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Is that we have found the path of good, because the snake represents the earth (This world) and the feathers represent heaven, that is, this sign represents the union of Earth and Heaven.

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It represents the Divine order, and is a sign made up 5 points, one in the middle and 4, each pointing toward a cardinal point.


It represents our material and spiritual sustenance

Meaning by letter.

When we have roses in our garden and flourish abundantly, means that all is well in our lives, but when the roses begin to dry, it means that something is wrong.

Ringing in the ear:
Warns us that someone has bad will and saying bad things about us.


Saint death:
In some places in Mexico and the United States, saint death is worshiped; that she is represented with a skeleton wearing a tunic and carrying a scythe. Its origin dates back to ancient Mexico, as it must be remembered that at that time the prophet Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl prohibited human sacrifices, but the Aztecs ignored his teachings and worshiped Huitzilopochtli, who was an evil god who demanded numerous human sacrifices, in addition to the fact that It had multiple invocations, that is, several ways of manifesting itself, including the gods of the underworld (Mictlantecuhtli and Mictlancihuatl) who were represented as two skeletons, one male and one female. Hence, the cult of the gods of the underworld was mixed with the Catholic religion, emerging a type of sect, called the cult of the saint death, which is common among drug traffickers and kidnappers. In itself, it is an evil spirit that comes to fulfill some favors in exchange for offerings, prayers, among other things, but like any unreliable spirit, it usually steals energy from its faithful, and if it gets angry, it can cause a disaster, from the death of a relative, jail, illnesses, and so on.

The sapphire, it represents the help that we receive from the Sky to end with all our problems and difficulties.

It is important that all important writings are made in ink blue or green, such as religious writings, birth certificates, marriage, baptism, confirmation, etcetera. The writing in blue ink, is a sign of prayer and thus a way to ask Divine aid in what we do. You can also include some signs, such as:

- Below we can see with the number ONE sign Atl, which represents water coming from the sky and it means that life comes from God.
- With the number TWO, we see the sign Tepetl, or Mount representing the union of Heaven and Earth, as in the history of the prophets, this has always been the sacred mountain or the sacred tree, but especially in the mountains , As has been: Mount Tepeyac, Mount Hira, Mount Himalayas, Mount Tonacatepetl, et cetera.
- With the number TREE, we see a sign that represents the Divine Word passed through all the prophets as has been: Quetzalcoatl, Mohammed, Buddha, Rama...
- With the number FOUR, there is a flower representing the planet Venus, and it means the cycles of time, since we see Venus at sunrise and sunset, so that is associated with the beginning and end of all things and so forth.
- With the number FIVE we can observe a four-leaf clover that represents the order and movement of the universe (A center and four treble mean that every course of the universe).
- With the number SIX, is the star sign, which represents all the prophets guide.
- With the number SEVEN, is the sign of Quetzalcoatl, who represents one of the first four pairs of sons of God, and also means the union of heaven and earth.
- With the number EIGHT, an eight-leaf clover, which represents: The conjunction of the Sun and Venus, which happens every 104 years, which means God's presence through all the cycles of Time.
- And with the number NINE we see a variant of the sign ol`lin or movement, but here we see one eye in the center representing God, who looks absolutely everywhere.

A solstice or equinox to be ahead by four or more days, is a sign that something important is about to change, so we must be prepared.

Normally the equinoxes and solstices are a manifestation of the natural order that exists in all things and is transmitted by God, as we see in the accuracy with which occur every year as a perfect clock, and that the order can not exist by itself Because you need someone to keep it that way. In the case of the stations, we can see the presence of the number four, which is a sacred number in the natural order.

Here we see the pyramid of Kukulcan in Yucatan-Mexico where at the beginning of the equinox the shadow of the feathered serpent is seen, along with Stonehenge in England where the sun is seen out just for one section of the gigantic stone clock during the change of season.

The sects are false religions have in common the search for cause or the division of nations, usually opposed to all religions without exception, claim to have the only truth and be the only salvation, commonly used camaraderie, and while trying to threaten his followers with different tactics, for example, some sects constantly talk that the world is going to end up, and suggest that those who refuse to take their lessons will not have salvation among the most hostile, are: Jehovah's Witnesses, Communists, Mormons, a holy death, etc.
We must also bear in mind that the vast majority of cults are fabricated by the Freemasons hostile groups that are among its main objectives is to form the new sects in order to manipulate and control the country.

