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Dreams: Ea-Eg

Eagle: It is a sign of divinity, the eagle is the bird that flies high and has a sharp vision.
- If you identify with her or see her at the top of a tree, means that we will succeed and triumph.
- If the eagle makes you feel scared, it means that something is wrong in your life.
- If the eagle attacks you, you do not you take layers of true love, and if you see someone attacking you would want as a couple, it means that love does not suit you and will not be realized.
- If you see an eagle fly overhead, means success, but if this stationary or falls, you do not succeed in your projects.
- If the eagle is chasing you or harming you, warns you of danger.
- If you see a caged eagle, you are warned of a probable humiliation.
- If you see a flying eagle carrying a prey, is a warning that we must be careful with our adversaries.

Early morning:
This dream, is a good sign, which tells us that something good is about to start.
- If we see several moons on all their faces at early morning, it means that a new cycle or a new stage in our life is approaching

- If we BUY an earrings warns, us that it is very likely that we may have lost money soon.
- If we see BROKEN EARRINGS or see as broken, it means frustration.
- If the earrings are DIRTY, means difficulties in our business.
- If the earrings are EMBEDDED PRECIOUS STONES, like diamonds, jade, emerald, turquoise, etc., may mean that we have found important knowledge and truths.
- If the earrings are made of FALSE GOLD, false silver... tells us to avoid vanity and presumption.

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It represents communication or that there is something that we should be aware of.
- If in the dream we see one of our LITTLE CHILDREN, WITH THE INVADED EARS OF ANTS, it means that he may be sick, but we have not realized it.
- If we dream that a BEE BITS US IN THE EAR, it means that we feel hurt by something that someone said about us. It can also mean bad news or gossip.

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The ground is associated with motherhood and family.
- If we dream that a CHILD THROW US SOIL means that we have a dangerous enemy who is trying to hurt us somehow even witchcraft...
- To dream about a DIRT ROAD (But that is not dusty) relates to fertility and marriage, for example: If in our dream we see a dirt road and also present someone we like, and long as she(he) does not reject or despise us, tells us to that person would like to marry us.

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Earth worm:
- It symbolizes the members of our family. But if the dream is unpleasant it represents a person who is taking advantage of us.
- To dream that we eat sweets in the form of earth worms, means that we will have pleasant moments with the family.
- If in our dream we see a black earth worm, it represents someone who is taking advantage of us without giving anything in return.
- If we dream that black worms come out of the mouth, it means that we must be more discreet and be careful what we say.
- If we dream that a black earth worm gets into our skin or comes out of it, it represents a person who is taking too much advantage of us.

This sign warns us of a change, since this sign is associated with time and changes. The important thing is that the change may or may not be good, but it will be important to be able to adapt to it.
- Hearing a seismic ALARM, means that there is a danger of a negative change.
- If we dream that there is an earthquake and our mother DISCONNECTS THE GAS to avoid problems, it means probable changes that can be harmful to us, which advises us to analyze the situation well and take all possible precautionary measures, to avoid being affected by certain change or to avoid a negative change.
- If we dream that an earthquake suddenly begins and we are with one of our CHILDREN, and we get scared, it means that we are worried about certain changes or probable changes that may affect our children.

Earthquake simulation:
It means that to avoid a negative change in our life, we must prepare and/or take precautions.

- To dream that we have too much earwax in the ears, means that we must pay more attention to what happens around us. But if we dream that we clean the earwax with a cotton swab, then, means that soon we will realize what is happening around us or what they say about us.

It represents changes that can be good or bad, but in any case it is a warning to be prepared.
- If we dream of a Easter bunny it means the same thing as the previous one, but it can also represent fertility and love.

- To dream that something is easy or it can be easy, it means the opposite, that it is difficult or it can become difficult.

View an eclipse in a dream, a bad omen.
- A sun eclipse, tells us may happen a unfortunately. Even we could lose our freedom.
- A moon eclipse augurs misfortune, but less severe than in the case of an sun eclipse.

- Listen to the echo of others, predicts indiscretions and lies.
- If you hear the echo of our voice, it means that we lack initiative and enthusiasm.

This dream tells us that we will take measures to protect against adverse events likely.

- If in our dream someone talks about doing or making ectoplasm, it means that the message of the dream has to do with witchcraft, magic, parapsychology or something paranormal.

If we dream of this kind of flower, it means that luck is on our side.

- If in the dream we see the edge of the toilet wet with water, it means that difficulties are approaching and are related to a delicate issue. That advises us to act with caution.
- If we see ourselves on the edge of a precipice and avoid falling into it, it means that in real life we will avoid dangers. But if we fall into it, then, it means that it will be very difficult to succeed.

Edge (From: edge of a weapon or cutting edge):
The edge represents our ability to do something, so that if it is something sharp tells us we have good skill, but if this blunt, then, tells us that we lack ability to do something; and in both cases it is related to the meaning of the sharp or blunt thing.
- To dream that we use scissors to cut something, and noticed that they are very sharp, it tells us we have ability to invent gossip or lies, but if they have no edge, then tells us we do not know to lie.
- If the dream focuses on the blade of the sword or saber, and is double-edged, it can mean that our arguments will be convincing as long as the blade is shining, but if the sword is in poor condition, it warns us that we need to do more to know well how to transmit our arguments to others and thus more compelling our words.

This dream, promises us a happy new projects or changes in our situation.

- If we dream of an impolite white dog go up to the table to try to eat what this there is someone who wants to marry us, but also tells us that does not suit us at all.

- If in our dream we are concerned for not finishing our education, means: This dream occurs sometimes when we are faced with difficult problems and feel that we need knowledge , so sorry to have left our school before not having time or underutilized. Which advises us to analyze the situation and prepare well but either resume our studies or at least read more .

- If we're wearing a shirt that has the image of an eel, means that we have been several opportunities in the hands but we have not taken advantage of it.

by letter.

- If in our dream we see or take an effervescent tablet or medicine for upset stomach, it means that we will soon have a little help to solve a difficult and annoying.

It represents fertility, happiness and/or wealth. Unless we get drunk with eggnog, in which case it means we are being very irresponsible in some respect.

- If the eggs are whole eggs symbolizes fertility, marital expectations, wealth and prosperity.
- If the eggs broken reveal the fear that our hopes come to be unsuccessful. Fear of infertility, loss of pregnancy, sexual failure and unwanted parenthood.

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Eggs of cockroaches, spiders... :
- If in our dream we see eggs of cockroaches, tells us to seek more clean, since dirt can bring bad luck. You can also include a notice that tells us that we should not rely too much on those who are close to us.
- If in our dream we see eggs of spider, means that we must ensure more hygiene and or be careful with people who are close to us as there may be someone treacherous and malicious that can get hurt by treachery, or you can potentially damage someone in our family

To dream about pieces of eggshells, means it is very likely to lose a friendship.

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