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Dreams: E

Eagle: It is a sign of divinity, the eagle is the bird that flies high and has a sharp vision.
- If you identify with her or see her at the top of a tree, means that we will succeed and triumph.
- If the eagle makes you feel scared, it means that something is wrong in your life.
- If the eagle attacks you, you do not you take layers of true love, and if you see someone attacking you would want as a couple, it means that love does not suit you and will not be realized.
- If you see an eagle fly overhead, means success, but if this stationary or falls, you do not succeed in your projects.
- If the eagle is chasing you or harming you, warns you of danger.
- If you see a caged eagle, you are warned of a probable humiliation.
- If you see a flying eagle carrying a prey, is a warning that we must be careful with our adversaries.

Early morning:
This dream, is a good sign, which tells us that something good is about to start.
- If we see several moons on all their faces at early morning, it means that a new cycle or a new stage in our life is approaching

- If we BUY an earrings warns, us that it is very likely that we may have lost money soon.
- If we see BROKEN EARRINGS or see as broken, it means frustration.
- If the earrings are DIRTY, means difficulties in our business.
- If the earrings are EMBEDDED PRECIOUS STONES, like diamonds, jade, emerald, turquoise, etc., may mean that we have found important knowledge and truths.
- If the earrings are made of FALSE GOLD, false silver... tells us to avoid vanity and presumption.

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It represents communication or that there is something that we should be aware of.
- If in the dream we see one of our LITTLE CHILDREN, WITH THE INVADED EARS OF ANTS, it means that he may be sick, but we have not realized it.
- If we dream that a BEE BITS US IN THE EAR, it means that we feel hurt by something that someone said about us. It can also mean bad news or gossip.

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- To dream that we have too much earwax in the ears, means that we must pay more attention to what happens around us. But if we dream that we clean the earwax with a cotton swab, then, means that soon we will realize what is happening around us or what they say about us.

- To dream that something is easy or it can be easy, it means the opposite, that it is difficult or it can become difficult.

Earth/ Soil:
The ground is associated with motherhood and family.
- If we dream that a CHILD THROW US SOIL means that we have a dangerous enemy who is trying to hurt us somehow even witchcraft...
- To dream about a DIRT ROAD (But that is not dusty) relates to fertility and marriage, for example: If in our dream we see a dirt road and also present someone we like, and long as she(he) does not reject or despise us, tells us to that person would like to marry us.

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Earth worm:
- It symbolizes the members of our family. But if the dream is unpleasant it represents a person who is taking advantage of us.
- To dream that we eat sweets in the form of earth worms, means that we will have pleasant moments with the family.
- If in our dream we see a black earth worm, it represents someone who is taking advantage of us without giving anything in return.
- If we dream that black worms come out of the mouth, it means that we must be more discreet and be careful what we say.
- If we dream that a black earth worm gets into our skin or comes out of it, it represents a person who is taking too much advantage of us.

It represents changes that can be good or bad, but in any case it is a warning to be prepared.
- If we dream of a Easter bunny it means the same thing as the previous one, but it can also represent fertility and love.

View an eclipse in a dream, a bad omen.
- A sun eclipse, tells us may happen a unfortunately. Even we could lose our freedom.
- A moon eclipse augurs misfortune, but less severe than in the case of an sun eclipse.

- Listen to the echo of others, predicts indiscretions and lies.
- If you hear the echo of our voice, it means that we lack initiative and enthusiasm.

This dream tells us that we will take measures to protect against adverse events likely.

- If in our dream someone talks about doing or making ectoplasm, it means that the message of the dream has to do with witchcraft, magic, parapsychology or something paranormal.

If we dream of this kind of flower, it means that luck is on our side.

- If in the dream we see the edge of the toilet wet with water, it means that difficulties are approaching and are related to a delicate issue. That advises us to act with caution.
- If we see ourselves on the edge of a precipice and avoid falling into it, it means that in real life we will avoid dangers. But if we fall into it, then, it means that it will be very difficult to succeed.

Edge (From: edge of a weapon or cutting edge):
The edge represents our ability to do something, so that if it is something sharp tells us we have good skill, but if this blunt, then, tells us that we lack ability to do something; and in both cases it is related to the meaning of the sharp or blunt thing.
- To dream that we use scissors to cut something, and noticed that they are very sharp, it tells us we have ability to invent gossip or lies, but if they have no edge, then tells us we do not know to lie.
- If the dream focuses on the blade of the sword or saber, and is double-edged, it can mean that our arguments will be convincing as long as the blade is shining, but if the sword is in poor condition, it warns us that we need to do more to know well how to transmit our arguments to others and thus more compelling our words.

This dream, promises us a happy new projects or changes in our situation.

- If we dream of an impolite white dog go up to the table to try to eat what this there is someone who wants to marry us, but also tells us that does not suit us at all.

