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If by mistake we put our clothes inside out, it is a sign of good luck, since somehow our guardian angel made us put them on that way to be protected, because that way the evil spirits get confused. and they can't hurt us. In this case, it is best to leave it that way throughout the day.

Universe, the order of

The universe we look every day in the sky and through scientific instruments show that the existence of God , Racna , Brahma, Allah, the Great Spirit or whatever they call it where we live , is evident, because just look at the order must exist in the universe , so that if we threw a bunch of marbles or whatever, to the floor , it is clear that by not fall or begin to move on their own , but looking like atoms and rotate and then observe the planets , we can see that all are spheres and revolve around a larger sphere , like the equinoxes and solstices , which happen every year so by others precisely as if it were a fine clock , so that order can not be a coincidence , as prophetic dreams, which sometimes shows us things that have not happened in a very precise and detail that we would have been impossible to know otherwise. Details that allow us to see that God does exist and can even prove its existence scientifically.

Here we see the image of iron atoms viewed from an electron microscope.

Union of Heaven and Earth:
The Holy Mountain represents the union of Heaven and Earth and are the true prophets, who have managed to cross the portal and bring a message of Heaven, as as as when Cuauhtlatoatzin the Tepeyac Hill, Mahoma the mount Hira, Rama the Mount Himalaya, Lao-Tsť the Mounts of Huan Kuan... then we see the inside of the Basilica of Our Divine Lady, where it resembles the inside of a volcano, since it represents both the renovation as the Holy Mountain.

Meaning by letter.

Then we see two beautiful pictures of the gardens of the Tepeyac Hill. First notes from a small waterfall. It was a sculpture of Our Divine Lady, called the offering. Then, they are two sources with the shape of the sign of Quetzalcoatl, who also represents the union of heaven and earth, because Quetzalcoatl is a messenger of God.


Virgin of Guadalupe:
In reality are two, because if we see carefully in the picture is the Virgin and below She there is an angel, so that they represent Racna(God), that is the Spirit that create everything that exists and is mother and father of all people and of all the gods.
What we can see in the same image, which really is like a book written in language of signs, where we clothed with the sun, that is, is a sign that represents God. Because the sun is a star to see most big in the sky (As the signs are the meanings of dreams as common or letters that represent sounds, but that does not mean that they are sounds that just mean). Also See you in the dress as a sign leaves that represent the mountain. Since in most religions good prophets climbed a sacred mountain and talked of God, even if you have called with different names like Allah, Racna, Great Spirit, Universal Soul...

Here we see an image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, note that the sun is around her and that her mantle is full of stars, that she is the Universal Soul as well as the largest star in the sky.

It is also true that in some cases it may be that our parents we have said that the Virgin of Guadalupe is the Virgin Mary, even in the Basilica of Guadalupe say the Mass, as if she was the Virgin Mary. But if we try to entrust oneself to Her as God, and not as Virgin Mary, we will discover that She listen to us better.

For example, there was a child who was going badly in school. Then his father contract for a teacher to give lessons to be settled by that teacher all said they had taught in the best schools and that was very good.
The child did everything that teacher told him and followed to the letter all the instructions, but continued failing in school, while his father never believed he would become a good student. But once the teacher was sick and could not continue with their classes. Then, his dad contract to another teacher that although he was modest and had no references, meanwhile decided to hire him. Then, shortly after the boy began to pass the tests, and all they realized that their previous teacher was not what everyone said, and that his new master, though modest was the one who actually could help the child. It's like we can see that we should not always believe what others say and we should not believe everything they say on television, because there are times that only with our own experience we can get to see the truth.

New Basilica of Guadalupe.

Also, the temple gives us more details as we see from the pictures which show a little more up here (Union of Heaven and Earth), where we see the Basilica and its gardens. Because there have been people both in the same church as some governors , who have sought ways to show us the truth (Although the majority of priests and governors are just puppets of the Vatican and the Freemasons hostile). Therefore, when I build the new Basilica, the Vatican is concerned about losing money, which give the churches, in addition to the political control, and even the Pope Karol Wojtyla, not late in visiting Mexico and other Latin American nations, to address to make people believe that the Virgin of Guadalupe is the Virgin Mary, and even tried to cause unrest by the new Basilica, but it succeeded because the discussions ended by a Divine signal. Since before they began building the new Basilica, the former was sinking, but when the new building is finished, the old left to sink, which means the adoption of our Divine Lady with her new temple and it was he did finish the discussions.

It represents renewal.

Popocatepetl volcano.


The walnut is like the cypress, the union of Heaven and Earth, its significance is similar to that of the Sacred Mountain.

Represents life, and purification. In particular, the fourth appearance reminds us of our Divine Lady, when Cuauhtlatoatzin (Juan Diego) saw her in a spring on one side of the Tepeyac Hill.

It represents our material and spiritual sustenance.

This sign you can see in the climate or environment, and can have two meanings. One: They are the angels of God who come to help us. Two: When the wind becomes stronger hurricanes or tornadoes, and devastating, represents the cause of the evil deeds, like when innocent people have been hurt or have done bad things to others, as is the progress of sects.