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Dreams: Op-Oz

- If we see the walls painted a COLOR OPAQUE and worn out, it means that things are not quite right in our lives.
- If we dream that we have a DISEASE IN THE EYES and that is why we see it opaque, (But as long as we do not

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- If in our dream to open a door, augurs marriage, can also mean that we are able to do things that most people can not, what can lead us to something good as a miracle or achieve something important.

Announces new activities, different projects, relationships, friendship renewed, or greater enjoyment of life.

To dream about opera, augurs fortunate events.

Operate, Worked, Perform:
- If in real life, we recently bought a television, stereo, etc., which we hit by mistake (We hit it but then saved it without testing if it broke or not), and we dream that it does not work, it means the opposite, that is, It did not suffer any damage and will serve perfectly.

To dream about operation represents the need to fix a certain issue, and if we remember the organ that physicians are going to operate, we must look for its meaning in order to have more details about the matter in question.
- To dream that we are having an operation from the EARS, means that there is something we do not know, and that can affect us, so we are advised to be cautious in our affairs.
- To dream that we are having an operation from the EYES, means that we lack a good view of things.
- If we dream of A DOCTOR WHO IS CARRYING OUT AN OPERATION, tells us that there is someone who is in need of our help.
- To dream that we are having an operation from the HEART, we are told that it is better to abandon an unfavorable love, even if we assume for a painful and dramatic.
- To dream that we are having an operation from the STOMACH, means we need a good rest of the events, because we have not managed to digest some of them, which we can bring difficult problems.

Operating room:
- If we dream as a doctor who is carrying out an operation, tells us that there is someone who needs our help.

Operating system/Windows:
- If we dream that something of the operating system of our computer is still not working (As when in our daytime life something of the operating system has not been working well and we dream that it is still not working), it means the opposite, that is, that the problem will soon be fixed problem or that we will soon find a way to fix the problem satisfactorily.

- If in our dream we ask your opinion about our projects to a friend or family member who left this world (Someone who died in our daytime life) and he tells us that now he can´t, because he is tired, means that he(she) needs our prayers in order to reach Heaven and become our guardian angel.

This symbol speaks of costly pleasures that are easy to obtain, but loaded with terrible consequences.

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- Dreaming we waste an opportunity, reminds us that we have wasted opportunities in the past and we are advised to be alert to new possibilities.
But if we dream we lose an opportunity, for example, because we were late or because they made a mistake, then, means that our reckless act can bring us problems.
- If you dream that took advantage of an opportunity, tells us that we made the right decision.

Opposite-direction street:
- If you dream to drive in the opposite direction, tells us that there is a difficult situation in our lives.

It means that the aptitude of our relatives towards us is wrong or unjust.

This dream augurs soon receive help from someone in our area to support us in the difficult negotiations that have to perform.

- If we dream that we must choose from several options, says it is important to analyze the situation and see what is best for us to do.
- Dreaming that we have no choice, it means the opposite, that is, we still have options yet advises us to be more sure of ourselves.

To dream that we are optimistic means that if we show a good aptitude, we will have more chances to succeed.

- If in our dream we see an oracle, it means that anxieties are approaching, in this case it will be useful to think about what are the things of the future that could go wrong, and on that begin to analyze the situation well. But if in our dream an oracle tells us something about our current situation, it is interpreted literally (That it tells us the oracle is that can happen)

- Dreaming of oranges in GOOD CONDITION means love and marriage.
- If in our dream we see two HALF ORANGES backwards as in this figure:) (depicting a love that could not be, but if we see them looking at each other, like this: () then it means that we will have good luck in love.

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- If we see ourselves as an orator, the dream augurs us that it is very likely that our wishes are not realized.
- If we listen to a orator, it means that according to the content of that he says, the dream can predict something good or something bad, so if that he says is good, it will also be the forecast, and if it is wrong, what will happen contrary.

- If in our dream we see that the planets change orbit, it means that an important change in our situation or in our environment is approaching.
- To dream that the end of the world and that the planets go out of orbit means that something is ending in us or in our lives and is because things have got out of control.

Orca/Killer whale:
- An Orca or Killer Whale represents good and evil, it is generally a council that tells us that we must find the right balance between good and evil or that we must be firm in our decisions even if it seems that we are being bad or too severe, in order to avoid a greater danger.
- Dreaming of an orca attacking seals, means that there is a danger of losing the virginity in a way that can cause us harm, which advises us to be prudent while not doing that we do not want to do.

It is always a harbinger of wealth and welfare.

