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Dreams: Ci-Cl

CIA (Central Intelligence Agency):
- If we dream a CIA agent ask us anything, it means that there is a corrupt official (someone dishonest who works in government) that we are trying to investigate. What advises us to be discreet on important issues.

- If we are sick and dream of a cicada, it means a relapse. If we are not sick, it means economic problems.

This sign represents fertility, and sometimes wealth.

- If we dream we're smoking, means we need to distract, or vacation.
- If we see traces of cigar, meaning concerns because of our lack of foresight.
- If we are smoking together with other people, it means tranquility.
- If we see someone else smoking, that means the person needs distraction, or vacation.

- If we SMOKING ACCOMPANIED by others means tranquility.
- If we see ANOTHER PERSON SMOKING, means to that person needs distraction, or vacation.
- See cigarette ASH (ash alone, without ashtray), means, probable concerns lack of foresight, and if we look at a window, means an uncertain future and concerns because of our lack of foresight.
- If we dream we're SMOKING, means we need to distract, or vacation.

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Cinnamon represents success, especially in matters of love.
- An AROMATIC CANDLE with the smell of cinnamon means that we need to be better protected, for example, take all the necessary precautions so that our affairs go well.
- If in our dream we see cinnamon in BAD CONDITION, it means probable difficulties in love.
- If a man dreams of cinnamon COOKIES, it means that there is someone who is doing witchcraft to him, or who is sabotaging him in some way, with the purpose of making him not have money, and thus not being able to get a girlfriend/wife.

The circle signifies perfection, determination, protection order.
- If we are in a circle, means that we want to achieve perfection. If the circle is of fire means victory.

This dream tells us that if we put a little more effort and cleverness in what we do, we will resolve any problem and achieve our purposes.

To dram about cistern, tells us that we are in danger of losing a friend.

- To dream that you are making an orange juice or some other citrus, and suddenly we drop and juice spills, means that health problems are coming.

If the image we see in our sleep is nice, it means changes in our lives are close, but if it is unpleasant, it is a warning that our projects may be in failure.

Civil registry:
- If in our dream we simply see a civil registry means that we may soon have to face a lawsuit.
- If in our daytime life we are single and dream that we are in the Civil Registry waiting for our future partner, but we see her marrying several times with different people, it means we want to get married and there is someone who would like to marry us, but there is something who does not like us, for example: An attitude, excess weight…


Claim (Of Lawsuit):
-- To dream about a claim, means we have economic or business deals that are not reliable, so we must be careful.
-- If in our daily living we present a newly lawsuit and we dream that reject us, it means the opposite, that is, means that it will be accepted.
-- If we dream that authorities evicted someone, but without we see exactly who are being evicted, means that the future is uncertain, for us and for our opponents, because one of the two will have to suffer failure, loss, humiliation or frustration.
• To dream that authorities give custody of our children to our ex wife (ex husband), means that we think our children no longer love us, which is unjustified, because they still love us even though we do not notice.
• If we dream that authorities give us the custody of our children, means we think our children still love us, what is true. But if we have no children, and dream to have children and who give us their custody, then it means that we think someone still loves us (For example: Our partner, ex...), which is true.

This dream allows us to see the circle of relationships which we have established in our lives.

It means we're doing something wrong.
- If we dream that we have a clandestine love with someone we like, that also means he likes you, but it is better to act wisely or think of someone else, and that could be a danger, such as: Make it a unreliable person, who is a married person and for which there is a danger that your partner attacks us or we sue...

- If we dream that we have to wait to get to class, tells us that if we do not work, there is a danger may fail the grade, or that we can’t rise, that is, we have to keep waiting for a promotion or positive change.

This dream speaks of the frustrations we feel about some problems that we face, can also be a test. In any case a call to be prepared and strive to either study harder for an exam, which can be a little harder than we thought or if it is not a test is a call to prepare more and better analyze the situation.

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The claws are a sign of aggression.
- If we dream claws, it means that there are significant threats to our business, which may be worse if our dream appear wounds caused by the claws.

- To dream of clay indicates that we create excellent projects and succeed.
- Should be very liquid clay, only dirty, portends fall into immorality although it is always possible to regenerate.
- If in our dream we see maroon clay, portends prosperity or a happy relationship, but also tells us that we can fall into immorality.
- To dream that we wash our hands on clay, tells us that it will be difficult to avoid gossip.

- If in the dream we are cleaning something, it means that the difficulties that may arise in the future, will disappear for good; If in the dream we see ourselves with the possibility of cleaning something dirty, but we do not do it, warns us that we must pay attention to the issues that we have pending, and at the same time advises us that we should try harder, to not see our projects frustrated in the near future.
- To dream that we clean our store or business means that the difficulties that may arise in the future in our businesses or work will disappear for the better.

