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Although he was given several meanings to the word Teotihuacan, the more accurate translation is: "City of Heaven," in terms of the archaeological zone, his real name is Tulan, though he also called seven, since it is built on seven caves, which were covered by the main temple (Pyramid of the sun).

Above we see a figure of ceramic Quetzalpapalotl, we can see that it had a small mouth and nose, big eyes, dark complexion, and his crown princess. On one side we see part of a palace of Teotihuacan.

The history of Quetzalpapalotl happened many years ago in an ancient kingdom, where he was born a beautiful princess, whom his parents called Quetzalpapalotl, which means feathered butterfly. Because when a butterfly was born husband about it, it was a signal that one day would be a great prophetess.
A few years Quetzalpapalotl, became a little princess, whom he liked to play all the time. But soon he had to go to college, what the principle is not pleased. but after getting to know other girls, things began to change. His teachers taught him the secrets of science and art of combat, because in those days, even the princesses had to learn to fight, because they were difficult times, they had many battles.
On one occasion, after a few years, a group of enemy soldiers attacked the kingdom by surprise, and even managed to reach the royal palace, but Quetzalpapalotl, I take a sword of obsidian, and achievement to overcome the terrible soldiers, then cured injuries of the injured as a Power that came out of his hands.
But on one occasion the kingdom had to face, Mixcoatl the king and his army, who was a great warrior who had never been conquered, then, Quetzalpapalotl led the army and began a great battle at the end of the battle fought the king and the princess, but none was able to overcome, since the two fought very well, at the end They fell in love during the battle, and were married a few days, bringing the two kingdoms were united into one.
Within a few years the prince was born Topiltzin Quetzalcoatl, and eventually Quetzalpapalotl learned that the way the war is not the best, so I teach the prince that it was important to the friendship between nations. And since then the people stopped fighting and began to help one another.

Above we see a figure of a four-leaf clover, found in the archaeological site of Teotihuacan, as a side we see the clover which is in the dress in the image of our Lady of Divine (Virgin of Guadalupe). The four-leaf clover represents the order of the universe and is a sign that we see in the sacred city of Teotihuacan, as in the dress of our Divine Lady.