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Dreams: Wa

Wad stock:
- To dream of a wad stock, means that money difficulties ahead.
- If we dream that we count the bills of a wad stock, and noticed that there is less money than should have, it is advice that tells us to check well our accounts and money matters, because it is likely to someone are stealing or trying to cheat.

- If you eat sweet foods means that we welcome and positive emotional experiences.
- If the dream informs us of the price of a waffle or steal candy reveals an excess of sentimentality

This dream tells us that we can lose money if we are not cautious enough.

If in our dream we see a wagon alone or abandoned, it means trouble. And if it is abandoned and empty, it means the loss and dissatisfaction.

Wagon (From: Horse-drawn vehicle):
- To dream we travel in a wagon or cart on the road, tells us that we are facing a precarious or difficult situation.
It may also mean that we have little means to continue on the path we have chosen in life.

- Dreaming we wear red shorts and that is us very waisted, it means that it is not the right time to try to woo someone (in particular) we like.
- Seeing a woman wear a short pink, and looks very waisted, it relates to a new love, but also tells us that there is something unseemly, whether the case of a married person or there is something that is not well in that case.

This dream has to do with our projects:
- If in our dream we WAITING FOR A PERSON, AND THIS NEVER COMES, means we will have obstacles in our projects.
- If WAIT AND IF SOMEONE COMES, the dream means we will have great success in our projects.
- If you dream that we are on the phone with someone and suddenly we are told to wait in line, for whatever reason, but then again that's not speak, so we were WAITING IN VAIN, it means that someone is ignoring us or not we are taking into account an important issue, although it should do or should have done (as appropriate).
- If you dream that we have to WAIT TO GET TO CLASS, tells us that if we do not work, there is a danger that fail the grade, or that we can not move up a position, that is, we have to keep waiting for a promotion or positive change.

Waiting room:
- If we dream that we are waiting in it, it means that some obstacles or impediments may arise.

- To dream that we are waiters indicates that our qualities of reliability and efficiency will be appreciated.
- To dream about a waitress(waiter) serving us, announces that acquaintances lend us your support.

Wake up:
- WE WOKE UP DREAMING announces luck and success.
- If we dream that WOKE UP TO A PERSON means: Conflict and opposition.

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If in our dream we walk without difficulty, means we will have a steady progress thanks to the confidence we have in ourselves, but if we see a way, then, we find the meaning of "road."

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Walkie talkie:
- View our dream a walkie talkie, tells us that we are being watched, or that our enemies are watching us and are aware of what we do.

- If in our dream we see the wall of the house of someone we know or someone who is our enemy, and noticed that this SMOKING (as if someone had burned something in there and been tainted by the smoke), tells us that acquaintance afraid we can do anything against him, but also tells us that this very angry at us.

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- If we dream we carry a wallet full, means danger of economic loss.
- If the wallet is empty portends luck in the game.

- If one of the most noticeable things about our dream is the image of a wallpaper, it means that we are interested in what we see in this picture or what it represents, and the meaning of the other things we see in dreams can we giving details of the message.

Walnut tree:
Climb a walnut means that we will succeed in our projects, if we fall from it: The opposite, if we see it cut, warns us of possible dangers in our projects, if it is deteriorated is that we should pay more attention to what we do, if it is leafy is that everything is going well.
- If we see a walnut knocked down, it means that something is wrong with our projects.
- If in our dream we see ourselves at the top of a mountain and there we see a tree, it means that our projects are good and we will see them realized.
- If we see birds nesting in it, it means success and fortune.
- If we see black birds, or nocturnal birds in it, it means that someone wants to harm us.

- If we dance the waltz with someone we love, it means that we enjoy a strong relationship.
- If we are waltzing, plus all the people go disguised means that if we want to succeed with our partner, we should be more honest.
- If we fall as we dance, the dream tells us that we should not be so pretentious or arrogant.
- If dream is not pleasant, it means fear in our relationship.

- If we dream that someone tells us that he does not want to be disturbed, it means that we have received or will receive little serious threats.

- The DREAMS OF WAR tells us that we are still unsure, can also be the announcement of a disaster. In other cases reflects our desire to be free from oppression we desire no longer tolerate.
- If we dream to fight in a war BODY TO BODY means we have some inner conflict.

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This bird augurs tender loving relationships

- If it is DISORDERED, it means that we must reorder and update our knowledge.
- If the wardrobe is full of COLOR CLOTHING announces that we will achieve wealth and well-being thanks to our knowledge.
- If we dream it full and ordered, and its CONTENT OF BAD QUALITY, we must update our knowledge.
- If the wardrobe is EMPTY it indicates that we are not trained for a situation that we would like, due to lack of knowledge.
- If the fabrics are of good quality and if everything is WHITE CLOTHING, we will suffer some disease/injury.

Warm up:
- If we dream that we are doing warm to go play in a game, tells us that the future depends on our wisdom and sacrifice. But if we dream we are doing warming along with the entire team to go out and play the game, tells us that the future not only depends on our wisdom and sacrifice, but also of teamwork (Family, co-workers, partners, sports equipment, etc.).

- If in our dream we hear a warning, it means that something can go wrong, and the meaning of the other things we see in the dream, we can give more details.
- To dream that we shout to someone to warn of danger, means that we are concerned about someone (Whether it is a person whom we know, is related to her (him)), plus there's something that can go wrong.

