- See a BIRTHDAY CAKE, it means they are likely to meet soon one of our desires, but we do know that this cake is from someone else or dream has to do with the birthday of someone else, then, means that there is someone who is helping us or can help, but we must not forget show gratitude and appreciation.

- EAT CAKE If it tastes sweet and means that we have or soon have emotional experiences pleasant and agreeable.

- If it's a PASTRY, means the same that all previous.

- See PHOTOGRAPH OF CAKE, means that long for pleasant moments and enjoyable.

- If only SEE A CAKE, promises us joy.

- If we eat cake and the taste is SOUR, mean: aches and pains.

- If the dream informs us of the price or STOLE A CAKE, reveals an excess of sentimentality.

- If we THROW A CAKE IN THE FACE, means that we can become victims of a joke.

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