If we look good hairstyles it means that we are doing well, but if we look badly combed it means that something is not right.

- If a woman dreams that she has a BRAID HAIRSTYLE but it happens that the braid is long (Longer than it could be done in reality, that is, with more hair than she has in her daytime life), means strength, wealth, welfare, fertility and/or leadership.

- If we only see aCOMB it can mean concern for our appearance, what is bad for us, as long as we do not exaggerate in it.

See all the meanings of Comb.

- If in the dream we are COMBING our hair, depending on how hard or easy it is, how our affairs will be soon.

- If we get disheveled or see ourselves UNPAID, he announces a complicated and confused situation.

- If a man dreams of trying to become a WOMAN S HAIRSTYLE, and also notes that his hair is of various colors, it represents identity problems, in addition, the dream tells him that such ideas may not be well accepted.

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