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Dreams: V

The letter v, we sometimes speak of a woman, especially when it is very noticeable.

Vacant lot:
It means financial worries.

- See us on vacations, means we need a break to recover our energies.
- To dream that we go on vacation with a friend or relative who has already left this world (But in the dream we see it as when he was alive), it means that she(he) already in Heaven and only wants to tell us that it is time that we pause or we take vacations before continuing our important issues.

The vaccines are associated with a help to our health or our soul.
- If vaccines are for someone else, it is because that person is in need of our help.
- If we as physicians, is a warning that we must pay more attention to our body and soul.

- Means that soon we will receive money.

Valentine's Day:
- To dream that we receive a Valentine's card from someone we like/love, means that we wish that person to like us or love us as much as we love them.
- If we dream that we receive many Valentine's cards, it means that we want to find our ideal partner. But if in the dream we see an image of our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) among the cards, it means that we will have Divine help to find our ideal partner.

Valet parking:
- If you dream that the valet parking, we returned our car, and we're driving it, means it is likely that soon we return control of our lives and have good prospects for the future.
- If you dream that the valet parking, does not want back us our car, represents someone or something that does not let us take control of our lives.

If you dream of a valley, the dream augurs good fortune and abundance in all respects.

It is associated with the desire to live forever.
- To dream that a vampire attacks us, it means that there are those who want to abuse us for their benefit either financially or otherwise.
- If in our dream we see ourselves as vampires, means we must have careful not to get carried away by our passions, or lust for power.
- To dream that you have sex with a vampire or vampire (Opposite sex), means that we desire to promiscuity and eternal youth.
- If in our dream we see burning a vampire, tells us that soon achieve to end a difficult problem that is related to someone who has tried to abuse us financially or otherwise.
- If in our dream we see the dead corpse of a vampire, means the same as above.

Van, VW Classic:
To dream about a hippie vw van or ride in it, it means that we should be more responsible and less libertines, that is, we should avoid intemperate behavior.

- To dream of the smell or the taste of vanilla, means an invitation or a welcome to a new situation. Can also mean welcome a new project that has a good chance of success.

This dream means health problems because of fatigue.

Dreaming of wood varnish means that we must protect our good luck, for example, being more discreet.

- If the vase is filled with a clean or clear liquid such as water, wine, oil, juice... it means we will have joy and good luck.
- If the fluid is dirty or is harmful as an acid, then it means that we can have unfortunate incidents.
- If empty portends sorrow.
- If the vase is broken portends discussions.
- If we drink water from a spring with a vase, it means that our difficulties disappear soon.

- Dreaming We vasectomy, means that we are frustrated by a project that we have failed to realize.
- To dream that our brother in law having a vasectomy, means that we are frustrated by projects that we have not yet managed, plus we are causing or will cause us family conflicts.
It may also mean that our brother in law cause family conflict for the frustration he feels because he has not yet managed projects.

- If in our dream we see someone we know with Vaseline in hair, tells us that person's ideas are not entirely correct.

- If you dream of a VCR or a DVD player that has inputs for all formats (USB, VHS, memory cards, CD, etc.), meaning that getting a good connection with something or someone can help us overcome any difficulties.


- View vegetables in good condition, predicts happiness.
- View vegetables in poor condition, means we are still too conformists.

- If in our lives we have been interested in seeking the universals Truths, and we are taking away a veil, it means that we part a life of confusion, and we'll find the way to who It is truly God, and toward a freer life.
- Dreaming of someone who has his face covered by a veil, it means that that person is not honest, or you are trying to hide something, even if not succeed at all.
- If a woman dreams that she has his face covered by a veil, means a auspicious wedding or mourning.
- If you dream that we have a veil but do not we remove, then there something that even we find either something related to the Divine, or with any other matter.

- View veins in our dream, it means that our current situation may change considerably.

- To dream that haunts us a velociraptor, it means that we must change our attitude, and not trust what they say our adversaries, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Venereal disease:
- If you dream that we contract a venereal disease, means that soon we may have health problems may also mean that we are in danger of getting infected from an illness. This dream has advises caution and get an amulet to health.

- Dreaming of a ventilator, it means we have resistance, which is good. It may also mean that we should calm down after a strong emotion.