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Cleaning products:
- If in our dream we see many bottles of cleaning products, it means that there is something that is important to clean or correct, for example: Our reputation.

Cleaning service:
- If in our dream the cleaning service picks up the garbage, it is a good sign, since it represents the possibility that the bad will go away.
- To dream that we are from the cleaning service, means that we have the ability to help others.

Cleanse, shaman:
- To dream that someone makes us a cleanse means that we are well protected, almost from any attack, even witchcraft.
- If in our dream we see a shaman make a clean someone we know, it means that person is well protected, almost from any attack, even witchcraft.

Cleansing, incense:
Represents good fortune.

To dream about a cliché or that we say that something is like a cliché, is a situation that we've been before (Something we already know to where are going). This dream tells us that it is time to do things differently.

If in our dream we are faced with a cliff, it means approaching problems, and warns us to react to the problems we face with determination and not try to evade them.
- If we dream of a cliff, then climb it, it means that difficulties to approaching, have disappeared.

- To dream that we climb a BUILDING, A VERY LARGE TREE, A MOUNTAIN, A HILL OR SIMILAR THING, means success.
- If we dream to climb a wall like we have the skills of a CAT, means that we must develop our skills; or that to be successful we must improve and study more.

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A watch and clock basically have the same meaning and is related to the pace at which we live.
- If we see a watch or clock ON THE BED, tells us that feel anxiety about relationship issues, it may be because we have not yet managed to find our ideal partner or because either time to start looking for her(him).
- If we see a clock or watch DELAY, tells us to take it easy.
- If in our dream we see a GOLD CLOCK, represents the Divine, and means happiness, prosperity, success and good things.
- Dreaming of a HOURGLASS tells us that we have little time to do something.
- If you dream of a HOURGLASS AND ALSO SEE OLD THINGS, says it is likely that someone close to us have little time for life, rather than talks about a possible inheritance.

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If we dream we see a clone of ourselves, but we note that behaves so differently from us; represents aspects of our personality.

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- If we just close a door or window indicates a desire to protect ourselves from the outside.
- If we close the door someone, means that we finish or break off a friendship, commitment, loyalty, partnership...
- To dream we see a woman that closes the door to us while tell us to she looking for something, it means that we still need to do something to achieve a final solution, plus some troubles approaching, yet tells us that we should not worry too much because overcome obstacles with ease and a little patience.
- To dream that you are in a mall and them close out before we get out of this place, means we have a difficult problem in our work or profession and we feel trapped with no way out.

The closet is related to our possessions. But sometimes it have to do with sexual repression, which, if not controlled, can reach cause sexual identity conflicts.

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by letter.

Cloth iron:
It means that we will be successful in our projects, but it will not be easy, since we will have to work hard and be constant in it.

It means the desire to succeed with the opposite sex or notoriety.
- If you dream you have clothes in abundance, means that you want to have good clothing and a life with less economic pressure.

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Clothes wash basin:
- If in the dream we see the clothes wash basin full of clean, clear water, it means that defending our interests well can bring us good health and the end of our sorrows. - If in the dream we see a clothes wash basin in the kitchen, and we notice that it is full of clean, transparent water, it means that we are doing well.
But if in the dream we see a pool of water in the kitchen and we notice that there is a corpse in the background, it means that there is a danger that one of our projects ends very badly, which advises us to analyze things well before continuing forward (Abandon that project or correct what we are doing wrong, depending on what is best for us).

Dreaming about a clothesline means that we must be personally responsible. Unless it doesn't have clothes hanging on it, since then it means we don't have hidden secrets or anything that can be blamed on us.
- If in our dream we only see the rope of the clothesline and it is YELLOW, it is a good omen for the continuity of our activities, and success in our companies/affairs.
- If a mother dreams that she is hanging out HER SON'S UNDERWEAR from her, it means that she should be aware of the people who are usually close to him (her), since there is a depraved person whom she would never suspect.
- Dreaming that we are hanging FRESHLY WASHED AND CLEAN CLOTHES means that we are being responsible and prudent in our personal life.

- It means that it is important to be responsible in the intimate or in the affairs of love and the partner.

- If we dream that our eyes are clouded, it means that we need to analyze things well to see everything more clearly.

That represents the Divine.
- If in the dream we see clouds obscuring the sky threatening a storm, it means that difficulties are approaching, so we must prepare ourselves.
- If in the dream we see ourselves on top of a mountain and shortly below we see that there are clouds, it means that we have chosen the right path and that we will be successful in our projects.
- If we dream that we see beautiful winged clouds from our bed, it means that we are doing well in the affairs of love. But if we want to touch them and we can´t reach them, it means that if we try harder, we can´t have good luck sentimentally.

A clown can represent two things, depending on the context of the dream, so that in the positive sense it represents a nice and pleasant person; but in the negative sense it represents a person who behaves inappropriately (Someone who behaves like a fool).

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