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The Dragon as sign.

The Dragon is a sign that has positive and negative aspects, it originated in remote antiquity when fossils of a flying dinosaur were found.

The ancients thought that it was an animal that had lived long ago, becoming a totem, a Being from which the entire tribe descended, since it was associated with the creator spirit, for being the oldest of all Beings.

As for the dragon as a symbol of evil, it originated in Europe, when some explorers told stories about a fire-breathing serpent. But that they actually saw was the spitting cobra, a snake that usually spits venom. Which was illustrated as a fire-breathing dragon, becoming a symbol used to represent evil.

So we can see two types of dragons, the totem dragon and the fire breathing dragon.

Currently there is still a flying reptile, which is the draco volans, a dragon the size of a lizard, but it does not breathe fire nor is it an evil Being, on the contrary, it is very lucky.