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Dreams: Ha

This dream tells us about minor activities without great motivation.

Habit (From: Clothing worn by nuns and priests):
- If we see our dream just a habit, means probably marriage.
- If in our dream we see our mother wearing a habit, tells us that we are struggling to get married because of that we are suppressing it too or our mother is repressing us too.

Habits (From: Customs):
- Means it's important to remember the customs and habits of people (such as habits and religious, social customs, work, or somewhere in particular), since otherwise we can end up having some difficulties.

Hacker (Computer Hacker):
- If you dream that someone we know a hacker, tells us that this person is cheating and stealing information achieved their success, we must be careful with it.
- If someone tells us or hear us say that someone is a Hacke, but we note that meant "Hacker", tells us to beware of hackers.
- If we dream that we have to go to our website, twitter..... But all we see around is a computer with an unsafe connection and why do we avoid, especially for hackers do not steal our key means that we are free from danger.
- If we dream that someone hacks into our Facebook or Twitter and erases our friends or breaks something, it means that we must be careful with the information that we disclose to others, because someone could use it to generate a gossip or sabotage of any way.

- If we dream that we haggle for the price of something and the seller agrees and sells it to us cheaper, it represents a thriving business.
- But if we dream that we want to buy something in a store, in which we choose what we like most from several options, then haggle the price and it happens that the seller agrees and leaves it cheaper, it means that if we choose well, We will achieve many benefits.

- If we dream that we are training or practicing Hai-Kido, means that we must prepare for an important event.
- If we dream that we are fighting and we win, it means that we will succeed, but if we lose, it means failure.
- If we fight, but no one wins, it means the future is uncertain.
- If you hurt us, means we will have pain and anguish.

This sign announces misfortune and loss according to that we ourselves provoke.
- If it falls hail and hurts us (For example: Because the hailstones are very large), represents problems or we can get hurt. But if hail falls to someone we know, then, it means that person can get hurt.

Hair, body:
- The hair on the chest, arms, underarms, and legs represents virility.
- If we see someone we know, with lots of hair on the body, means that that person is leaving too guided by instinct and sensuality.
- If a man dreams that a woman close to you, with much hair on lips, it means that that person is sexually or implying that this trying to do.
- Our hair (Of the head) represents our thoughts, so that hair is looking good good thoughts, but if this abused, represents the opposite. Show all meanings of dream about Hair.
- If we see hairless us in our dreams, it means that we are weak character.

Hair clip:
A hair pin represents concern for our appearance.
- If we dream that we have our hair full of hair clips, it means that some of our ideas are complicating our lives a lot.

Hair dryer:
- To dream of a hair dryer, it means that our relationship with someone we know can change significantly. It can also means, that it may soon change what we think or our opinion about someone we know.

Hair, head:
The hair in our dreams can have several meanings, most commonly it is related to our ideas and thoughts. Another point is its appearance and color, for example, if we see ourselves with hair more silky and long, it means that we have good abilities to succeed; If we see ourselves disheveled, it tells us that we can suffer fraud or embezzlement...

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Hair highlight:
- To dream that the hairdresser does us a bad job with purple hair highlights, means that if we continue to deceive ourselves we may get to see ourselves in trouble or even in ruin

Hair straightener:
If a woman in a dream simply sees a hair straightener, it represents her desire to look better to others.

Hair strands:
- To dream of a woman who cuts herself strands of hair, means that we should try harder or otherwise expect failure.

Hair tips (Hair ends):
- If a woman dreams that another woman tells her, that her hair looks very pretty and then touches her hair ends, it means that she should not let envious people touch or approach her own, for example: Avoid lending her things to unreliable people or avoid introducing her boyfriend to untrustworthy friends.

- If we dream of a hairdresser with scissors, it means that slander and gossip are coming.
- If we dream that the hairdresser cuts our hair and it is too short or that it makes us a very bad haircut, it represents something or someone who may end up leaving us in ruins.

- To dream that we are beardless, it means that we are being spineless.

- If we dream that the barber or hair stylist leaves us too short or that makes us a really bad haircut, representing something or someone that can leave us in ruins.
- If we dream that a friend makes us a good haircut (The haircut is good), it means, that friend can help us.

If we look good hairstyles it means that we are doing well, but if we look badly combed it means that something is not right.

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- Dreaming about half of something, means that we have only achieved a percentage of the total of something, that is, that something is not complete, for example, depending on our current situation, it may mean that we need to work more on an issue in order to achieve success or it may have to do with a sentimental relationship, in which we need to do our part and not expect the other person to do everything.