Venus (Goddess):
- To dream of the goddess Venus, tells us that we will have good luck in love.

Venus (Planet):
- If in our dream is dawning, and in sky we see the moon and venus (star of sunrise and sunset to is seen next to the moon), means our worries are over and augurs the beginning of something good.

by letter.

- To dream that we are in a boxing match or any other combat sport, and we won by unanimous decision, means success. If tie, means that the future is uncertain. If we lose a unanimous decision means failure. If the dream is over before giving the verdict, means that the future depends on us.
- If in our dream we see that we are judging regardless of the verdict, it means that we have a eventful situation.

- It means that can have bad intentions towards us, it can also mean gossip, and suspicion.
- If in our dream we see the catch or killing them, it means that we will defeat our adversaries. r

In this type of dream, we must pay attention to what the verse says, because that is exactly the message.

- Wear a vest, denotes prestige and authority.
- Dirty, tell us that our knowledge is far from our claims.

- To see a veterinarian in our dream, tells us that we have a moral support or help in a difficult time.

- If in our dream we see a VHS cassette or any other format, tells us that we must do more.
- If we dream that our device has not VHS input, or we do not have the program to a certain format, means that we are struggling to get in touch with someone or something.
And if we dream that our device has input all formats except for VHS (VHS format was already discontinued but, for example: Some people came to record an event in that format, but now that no longer exists VHS, often struggle to rescue their old records), means that we are struggling to get in contact with something or someone from the past.


- Being a victim of beatings, means blips.
- If we receive blows without knowing where they come from, means that after passing some problems, we prosperity.
- If in a dream, they kill us, is something that may end up negatively, if not pay attention to what it tells us the meaning of the other things contained in the dream. For whether we are too old, can mean the approach of death.
- If in our dream we are victims of humiliation, means that the attitude of our families to us, is unfair.

Video Camera:
- To see a video camera in our dream, means that sometimes we act with suspicion, and the same mean if we dream that we are filming a movie.
- Dreaming about a movie filmed in black and white, it means that we fear and distrust. And the same means, if we dream we shot a film with an infrared camera.

Video cassette:
- If in our dream we see a video cassette, tells us that we must do more.

- If in our dream we see someone straight in the eyes, means that we are afraid to reveal something we want to keep hidden.
- If someone sees us staring, it means that there is something hidden that we know.
- If we looked, but we could not see who sees us, means that we feel guilty about something.
- If we dream you have a problem in sight, but we use without glasses, it means that we lack courage and determination to face the difficulties.
- If we are going to an eye doctor, means that we want to find someone who tell of our problems, and help us.
- If in our dream there is something we cannot see well or we see blurry, it means someone who is trying to hide something, or that there is something that we have not understood well, the other things that appear in our dream we can give more details about what we try to hide or do not understand well.
- If in our dream we see something with care, we search for the meaning of something.

- If we dream that we are in the viewpoint of a building, we must pay attention to that we see from the viewpoint, since that we see from there is equivalent to our possibilities. In this case it can be literal, although in some cases we must look for the meaning of what we see from there, in order to understand what our possibilities of reaching something are related to.

- If in our dream we see a Viking, tells us that we are in a situation of confrontation.
- If we dream of a Viking ship, tells us that we must prepare for a battle (legal, strategy, sports, competition, etc.) and take all necessary precautions to planning a good strategy.

- To dream of a good-looking village, it means prosperity. But if we see a village in bad conditions, then it means economic difficulties.
- If in the dream we see a village catching fire, it means that there is a danger of loss of money or goods.

VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):
- If in our daytime life we want to buy a certain car and we dream of the nameplate of the worn-out VIN, it means that we should check the VIN and the documentation in general, well, any errors or defects in the documents (Even if it looks like a finger error or errata ), could cause us too many problems or even be used by some dishonest official to slander us.

- Seeing a vine that hangs from above symbolizes a means of ascension.
- If we are suspended from a vine, the dream augurs us that we will soon reach a higher position.
- If we are climbing the liana indicates our desires to climb positions.
- If we are descending or falling, it foretells a decline in position, or the frustration of our hopes.
- If the vine is on the floor, on a piece of furniture or in our hands, it is a warning about the state of our business. The same meaning is whether we acquire or receive a vine.

