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Dreams: Z

- If we dream we're dressed like a Toltec, Maya, Inca, Zapotec, or as someone from a very ancient civilization and we became a man-dinosaur, means we have a promotion and or prosperity.
- If we dream that we are at the top of a Zapotec pyramid, it means I have a promotion prosperity. And if you dream that climbed a Zapotec pyramid represents the path to success.

- Augur feuds and quarrels interest.
- Dreaming of a woman wearing a dress the color of the zabra skin, it means that if we succeed in our projects we must be prepared to face hostility and demands for interest.

The zeppelin reveals inconstancy and versatility of our thoughts and desires that are the main cause of our failures and frustrations.

Represents indecision.

- It means that our businesses or our educational aspirations go through a positive process of renewal and progress.
- If our dream is related to vitamins and minerals (Zinc), means we need a vitamin or mineral can also be a warning that we must not neglect our health.

- To dream that we break the zipper of our pants, means frustration and is related to the couple or sex. Can also mean that someone is dominating us or manipulating us.

It symbolizes the various aspects of our being conscious and how we connect with the universe. It may also appear on our dream to denote the passage of time.

- If in our dream we see a zombie, tells us that we are emotionally or physically separate from the people around us or of a some situation.

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- To dream that someone makes us zombie, it means that someone close to us is to separate someone's physical or emotional.

Dream that we are in a zoo, symbolizes loss of freedom and that our skills and talents are going unnoticed, so we feel caged.
It may also represent chaos and confusion, and advises us to arrange a situation in our life.

This dream allows us to see lower instincts, which remain suppressed.

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