- If in our dream we are concerned for not finishing our education, means: This dream occurs sometimes when we are faced with difficult problems and feel that we need knowledge , so sorry to have left our school before not having time or underutilized. Which advises us to analyze the situation and prepare well but either resume our studies or at least read more .

- If we're wearing a shirt that has the image of an eel, means that we have been several opportunities in the hands but we have not taken advantage of it.

- If in our dream we see or take an effervescent tablet or medicine for upset stomach, it means that we will soon have a little help to solve a difficult and annoying.

- If the eggs are whole eggs symbolizes fertility, marital expectations, wealth and prosperity.
- If the eggs broken reveal the fear that our hopes come to be unsuccessful. Fear of infertility, loss of pregnancy, sexual failure and unwanted parenthood.
- Dreaming with fried eggs means:
1. If going well and we are accompanied means promising developments, and so it mean if you dream that eat fried eggs and are nice to eat.
- If in our dream we see eggs burned, represents difficulties, frustrated hopes.....
- If we dream that we break several eggs or one, means that there is a danger that our hopes will fail to perform for our lack of understanding.

Eggs of cockroaches, spiders... :
- If in our dream we see eggs of cockroaches, tells us to seek more clean, since dirt can bring bad luck. You can also include a notice that tells us that we should not rely too much on those who are close to us.
- If in our dream we see eggs of spider, means that we must ensure more hygiene and or be careful with people who are close to us as there may be someone treacherous and malicious that can get hurt by treachery, or you can potentially damage someone in our family

To dream about pieces of eggshells, means it is very likely to lose a friendship.

Eiffel Tower:
- To dream that we climbed the Eiffel tower without problems, it means success thanks to our strength and leadership.

Eight (8):
- If our dream is centered on a number eight or we simply see a number eight, it tells us that a favorable date is approaching, such as: November 1 and 2, December 9 and 12, the beginning of a season, our birthday..., which we can take to do something important or start a new project, and so have good luck in what we do.

- If a man dreams that he has premature ejaculation, or someone says to he have premature ejaculation, means he did something that went wrong because of their lack of training and experience. This dream says that while in the past something has gone very wrong, you can once again experience is gained and preparation in order to achieve the desired success.
- If a man dreams that cannot ejaculate, represents the difficulty to do something or achieve something, and the meaning of the other things he see in the dream can give he more details spare the reason for the difficulty.

We promises a happy and rewarding period.

Elastic band:
The elastic bands are a symbol of union.
- If we dream that we blow someone with an elastic band, or someone gives us a blow with an elastic band, it means passing problems with a rival.

Election ballot:
- If in our dream we see a ballot and in it we see the logo above a certain political party or set up, it means that political party wins the next election, which must be considered.
It may also mean that we should analyze the situation well and see what is best for us to do.

- If in our dream we are voters, means that we may suffer a setback in our social status or wealth.
- If we are elected, it means that our concerns will be resolved.

Electra complex:
If a woman dream of something related to the Electra complex, it means she is too attached to her father. And if a man dream of something related to the Oedipus complex, it means he is too attached to his mother.

Electrical Shocks:
- If our dreams give us electric shocks to genitals, means that soon we will receive money, but for that very reason there is a looming threat, which advises us to be prudent.

Electrical technician:
- If we dream that an electrical technician is fixing the wiring, so that the cables remain within the tubes that run inside the wall, and then covered with plaster to make it well, means we'll help someone to avoid a risk or a danger.

Electric cable:
If in our dream we see electric cable (like when we go to a store and buy electric cable, this is, which is not connected to a power source) tells us that there will be contradictions with family matters, unless we are cutting the cable, because then it means that the contradictions are fixed.
But if we see an electric cable, leading electricity, represents a hazard.
- If we dream that we touch by ACCIDENT WITH CABLE PHONE, tells us that there is a looming threat that relates to love.
- If we dream that we ELECTROCUTED with a cable, means that we are conducting a case in which there are many dangers, we must analyze the situation well and not be complacent, as there may be dishonest and treacherous people. So we must do more and analyze every step or every thing that happens.
- If in our dream we see TWO ELECTRIC CABLES, for example trolleybus cables, means that if we do not act with more care and intelligence, something bad can happen (like when grabbed two electric cables at the same time).
- If we dream a WHITE DOG BITING ELECTRIC CABLE, means we can have discussions with the family, because of our decision to marry, and if the dog gets electrocuted, it means that there is also a danger, but if the dog does not electrocuted, means there will be no danger and not pass some discussion. r

Electric Water Heater:
- If in our dream we see a bucket full of water and noticed that the water is heating with an electric water heater (Of which are connected and to enter into a bucket), means that we are moving away from someone or is likely to soon finish a relationship with someone.

