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It symbolizes our self-sacrifice, namely that it is sometimes necessary to sacrifice a little for others to find harmony in the home or at work.

Manipulation in the media.
Today it is easier to influence the opinion of the people, when someone have the total control of the media, especially television and the press, for that reason, the Freemasons strive to be part of the media, either as entrepreneurs, filmmakers, actors, television hosts, and so on.
So when something threatens their interests or someone tries to publicize their activities, immediately change the view of the people through the media, even these days, the media are often used to promote abortion, communism, marijuana, homosexuality, even it is increasingly common to see that even the most hostile sects have your TV show, where, present: poignant cases and constantly speak or the Apocalypse (Because when people are near death tend to become more religious and more easily fall into the hands of hostile sects, which is a widely used tactic of manipulation by sects, such as the doomsday prophecies that never meet but nevertheless his followers leave the sect and the reason is because it is a clever psychological manipulation tactic).
But what can we do to defend ourselves against these dishonest people; the point is to manipulate the masses is not easy and like hypnosis is necessary that their victims repeat certain patterns of behavior in addition to bombarding them with some false information by constantly repeating it comes to believe it is true, for example, a news we see every day at the same hour or read a newspaper every morning at the same time can cause serious damage to our view of the facts.
As an effective way to defend against these tactics is to take special care with the news and the press, especially avoid turning them into habits, for example: Read the newspaper and watch the news on television every day can be harmful, but if only we see one or two times a week will not cause us serious harm.

From behind Hollywood movies is a whole mechanism of manipulation, especially in films produced by hostile Jewish Freemasons, which are the most abundant in the United States.

Masons hostiles:
See: Hostiles, masons (EFGH).

It represents our material and spiritual sustenance.

Miracles are unusual things, like when someone has a disease that doctors say is incurable, but by the help of God and of good spirits there is a full recovery, or when we think we're in a situation, it seems no longer be remedied, but with God's help (Racna Allah, Brahma, The Law of Karma...), and of angels, everything changes for the better. So that's a sign of the presence of God and that we are doing things right.

This letter represents the place where we are reflected, it means our conscience.

Missile Crisis:
Shortly after that Fidel Castro reported that the Cuban government would be communist, the then Soviet Union made plans to install nuclear projectiles in Cuba, given the closeness with the United States. The purpose was to destroy his rival, and then take the dominance of the world to introduce communism by force known to all countries. But fortunately the evil plan, was discovered when a spy plane to discover that achievement in Cuba is being installed nuclear missiles, so that America could be destroyed before they could react. John F. With the United States command an immediate military fleet to Cuba, but before they begin fighting, John F. Kennedy, who was the first Catholic president, was entrusted to our Divine Lady, and She finished with the confusion that one had empowered of the president of the U.S.S.R., thus few moments later, was able to achieve a peace agreement between the two countries , And since then it began to yield agreements on nuclear disarmament. Here we see an image of a plane U-2 is similar to that discovered nuclear missiles being installed in Cuba.

Meaning by letter.

Below is a look at one of the aerial shots, which are several industrial plants, where they were hiding nuclear missiles. On one side is a map, which you can see the great closeness that exists between the island of Cuba and the United States.

Then we see a photograph of Fidel Castro in a reunion with the then president of the USSR on one side and a long-range missile capable of traveling from Cuba to Washington in just a few minutes.

Here is a diary of the year 50 B.S. (1962), where you can see the president John F. Kennedy arriving at the Basilica of Our Divine Lady, and saluting the Archbishop Primate. And in the last image, we see the same building, which today is known as the Old Basilica.

Finally we see the then presidents: John F. Kennedy of the United States and Nikita Khrushchev of the USSR, at a reunion, shortly after the missile crisis.

The mourning should last only four days after the funeral, and it should consist primarily in prayer, during those four days, as may be repeating a prayer nine times during the morning of each of those days.


Nazism and Hitler:
Hitler was the ruler of Germany during the Second World War, at that time invaded almost the whole of Europe, in addition to killing millions of Jews, and the reasons stated in the book called "Mein Kampf".

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Negative Inertia:
In our lives, as in the entire universe, everything moves in cycles, but in our lives sometimes those cycles can get to come back negative. As in the past when we made a mistake that had terrible consequences, then, it happens that the same situation that led us to that mistake is going to repeat sooner or later, and if not we avoid a repeat again, is going to continue going on a and again. That's what is called negative inertia. But the fact is that we must prevent that from happening. By drawing on our experiences that besides having a strong avoid a repetition of the mistake and so we can get the cycles become negative in a positive, achieving an end to the negative inertia, in order to achieve harmony with the universe and the good things.


Ol`leen: (Sign)
It represents the movement of the universe and the Divine will.


The parks are important because they help to harmony with nature and the union of the family, so you should never miss a park nearby.

There are two types of vital energy, such FIRST subtler energy, which is commonly known as perispirit, and is helping to unite the body with the soul, with the help of a metal, such as iron content in the blood. SECOND is the universal energy, which is the one that comes from God and is the energy that feeds the soul (Spiritual sustenance).

The prayer is something that unites us to God, and besides, it helped to maintain the balance of the universe, so that always dominate the good over evil.

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