Music means a good sign that everything worked well for us.

by letter.

It means: Pride and vanity.
- To dream that we carry a red orchid with the thick stem in the hand, means that we are doing things well in love, or that we know well how to be attractive to the opposite sex.

If we see everything in order, it means that it is important that we put our affairs in order.

Order (From: Receive or give orders):
If in our dream we see ourselves giving orders, it means that some people around us will take advantage of our naivete, or our lack of authority, so this dream tells us that it is important to change our attitude.

- If we dream that a friend organizes a party to which we are invited, it means that we must be careful with that friend, as it can cause us many difficulties.

Organ (Musical instrument):
- See an organ, means good news or favorable things depending on the type of music we listen to.
- If it is the organ of a temple, it means ceremonies, depending on the type of music, for example: Listening to wedding music, presages a close marriage.

Organs of the body:
- To dream that criminals kidnap someone we know, but then let them go, but we realize that the criminals STEALED ORGANS, means that there is someone who is stealing or causing harm to that known person.
But if in addition, we see the scars, then, the dream tells us that the problem has been caused because that person has had moral faults (If the person known was a child, then it means that, the one who has had the moral faults is one of his parents) here the advice is for that person known or for his parents in his case, and that is, that he corrects those moral faults to avoid revenge and bad luck.

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Organs, respiratory:
- Of perfect constitution, healthy and vigorous indicates, success in our activities.
- Weak constitution means: Bad luck or uncertainty.

Organ, sexual:
- To dream of a sexual organ means that we will soon receive money.
- To dream that a doctor operates on the sexual organs, means that we are frustrated by a project that we have not been able to achieve.

- If we dream that someone of the opposite sex produces or makes us feel an orgasm, it represents sexual needs that we have not been able to satisfy. It can also represent someone who has the talent to seduce or to convince.
- To dream that we have sexual relations with someone, but that we do not have an orgasm, represents a person who is dull, without spark, not very passionate, not very friendly... r

It symbolizes sexual dissatisfaction. - This dream, depending on our way of life, may mean that we are being too puritanical (Exaggerating moral or social norms) or that we must put a stop to our imagination.

- If we dream that we play with a paper boat or paper airplane, it represents our desire to escape from our real-life problems.

The original and good quality things mean that we are doing things right.
- If we dream that we are wearing new sports shoes, but we do not know well, whether they are original brand or imitation, it means that the future is uncertain as to whether we will be able to do things right or if we will suffer a humiliation in the attempt.
- If we dream of an original video game (The disc), it means that we have the possibility to control the situation without problems.

Orion constellation:
- If we dream of the Orion constellation or the constellation of Quetzalcoatl (Constellation that includes the line of three stars known as the Orion belt), it means that favorable things are approaching.

- To pray with an Orisha tells us that our problems will soon end. But if it looks sad or angry, it means that something is not right, so we must analyze our actions well.

Orochimaru (evil character of the animated series: “Naruto”):
It means that there is a danger that a certain hypocritical and treacherous person will make fun of us.

It means that the difficulties with others leads to isolation and loneliness.

This dream indicates concern for our health, but if we enter the orphanage, it is a warning that we must separate or end a business in which we have recently been involved, it can also warn us about problems caused by someone's bad intentions, depending on others signs that appear in the dream.

- Dreaming of brackets is related to our appearance.
- If we dream that our brackets are broken or damaged, it means that we are worried about our appearance or that we are uncomfortable with something of our appearance.

- If in our daytime life we have problems with our business and we dream a weted AD WITH BAD ORTOGRAPHY, it means that if our business does not work it is because our main product is not well done or well presented, for example: In the case of certain foods, they must be made with certain ingredients and served in a certain way, so it is important that it be well done so that people like it.

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Oscar, awards:
- To dream that we won an Oscar, means that in our environment others appreciate us.
It can also mean that we will soon succeed in an important matter.

If in our dream we are to presume some ostentatious thing, it means that in reality, we want to have or achieve that which we have assumed in the dream.

- To dream about an ostrich means that we must be honest with ourselves and recognize the evidence of what happens in our lives.
- Dreaming we use articles of ostrich leather, tells us that we lack the courage to do things. r

Other life:
- If we dream that we are living in another life (As if it were one of our past lives), it means that we have had an astral trip (A trip to another plane or even another time) and the meaning of the other things we see in the Dream can give us more details.
- If we dream that we are living in another life, and therefore we see ourselves as another person living in a different family, but in that family we see someone from our current life, it means that that person was part of our family in our previous life.

