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Today there are numerous versions of aliens supposed to have visited the earth in recent years, and one of the most famous is that of an alien course, that was found in Roswell, according to some sources , an alien ship would have crashed at some place in the United States and would have found a disproportionately large humanoid skull, but the truth is that everything was as an urban legend since the alleged alien was a person with a genetic disorder similar to down syndrome but with a deformation higher in the skull, all was confusion, well used by the media, who won a fortune on it.

No doubt there is life in other solar systems, even during the last decades it has been found that the first microorganisms of this world, they came from another planet (Are microorganisms that can withstand extreme temperatures), however, at least in recent centuries has not been any civilization that has come this far. As for the alleged alien craft have been seen in the sky, they are actually high-tech aircraft , infact , the Nazis produced very similar vehicles to a flying saucer like you see in the picture.

Here we see the image of a ship built by the Nazis, which was a project that took place during World War II.

But on the other hand, there are indications that there was once a civilization on the planet Mars as advanced as the Mayans or the Egyptians (which is not difficult to deduce, since a day on Mars lasts about 24 hours, its temperature is ideal for life, in addition to the existence of water and oxygen). The fact is that at some point Mars was full of life, but a mega solar storm burned the planet, and since its inhabitants did not have enough technology to escape to Earth (which already had life at that time), they could not escape the catastrophe. These days it is rumored that the United States has made important discoveries, but keeps them in the strictest secrecy.

Meaning by letter.

It is a sign of Divinity, because the eagle is the bird that flies high and has an acute vision.
The eagle also represents the light of the truth that prevails over any confusion and over any usurper.

The eagle is present constantly in religion, and in several national emblems. Above we see the figure of ceramics of an Crested eagle, which was very popular in Teotihuacan, as it resembles an eagle with plume (Headdress), and even hand, we see an Crested eagle, where we see the feathers protruding from his head and resemble a plume whose meaning is the same as that of a crown.

It has the same meaning as the water.


Fasting is usually done for five days and consists of not consuming food or drink, until noon (See doctrine - The Priesthood).
This practice is important in two cases:
a) For those who choose to dedicate to the priesthood, which is common during the time of reparation for priests.
b) Before a pilgrimage, or in the days when there were many difficulties, whether in our family or in the community, then practiced fasting to ask God that things will improve.

It represents the protection, especially if you attached a red candle.

And represents the central principle of all things, the number five along with the number four are the two most sacred numbers that exist, because they founded the universal order.

And represents the four cardinal points, four weathers, four elements, four directions... because along with the number five are the two most sacred numbers.


A well kept garden with roses and fountains means harmony of the universe

When someone gives us a gift, and it happens that after a while it breaks, it means that we don't really like that person, or he gave us the gift reluctantly (for example, because he didn't want to spend so much). But if the gift is perfect, and even more so if we drop it, but it still doesn't break, it means that the person who gave us the gift really loves us.

Is the one who gives us life and sustenance for the soul and body, means that everything be created and orderly and who has been named in many ways over time, and in all places, as is: Racna, Allah, Brahma, The Great Spirit, The Law of Karma... Because God is omnipresent, timeless, for this reason is that we all know that there is no matter where or when we're born, God is always present as is the order of the universe. For it is who makes this possible. And even though today is divided between good many religions, it is mostly by political interests, but that does not mean that's why contrary, since all of them speak the Truth that we are all brothers and that God exists by whom all live.
Some people confuse Jesus with God, we must bear in mind that God is neither one of the preachers nor prophets, because God does not want the division of religions good, for it is she who has inspired all.

It is a metal that is not decomposed, representing the union with the Divine.

It is the color of life and nature, the Justice and also has to do with the natural order.


The hand represents power.
- The right hand, is doing what is good.
The override and a half of his right hand, represent a serious commitment to a cause or with someone.
- The left hand is doing bad, especially when the sign is accompanied by the thumb and index, but not when it is accompanied by the ring finger and a half, because then in the case of override, it means a commitment of marriage, and in the case Finger half a formal commitment to a project or with someone.
When the left hand is associated with a cardinal point, specifically to the south, about finding what is true.

Heaven's Door:
Heaven's door will always be represented by the search for True.

Says an old myth that there is a Being hundred percent evil, emperor of all evil, who supposedly lives in a place of fire, where torture the souls of sinners, for all eternity. The Truth is that these are fictional stories that were invented by some unscrupulous priests, in order to scare people in order to behave a certain way.
Even still today, that myth is widely used by some sects, such as: Jehovah's Witnesses, a sect that constantly speaks of the devil, hell, apocalypse, and alleged prophecies about the end of the world. The most curious thing is that, although their prophecies never met, his followers not to lose faith in the sect, however, become more devout. The reason is that it is a psychological ploy, because usually when someone is near death becomes more vulnerable and can easily fall prey to such groups, for fear of being sent to hell, it's like when a fraudster scam us into believing something that is not true, using our difficult situation. (A classic argument, is when they say that for some time has been a whole series of disasters or wars that we announce the end of the world, usually speak of the world wars, although some said the same thing years before the year 470 (2000) and when I get that year, also classic: Nothing happened) But the Truth is that the True God loves all his children, and never would wish someone to eternal damnation, and although there underworlds where a soul can be trapped for a while until being rescued, and evil spirits, there is no emperor of evil, much less a place of eternal damnation.

History is important to avoid the same mistakes.

Hostiles, Masons:

Unlike the common freemasons, secret organizations are formed by people of different nationalities who profess faith in false prophets, primarily Seth who called with a different name, to conceal their real purposes. These groups are dedicated to looking for the way of implanting a world government across the secret control of the sects like they are principally the communism and the Protestantism.
Among the most dangerous are the Iluminati, which is a hostile group that was formed some time after it emerged Protestantism, and was formed with the intent to exploit the situation of those days to form a larger number of both sects Christian or similar.
For example, Marx (Originator of Communism) was a Iluminati, but then the same group mason, ie Iluminati, other groups formed freemasons, in order to pretend that communism, and Protestantism, were against, for example, in the United States, the iluminati handle the Protestantism at the same time that they manipulate the government, and in Cuba there is another group mason, with another name, which is responsible for controlling communism and that apparently is against the Iluminati, although in reality Both groups are handled by the same people, including some descendants of Aramaic.
The way in which the Freemasons hostile exercise their malign influence on governments, is using its economic power and political, since among them are wealthy businessmen, union leaders, leaders of sects, communicators, et cetera, so that they can support to individual candidates for positions in government, in exchange for promises, and when these candidates come to occupy important positions, the handlers to serve their purposes, because it never support candidates who are highly intelligent.

In groups of Masons hostile, it is fairly common to mix politics with malicious rituals of witchcraft, often used mainly skulls that belonged to other hostile masons, or some stolen, that they belonged to notables. Because they have the belief that through certain rituals can take over the powers or abilities of those persons belonged. They also often use commonly a sign similar to a five-star picks, which they call the pentacle. That sign represents the evil gods (False prophets), since in these hostile groups, witchcraft form an important role.

(Recalling that witchcraft is evil magic, that is, rituals are performed with the aim of achieving a goal at the expense of harming other people, or to do harm to someone)

Below we see multiple images of objects used by the Freemasons hostile, first we see a mason ring, then we see a garment similar to that used by the priests, which is used in its secret ceremonies, later you can see objects of witchcraft used by these groups, where we see several things with the call sign: A pentacle and finally, in the fourth image is part of the inside of a mason temple, where there are a table and a human skull used in rituals malignant.

Then we see the remarkable similarity there is between these two images, the first coat is a communist, which was widely used in the defunct USSR, as a side note a pentacle.

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