If in our waking life we have a half-brother and dream with him(her), the message is related to he(she).

The Halloween comes from Samhain, which was a favorable time to communicate with those who have departed this world, so different from the actual halloween, and in dreams, their meaning is often associated with Samhain.
And the dream that will soon be Halloween, it means that soon we will know someone who is no longer with us in this world (for example: Through our dreams) or we will soon have the help of one of our guardian angels. It may also mean that we are adopting a new persona temporarily.
- To dream of an evil-looking Halloween pumpkin, represents our fear of falling into a trick (trap or deception). It can also mean that if we do not do our part, there may be problems.

- To dream of ham, it means suffering and disappointments.
- If the ham is cooked, it means happiness and good luck.
- If the ham is in poor condition, means, failure and misfortune.
- If we are eating it, whether cooked or not this means that we will be slighted.
- To dream that a white dog snatches us ham and eats it, it means that someone wanted to get married, but we run the risk of being slighted by that someone.

- If IS NICE TO EAT indicated promising developments and if bitter anguish and loneliness.
- If very COLD OR FROZEN: health distress.
- Cooking a hamburger, means family agreement.
- PROVIDE A HAMBURGER: happiness at home, but if we rejecting family conflicts.
- IF WE DISLIKE predict that we deal with something unpleasant. Also, the meaning is the same if we have difficulty chewing or swallowing.
- If we EATING ACCOMPANIED means friendship and affinity with others.
- If we are EATING ALONE, signifies: sadness and loneliness.
- If this SOUR means discomfort and distress, unless the hamburger is for someone else who is in our dream, because in this case means that person will be suffering from discomfort and distress.

- It symbolizes a business or work that after much effort, can be very profitable.
- Dreaming of two crisscross hammers (Forming a cross) relates to an issue in which we have worked and put a lot of effort, which can help protect us from an unexpected change in our situation.

It means laziness and passivity.
- Seeing someone whom we know, resting in a hammock, tells us that it is a lazy person. But if we who rest in the hammock, then, it mean that we are being too lazy.

Watching a hamster in our dream tells us that prefer the solitude that the parties or meetings.
It can also represent a man, although if it is a pet, it can represent the above or a new friend.
- If a woman dreams that a cat eats her pet hamster, it means the end of a friendship/love due to jealousy, or that this may happen.
- To dream that we forgot to take his picture a hamster, tells us that we must not forget our obligations and tasks.

Hands on our dream symbolize the possibility of doing something.
But when we remember exactly which hand was then: Right is right; and the left represents the bad unless you are indicating to the south, then it means that we must look for something that is very important.
- Dream to a BABY BITES OUR HAND, represents an enemy who tries to sabotage our plans or projects.
- BIG HANDS THAT LOOK GOOD indicates security in ourselves and business success.
- To dream that your hands are BLACK AND HARD, predicts difficult days.
- If we dream of one DEVIL BITING OUR HAND represents a person who is trying to keep us from doing something, which advises us to put aside our feelings of guilt, and defend our interests well.
- If the thing that we most remember about our dream is that we DID SOMETHING WITH OUR LEFT HAND, it means we are doing something wrong and is related to the meaning of the other things we see in the dream.

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Hand bag:
- If full symbolizes that we kept secrets.
- If empty indicates that the person owns is incapable of keeping a secret.
- Lose the hand bag, means that someone knows our secrets.
- If someone steals it, means it's very likely that someone will find out what we do not want to use force.
- Dreaming with a hand bag of wood, which is full, means we will have good luck because we have some well-kept secrets.

Hand grenade:
- To dream about a hand grenade, it means that we are repressing our anger and that can explode at any time.
- If we dream that we launched a hands grenade with an enemy(s) and we win, tells us that in our waking life will win a battle or at least you we will cause a lot of damage to an enemy (In these cases usually is a enemy that has been meddling in our affairs).

- If in the dream we see someone we know with a handkerchief in the head, it means that we have not been able to understand that person. It can also mean, that person is hiding something from us or his true personality.

- To dream of a knife that has needles or spikes in the handle, means that we want to hurt someone or that we want to fight an enemy, but there is a risk that things will be counterproductive because of our lack of experience and lack of ability.

Handle (Handle of a motorcycle or bicycle):
- If we travel on a motorcycle and suddenly drop the handle, it means that we are not knowing how to control the situation or a business.

If we grip the handlebar firmly, it means that we try to find a good destination, and hold it tightly, to prevent it from changing.