- If we use usually means that things are going well and will be favorable to us. If power failure, or not working properly, means that something is wrong, so there is a danger that things are not favorable for us.
- If we harm to electricity, means there may be a danger.
- If we dream a touch of electricity by accident, says there may be a danger.
- If we dream a touch of electricity by accident with a telephone cable, tells us that there is a looming threat that relates to love.
- If in our dream we cut the power, tells us that something is wrong and is likely to suffer physical exhaustion or moral (for example: a decrease in our power to do things, or to continue a battle).

- If in our dream we electrocution, means there may be a looming threat.
- If someone who is electrocuted is known, means that someone may be in danger.

- If you dream of fancy or glamorous things, tells us that we must act in a less superficial and begin to think more about the importance of people and/or some things.

In most ancient civilizations was considered as the primary elements of matter: water, fire, earth, air, and the fifth element is movement, but actually referred to the manifestations of matter, that is: solid, liquid, gas, incandescent matter, but the movement which is also compared with the time, because without the movement cannot exist long (all remain as frozen). As for its meaning in our dreams, seeing the five elements in our dream represents good fortune

by letter.


This dream represents the prosperity, memory, strength and longevity.
- If in our dream we are riding an elephant, it means that we will succeed, with the help of influential people.
- If real life we become sick, it means you will heal soon and it will have a long life.

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Indicates increases or downgraded, especially in our jobs and almost always due to relationships or influences.
- Dreaming pushes the elevator BUTTON AND USELESS; the dream tells us that something is wrong in our work. This dream advises us analyze the situation well.
- If we CANNOT RISE the elevator, it means we have missed an opportunity.
- Upload or being in an elevator to the top of the building and DEFECATE in, tells us that we will have a promotion in our work, and an improvement in our economy.
- If in our dream got on an elevator and start to going up, we get DIZZY means that the way we think about our work is changing.

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- A very GOOD APPEARANCE elk represents success and prosperity.
- If the elk go HERD indicates prosperity and successes nearby.
- Dreaming of a black elk with black HORNS represents a person who can be useful to us but who at the same time is a troubled and troublesome person.
- If someone KILLS an elk, means unsuccessful projects.

Ellipsis (.....):
- If we dream of an incomplete word followed by an ellipsis, for example, if we dream we see the following sentence: "The work was very gooÖ..", it relates to the entire word, in this case, it means we have done a good work ("The work was very good).

Elvis Presley:
- If you dream singer of the same sex and of long ago, for example: If a man dreams of Elvis Presley, you do not feel sufficiently recognized and yet feel nostalgia for the past.


If we are emaciated in the dream, it means that things are not going well.

- If we dream that we read an e-mail, tells us that we receive news soon. But if we distinguish what is said and to think about it, means that we have had an important finding related to what we read. - If you dream that someone we like, give us your phone number or your e-mail, means you also like us, and there is the possibility of a relationship with that person.

This dream tells us that a relative may suffer from a long and difficult illness.

This dream may be a desire to see new horizons, or desires for change in our lives.
- It can also mean approaching the start of a new project.

If in our dream we are heading towards an embassy, tells us that we will succeed in our immediate projects or closer.

In this case we find the meaning of that we see in the logo, or what it represents.

- To dream that we embrace with someone of the opposite sex, but then his embrace suffocating us, it means that someone appreciate, but we do not like or simply no longer want as a girlfriend or boyfriend.
- To dream that we embrace with someone of the opposite sex, but then smother it means that someone appreciates us, but I do not like us much, or just do not want us as boyfriends or suitors.
- If you dream to embrace someone who left this world, that means the person has become our guardian angel, thanks to the appreciation that we had and that he or she had us also.
- If you dream that a rat embrace, tells us that we be careful with relationships based on mistrust and disloyalty.

- Dreaming of the abortion of an embryo, he says that one of our new projects is in danger of ending badly.

- If the dream is nice, it shows our desire to know about the future or secret knowledge.
- If the dream is unpleasant, especially if accompanied by fear or anxiety, it shows the possibility that may arise in us a bad instinct, which can easily be avoided with the reflection of things.
-- It can also be associated with our eye health, in this case:
- If the design is nice, it tells us that we have a healthy view.
- If the dream is unpleasant, it announces the possibility of eye disease.

It tells us that there will be a change in our situation or in our activities.

Emo (From: An Urban Tribe):
An emo is a nasty person who is not well seen, or someone who does not fit into society.
- If we dream that we have a girlfrind(boyfriend) emo, and she(he) killed our parents, it means that someone is emo, which we like, but if we decide to go forward is very likely that she(he) will reach cause annoyance to our fathers, as it is very unlikely to come to sympathize.
- If in the dream we see a man that looks emo, represents someone who does not sympathize and who see us as an enemy.

Predicts a rise.

