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Dreams: Oa-Oc

This sign is associated with strength and success.
- If in our dream we see a large and leafy oak, it means that we will have good fortune and protection.
- If the oak is in poor condition, it means the loss of a protector, or it can also mean that we are being weak in character.
- Climbing up an oak tree means success.
- Seeing a bird perched atop an oak tree also means success in addition to good luck, unless it is a black bird or a night bird, because then it predicts death.

Dream of finding an oasis, when in real life we have many difficult problems to solve, means that these will end soon and we can have peace and quiet.
- If we see a distant oasis, means that soon may end all our troubles.
- If we are moving away from or abandoning an oasis, it means that we expect a difficult task for us to face our own resources.

- This dream is associated with a lack of confidence in ourselves or in our forces.
- If we are swearing in a dream, it means that we are committing ourselves to something we are not sure to carry.
- If in our dream we want someone jure us anything, it means that we do not have confidence that someone.
- If in our dream we swear someone something, means that soon suffer a hoax.
- If we dream that we make an oath and do not comply, failure means because of our lack of confidence in ourselves.
- To dream that we make an oath and if you comply means success.
- To dream we do an oath, but we kill before achieving fulfill means that there is a danger, or the danger of something going wrong. What advises us act with confidence but at the same time be cautious.

- To dream of oats in grain or abundantly in the field, means abundance and good fortune.
- To dream that we eat oats, means that we will soon have help for our health. It can also mean that improving our eating habits can help us protect our health.
- If we see cur or green oats, it means that we will have bad luck financially.

It means that our most ambitious projects will not give us everything we wanted to achieve.

To dream that you gain weight, predicts an increase in our number of goods or on our health.
- Dreaming of an obese woman, augurs good health and luck in economics.
- If in our dream we see very obese and naked women, but also there are sexual implications, it means: that someone is repressing us too much; It can also represent unmet sexual needs.
- If a woman dreams that she talks to her sister-in-law about fatness, for example: That her sister-in-law was telling her that she prefers not to wear striped clothes (Horizontal), because she looks fatter, it means that if she neglects her figure too much, she could get to have some difficulties with your partner.

- If we dream that a dog bites our foot, but then, our brother scolds him and the dog obeys, it means that someone has been causing us problems in matters of love and commitment, but if we think a little, we can find a way to control that person.

If in our dream we see or read an obituary, means the end of our principles or an old attitude.

In this case we must look for the meaning of the object, although if it is a known object, we can look for its specific meaning, although we must also consider some things like the following:
- If in our dream we see a certain object that we have, for example: If we dream of a pen that we buy in our daytime life and that has a certain history, because we bought it for sale and although it had a scratch it was perfect in everything else, it can be a comparison with something else that we bought recently and that has a certain similarity, since, although it has some defect, it is perfect in everything else.

This dream can mean discrete revelations, or we will have moments of tender emotion.

Means or exciting things happening.
It can also mean amazing things, but of little relevance to what we care about or is transcendent.

- If you dream that we are with our girlfriend or suitor and noticed that someone is watching means that someone is aware of everything we do with our girlfriend or suitor.

Obscene gestures:
- If in the dream we see a person who makes an obscene sign (Like when someone raises his elbow against a person) and then threatens us, represents someone who is trying to make ourselves witch or hurt us in some way, and sex, gives us a clue of who it is, so that if a woman is because it is a female person, but if a man, then, is a male person.

- To dream that we see people doing obscene things inside a church means that we are disconcert by the way some people behave.

- To dream about obsidian or with an obsidian knife, means that we must defend our interests or that we must be prepared to defend them.
- If we dream a broken obsidian knife or a broken obsidian arrowhead, it means that we have not known how to defend our interests. That advises us to be firm in our determinations and strive more.

This dream tells us we have to face some difficulties.

If in our dream we see ourselves being obstinate, it means that we have a good determination and decision power to achieve our purposes.

If a person stands in the way, means that we will face some difficulties, and if we are who we obstruct the way we met someone, it means that we can cause some difficulties for that person.

- If we dream, we have a very obstructive backpack (Big), means we have secrets that we are still hard to save.

- If you dream that something is very obvious, it means the opposite, ie, tells us that something must explain or clarify, it is not so obvious.

- If in our dream we object or replicate someone of high cultural level means we will have satisfaction in important negotiations.

- To dream that we need to enter the bathroom, but we canīt because it is occupied, means that we want to get rid of old ideas and leave bad times behind; like for example an old idea that never worked and always ruined everything, even this dream tells us that changing some of our old ideas and prejudices can help us to leave bad times behind.

This dream tells us about our lives.
- If the ocean is calm, so our life.
- If the ocean is not calm, tells us that our life is not either.
- If we fall into the ocean, tells us that something bad may happen to our carelessness.
- If we sink into the ocean, tells us to keep fighting and do more.
- The sail the ocean speaks of our passage through this world, the sea is rough, mean we should not get carried away by dangerous issues if we heading to a port is a good sign.

Ocelot (Wild cat):
- To dream that an ocelot attacks a free-mason, means that we can avoid a difficult problem.

by letter.

Symbolize the infernal spirits or their representatives among us. Dreaming of octopus is a bad omen.
- May be an intimate desire and need to get rid of someone trying to hoard unbearable.
- It may also indicate that we are able to pass through whatever just to get our purposes.

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This dream augurs us that we will soon receive help from someone from our environment who will support us in the difficult negotiations that we will have to carry out.

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