Dreaming of an otter warns us to be careful with advice given by colleagues, as they will try to advise us badly for their own benefit.

- Dreaming of a Ouija board tells us that there is a close risk.
- If we dream a ouija starts moving alone, it means that there is a risk to lose control of the situation.


It represents feminine things. It can also represent a woman.
- To dream of a purple oval, represents infidelity.

This sign represents the possibility of having children.
- If a woman dreams that a dog bites her ovaries, it means that there is someone trying to prevent her from having children.

- If in the dream we see ourselves cheering, it is a warning for us to act reflexively, that is, it is a call not to be imprudent in our actions or in our decisions, although they seem to have little importance.
- If in the dream we are the ovations, it is a warning that we should not trust our friends too much.

That really counts in this dream it is to use the oven, for example:
- If we dream we visited someone we know and enter his house, she(he) hides a thing of witchcraft in the oven to not see it, it means that we should not trust that person or someone who has something in common with her(him) because she(he) is a dishonest and treacherous, able of resorting to any dirty tactic.
- If in the dream we see only baking food means family agreement. But if we dream we bake food and burning, or not well baked, warns us that we have much to learn to succeed.
- If we dream that a man wearing a leather jacket attacks us or attacking us, but then we put it into a furnace and burns completely, it means we have defeated an enemy or an opponent that was well prepared, but no more than we do.
Although if he gets out of the oven and we see a little burned or singed, but alive, it means that we have won a battle but we have not yet completely overcome.
- If we are baking bread, have the same meaning bread, in this case dream that is being prepared bread, means we have confidence in ourselves, unless the bread goes wrong done in this case it means that we lack confidence in ourselves and in our abilities.

Over/Above/On top:
- If in our dream we see that something is above anything else, we must first look up the meaning of these things, and its meaning will be, that the meaning of what is above is above what is below, that is, it has more importance, for example: if we see bills (meaning poverty) and above we see a white paper (means no we have problems), it means that in future we will not have money difficulties, since paper is the one above.
- If we see medicine over a bill, it means that soon we will help that we get to avoid problems related to money matters.

Overalls (Workwear):
Seeing an overalls in our dream, means that we must prepare well, in case there is an opportunity for work or business.

This dream warns us of the danger of certain relationships that commit us to act in a suspicious and illegal way. It can also mean that we must act more responsibly.

This dream tells us that there is something that has us worried.

- If we dream that the mother of our girlfriend (boyfriend) is overprotective with her son/her daughter and that is why she watches us all the time, it means that our girlfriend (boyfriend) distrusts us, for some reason.

This dream tells us that we will have unexpected expenses and unexpected costs.

Overstepping/Cross the line:
- If a woman dreams that a certain acquaintance wants to cross the line with her, it means that she should not trust him since he could take advantage of her in some way. It can also mean that her boyfriend could become jealous of that acquaintance.

- If we dream that we are driving a car full of people and when we go through a stop, being overweight causes the car to hit a stop, it means that it is being difficult for us to live with so many people, for example: Because too many people live in our home, for relatives who are difficult to bear...

- If we dream that someone is overwhelming us, means that person is causing trouble or trying to provoke, meddling in our affairs, which advises us not allow it.

- If we dream of an owl, means we can be victims of gossip and hearsay.
- If we dream we killed an owl, mean gossip and hearsay will not affect us.
- If we see someone kills or injures an owl, it means we are doing gossip about others. - If we listen to a singing owl is a harbinger of death.
- Dreaming of an owl on a school desk, tells us that our situation may change in a negative way because of gossip and hearsay. What advises us to be careful to avoid bad reviews, at the same time we must be prepared to rebut any gossip..

- Being the owner of a property or company, it indicates that our rush to solve problems makes us neglect the essentials.
- If it is someone else announces changes in perspective that we may disappoint.

- It symbolizes the sacrifice, patience, work and strength.
- If we see the ox, glossy and with good antler predicts abundance of material goods.
- If we see a buffalo without horns, means poverty.
- If an ox is furious disease.
- If we see the ox sleeping or thin, poverty.
- Dead, misery and misfortune.
- If in the dream we see a buffalo or ox even very small but with large horns (Horns large in proportion to its size), means that only through patience and hard work will achieve what we want.

Oxidized/ Rusty:
- To dream of rusty things means bad luck.

- If we dream that someone we know needs oxygen, it means that this person is in need of some support in a difficult situation.

It symbolizes, the good and the perfect especially in relation to the soul.
- If we dream that we collect oysters, it means lasting friendships. It can also mean the desire to achieve a better social position or a higher position

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