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Dreams: Ca

To dream about cabaret, means we need rest and relaxation.
- If a man dreams he sees his girlfriend get into a cabaret and also in the dream bothered to see her go to that place, it means approaching difficult days for love or he is displeased with those who visit your girlfiend as they are a bad influence for her.

This dream tells us, we will try to business with a person unreliable.

- If in our dream we see a cabin, means we have stability and tranquility in our work or in our business.
- If we see a cabin fall, means we have difficulties at work or business.
- If we are living in a cabin, as if we are at the cabin with children; means we will have a lasting happiness though modest.
- If we are young in real life, it means our desire to have adult responsibilities, which tells us that we must analyze the situation well.

To dream of a cabinetmaker, it means our decisions are correct.

- If in our dream we heard a cackling, means that we are brag too much.

It symbolizes our self-sacrifice, that is, sometimes is necessary to sacrifice a little for others to find harmony in the home or at work.

- If we dream that we are cadets and the dream is nice, it means our obedience to a higher law, whether divine or that comes from ourselves. It may also mean that we have a duty to society.

Cadillac (From: Car model):
- Represents success, and drive a cadillar tells us that others see us as successful people.
- If we see a Cadillac in poor condition, as if it had been left abandoned for a long time, tells us that we are not doing something that was helping us succeed.

- If in the cage we see a BIRD especially if they are canaries, tells us that we will have good luck in love.
- If it were a DOVE, means: probably marriage.
- If the aviary is EMPTY or the bird scape from the cage, it means difficulties in love, at least in the dream, suddenly the bird returned to the cage, or we saw a bird get to an empty cage, then it means that we can be a difficulty, but easily overcome.
- To dream that we are FIGHTING in a cage, tells us that there is a struggle (competition, legal fight.....) from which we cannot escape, and that we face.
- Dreaming a PARROT escapes from his cage and we try to get him to return it to the cage, it means that we are trying to control a gossipy person.

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- If only see a cake, promises us joy.

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Represents our economic situation.
- If we solve the calculation, or if we dream we do a review of calculation and we approve, it means that we will achieve good economic returns. But if we do not solve the problem or do not pass the exam, means that you're likely to soon have money problems.

Calendar, sacred (Aztec Calendar, Mayan calendar):
- This dream tells us that we will have success and good fortune.
- It can also mean that all things need time to complete, so we suggest that we should not rush things and we must be patient, because we also have special protection.

Call, to:
- If we dream that our GIRLFRIEND OR PARTNER, calls us, it means that she (he) is thinking of us.
- If in the dream we hear someone calling us by our full NAME (name and surnames), it means that there is someone who wants to hurt us.
- If in the dream they call us by our COMPLETE NAME, WHEN THEY CURSE us, it means the same as the previous one, that is, someone wants to harm us.
- If we dream that SOMEONE CALLS us, without being able to know where the call comes from, it means that a loved one is in serious danger.
- If we dream that SOMEBODY LIKES us, calls us, it means that we also like that person has been thinking about us.

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Call, phone:
- If we see someone else receiving a phone call, it can be a warning, depending on the meaning of what is said, that is, we should look for what the words are saying.
- If we see someone else receiving a call, and someone warns you that someone has died, it means that something can end badly, if we do not take the necessary precautions.
- If we try to make a phone call without getting to communicate, it means that we are afraid of the impossibility of a relationship (love).
- If we make a phone call and there are no problems in communication nor there is a negative message, it means that our relationship will be good, but if the message is negative, it means that something is not going well in our relationship (Love).
- If in our day-to-day life we end up with our girlfriend(boyfriend), and we dream that we have several missed calls from her(him) on our cell phone, because we do not answer them, it means the opposite, that is, it means that she(he) is not going to Call or beg for us to come back.

It means that we lack maturity.

It symbolizes that we have completed a period of great efforts and difficulties.
In people with religious vocation indicates that is what annoys his soul:
- If we dream that we have calluses on the feet, it is because we are not yet ready. We must follow the path of perfection.
- If we dream we have calluses on our hands means we still find too clinging to things and people.

- To dream about a camel means success.
- To dream that Santa Claus gives us a camel, also means success.

This dream promises us a deep love, and or sincerity feelings.

If in our dream we are photographing with a camera, to someone, it means that someone has a great interest to us. If we are photographing something, means attraction to it. r

This sign tells us that our aspirations are good. It can also mean renewal and a new beginning.