Employment/ Job:
- If in our dream we are managing to reach a better job, than we have in real life, it means that we will receive recognition and honors.
- If in our dream we were able to give us a job, but as long as it's not a bad job, means the same as above.
- If in the dream we see a job application or we are filling it, means that we are dissatisfied with something in our lives or that we care what they think the rest of us, why we are looking for a better economic situation, family, school, or business.
- If we dream that we are in our work or employment, the message has to do with, and relates to the meaning of the other things we see in our dream.

This dream is a warning that we will carry out a project that will not be easy to do, so we put all our effort into it to succeed.


- It warns us that we are in danger of being deceived by someone.
- Dreaming about an enemy tells us words of encouragement, it means the opposite, that is, to that person is to discourage us or make us believe that we have no chance to beat him. This dream advises us not be discouraged, because we have what it need to defeat our enemies.

This dream tells us it is important to expand our knowledge.

End of the World:
- To dream that is the end of the world, or someone says it's the end of the world, tells us that something in us is over, such as our beliefs, faith, pride, way of seeing things, etc., which in most cases is good, but sometimes can be bad. But the important thing is to seek the Truth of things, for example: What draws away the bad, is good; and what is said to be good but we canīt help ward off evil is not good.

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Enema (From: The process of pouring water into a rectum):
It means that we will have support for our health or on an issue, but with some drawbacks.

See "Adversary"

- If we are in an engagement with a known person in our dream, indicates being.
- It may also announce a probable marriage to that person, when the dream is accompanied by signs associated with married life as when we dream of a woman carrying an apron. The same applies, if woman dreams of a man with a sign associated with married life.
- If in the dream we see several women with signs associated with marriage, means that we are able to marry one of them, that is, we have several options.
- If in the dream, we get engaged or an unknown person proposing marriage, means there is a danger, at least in the same dream engagement is broken, then it means the probable danger has disappeared.

- If we have an ACCIDENT with an engine, it means problems and failure.
- If we dream that our car is MISSING PARTS of the engine, it means that recently someone stole a piece or someone could steal parts, for example: That if we take to repair our car with an unreliable mechanic, we run the danger of replacing some parts of the engine of our car for others that are already heavily used.

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Engine Oil:
- If in our dream we see motor oil on the pavement or a motor oil stain on the pavement, tells us that something is not working well. It may also mean that our bad economy is causing something goes well.

When a professional appears in our dreams reveals that something exists in the profession or in its symbolism that has a special importance for us and we can unravel special attention to their level.
To dream of an engineer talks about the construction of our projects, and depending on other signs of the dream, we will know more details, for example, if construction falls, it means failure; if we are running a large building, it means that our projects are large, and most likely see them realized.

Evidence that we let ourselves be influenced by readings or gruesome movies and unreal.

- To dream that we enlist in the army, indicates that we have a duty to society, if the dream is pleasant means we are willing to obey a superior will, as may be, to serve the country or even to serve God. If instead the dream is nasty, mean that it is difficult to our professional lives or our family life.

- If we go through a door and we do not see things that have a negative meaning, the dream tells us that we have achieved our goals or we will achieve them soon.
- If we dream that we enter through a door, but in passing we see that inside there is another door and we canīt go through it, it means that to achieve success we need to do two things, of which we have already done the first or the main, but still we lack the second, for which we will have to make some sacrifices.

- If in the dream we see a person who gets angry by our enthusiasm, represents a person that has us envious.
But if we see a person that looks exhaustion while noticed that he was upset by our enthusiasm, it means that a person with envy us, especially because his life is not easy, in the latter case, the dream we advised to be discreet to avoid envy.

Entry/ Entrance:
This sign in our dream, usually related to the possibilities available to us, in other cases, it may be that we see someone or something in the entrance of our house, in which case it represents something that can reach or come into our lives and related to the meaning of what we see there.
- If the entrance is CLOSED: means that we still needed to reach a final settlement.
- If we have DIFFICULTY TO PASS, warns us that we will have to make some sacrifices in order to achieve our goals.
- To dream we see TWO ENTRIES, tells us that we have two possibilities or two things to choose from. It may also mean that we can choose our destiny, and it depends on the decision we make.
- Dreaming we opened the front door or our house and in doing so get a WHITE DOG, means probable marriage.
- To dream that someone BIG TRUCK PARK IN FRONT OF AN ENTRY of our house or of our business, tells us that there are some obstacles in our projects or that someone is trying to prevent us carrying out our projects.

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In this case, the important thing is to see the meaning of things we see in our environment: Mountains, rivers, valleys, roads, etc., and look up the meaning of each, and relate well to understand the meaning of the dream, for example : If we see a mountain, and almost on top of that, clouds, means that we will soon succeed. If we see a forest and is a nice view, it means that soon understands the cause of our fears, and we succeed in overcoming them.

- Envy a person, indicates frustration in the realization of our projects.
- Be envied means that the evolution of our situation will be positive.