Sheets of paper:
The paper is a suitable material to write the important things, should preferably be white or beige.

Representing the cycles of life and time.

Representing the cycles of time and movement of the universe, the meaning is given to marine snails.

Represents water coming from the heaven and it means that life comes from God

Stairs represent success, but above all the way to heaven. For that reason it is important that in all the temples has stairs at the entrance, as in the altars.

Stone of Dreams:
That one a stone that was used formerly to achieve a better communication across the sleep, with our guardian angel Celestial Beings, the so-called stone of the sleep is the jade, of the type that is similar to a green crystal. Sometimes the figure of a hummingbird was prepared using jade, which brings good luck.

The sun represents God, because it is the star that is biggest in the sky.

The sunrise represents the birth of the Truth and is the best time to pray and make offerings, as it represents the light that overcomes the darkness.

Sunny Day:
A sunny day and clear at the time of starting a project is a good sign, which tells us that things will be fine.


The tabacco can be used in a manner similar to incense, is also an offering, but in this case represents communication with the Divine.
To attract good luck and God will help us make good decisions we can offer tabacco as if it were incense, we can use it for cigarettes, but preferably a mark of at least possible commercial or cigars, then smoke from the center of the house, and then the smoke of tabacco is addressed to each cardinal point starting with the east, and said: "Let my prayer is raised to heaven as this incense."
It is also used to make a peace treaty, entrusting to God our good wishes for someone creates a circle of people, and each gives a smoked, then what happens to the next, the final prayer is said (See: Magic good-prayers), and then says:
"May God help us to find freedom, peace, justice and unity."

There are various types of talismans, both ill as good, and we see present in all religions without exception, from small medals, until the very elaborate.
It is also important to be careful with some things we buy, because they can bring signs evangelists who bring us bad luck, as are figures that resemble fish and other insignia of Protestantism.
Talismans we can give special protection, provided they have good signs, as they are a link with a Being or a special place. The best are the coins as they are made of metal, and contain a sign: it may help for example, that our guardian angel or a good angel can easily find us and help us in these difficult times.
Any metal can be useful, but if you want something more developed, we can use the gold and silver.
A good sign can be the sacred calendar that is recorded in the currencies of ten Mexican pesos, which is a sign of good fortune and protection. But if for example we would be lucky in love, it would be nice to be able to count on a coin or similar object with the image of one of the angels of love, such as Xochiquetzal or Aphrodite.
We can also buy similar items in holy places like Teotihuacan and other sites. Another way to take good fortune, would buy a medal with the image of Our Divine Lady in a place near the Tepeyac and take it during a Mass to bless the twelfth day of December or during the start of one of the four seasons.

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The tarot is actually an Egyptian oracle, made up of religious stamps, where each arcanum represents an Egyptian god. The fact is that Egypt was invaded by the Persians and later by the Romans, so that to preserve some traditions, they changed the appearance of some things, including the oracle of Thoth, which became the "Tarot" (very similar words), which is It was adapted to each era, but the relationship with Egyptian culture can still be easily deduced, since in some letters there are still references to ancient Egypt, such as images of the Sphinx, among other allusions.
As for the cards, it can also be observed Correspondence with Egyptian gods, for example: The sun card represents Ra (sun god), The justice card that in tarot carries the image of a woman, to correspond with the Egyptian goddess Maat (that is, both are women), The magician's letter with Heka (god of magic), and so on. As for dreams, they have allmost the same meaning that is given to the cards in the tarot, as the case of the carriage, which in the tarot, among other things, represents probable trips, and in dreams it means that soon we will make a trip or that we will have constant trips. In the same way, if in the dream we saw a series of cards that we remember exactly, it would be a matter of looking for their meaning in the tarot, to know what the dream wants to tell us.

Another case is the card of the Priestess, which refers to the Egyptian priestesses, since for example, in medieval Europe (where sometimes it is about locating the origin of the tarot) there were only male priests. On the other hand, the card of the Moon is associated with the lunar goddesses. And the way the cards are arranged represents a tree, which had a fundamental role in Egyptian magic.

A temple is the house of God, and also represents the union of Heaven and the Earth.

