- If in the dream they call us by our COMPLETE NAME, WHEN THEY CURSE us, it means the same as the previous one, that is, someone wants to harm us.

- If we dream that our GIRLFRIEND OR PARTNER calls us, it means that she (he) is thinking of us.

- If in the dream we hear someone calling us by our FULL NAME (name and surnames), it means that there is someone who wants to hurt us.

- If we dream that SOMEBODY LIKES us, calls us, it means that we also like that person has been thinking about us.

- If we see someone else receive a PHONE CALL, it can be a warning, depending on the meaning of what is said, that is, we must find out what the words that are said mean.

- If we dream that SOMEONE CALLS us, without being able to know where the call comes from, it means that a loved one is in serious danger.

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