This dream tells us that we be concerned about our health or that we will be concerned for that reason.
- If we see a BROTHER(SISTER), sick means that the disease may be in the legs or arms.
- If we dream of an epidemic and also see someone with a DOCTOR MASK means that there is a danger that we infect of a disease, which advises us to be cautious.

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- If in our dream we see someone epilating, means we want to get rid of some discomfort or minor problems that are overwhelming us.
- If a man dreams that epilating, means fear of losing manhood.

This dream portends issues that are related to an inheritance.


Equal to (=):
- If we see an account as an addition, or subtraction, and gives us equal to three (= 3), means that if we do not defend our interests, we will have bad luck.

- It means we have an opportunity to effect positive change, especially if it is the spring equinox. The same means if we are in a temple or pyramid at the time of the equinox.

When dream occurs in a bygone era, it is because the dream is telling us about something that has to do with a thing of our past.

This dream warns us that we better study the situation to ensure that our projects are met.

Dreaming of an eraser warns us that we must better study the situation to ensure that our projects are met.
It may also mean that there is something we wish to correct or fix in order to achieve what we want, but first we must analyze and plan things well, to avoid worsening the situation.

- If we dream of a man who suddenly gets into a pool naked then goes and gets an erection in public (in front of people of all ages), representing a person who has had trouble because he did something indecent or improper, and also all noticed it.

- A volcanic eruption means a change in our life, usually for the better.
- Even if we dream a volcano suddenly erupts and we are in danger, but we managed to escape, it means that we will achieve avoid a negative change.
- If we dream that a volcano erupts, and we died in the disaster, represents a negative change.
- If we dream that we climb a mountain and reach the top, but then begin to erupt, but managed to escape, means that we will achieve our goals at the same time that will save us from danger or risk.

- If you dream to escape or run away from something, it means that we got rid of it. In this case it should also refer to the meaning of what we run.
- If in our dream we see ourselves as a fugitive, warns us to beware of our enemies , because they are dominant and vindictive.

Esquites (From: made of corn meal):
- If in our dream we see esquites, means joy and prosperity in our family.

It shows our desire for security or quiet time to rest and think about the problems that beset us.

If in our dream we feel esteemed, it means that we will have distinctions or important economic gains.

- To dream that we say, or someone to tell us that something is lasting an eternity, then there is an issue that is taking too long , but the important thing is not to give up or be discouraged, but rather, we must continue working and have some patience.

- If we dream that we canít connect our computer to the internet either by ethernet cable, or other similar cable, tells us that we have difficulties to contact friends or partners, or to contact someone who can help us in some of our work.
But if we dream that we canít connect our computer to the Internet, but we insisted and in the end we did it, it means that despite the difficulties soon managed to contact members, or people who can help us in some of our work.

- If in our dream we see something that is not esthetic (In the sense that, as evident in the dream, is precisely that something is not esthetic), it tells of a thing inconvenient or impractical.

The meaning of the stomach (Organ of digestion) and abdomen (The midsection), may vary a little, but when our dream we feel pain in the stomach or abdomen (Any kind of pain) generally relates to anger and dislikes.

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- Dreaming paper money, means economic difficulties, no matter whether dollars, euros, pesos, yen, etc. Although sometimes (If we do not live in Europe) when it comes to bills of other states, means economic hardship caused by someone who is abroad or something that looks like a foreign (By appearance or surname).
- If we dream of bills of other states, but we see that these are false, it means that someone seems foreign or so, trying to cause us damage our economy, but canít achieve their goals, even if in the dream, we canít distinguish whether the bills are real or false, then, means that the future is uncertain.

- If we dream that we are hospitalized and doctors want to euthanize us, but we escaped, to tell the person we like: To we love, means that it is time to stop worrying so much and not to pass up the opportunities presented to us, as though that person would like us much, she(he) does not wait for us forever.

- If evacuation happens in a house, tells us that we will have sad news. If it is a shop, it means a change in the situation either good or bad.
- If evacuation is a ship we forecast debts.

- To dream that we evade our responsibilities, it means that if we do not soon take care of our affairs and responsibilities, we are in danger or we will face serious difficulties.

It tells us that we will receive any unpleasant surprises.

Evaporated milk:
- If we dream of evaporated milk portends prosperity and knowledge.

Everest (Mount):
If in our dream, we are climbing Mount Everest, means that we will succeed in our purposes.
- If we canít reach or we fall, means that we will not achieve our goals, by our lack of character and conviction.

- If we dream that authorities evicted someone, but without we see exactly who are being evicted, means that the future is uncertain, for us and for our opponents, because one of the two will have to suffer failure, loss, humiliation or frustration.

If in our dream we are showing that something is Truth, means good fortune.
If it is a prophetic dream and we see evidence of something, that means the evidence can be very useful (For example, in a lawsuit or a major issue).

Evil :
- If in our dream we see someone we know and we noticed that has an evil glance, the dream tells us to that person is dangerous.

