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Hitler was the initiator of the second World War, and adopted as a symbol: A type of swastika, however, the original swastika is a sign not evil, because it originally belonged to the oldest civilization that is aware of, the swastika is also a Divine sign and its meaning is in part similar to the sign of "Jin and Jang," which represents the duality of the universe: the good and evil, day and night, light and darkness, male and female, etc. that is, the harmony of the universe; same principles that are represented by the swastika, as is illustrated in some cases turning right and others left.

By the Nazis to represent something negative (Extreme revenge), drew up a sign with a swastika turning to the left but black color (Since even a swastika turning to the left of green, red, blue, yellow, or white, it would still be a good sign) it would be something like maul the jin jang sign, as shown in the following illustration:

Here we see the original signs.

Here we see the mutilated signs.

To understand how Hitler succeeded in manipulating to Germany, we must remember the causes of second World War, the case is that after Germany lost the First World War, was forced by the victors to pay substantial compensation, which added to the abuse of hostile Free masons, who had amassed great fortunes at the expense of the exploitation of the poor, led a very difficult situation in Germany at that time, and the problem is that many of them was Jewish origin, and treated their workers like animals, even today there are still Jewish Masons who are racist and inconsiderate to others, but this does not mean that all Masons are Jewish, or that all Jews are hostile, (Although Hitler saw the Jews in a racist manner, as if they were a sort of gremlins, or hostile race that had to be exterminated, the truth is that most of them are good people, what happens is that there is a kind sect (Freemasons-Zionists) constitutes only a small sector of the Jewish nation, but for all the Jews who were persecuted in the second war, which is unfair, because no one should criticize a nation for the actions of a few, not even be considered that Jews are bad because of their race, as indeed they are descendants of the race called "Indo-European", like the Arabs, Greeks, Italians, even the ancient Celts and Toltecís were related to Indo-European, which is a race that originated in India several thousand years ago.) But for Hitler, was one of his main political weapon, because blame the Jews for the crisis, the fact is that few, paid all. Their reasons we can still find in his book "Mein Kampf" which means "My Struggle", and although this book presents all kinds of nonsense, on the other side says some truths.

A few years ago, the book was published again, but soon the Freemasons edit another scandalous book (Da vinci code) to create disinformation, since a common tactic for anyone to know of some scandal is to create another scandal similar so that in the end nobody knows what really happened. And Hitler's book says several things about the Freemasons which if true, even when the Nazi army came to some countries conquered by the Soviet empire, they were greeted as liberators.

Finally, we must say that although the history books these days, say that Hitler committed suicide, not is true, because it was just another tactic of the Freemasons to make it look like a coward and there are those who see him as a liberator. Even a few years ago, historians could agree on Hitler's death and had all sorts of theories, some said, that Churchill was Hitler's skull as an ashtray on your desktop; other versions say that he had escaped in a submarine inside lined with skin of Jews, to a South American country, when in fact died during the bombing of the German capital, but even when some of his arguments were true, and it is good to avoid abuses, not is good prevent abuse through worst abuses, so we can not consider in any way that Hitler was a good person, it just was not his intention to free the nation from the yoke Mason, it just was not his intention to free the nation from the yoke Mason, but rather, to overthrow a empire, and then introduce another, among other things that can not be justified, as the killing infants.