Indicates that get high profits during a bad period

- To dream that we see, things camouflaged, it means that someone is trying to hide something.
- Dreaming about scissors that have the same color military camouflage (green patches of various shades) means that there is someone trying to invent gossip or hearsay, telling half-truths.

This dream is linked to water and water in the language of dreams is very significant, symbolizes life, and purification.
- If the water runs quiet and placid in the canal, the happiness accompany our love.
- If we see broken canal, indicates that our feelings were wrong.
- If it is too long announced, a marriage in a foreign country.
- When the water is clear and clean announces a life as long and happy as our feelings.
- If the water is dirty, predicts evils and misfortunes of moral character.
- If the water is cloudy or yellowish predicts disease.
- Corrupted, live with anger in the body.
- Stinking, ill-gotten goods.
- Blackish, unhappy marriage.

The canaries are associated with love.
- If you see a canary or canaries in a cage, means good luck in love.
- View dead canary in a cage, it means to love.
- View a canary escapes from its cage, is a warning, that we lose a love, at least we see that the canary returned to its cage, then it means the danger has passed, but it tells us that we should not entrust too.
- View a canary enters an empty cage, promises us a future love.
- To dream that a black canary flies at our window, represents an impossible love.

To dream about we cancel anything, it means that we got rid of that we cancel or its meaning; so that if we get rid of something that has a meaning evil is good (because we got rid of it), but if it's something that has a good meaning then it means the opposite, that is, we are losing that mean the thing which got rid in the dream.
- To dream about the bank canceled our bank account, it means that we will achieve avoid economic hardship.

- This dream indicates that we may have a health problem.
- If in our waking life we have a bad relationship with one parent or with both, and dream that one has cancer or a terminal illness and for that reason will soon die, this is a tip that tells us that make an effort to have a better relationship with him (them) and use their advice because although it will not die soon, someday it will, then we will feel very sad for not having taken advantage of when they lived.

- It means good luck and prosperity with effort.
- If turned off, indicates that our efforts have been wasted, or are still in vain, it can mean that we need to rest before proceeding.
- If the flame is burning well mean that our projects are reliable.
- If the flame is constantly moving means our projects are not entirely clear.
- If you light a candle in a dark place, means spiritual growth, unless you have difficulties to turn, or if the flame is not firm, then it means that we lack preparation to achieve that spiritual growth.
- If in our dream we see a red candle and observe that the flame is burning well, means we are well protected, but if the flame does not burn well or is off, we are not well protected.
- It is also possible to dream a candle in a glass, and it happens that the flame starts to burn the glass, and either melted or not, means that sometimes to avoid danger, it is necessary both the bright side of things, like the dark side, which means that sometimes we must be firm though we seem to be ill, for example, when someone scolds (no violence) to his son because he did something wrong, you may even feel bad about it, but it is necessary, or when we pointed out a serious crime, because we know that someone can go to prison, but this is better than these people continue hurting other.

Candies, in most cases represent good luck in love, since sweetness is compared to love.
- If we try something sweet dream means pleasures.
- If we eat candies in the dream, it means that we are well on the sentimental.

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by letter.

- If we use a cane as a weapon, means separations or breaks we will be to blame.
- If we see someone else use it as a weapon, means or ruptures separations which is guilty who see use.
- If the cane serves as support symbolizes our friends.
- If the cane is broken the support they provide us is ineffective and fail.
- If in our dream we see a young man with a cane, and especially if he is dressed in black, the dream tells us that we have a dangerous enemy, who also has an accomplice who helps him to hurt us.

This dream it warns of the upcoming visit friends or relatives interested.

- To dream you eat human meat, or are close to doing that, it means we are being too interested.
- Dreaming about someone we know, eating human meat, or is close to doing that, that means the person is being too interested.
- If we eat ourselves in the dream, it means that we are being masochistic or self-destructive.
- If we see someone we know eat themselves means that person is being masochistic or self-destructive.
- If we dream, someone cooking the persona we like, and a moment later we are eating of that meat, means that person thinks we are too self-interested.

Predicts conflict.
- Use with adequate and shells hitting the target is a sign of victory. of Otherwise, it means disappointment and humiliation.
- Being injured, danger.

- If we are in a canoe and the waters are calm and clean, it means that we will manage well our business or our affairs.
- If the water is rough or dirty, means we can soon have problems in the family or at work and the same meaning if we can�t control the canoe or it begins to sink.