Evil Eye:
To dream that someone makes us evil eye, means that a person who is manipulating us, or someone wants to hurt us and try to use any method at their disposal to do so.

- To dream about an evildoer means that there is a danger that someone will steal something from us, or the danger of being attacked by dishonest people.
- If we dream that we are an evildoer, it means that we must be more honest towards others; It can also mean our fear of being usurping the rights of another person.

Evolution/ Evolve:
- If we dream that someone says the word "evolution" or "Evolve" means that someone who recently left this world and managed to get to Heaven. Sometimes the dream is when someone we appreciated part of this world and we are concerned about that person, so he(she), visit us in our dream to give us the message that he(she) is well.

Ex-boss/ Former boss:
- If in our waking life we are looking for work and dream that our ex-boss, offers work, means that no one will come to offer jobs, but we have to go get it, that is, tells us if we really want to get work we must do more.

Ex Brother in law/ Ex Sister in law:
It can mean something that bothers us.
It can also represent someone who is separated from our family after a long relationship.

- It means that we are concerned about something that is related to that we exchange or with their meaning.
- Exchanging gifts, it means that soon we will be concerned about money matters.

Ex-Father in law/ Ex-Mother in law:
- If we dream that our ex-mother in law(ex-father in law) dies, it means it is likely to end up permanently with our ex-wife(ex-husband).

- To dream of someone who in the past was our friend, but it ceased because we are upset by something or a misunderstanding, it means that we must remember what happened, because it could happen again to someone else.
- If we dream that we fought with a former friend, it means that we upset with him(her) or that it is likely to continue grudges and/or discussions with that person.

Ex-girlfriend/ Ex-boyfriend:
If in our dream we simply see our ex-girlfriend(ex-boyfriend) mean approaching a danger of death, but sometimes it is related precisely with her(him), so it is appropriate to take into account whether you do or remember some special feature. < br> But if the dream constantly, then, means that even the love.

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Ex-husband/ former husband:
It means the same as as the following.

Ex-wife/ former wife:
- Dreaming with our ex-wife(ex-husband), tells us that there is something we do not want to occur, it can mean that we are going through a situation that is uncomfortable.
- If a woman dreams that hit her former husband, means that she want to break free from a situation that she are uncomfortable and annoying.
- If a woman constantly dream about her ex-husband means that even the love.
And the same meaning, if a man constantly dream about his ex-wife.
- If a man dreams of traveling in a car with his ex-wife, but then he gets out of the car and goes, means that he and his ex.
- wife have followed different paths in life, but if it goes up again the car, then, means that it is likely to return.
- If a woman dreams that kills the wife of her former husband, or a man dreams that he kills the husband of his ex-wife, means he(she) want that person to stay away from your ex or want to hurt that person in some way. But if after killing he(she) is happy, means must be more realistic about your situation with your ex.

This dream indicates that soon ran out of rumors that could disturb us.

This dream is related to present or future concerns, and it is also a warning, so let's try to be stronger, and sure of ourselves.
- A dream that we DISAPPROVE EXAEN means that we must analyze the situation well and study more. And so, more specific: If you recently had a test tells us that we have not studied enough or have not done well enough, but recently we have not had an exam, then it is a difficult issue that we are faced, and it means that we must analyze the situation, and we are not yet sufficiently prepared.
Dreams tend to show things in the future, but sometimes also lets us see things from the past, in this case, for example if it is a test we did recently, or disapprove it means that we get a bad grade, what advising us that the next time we take it more seriously.
- To dream that we have to submit a final chance SECOND EXAM, but we forgot, and did not, means that it is best, we study more (Study, practice, train, specialize ..... As the case ) and plan a good strategy, because otherwise we will soon in serious trouble. It can also be, a call to not be negligent, in this case we are advised to do everything necessary to ensure victory.
- Dreaming APPROACHING, THE SEASON OF EXAMS means that we must prepare to face an uphill battle, and that tells us that we must confront the issue with security and decision. And if we dream that tomorrow starts the exam season, tells us that we must attack with security decisively and immediately.
- If we dream we HAD TO SUBMIT A EXAM, BUT WE FORGET, BUT THEN REMEMBER THAT THE EXAM IS TOMORROW or within a few days, tells us that it is not yet time to act, because we must first prepare a bit more, yet tells us that there is something to remember (for example: an experience).
- If we dream that we CHEAT DURING THE TEST means that we must respect more the rules, to prevent embarrassment, or to prevent further complicate things, for example: To study more instead of cheating.

- If in our dream we are setting a good example, means that our advice is sought by our friends.
- If in our dream we see that someone gives us a good example, means that we must act more decisively, or we will face many difficulties.

Exchange things means that we are concerned about something that is related to what we exchange, or their meaning.