It is known today as the archaeological site which is located north of Mexico City. Teotihuacan, it is actually the old Tulan spoken by the Popol Wuj (Holy Book of the Maya), is the city where he lived Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl and the prophetess Quetzalpapalotl. Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl was a prophet king, which banned human sacrifices, and achievement to unite the nations that had previously been hostile. At the top of the pyramid of the sun, which is the main temple at Teotihuacan, was the sacred calendar carved in stone on a disk, Teotihuacan was also the sacred city of antiquity, as she arrived large pilgrimages of all places of Mesoamerica And now bears a great similarity with the Tepeyac, as we see in the following images.

Above we see the Temple of the Sun in Teotihuacan, during the start of the spring equinox, when they come big quantity of pilgrims of several countries. The temple of the sun is dedicated to God who transmite the order and movement to the whole universe. Since the sun represents God, for being star that turns out to be biggest in the sky, because the sky where the clouds are symbolizes the Divine Haven where is God. And then we see the temple of Quetzalcoatl.

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Things that come off:
Sometimes, we are concerned about can be a problem, then, at that time we fall several things such as magazines, books, booklets, brochures, etc., and when we come to collect them, it happens that a book stay open on a page, or the first thing you see is a pamphlet, then, what we should do is read what it says, because there may be the answer to the problem. It sometimes, our guardian angel can do that in these moments of concern to us drop something, so we see an important message.

A thread is a sign of unity between two things, Seres, affairs, purposes, and so on.

The time is the same as moving, because without movement as a whole would be frozen and there would be no time.
The movement of the universe that is sent by God, as circular is that the atoms and planets, since the same sequence is found in all things.

Time, The count of.
The time and motion are synonymous, and that without movement there would be no time, since everything would be frozen, this is, the time would not move. The fact is that God (Whether we call: God, Racna, Allah, Brahma, Law of Karma...) is the one who transmits motion to the universe, so that, for example: Each year there are four seasons, which are beginning when the earth changes its trajectory slightly, and this happens at the equinoxes and solstices, which is why the great cultures of antiquity, taking as reference the equinoxes to know at what point was the beginning of the year (As we see in the Kukulcan pyramid and Stonehenge, which were like a kind of clock that marked the beginning of the natural-year and the seasons).
The ancient Toltecs counted the years since the exact moment that the vernal equinox occurs, but also the years, are the Ages, that starting at the same time as the galactic equinox, as our solar system is located within a galaxy rotating in a circle and as in the solar system changes occur in his career, hence the Mayas have left said that in 2012 would begin the new Era, and was this year we could witness the start of the next It was and is that in the year in question, the spring equinox occurred at the same instant as the galactic equinox (There was an alignment), starting the new year and new Era, so the March 20 occurred the spring equinox and also the galactic equinox was so God tells us through a prophetic sign that the new start time (As mentioned from a month earlier in the virtual magazine), since that date accurate earthquake occurred in several countries having been aftershocks for several days, so that to happen at the right time of the events, tells us that this is a sign, so from that moment we must consider that Start year 1 of our Era (Teotihuacan-Mayan Age)

Here is a picture of our galaxy and the alignment of the equinoxes with a graph with the tremors occurred between March 20 and subsequent days (white dots).

To counter the influence of evil spirits:
In this case the cleanliness and order is also important to place a four leaf clover (Image or figure) above the front door of our home or business.

To ward off evil:
Sometimes the Freemasons make malignant prayers in Latin or Hebrew that are amplified as forms of magic and can do so at a particular time of day or night, depending on various circumstances.
In all cases where we face evil forces, it is important to know the identity and name of the evil that is being invoked, such as by the Freemasons, and also help greatly in the past to remember that these forces have been defeated because the same can again be defeated.
When a place is strongly influenced by an evil force, such as a government office where there is lots of corruption or temples dedicated to evil, it does the following: We first four laps around the place (If you could not give it back to the building, given the loops to the entire block) and then stopping at the entrance do four times the prayer of Justice (See: Magic good) and then saying that: "That the evil of this place goes away, in the name of God, from whom comes all that is true. If it is fighting a Christian sect or a communist group can say: "Seth, get out of this place, in the name of God, from whom comes all that is true."

It has the same meaning as the water.


The twins represent the cosmic wisdom.

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