The face represents the way we see others, or how others see us, (like when someone says that a certain person is double-face, which suggests that the person shown in a certain way to others but which is actually quite the opposite). Even if the dream focuses on a particular part of the face, then the meaning can vary.

- Dreaming we have pimples or ACNE means that we feel out of place or uncomfortable with the way others see us.

- With head BACKWARDS, indicates preconceptions, prejudices.

- If you dream that a DOG BITES US FACE, represents a person who tried to do this to them to be able to separate us from our spouse or a friendship, but also tells us that whether that person is because it has failed to understand the whole.

- Dreaming with a BLOODY face, says it is likely that we will have a change of personality.

- If we see one of our CHILDREN, BUT WE SEE IT WITH A DIFFERENTE FACE (we know that is he(she) but noticed that his face is different) means we are not knowing how to understand their emotions and problems.

- A DEFORMATION ON THE MOUTH warns of a possible disease of the mouth.

- If in our dream we see a DEMON, FACE TO FACE and it makes us fear or anxiety, says it is important to face our fears and our adversaries or, getting rid of any fears that may arise.

- If in the dream we see a FACELESS person (with head but no face) represents a person whom we have failed to understand, or who wish to know more. Alternatively it can also represent someone who has not been given to know.

- If our dream focuses on the FOREHEAD, means:

- If we see our face with the HEAD UPSIDE DOWN it means that we have many prejudices.

- See our face with a MOUTH BIGGER THAN IT IS means that we speak more than necessary.

- To dream that you see someone who looks like someone we know and noticed it has a NOSE too large, it means the person it seems, is dishonest and unreliable.

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- If in our dream we see someone we know, but we see his face OBSCURED, so we cannot see his face, tells us that we have failed to understand that person.

- If you dream we SEE WITH CARE THE FACE OF SEVERAL PEOPLE means there is something we need to understand better, or that we are to understand others better.

- If in the dream we SEE WITH CARE THE EYES OF SOMEONE, it means fear, others, or someone knows something about us that has been hidden.

- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WHO ALREADY DIED, but faceless, means that person visits us in our dream to try to apologize or tell us that we have not fully understood some things that happened when I lived and do not want to keep grudge.

- The SWOLLEN face refers to selfishness.

- If in the dream we WASH our face means we crave a relationship or a business.

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- Dreaming of a WOMAN WITH PIMPLES OR ACNE, tells us that to be successful we must care more our physical appearance, or our appearance as to how we behave (our ideas and what we show to the rest of us) depending on our current situation.


- The hair on the chest, arms, underarms, and legs represents virility.
- If we see someone we know, with lots of hair on the body, means that that person is leaving too guided by instinct and sensuality.
- If a man dreams that a woman close to you, with much hair on lips, it means that that person is sexually or implying that this trying to do.
- Our hair (of the head) represents our thoughts, so that hair is looking good good thoughts, but if this abused, represents the opposite. Show all meanings of dream about Hair.
- If we see hairless us in our dreams, it means that we are weak character.

The head represents intelligence and the soul.
- If in our dream we see that we have a BIGGER head than in real life, predicts an increase in assets.
- If we are with the SEVERED HEAD, predicts the loss of a position to take a better one. You can also interact with the phrase: "I'm losing my mind" (Which suggests that something is worrying us too or we are losing concentration by thinking someone).

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