Hang up:
- HANG CLOTHES means a desire to change our living conditions.
- IF OBJECTS ARE USUALLY HUNG, means various disorders.
- A FUR ANIMAL HANGING ON THE WALL OF A ROOM means we want to have a better social position and get rid of something that causes us stress.
- If we see a GUITAR HANGING ON A WALL, means that we want our love life change or better.

If we dream that we have a hangover, it represents the consequences of our lack of care or for our imprudence. What advises us that in the future we must be more careful and take the necessary precautions.

- If we are handcuffed, it means a dependence that affects us and overweight.
- If in our dream we are handcuffed, but then we untie that means we can successfully free ourselves from our dependence on someone.
- If in our dream we handcuff someone means that we commit an injustice, unless it be a person of the opposite sex, in which case means that we like that person.
- If in our dream we are handcuffed, and with bloody hands, it means that someone does not let us prosper or carry out our purposes.

- If a woman sees a man who knows, but in the dream it looks more handsome than it is in reality, it means it is likely to soon see, besides the dream telling her that, that person likes her and try to attract your attention.

- Seeing a hangman means problems with money.
- If in our dream we are hanged, means that we recover things we lost.
- If we dream that we hang and kill someone with a rope, means we want to find a way to ensure we recover something to stolen someone.
- If we dream that we hang the boyfriend(girlfriend) of our ex girlfriend(boyfriend) means that we feel jealousy and hate to that person, especially because we would like to return or regain to our ex girl friend(ex boyfriend).

- To dream that we think that something is going to happen and then something other than what we expected happens, means that a change is approaching.
- If in our daytime life we are worried that something bad could happen to one of our beloved Ones, and then we dream that someone tells us that bappen something bad; it means that we should not worry, because nothing bad has happened to our beloved Ones.

If in our dreams we are happy, we are told to be more realistic.

- If you dream that someone harasses, tells us that there is a looming threat.
- But if it comes to bullying, means the following:
1. If we dream that we are victims of bullying, tells us that someone feels harassed by us, which advises us to be more considerate towards others.
2. If you dream that bullying practice, this means that we are suffering from bullying or harassment of any kind, which advises us to seek help, or away from risk, depending on the case.

- To dream about hard shoes, it means that things have been difficult and we must adapt to a new situation.

To dream about hardware means that we have a better chance to face the problems caused by our adversaries.

It symbolizes sexuality.
It is an indication of sexual desires and advises us to be careful with spending and lust.

- FOR A MAN dream of a harem presage that external circumstances that deviate from their true objectives will be presented.
- FOR A WOMAN may indicate the desire for a higher position economically.

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- To dream that someone or something is harmless, it means we will not have problems in our near future.
- If we dream that a butterfly or some other harmless animal bites us, it means we could eventually suffer because of things we had not thought (Things we thought was very unlikely), which advises us to take extra precautions.

Harry Potter:
To dream of Harry Potter means we want a little Divine help to get out of a problem but also tells us that it is important to study and learn new things.

Means wealth unless a late harvest, if still green or already yellowing, in which case announced: Disease.
- A very good-looking and rich harvest represents prosperity because we have done things right.

- To see in our dream that we hate someone, means the failure of our business or our important issues.
- If we dream who we like or our suitor, saying to himself: "He/She hates me." As if he felt bad for something that he/she did to us and thought that we hate him, it means that we feel worried because we think that who we like or our suitor is upset with us, but in reality we are only exaggerating things.

- If we dream that someone we know behaves in an odious way, it means that in the future, it will be best to avoid unnecessary discussions, since it is someone who does not understand the reasons and is not willing to change his mind, even if he knows he is wrong.

by letter.

This sign generally represents the attitude of the wearer.
- If we see ourselves with a top hat, it means that we are being too presumptuous.

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To dream that we are haughty indicates that we are making a mistake to underestimate or disregard our inferior in all areas.

Haunted House:
- Dreaming of a haunted house, tells us that there is an evil spirit that bothers us. But if our dream addition to the haunted house, we also see someone you know, means that there is an evil spirit that is bothering that person and that leadeth to do dishonorable things, in the latter case, the dream we are advised to be careful known to that person.

To dream about havoc, it means financially difficulties.

The hawk symbolizes advancement in all planes of existence, the physical, intellectual, moral and spiritual.
Indicates victory and superiority.
- If in our dream we see a hawk tearing a hare announces victory over the unbridled desires.
- If we are people with spiritual aspirations and we see the dreams hooded falcon symbolizes our desire to receive the coveted light of enlightenment.
- Dreaming of a black hawk, tells us that we are not being able to take the win, it can also be dangerous.
- To dream that a black hawk attacks us means the same as above

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