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Dreams: Od-On

Odalisque (From: Arabian dancer):
- If a woman dreams that she dances like an odalisque, it means that she could soon have good luck in love.

- Dreaming of Odin, means that we found important knowledge.
- Dream a book about Odin, tells us that we have acquired new knowledge, but it is important that we discuss more like how to apply, so no mistakes.

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Oedipus complex:
- If a man dream of something related to the Oedipus complex, it means that this too attached to his mother. And if a woman dreams something about the Electra complex, means that this too close to her father.

This dream tells us that the attitude of our family to us is unfair.

- If in our dream someone offers us a gift, it means, joy.
- If we see ourselves offering help, it means that we are appreciated by our friends

- If we dream an offering on an altar, or that we make an offering on an altar, it means that we are on the right track or that we are doing things well, which proves us good fortune.
- If in our dream we see a Day of the Dead offering, and in it we see four or five candles lit, the dream tells us that our projects are reliable, it also means that we are doing things well, which will bring us good fortune and help of our guardian angels.

- Dreaming Discount on goods or products, tells us that we have new opportunities to must seize.

Dream with the announcement of an offer also means that we have new opportunities to must seize.

- If we work in an office and in our sleep we are in it, the message has to do with our work and is related to the meaning of the other things we see in our dream,
- If we not work in an office, or it is not our office or office in which we work means we can suffer disappointment at the outcome of our efforts.

Office Chair:
- If we work in an office and see in our office in an office-chair, the dream tells us about our current situation with respect to our work, so that the better you see the office-chair better our situation, but if we see it in poor condition, then, tells us that our current situation is not good. - If we are sitting in an office chair, but in an office that is not ours, it means that we suffer disappointment at the outcome of our efforts. And the same means if we do not work in an office and dream that we are sitting in an office chair in an office.

Official Gazette:
- If in our dream we see an official gazette, or means likely demands and problems with the authorities.


- To see an ogre in our dream, means that we must overcome obstacles in order to be free.
- Dreaming about an ogre out of a video game, it means that someone is tampering with or is repressing us too.
- Dreaming about an ogre out of a video game, but then turned the game, and the ogre disappears, means that someone is holding back too, but soon managed to control the situation.
- Dreaming try to hurt an ogre with a broken bottle, means that we are able to achieve prevent someone handling or repressing follow us too.

- If in our dream we see oil in abundance, is success and prosperity.

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Oil well:
- If in our dream we see an oil well represents a promising project. It can also mean good luck in money matters.

If in our dream we see ourselves putting some ointment on someone to cure him, it means that he needs our support or our help.
But if we dream that someone gives us ointment to cure us, it is a warning to pay attention to our body or our spirit.
- If we dream that a friend or relative, who left this world, asks us for ointment, because he says he is in hell, and we see that his hands are full of sores, it means that he(she) is in a difficult situation and in part, because in his life (In this world), he did something bad, such as practicing some evil ritual or some other bad thing and therefore he needs our prayers in order to reach Heaven (Since it is like a proof that there were people who loved him, which can help counteract his bad deeds).

Okra (From: Vegetable):
- It represents a good opportunity that we must seize soon as it does not last long.


Old age/ Elderly:
The elderly in our dream represent wisdom, this dream puts us in our rightful place, and promises us luck and protection, can also mean a board, depending on other signs which appear in our dream.

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Old (Worn out):
If in our dream we see old things, means there is something of the past to remember or consider.

Old one:
- If in the dream we FORMER BILLS, means our money difficulties originated in the past.
- If in the dream we ANCIENT COINS, tells us that there is something of the past to remember or keep in mind that in the future we can succeed in our projects.
- See one of our brothers as a baby and wearing a DIAPER OLD means that we are behaving immaturely and dated.
- If you dream of an HOURGLASS AND ALSO SEE OLD THINGS, says it is likely that someone close to us fits short time to live, while we speak of a probable inheritance.
- If in the dream we see the console of a GAME, but it happens that it is an OLD CONSOLE (Which was allowed to make many years ago), and also note that this wrapped in cellophane or plastic wrap; means that if we continue using old methods or techniques will not achieve what we want or that what worked in the past, we did not work in the present. To advises us, to use modern techniques and modern methods.

- To dream about olive tree or branch, means peace and reconciliation.
- Olive oil generally means good luck.

- If we dream about Olympic Games, says that success depends on our courage and persistence.

by letter.

- A good looking omelette represents promising events.
- If we dream an omelette full of cockroaches, it means that someone could ruin or sabotage our promising projects.

It means that taking part in other people's affairs can bring us problems.

Oncoming driver:
- If we dream that we are driving in the opposite direction, it means that there is a difficult situation in our life.
- If we dream that we are crossing a one-way street and suddenly we see a vehicle approaching quickly, so we try to cross soon, but then we see that another is coming in the opposite direction, and either we are run over or we wake up Before that happens, it means that someone has set us a trap from which we will hardly be able to escape. This dream advises us to analyze the situation very well, in addition to not trusting ourselves, since, although it seems that we have the situation under control, the truth is that there is a very elaborate trap, so we must take all precautionary measures, even ask for help to an expert, and what we see on the side of the street can give us more details of the matter.

- If in our dream we see ourselves one-handed, it means that there is the danger of a next ruin.
- If in our dream we lack the whole arm, it means: Illness.

Onesies, baby:
- If in our dream we see moist a baby onesie, it means probable difficulties because of a person who is behaving immature.

Dreaming that we have onychomycosis (Yellowed nails), means difficulties and worries.

This sign symbolizes coldness.
- If we dream of onyx, it means that those loves that start being cold, will become solid and durable.
- If we dream of black onyx, it represents loves or devotions that are not convenient.

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