- If we see one of our naked brothers, is to see ourselves free from hypocrisy.
But if we see a brother of the opposite sex naked and that causes us excitement, it means that our sex life is difficult and boring.
- If we dream that we are in bed with our partner but we see that there is a third person whom we know and it is the same sex as well as we noticed that this excited, represents a possible love triangle, which advises us to be cautious with that person to avoid such situations.

- If in our dream we are doing a field trip, it means that we have peace in the spiritual or we have found inner peace.
- If we are making a trip to a mountain, it means to approaches success and joy after winning overcome some difficulties.

Resorting to excuses, usually they represent ineptitude or a bad attitude.
- If we dream that someone tells us an excuse to not sell gasoline, it means that we should not be discouraged by the attitude of some people.

If we dream we do gymnastics or exercise, means we can have a long life, provided that we exercise and live a healthy life.
If in the dream we see a gym exercise means that if we have a longer life and less worry.

- If we see ourselves as victims, means: we are feeling too guilty about something.
- If we as executioner, you do not want to dominate us.

- If in our dream we see a woman executive, says that to achieve what we want, it's time to act, and is usually related to labor issues.

It tells us that we must put in order the family affairs.

Exfoliate/ Exfoliation:
- If we dream that we are in a spa and make us an exfoliation treatment, means that we must be a little better than we are to others, for example, more cordial, friendly, considerate, respectful, and so on.

- If in our dream we see things displayed on a sideboard, mean options and if there is only one thing or is one in particular that draws us, means the option to get it, but the thing is strange, it is advisable to consult the meaning of that object in the same dictionary.

- If we dream we do a pantomime or we see ourselves as an exhibitionist, this is a board that tells us that we must avoid illegal or improper things, because it can bring us many problems.

- If we exhume a person, means a hard time going to put us to the test.
But if we dream we dug our grandmother (grandfather) (who already left this world or someone else know, but that is also someone who already left this world) means that there is something of the past that we must discover.
Even if we dig and we realize that smell very bad, it's because we must inquire or know something of the past, as there is one thing that is not right, further tells us to pray that she(he) can reach the paradise smoothly.

It tells us that we will be able to travel soon unexpectedly and with profitable consequences.

It tells us that a period of bad luck is coming.

- If we dream of an exorcism, it means that there is much evil around us. And we recommend bringing us an amulet made of silver, such as a four-leaf clover or a coin of that metal.
- This dream can also be caused because of having been practicing evil rituals, such as: Play with the Ouija board or similar. To avoid repeating this dream, it is advisable to stop practicing such rituals and make a bedtime prayer.

- An exotic candy means that if we are more original, we will have good luck in love. But if we dream a phallic-shaped exotic candy, then, means that if we do something different and original (for example, an invention, product, recipe, store type, type of service, etc.), we will make a lot of money and also have good luck in love.

Expansive wave:
- If we dream of the expansive wave of an explosion or similar, represents the side effects of a situation that caused us problems recently, for example, other problems that follow or may follow the disaster that occurred in our life or affairs.

- To dream that we have many expenses, it tells us that the various setbacks can make us fall into the hands of people hostile to our interests.
- If we dream we have to spend too much money to repair something, it means the opposite, that is, that with little money can repair. But if we dream that we will need very little money to repair something, then, it means that we will need too much money to repair something.

- If in our dream, we just see a beautiful, expensive car, tells us that others see us with respect.
- If we dream to buy something even though the price seemed very expensive, tells us that we are able to get that which means we buy (we can look up its meaning in this dictionary), but this will require much effort, even to do things that are not used has to do.
- But if we dream we want to buy something and when we say we will pay a heavy price, but also the seller shows a sly look or a laugh mischievous, the dream tells us that in the next few days we avoid buying expensive things because there is a risk of being sold something that is not worth the money, especially because if we make a little more effort, we can get something much better at a lower price.
- If we dream that we purchase something that has a high price, but that something has a bad meaning, tells us that we are trying too hard to get something that does not suit us. But if we do not buy, then tells us that we have made the right decision.
- If we dream we do not buy something because we thought the price was too expensive, it means that we will not get what that means do not buy unless we change attitude, and are willing to work harder for it.

- To dream about we do science experiments, tells us to analyze better. And the same means so if we see scientists doing experiments.

This dream tells us that we need greater ability to do things, so it advises us to try harder.

- Try expired and sour foods, means discomfort and distress.
- If in the dream we see aspirin or pills and noticed that already expired, is something that no longer works and advises us not to try again, for example: A ex girlfriend or ex suitor who wants to return us, a former partner who wants to return, an alliance that did not give us results, something that just did not work, etc.

- If in our dream, someone explain us something, means shame.
- If are we, who give an explanation to someone means that we are well regarded by the others.

- Omen of changes that will upset our emotional life.
- If we dream that an explorer or an archaeologist, shows some hieroglyphs, means we have a concern or suspicion about something. This dream we are advised, to analyze well any matter that we have not managed to understand.