- To dream of a melon, means that soon we will have good health (When in real life we are sick).
- If we do not suffer any illness in real life, it means that soon we can get sick.
- But if a man dreams of two good-looking melons, it represents intimacy and love.

- If we dream of a person who goes on a boat or a ship passing through a river that travels along a canyon, it means someone who recently departed this world is traveling to the underworld, which we says it is important to pray for her(him), that God will guide it towards the way that leads to Heaven.
Sometimes the dream is more explicit, and in it we see our family or friend who recently left this world in the boat, but other times you may see it differently, as can be: as was young.

If in our dream we see someone we know with black shirt and cap, it means that person has been hiding us their true intentions or his real personality (Misconduct or a personality, hard to bear).

If we dream of a cape, means that we are ready to face things or issues that approach, if the cape has something recorded on it, then the dream is more accurate, because the signs or things that look at the cape relate to the message of the dream, then we can also look up the meaning of what is engraved or stamped on the cape.

Represents the difficulties we have faced, or we will have to face, depending on the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.

The meaning of a car is a bit similar to what happens with the soul, which is what drives the body, since for her the body is like a vehicle, and in the case of cars it is something very similar, for example Driving a sports car is as if we had an athletic body.
As for the people we see traveling with us, they represent those who are very close to us, such as our brothers or our partner when we are already married.

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Car dealership:
- If in our dream we are in a car dealership full of new cars, means that there is potential for positive change in our life or the possibility of a better life. But if empty, it means that the possibilities for change are very rare and difficult.

Car suspension:
- If we dream that our car has adjustable suspension, when in reality it does not have it that way, it means that we must not forget that our car does not have adjustable suspension, so we must drive carefully, especially in the following days. It can also mean that we must learn to adapt to the different situations that may arise.

- Announces prosperity and the more wine contains greater abundance, success and prosperity.
- If it contains water, alcohol, oil, we fail for being too ambitious.

- If in the dream we see a turtle and noticed that its carapace is of many colors, tells us we have a troubled business that is not right.
And if we see the clay figure of a turtle and its caparapace is see that many colors tells us that we have an excellent project but not right yet.
- If we dream to our finger gets stuck between the carapace and the leg of our pet turtle, it means we are not protecting enought well one of our family members.

- If we dream that we find or have gold, but the most notorious thing about the dream, is that, that gold is very few carats (For example: 10 carats), it means that in order to have good luck, we must first seek more knowledge, so To be able to do things better.

- It tells us that we are being too proud to ask for help, this dream advises us to seek help.
- If in our dream we see GROTESQUE COLLECTIBLE CARDS (For example: The garbage pail kids cards), advises us to seek help to solve our problems, it can also mean that there are bad feelings all around us.

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This dream is an omen that happens soon changes that will benefit us.

Card, Business:
- To dream about a business card, means that it is appropriate to contact a person or a specialist such as a lawyer, accountant, doctor, technician, etc.
But if we break the business card, we do not will need to consult a specialist.

Card, Credit:
It means that money troubles are coming.

Card, Invitation:
- Dreaming of an invitation card, it means that we need to have new friends and ambitions. And if we dream we give an invitation card to someone , means that we need to have more friendships and ambitions, but at the same time means that we must be cautious.
- If we dream to a wedding invitation card, it means we need to have more friends.

Card, Memory:
- Dreaming with a USB memory or a memory card, tells us that we need to strive more and more to analyze things, to fulfill the task entrusted to us.

Cards, playing:
-- To dream of PLAYING CARDS, augurs disappointments and losses. This dream tells us that we let ourselves be carried away by circumstances, without striving to control the situation.
-- If in our dream we SEE APPEARING a card in particular, it means the following:
• If it is a CLUBS card, it means difficulties.
• If it is a card of CUPS/CHALICES, it means triumph and happiness.
• If it is a card of HEARTS, it means good fortune in love, unless the card is broken, since then it means the opposite.
• If it is a card of SWORDS, it means that we will soon be successful thanks to our value it can also mean economic prosperity.

Cardinal points:
When in a dream we see ourselves looking towards a cardinal point; the meaning will depend on the point at which we turn:
- East (East): This cardinal point is what guides us to God and means to take the right path or to make a good decision.
- North: This cardinal point represents the difficulties, if we are facing north, it means that we can have difficult days, so we must analyze our current situation to avoid any future problems.
- South: It represents renewal, it can also represent vitality, in the sense that we have the strength to do things well.
- West (West): If in our dreams we are facing west, it means a warning that it is good to resign ourselves to a bad destiny, because we are the ones who must choose destiny, since we are free.

