to those caused usually.

Below we see a picture of a mass suicide, which claimed the lives of 913 Americans, led by a Christian sect, known as the temple of the village.

Soon we see another incident happened in Waco Texas, which occurred shortly after numerous allegations against a Christian sect responsible for child abuse and violence. So that when the authorities wanted to speak, the leaders of the sect blew several bombs to simulate a mass suicide, killing around ninety.

The bear in mind the timing of various events good and bad, it is important to gain a clear understanding of history.


- Black:
It means uncertainty and lack of light, is the opposite of blue and at dawn.
- Blue:
Mainly represents freedom, then the devotion, the sacred, is also the color of sunrise and good feelings.
- Brown:
Associated with this land, fertility, sensuality, and fertility.
- Fluorescent:
Communicating with those who have departed from this world.
- Golden:
It is a color associated with the Sun and its qualities such as protection, True, union and the Divine.
- Gray:
Represents indifference and depression.
- Green:
It is the color of life and nature, the Justice and also has to do with the natural order.
- Orange:
Associated with this ambition, and is also a shade of red or yellow, so he was also associated with thought and passion.
- Phosphorescent:
Light in the Darkness, way to the truth.
- Pink:
This associated with the sensuality and love that you start.
- Purple:
This associated with the nobility.
- Red:
This color represents the protection, union, passion, blood, war, fire, and sexuality. The red also tells us that our soul is ready for action.
- Silver:
This associated with the moon, and hence the origin of life and of all things.
- Violet:
It represents the memories and nostalgia.
- White:
It represents peace and tranquility.
- Yellow:
It symbolizes the thought, knowledge, wisdom, spirit, is also associated with the sun, to motherhood, the material and spiritual sustenance, and prosperity.

A comet passing close to the ground and is easily visible, warning the end of an empire.

It is the decision to choose the right path, which is the search for the truth.

It represents our material and spiritual sustenance

Cosmic Day and Cosmic Night:
Cosmic Day: The days begin at the end of the cosmic night, which are periods of confusion where people kill each other because of false prophets. So that when they sent the True prophets, they show the truth to the various nations, which brings with it the brotherhood and an end to religious battles

Cosmic Night: Sometimes the great civilizations are gradually destroyed by constant warfare, they bring with them the worship of false prophets, thus plunging the world into confusion, until such time as a true prophet is sent to show the truth to the nations, and then the cosmic night ends.
These days, even approximates the cosmic dawn (Who has even been announced, such as by the Mayan prophecies), while we are in the cosmic night that was dominated by the confusion caused by hostile freemasons, who through their various impostures, such as: Protestantism, communism, feminism, neo-liberalism among the best known, have plunged the world into constant wars from the inquisition to the latest attacks on Muslim countries who have refused to admit the entrance of the Masonic impostures.

Cosmic Cross:
Represents the four directions of the universe, is also related Quincunxes, and although some false prophets have used it as if it were your sign, the truth is that this sign has always existed.

He represents the spirit, intellect, wisdom, and the prediction of events good and bad.


As for the devil, it is even a kind of metaphor to refer to everything bad, but the inquisition and even some cults have used it to persuade people to behave in a certain way and do everything they say. Which is not very different from the history of Coco and Boogeyman, which are used to frighten young children. So that there is no god of evil who is also head of absolutely all evil, what if there are demons. The point is that a demon is the soul of a person who during his passage through this world had many followers and dedicated himself to do all kinds of evil things, In addition to rituals and witchcraft, so that when he died, his followers turned him into a kind of evil god (a minor god), as are many of the spirits invoked in practices such as voodoo, freemasonry and some cults, even some gods Malignant ones like loki, suti, etc., that being in the underworld and being invoked by many people, acquire some power, that although they are not invincible, sometimes they can be a nuisance and a bad influence for some people.

Today, in many countries there is a law on freedom of expression, there are groups that use dishonest tactics in order to circumvent this fundamental right, such as disinformation tactics.
For example, let's say a girl got pregnant and someone spreads gossip; So, that no one finds out, she goes to live far away and spreads other equally scandalous gossip, such as: that she was in jail, that she murdered someone and had to go far away, etc. The point is that, like all gossip is equally scandalous, in the end no one knows what really happened.

Another very common tactic these days is to invent rumors in order to ridicule a Truth, as has been the case with conspiracies (the Illuminati), suddenly someone tells a Truth about the things that secret societies do, and the Illuminati immediately begin to spread absurd rumors, such as reptilians, flat earth, etc. So that in the end, no one knows what is True and what is not.

It symbolizes the strength and determination in order to confront all difficulties.

The Dragon is a sign that has positive negative aspects, it originated in remote antiquity when fossils of a flying dinosaur were found.

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If we see an animal that has a bad meaning, drowned, it means that we have gotten rid of what it means, for example: If we suddenly see a drowned spider, it means that we are free from a trap.

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