- Dreaming with a explosion, let us know of unforeseen circumstances we will be more painful if the explosion in our dream causes havoc.
- If we dream that explode a microwave oven, means that our reckless act can bring us problems.
- If in the dream we are talking to a friend of the opposite sex that we like, but that is married, and in the distance we noticed that your spouse is watching us, and soon after explosions happen, and even if they cause havoc, says if you try to relate to this friend, your spouse will notice and take revenge somehow, which advises us to be good, even avoid any misunderstanding.
- If in our dream we see that explodes, a bridge, means approaching, unforeseen circumstances, we will be hard to beat

- Visiting an exposition indicates new directions in our activities.

Expression, facial:
- See the smile of a heavenly Being, like an angel or of God means that all is well.
- View a heavenly Being angry means that something is wrong.

Expressions: (To say one thing)
- If in our dream we hear an expression, the meaning depends on that the term denotes, for example:
1. The expression: "Why you treat him like that?" Denotes abuse, so it has the same meaning as abuse, and is there may be malicious acts by close relatives, can also mean malicious love affairs.
2. The expression "That's not fair!" Denotes trap and this depends on if someone says that because we're cheating or if it's because someone else is cheating. So if we, the dream tell us that we ought to respect more the rules, but if someone else, then, means that difficulties are coming, we will suffer the consequences if the trap has been laid against us.

Expulsion from school:
- To dream that the principal expelled us from school, it means that sometimes we would go back to school, and we realize how useful it is education. So this is a board that tells us that we try to return to school, and we can be very useful, and if it is not possible for us, tells us at least try to read and study a for things we go well.

- If we dream that someone says, "Extinction" means that we have suffered harassment or injustice because of the government or a political party, for example: Because of a political party discriminates against certain groups in society, by reason that these groups do not share their atheistic ideas.

- If we dream that two of our family, for example: Dad and uncle want to fight, but one of them sprayed with fire extinguisher to the other and goes, it means that he wants to make peace (He wants to end the problem peacefully).

- If we dream that someone is trying to extort us, it means we should not rely too much on certain people.

Extranormal, powers:
- To dream that we have Extranormal powers, it means that soon we will have a higher spiritual level.
- But if it comes to psychic powers, then, it means that we have a talent that we did not imagine, or that remained suppressed.
- To dream that we are gaining new powers, it means that we are learning new things that will help us reach a higher spiritual level.
- To dream that we have demonic powers, it means we have a special talent for spiritual things, but still we do not have the experience, so that sometimes we do not understand and we can even come to think that is wrong.
- To dream that we beat an evil spirit or a monster, throwing power, that tells us that a scurrilous spirit was bothering us, but we managed to overcome it and away, because we have a strong soul and the help of our guardian angels .

- If you dream that we bombard extraterrestrial or aliens, warns us that we must face more due to unforeseen circumstances we have not achieved adapt to our environment. This dream we recommend further study situation.

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Eye bags:
It means moral fatigue or exhaustion in the face of difficulties.

Eye of Horus:
- If in our dream we see the eye of Horus inside a triangle, it means that someone is manipulating us.

Eye mask:
- If in our dream we see an eye mask, it means that someone is trying to hide something.
- If we see someone we know wearing a eye mask means that person is trying to hide something.
- If we dream of an eye-mask dance, means that we are looking for someone to love.
- If we dream that we are in a dance of eye-masks and we see a woman wearing an eye mask, means that soon we will be lucky in love and find someone special.

- If the eyebrows are beautiful and thick symbolize a love game.
- If the eyebrows are shaved, predicts mourn someone whom we know.

Eyebrow trimmer
If in our dream we see an eyebrow trimmer, means that we want to get rid of some annoyances that are overwhelming us.

If we dream of an eyelash, it means that it is approaching, an unexpected event, that can bring us a penalty.
- If a man dreams that a known person tries to flirt by moving her eyelashes, it means that, that person likes him.
- If we dream that someone cuts us the eyelashes, it means that somebody does not want to take our opinion into account.
- If we dream that someone we know has false eyes lashes means that person is trying to deceive us or hide something. But if we dream that the eyelashes fall off or take off, then it means that that person will not be able to continue hiding a certain issue. r

Eyeliner/ Eyeliner pencil:
- If a woman dreams that sharpens an eyeliner pencil, means that the show a little better than it is, will help in a business or project.

Represents the perception of things, and in some cases is the protection and wisdom.
- If in our dream we see someone unknown whether a child, woman, man, elderly, etc.), and noticed that his eyes are FULLY BLACK (Without the whites who have normal eyes), it means that an evil spirit is bothering us or can get to it soon, for example: because you have been playing with the Ouija board or to be trying to contact an evil spirit. Which advises us to avoid invoke unreliable spirits.
- If we dream that we are BLIND, means we have an unwarranted fear of being deceived, or may mean powerlessness over our difficulties in our lives.

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