Dream that we attended the cardiologist, means there is a matter of the heart that we must pay attention; this is a matter that relates to love, either to the partner or to a relative. Can also mean that we should pay more attention to our health.

Whether we care to someone, as if someone takes care of us, portend the end of enmities and grievances.
- If in our dream, we are caring for a relative who is a BABY (Someone usually look in our waking life), in the dream, we noticed as he starts to get sick, it means that he is likely to get sick, or that he is in danger, so we must ensure that he is well and fence not have any problem because of our lack of understanding.
- If we dream a person with several CHILDREN, and she gives us one to care for him, it means that someone wants to we do take care of things that are not our obligation.
- Dreaming about a DOG CARE OUR HOUSE, it means that our guardian angels are guiding and helping us.
- If we dream that we are dedicated to the care and feeding HORSES, means that we are able to help others achieve their goals or to beat their opponents.

- This dream indicates good feelings, joys and probable.
- If you dream that we caress to two kittens represents a blossoming friendship as well as possible joys, but also tells us to put priority to our interests, even though they might think that we are being bad.

- If we throw out the cargo, misery and sorrow.
But if we see other people throw out a load, means we will have worries and sorrows.
- Carrying cargo on a vehicle means interesting financial promises.

Caricatures and cartoons, basically have the same meaning, and relate to the risk of being laughed at us and let us look ridiculous.
- This dream tells us mock us and or suffer the evil of our relationships.
- To dream that you are a caricature, it means the same as before.
- Dreaming of a cartoon cat, tells us to beware of a woman, as there is a danger that make fun of us.
- If in our dream we see a cartoon warrior fighting a battle, it means that we have an enemy that is apparently not very clever, but really, is cunning and tricky, so if we do not work hard enough to fight his tricky strategy, we ridiculed and lose the battle.
- Dreaming of a caricature or cartoon super-powerful girls, tells us to defend our interests to avoid being laughed at us.

It symbolizes love and passion.
- If the carnations are red, it will be a passionate love.
- If the carnations are white, indicates that we can trust the love that promise.
- If the carnations are yellow, it means a love that will come with jealousy.
- If the carnations are blue, it is a love that starts or begins soon.

To dream about a carnival parade warns us that we will be held accountable if we get carried away by the easy pleasures.

If we dream that we are on a carousel, means that we are afraid to relive some of our childhood, or we feel stuck.

- If we are the carpenters, it is advice to dedicate ourselves to our work harder.
- If we dream that the carpenter gives us something of what he does or we'll buy it portends reorganization of our inner life.

A carpet symbolizes a comfortable life thanks to our work.
- If we walk on it, indicates that live comfortably thanks to our work.
- If we find the carpet extended where should not, indicates that we are willing to resort to any means to achieve our goals.
- A stained carpet, means that live or are living well because of our work, but something is not right.
- If we see leave rats to the carpet and the rats try to attack us, means it is likely that we can live well on the economic side, thanks to our work or future work, but at the same time we will earn new enemies. This dream advises us to be cautious.
- If a mom dreams that leave rats to the carpet, and attacked her small son, means that getting a job can help you live better in economic terms, but also your child may be at risk to be left to people who are not entirely reliable.

Carrara (White marble):
This sign symbolizes coldness.
If we dream of Carrara marble, means that those who begin loves being cold will become solid and durable.

- To dream about a carriage augurs an increase in our assets, unless disengaged is in this case indicates that property losses.
- To dream about a princess coming down from an elegant carriage, means luck in love and if wearing a yellow dress, means luck in love and money.

This dream tells us that our projects or issues began to wane.

- To dream that we carry someone in our ARMS, it means that someone can help us or is someone we need.
- To dream that WE CARRY SOMEONE IN THE BACK means that someone is becoming a burden to us.
- To dream that SOMEONE WILL CARRY US ON YOUR BACK, it means you're being a burden to anyone.
- If a man dreams that carry the GIRL HE LIKES, especially if he notice that she wears a red dress, means that she too liked he, plus it is someone that if he should.
- If we dream that we carry someone on SHOULDERS and the dream is not unpleasant, means joy about this someone.
- If someone we know CARRY US ON YOUR SHOULDERS, means that person feels joy by something about us.
- If we carry SOMETHING on our hands or with hands and arms, means that what we got is useful or us this being useful.

