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Represents the union of heaven and earth, are also burning incense as an offering and said: "My prayer is raised to be raised to heaven as this incense."

It was a practice carried out by the early church when she was not present at Our Divine Lady Tonantzin Teteoinan (Virgin of Guadalupe). In those days, the early Church and murderer chased thousands of people for refusing to accepter Christianity.
Below we can see pictures of that practice, we see the so-called first lady of iron, which was a kind of metal box with a sharp-pointed where a person and then closed so that the tips are buried in your body and thus had a slow and painful death. In the next image shows a person to be burnt alive because of the Inquisition.

Soon we see, first the colt who was an instrument of torture where the accused was sleeping and was tied their hands and ankles, before being stretched in order to force him to confess alleged crimes. In the next image, we see that used to close a cage placed in places such as the entrances of the courts of the inquisition, and there locked naked exposing people directly to the heat of the sun for hours or to the intense cold, then leave them to die of thirst or starve; as an example for anyone who dared to oppose the wishes of the early church.

Meaning by letter.

Inquisition, modern:
Is carried out by Protestantism and at present has been to hurt any one nation that refuses to openly admit the entry of Christian sects in its territory, as are the Muslim countries.

Below we can see two images, we see in the first former U.S. president George Bush with Franklin Graham, who carries a bible in his hand. Franklin Graham is a preacher, equivalent to a Protestant pope, already assured his followers that Islam is an evil religion, and helped carry out a plot against Islam with the help of Bush.
In the second image, we can see George W. Bush with Franklin Graham, who between other things, twins allowed the attack the towers even though they had known that was planned a terrorist attack, which had been discovered several weeks before the attack. But I consented, because it favored their plans, through which they carried out the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, which would provoke more terrorist attacks.

Here we see an Arab city bombed and then a Muslim man being humiliated.

It's like we can see some of the consequences of Protestantism that constantly cause wars between the countries at the same time that extends through force of arms and science of manipulation. Iron:
It represents the strength and protection.


Represents the union of heaven and earth.

The jaguar symbolizes the strength and courage to face difficult situations.


Kennedy, assassination of John F.
Today there is still no official version of the assassination of John F. Kennedy, and the reason, as always happens in these cases, is because there is a Truth that politicians do not want to be known. The truth is that the United States, although it is a predominantly Anglo-Saxon country, is strongly influenced by the Khazar Jews (the descendants of a Turkish tribe that returned to Judaism for political reasons and who, taking advantage of the time when the Church prohibited His faithful give loans, they created the first modern banks, and later the order of the Illuminati). The point is that the Khazarians, being owners of the main transnational banks, have great economic power, through which they have subdued the United States, which did not go unnoticed by the then president: John F. Kennedy, who attempted put a stop to the Khazarians. But they reacted immediately, planning and carrying out Kennedy's assassination, taking advantage of their strong influence in the media and the economy, to cover up the fact, especially in a capitalist country where everything moves through of money.

Here we see the one dollar bill, impregnated with Masonic symbols, designed by the Illuminati and ordered by their political puppets. Clear sign of the Khazarians' manipulation of the American people.

Khazars (Zionists):
Currently there are two types of Jews, which are the original Jews (who are of an Arab-type race) who are said to have lived in the Middle East and then dispersed throughout the world, and the Khazars, who actually come from a Turkish tribe ( which is a mixed race of Arabs and Nordics, hence it is not strange to see many blonde actors who claim to be Jewish, but who are actually Khazarians) who turned to Judaism for political reasons, and then became the great bankers , since for some time, the Church prohibited its faithful from lending money, however, it was not prohibited for people of other religions, hence the Khazarians immediately took advantage of the situation to create the first banks, amassing great fortunes, and later formed secret organizations, mainly the Illuminati.

After the Illuminati order was formed, their first objective was to seize the territories of Palestine, their supposed ancestral lands, a plan they carried out through gradual immigration, until the Khazarian-Jewish population reached a number important. Later, with the help of England and the United States, they took over a large part of Palestine, founding the state of Israel. On the other hand, the Illuminati have invented as many sects as possible, their idea is to displace the Catholic Church, to later move the headquarters of Christianity to Israel.


Leaf insect:
If in reality we see a dead leaf insect at the entrance to our house, it means that there is someone who has already discovered us, or who has already realized our intentions.

It represents the Divine will and can symbolized by a candle.

Light of Truth:
It is the knowledge of what is true and that comes from God, who transmits it to all his staff and prophets, and then, through them to all its priests and children, so that those who know the Indeed we must convey even a little of that Light of Truth inspired by God who is Truth.

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