Vine (Plant):
It announces prosperity and good luck.

Vinyl records:
- If in our dream we see a vinyl record, it means that we must do more.
- If we dream that our sound system can play any format except vinyl records, it means that we still difficult to contact someone or something from the past.

This sign in our dreams, usually related to oppression, however there are some exceptions, such as when it is a false dream, (generally true dreams are messages from angels, while a false dream is a simple product of the subconscious, as when we see horror movies and then have nightmares) Where is merely a reflection of a repressed desire.
- BEING RAPED in our dream, it means that we are oppressed by others or for situations in our lives, which advises us not blame us for things that are beyond our control.
- If we dream that someone violates our DAUGHTER(son) means that someone is treating you badly, or that it will be done soon and can be: Other children, teacher, cousin, uncle, etc., which we are advised to watch for and talk to her (him) to see if you have a problem that we know.
- But if the violation comes to DEPRAVED ACTS, means that someone is holding back too. It may also mean that we have sexual needs that we have failed to satisfy.
- Being raped by an EVIL SPIRIT, means we are suffering because of the oppression of some people or groups, and this is being caused by the reason that there is too much evil around us.
- If a man dreams that some friends violate his GIRLFRIEND, it means your girlfriend feels oppressed by him, it can also be caused by a repressed desire (who has the desire to have sex with her).

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- Violet:
Represents the memory and nostalgia.

- Violet, dark:
Is associated with nobility.

See: Snake

Virgin of Guadalupe:
Si en nuestro sueño vemos a la Virgen de Guadalupe y nos sentimos en paz, generalmente significa que nuestros problemas terminarán pronto y que todo estará bien, aunque también puede significar nuestra devoción hacia Ella. But if in the dream, we have no sense of peace then it means that we have too much confidence in ourselves.
- Dreaming about happens APPARITION of our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) and there we are, means that we can choose our future, even to help others. In addition, this dream tells us to trust in our Divine Lady, as we have a good relationship with her.

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- This sign represents the virtue and inclination for good.
- Losing your virginity symbolizes the dark side of things.

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Virtual reality:
If we dream that we are playing a virtual reality videogame, it means that we have the ability to control the situation, thanks to the fact that we have a good vision of the facts.

Dreaming that give us a visa to enter to the United States or to any country that is not easy to get (that not to anyone granted a visa or a certain type of visa), means that we have a good chance of achieving positive change.

- If in our dream we are taking vitamins, means we need to further strengthen our will.
- If in our dream we see a bottle of vitamins in a bookstore, it means that we must strengthen our health and our knowledge (Taking care of our health and learn more to avoid a negative change).


- If we dream that we are talking a FOREIGN LANGUAGE is a tip that tells us to expand our knowledge about a languages.
- If LISTEN TO A YOUNG MAN, SAYING THAT HE HAS A FRACTURED ARM, means that one of our enemies suffer difficulties and sorrows.
But if the voice is of someone known, the meaning applies to that person.

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Voltage regulator for computer:
A good looking regulator means that our work is protected and safe. But if we see a regulator in bad conditions, then it means that our work is not well protected nor safe

- If we SEE SOMEONE VOMITING, we mean someone will return what he had taken from us.
- If in our dream WE VOMIT, means that is very possible that someone claiming us for our seemingly dishonest or dishonest actions (depending on our current situation).

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- Dreaming of voodoo (Witchcraft by means of dolls to stick pins them to cause harm to someone) tells us that someone is doing or planning to do witchcraft. It may also mean the continuation of envy, ill will, gossip, and or bad faith.

Votive offering:
- Dreaming of a votive offering or an offering to our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe) or a good Being in gratitude for a favor received, it means we are doing things right, which we forecast good fortune.


A vulture represents a malicious enemy, who is waiting for an opportunity to harm us or to take advantage of us in some way.
- If the vulture attacks us we cannot expect mercy of these people.
- If we KILL the vulture, it means that we will control our enemies without problems.
- If in the dream the vultures remains alien to us is a warning for us to be very alert.
- If we hear screaming, it means that there is a looming threat.