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With our prayers we attract good things, through them we send our wishes and messages to God and the angels, prayer is a way to help the good spirits to come to us and overcome the adverse forces. Another point is that in our community when things are not right, like when constantly have floods, hurricanes, poverty, plagues, et cetera, it is good to meet our friends and family to pray together, and thus avert the things not good.

The best time is sunrise to pray, for it symbolizes the beginning of all things.

The repetition, especially five times, is important. Since the universe is moving in a circle, in cycles of time, therefore to repeat a prayer, we are evoking the universal order. It is also important that they are written in verse, because that's how a song comes from the soul and looks like the language of the Angels. Here we see two examples of a pray, the first show our devotion to God who has always been present with us, everywhere and at all times, and the second we pray to our Guardian Angel.


(Racna means:
The Creator Spirit,
who transmits the order
and motion to the universe).

Oh Racna;

You created all that exists,
You give movement;

As the atoms
that the planets;

to see you
just look
the order is in
all things;

since the order
it is no coincidence;

I can well understand
in Truth
That you, Racna
you are God
The dispenser of life;

The Great Spirit,
God, Allah,
The Law of Karma,
all are you,

And so,
I promise to be Faithful;

So be welcome
on your Divine kingdom.


Oh grandparents (Must be someone who has already left this world but who we have loved much, when he (she) lived here, can also be a kind of angels with whom we identify)
Oh my guardian angel
My loyal company
my staunch ally;

Oh God
allows always listen
my guardian angel
and his words
inspire me
good things
because without them
I do not know what to do;

for that I thank you, Racna(God)
for that I thank you, God.