Carry off:
- If in our dream we see that someone carry off something, we must look for the meaning of that thing, since it means that we are getting rid of it.

- To dream we travel in a wagon or cart on the road, tells us that we are facing a precarious or difficult situation.
It may also mean that we have little means to continue on the path we have chosen in life.

Cartridges, guns:
Owning a cartridge is indicative of potential conflicts.

Cartridge, ink:
- Dreaming of a new ink cartridge, it means prosperity. But if we dream a empty ink cartridge or in poor condition, it means difficulties or obstacles in our projects.

-- Dreaming about PLAY DECK OR SEE A DECK means mistrust, can also mean disappointment and loss, which advises us not get carried away by circumstances, without, struggled to control the situation.
-- If in our dream we see APPEAR A NAIPE, OR ONLY SEE A NAIPE, means: • If is a card of BATONS, it means difficulties.
• If is a card of CUPS it means success and happiness.
• If is a card of HEARTS means good fortune in love, unless the card is broken, because then it means the opposite.
• If is a card of SWORDS, means that soon we will succeed with our courage, it can also mean economic prosperity.
• If is a card of COINS it means good luck in matters of money or a good reward for our efforts.

This dream tells us mock us and or suffer the evil of our relationships.

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If we do it well, it means that we will overcome a difficult situation or that we will overcome a difficult test. But if we fail to do it right, then it means failure or loss of money.
- If we dream that we escape a danger by doing cartwheels, it means that we have the ability to escape from problems or to turn the situation around.
- If we dream that we see from a distance a certain friend (Someone we like) making child cartwheels (Like the first cartwheels made by children) together with someone else (If she is a woman, together with a man. If is a man, together with a woman), it means that she(he) tries to be jealous to see if we show more interest in her(him).

Casanova (From: Play boy):
- If a woman dreams that the boy she likes, rightful (he loves her back) and says that she will stop being a casanova, means there are several girls interested in him, but he just likes her.
- If a man dreams that his girlfriend asks him if the casanovas can predict the future, it means that she is insecure, fearing that he leave at any time, in the sense that she thinks that when that he knows someone more attractive will leave.

- To see a waterfall in our dream augurs success and good luck for our family. But if the waterfall takes little water, means loneliness and misfortune.
- If in our dream we see a cascade of dirty water means trouble or we will face difficult changes

- Dreaming that we resolve a case, or a problem, means we will soon make it out of a problem or accomplish a difficult problem to repair. In this case, it will also be useful to consult the meaning of the other things that appear in our dreams.
- If we dream of something that relates directly to an event or situation that are happening in our daily living, in most cases it is interpreted as an opposite sign, for example: If in our waking life our wife(husband) we abandoned and dream that comes back, it means the opposite, that is, for the time will not come back. If we are concerned that our waking life we do not know if our family accept our girlfriend(boyfriend), and dream our family accepts it, it means exactly the opposite, that is, they will not accept it .....

Case (Container):
- Dreaming of a case (But as long as it is not to store pencils), it means that we have a secret knowledge or we know a secret, which is better not to inform others.

Cash register:
- If we see it CLOSED, tells us that the near future of our finances is uncertain.
- If in our dream we see a cash register EMPTY means bad business and money difficulties.
- If we see it FULL OF BILLS means money difficulties.
- If we see FULL OF BILLS, BUT WITH ABOVE COINS them, means we will have good luck in business or in money matters.
- If we see FULL OF COINS, especially if copper means we have good luck in business or in money matters.

It means fatal decisions for our business or affairs.

To dream about cassava represents prosperity and good luck.

Casserole pot:
- If we see a casserole pot full of oil, it means success and prosperity.
- If we see it with dirty oil, tells us there is something wrong which can prevent us to achieve success and prosperity, which advises us to correct it, or ask someone to fix the issue as we have pending.

View a cassette in our dream, tells us to try harder, to fulfill the tasks we have been assigned.

- To dream of a cassock, it means that we must be careful with someone who tries to make us believe that he is our friend.

- To dream that we attended a casting means fear of what the others think of us.

The castle means protection and transcendence.
- A well-lit castle symbolizes the search for a more spiritual life.
- If the white castle, means to we want a quiet life of meditation and spirituality.
- To dream of a dark castle symbolizes a struggle to emerge from a spiritual confusion.
- If we see a castle, tells us to get wealth depending on the state of the castle and if we live in the castle, tells us that wealth is assured.
- If the castle is dilapidated but still beautiful, have problems to achieve wealth but in the end we will get.

