The head represents intelligence and the soul.

- If in our dream we see that we have a BIGGER head than in real life, predicts an increase in assets.

- If we are with the SEVERED HEAD, predicts the loss of a position to take a better one. You can also interact with the phrase: "I'm losing my mind" (which suggests that something is worrying us too or we are losing concentration by thinking someone).

    1. If in the dream we see the severed head of our ex girlfriend (ex boyfriend), it means that she(he) is losing the heat for us (she(he) did not stop thinking of us).

    2. To dream that someone else is being beheaded, represents poor judgment or a bad decision.

- If you dream of a SHADOWS follows us and settles over our head, represents an enemy who tries to harm us and confuse us to take wrong decisions.

- If we dream that we have the SMALLER head than in real life, means economic losses.

- If you dream of a UNPLEASANT head or face, means that we are concerned about what the others think.

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