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In addition to the groups already known Masons like Illuminati, there are new groups, which may become even more dangerous, for example, one of these new groups, including achievement infiltrate one of its members in the Catholic Church; that was the case of Karol Wojtyla (Pope John Paul II), who was a clever mason who during his pontificate as Pope secretly supporting both the Masons as to Protestantism. Karol was a very skillful hypocrite, saying that on one hand seek peace, even between different religions, however, the fact is that during his administration Protestantism achievement grow significantly, even it is not a secret that had dealings with the Presidents Bush.

Similarly constantly looking to cause riots in Latin America. Currently the Vatican in his confusion has done everything possible to raise a saint, and who intend to go down in history as a prophet, however, is one of the most dangerous masons that have existed in recent years.

In this image, we see President Bush talks with Pope freemason, note the expression of submission, from President Bush, who, by then already had some knowledge of the secret dealings of the Pope with groups freemasons and Protestantism (Even if Bush does not understand well what is the Freemasons, think that is part of this, but in reality it is only a puppet more, which only interested in money and the presidency).

In this image, we can look at Karol Wojtyla in a highly armored vehicle, in this case, the question is: If Karol W. was a prophet, as suggested by the Vatican, then, because it needed to travel in armored vehicles and under heavy security arrangements.
Karol was part of the Masonic sect called "group of liberty and fraternity", a name that actually means just the opposite, since these are the ideals of that group, namely the enslavement of nations and promoting division between them, as their motto is "divide and rule", as was his time in communism and Protestantism, which allegedly opposed, but which in reality were handled by the same people (mainly Illuminati). Although the Masons hostile currently is handled by seven major groups, which highlights the Iluminati, it happens that the group has prospered Karol quickly, so quickly take control of the Masons.

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Another important aspect of the Freemasons hostile, is the concern that signs appear in their businesses or things they want to dominate, as it is part of the evil magic or ritual used by these groups. Among the signs more employees can observe the staff and the hammer.

That kind of signs we see this in several logos, simply observe carefully. So the presence of the Masons is very common, especially where it has influence communism and Protestantism.

Here we can see the great similarity between the Texaco logo and a sign of communism. The oil company Texaco, is one of the biggest in the world and given the importance of oil, the Freemasons hostile use it to influence the global economy. In these images, underscores the image of the "T" in the Texaco logo, and it is very similar to the hammer we see in the communist sign, the reason is that the hammer is one of the signs of the Masons, since Masonry is supposed to start in middle age, by unions masons and builders, so that the chisel and hammer are tools used by freemasons.

In the first image we see one of the main signs freemasons, which symbolizes the hammer and chisel, and a hand, we see a hammer that is used in some rites freemasons.

Also in the various Masonic lodges, you can get to observe various logos and symbols associated with ancient Egypt. The reason is that these signs are related to the cult of Seth (god of the freemasons). Being that it was an ancient Egyptian, that achievement to usurp the throne, becoming an evil pharaoh, who later became a god of evil. Many years later reincarnated in Jesus, who has caused suffering to the Jewish nation and a large number of wars since then. Today even retained some vestiges of the cult original, as is the Gospel of the Egyptians (one of the so-called apocryphal gospels) , Where he is called by the name of Seth.

Here we see a representation of Seth (god of confusion).

Below we see an image of Hugo Chávez (President of Venezuela) promoting communism. Hugo Chávez is a exmilitar of low intelligence, as it's easy to notice in his way of speaking and behaving, but at the Freemasons, who had helped him to reach the presidency, it is very convenient because this was handled with ease.