Castor oil:
- If in our dream we see or castor oil or any medication for upset stomach, it means we will soon have a little help to solve a difficult and annoying.

It means that we will be victims of deceit and lies.
- To dream that someone castrates our pet (The pet we have in our waking life) means that there is a danger of being deceived or someone lie to us.
- If we dream that we castrate a bull, it means that we have defeated and humiliated an adversary.

- To dream of a tabby cat, has the same meaning as the jaguar.
- If you are a domestic cat, its meaning is associated with a woman in the sense of sensuality.

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- This sign tells us that among several alternatives, we must choose the courts. But if we dream we see a catalog while we are in a market, then, means we will soon have to decide where we want to conduct our lives.

Dream that we have cataracts, tells us that something is preventing us see things as they really are, which advises us to put aside for a moment, any feelings of respect, love, fear, or someone's opinion, to analyze things and see the situation as it really is.

Cataracts in the eyes (Pterygium):
To dream that we have Cataracts in our eyes, means that there is something that is preventing us from seeing things as they really are; what advises us to put aside for a moment, any feeling of respect, love, fear or opinion of someone, to be able to analyze things and see the situation as it really is.

This sign represents a violent way, and the way that the dream this, whether pleasant or unpleasant, we will tell, if the predicted change will be for better or for worse.

Catch: (From: Someone caught us doing something bad):
- If in the dream someone catch us doing something in the dream we think is immoral or prohibited means that we feel guilty about something. That may be justified or not, but either way it is important to analyze the situation well.
- If in our dream we catch our girlfriend(boyfriend) with someone else, means that we are afraid to she(he) leave us.

- If we dream that we pick up a blue caterpillar, it means that we will soon achieve a higher state of consciousness (New knowledge and greater perception).
- If we see a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly it always portends satisfactions, prosperity, favorable changes and elevation.

This dream tells us that we will soon see made our wishes and hopes, and if in the cathedral we see an image of the Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) means that our luck will be greater, but in it we see a crucifix: It is a bad sign, especially if the image is unpleasant, in that case means confusion.
- If we see a church or shrine from afar and do not approach us, it means disappointment.
- If we are in a cathedral talking to people, but without paying attention to what is said there, that means we're being thoughtless in real life, and is likely to make something rash.

Catheter, Probe:
- If we see one of our children connected to a catheter or who has a catheter connected to where they administer medicine or something similar, it tells us that we must make sure that our son is well and that he does not go to have no problem because of our lack of prudence.

- To dream that we're trapped, tells us that we feel trapped and restricted in our work, profession, relationship or health problems, and we feel tired from the daily monotony.
- If we dream that we are caught between two glass barriers or we are trapped inside a glass cube, means someone is doing witchcraft us to prevent us from achieving our goals and advises us to be signed in our decisions may seem that we are evil, besides getting a talisman to protect us from any spell.
- If in the dream we see someone trapped, the dream speaks of someone who feels trapped and restricted in your job or profession, relationship, health problems, etc.
- If in the dream we see someone we know trapped, means that person feels trapped and restricted in your job or in the relationship that he (she) has with us, profession, health problems, etc.
- To dream that we are trapped inside a fridge means that someone tried to resort to any means to avoid to us to do something.

- If we dream that we cause a disaster, it means that we must act with more prudence.

Cave painting:
- If in our dream we see a cave painting, it means that we must decipher an important knowledge. It can also mean that something may happen that we do not understand, but that it is important to analyze in order to decipher it.

This dream tells us that we are maturing or reinforcing something about what we see inside the cave.
- If we dream we travel in a boat, on a river that runs inside a dark cave, tells us that the soul of someone who we know and who died recently or long ago, is trapped in an underworld, for what he(she) needs our help, so that the angels rescued him from that site, what we do with our prayers.

This dream tells us that the appearance of events should not be inclined to make a decision.

- If we dream that we have cavities, means that we are sorry for having slandered someone, or because we told a lie, but if we see another person, with cavities, means there is someone who is sorry for his slander and lies.
- If we have a nightmare and then we see (even at times, may not distinguish well if it was part of the dream or if we saw it in reality) to a person with old and decayed teeth, tells us that there is a pesky spirit bothering us. r

This sign represents the dark and aggressive qualities of the subconscious.
- It can also mean that someone wants to strip away what belongs to us by deception or force.
- If we can escape from it we can prevent theft or treason.

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