Warning of danger:
If in our dream we see a warning of danger or hear one means that something can go wrong, and the meaning of the other things we see in the dream can give us more details.

- This dream tells us that our strength and determination will bring us good luck.
- To dream that they do not respect the warranty or not we want to change something defective, it means lack of firmness in our decisions and in the tasks entrusted to you.

by letter.

- To dream that we are a warrior fighting a battle and won, it means that in real life too we will win, but if we lose, it means it will be very difficult for us to achieve the success of our projects.

This dream tells us that we must be discreet about our affairs or otherwise, there will be those who reproach us for something.

- If we wash BED CLOTHING, it means that we will fall apart or we should get rid of some things that are not right in our sex life.
- If in our dream we hit someone and then, we see that we have BLOOD HANDS means that we feel guilty for having caused a problem or conflict; but if we wash our hands later, it means we are not to blame for what happened.

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Wash board:
- If in the dream we see that the water is being wasted in the laundry (For example because someone left the tap open inadvertently), it augurs us losses of money and diseases. In this case to avoid the difficulty will be necessary to analyze the situation very well and find a better way to do things, besides getting an amulet to help us to be more protected.
- If in the dream we see the sink of the wash board full of clean and crystal clear water, it means that defending our interests well can bring us good health and the end of our sorrows.

To dream of a washbasin, it means that the various setbacks and worries, will cease soon.
- If in our dream we see ourselves shaving in the washbasin, it means that it is probable that soon we will be deceived by relatives or friends.
- If we dream that we come to a toll booth, in which there is a washbasin and they tell us that in order to pass we must wash our hands, it means that we must clean something or get rid of something to be able to go ahead (For example: Forget an offense, Get rid of a bad attitude...).
- If in our dream we wet toilet paper in the washbasin, it means that we must avoid to continue doing something that is wrong.
- If we wash hands, it tells us that we must get rid of a feeling of guilt that is unfounded.

Washing machine:
To dream about a washing machine announces conjugal and family harmony.

See: "Garbage"

- To dream that this wasting water, means economic hardship or loss of money.
- To dream that we are wasting money (Any kind of money) means economic hardship and loss of money. It can also mean that if we act recklessly or ignore our experiences, we may have lost money.

A watch and clock basically have the same meaning and is related to the pace at which we live.
- If we see A WATCH ON THE BED, tells us that feel anxiety about relationship issues, it may be because we have not yet managed to find our ideal partner or because either time to start looking for her(him).
- If we see a clock or watch DELAY, tells us to take it easy.
- If in our dream we see a GOLD WATCH, represents the Divine, and means happiness, prosperity, success and good things.
- Dreaming of a HOURGLASS tells us that we have little time to do something.
- If you dream of a HOURGLASS AND ALSO SEE OLD THINGS, says it is likely that someone close to us have little time for life, rather than talks about a possible inheritance.

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- To dream of a watchmaker, means that we will receive valuable advice and help, which can help us to orient ourselves and thus be able to get out of a complicated situation.

Water is mainly related to our emotional state, so if the water is clear and calm, it means that our life runs smoothly; If it is agitated it is because our life is agitated; If it is warm, it means suffering or separation.
On the other hand water is also related to purification, so if we use it to clean something, it means that we are correcting what was wrong, but if we get wet or wet with it, then it means that we have had many problems or That there is something we must fix.

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Water drop:
- See something or someone with a drop of water (Only one), it says that this or that someone can help us solve a problem.

Water lily:
This dream tells us that we can have problems if we do not learn to control our passions.

Water tank:
A water tank represents health and prosperity, unless we see it empty, since then it means probable loss of money and illness.
- If in our dream we see that a water tank breaks and how all the water spills, it means that we expect loss of money and illness.
- If we see two water tanks break and how the water spills, it tells us that to avoid losing money and illness, we must defend our interests, even though it seems that we have little chance of success.

Water, to:
If we dream that we water something, it means we will have good luck in our job or business.
- If we dream that we water flowers, it means happiness and joy.

Waterfall/ Cascade:
- To see a waterfall in our dream augurs success and good luck for our family. But if the waterfall takes little water, means loneliness and misfortune.
- If in our dream we see a waterfall of dirty water means trouble or we will face difficult changes

To dream about a watermelon tells us that our projects can be prolific, unless the watermelon is in bad condition, in that case it warns us that we should review our projects, because something may not be right.
It can also represent fertility.

- To dream that we are waterproofing our house, but that work does not stay well, tells us that to avoid problems in the future, we need the help of an expert, it can also mean that our house and need waterproofing and for that we need to have the expert help.
But if we dream that we are waterproofing our house well, tells us that in future we will have no problems, thanks to our foresight and ability to do things or anything in particular.

- A Well-built Ferris wheel, with water in abundance, becomes a symbol of sincerity, goodness, rectitude and bliss.
- If in our dream we see a wheel full of garbage and we also notice that there is no water, it means that there is a danger that we run out of resources or without help, because of someone who has ill will.

It symbolizes our emotional side.
- If the waves are AGGRESSIVE, it means that we must be careful with our instinct.
- If in our dream we see AGGRESSIVE waves AND IT IS AT NIGHT, it means that we must be careful with our instinct, since there is a danger nearby.

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Wavy lines:
- If in our dreams we see wavy lines, it represents the ups and downs of our life, and if we see ourselves writing numbers on an upward wavy line, it means that we should take advantage of the highs of life, for example: A love, a trip , a party, the opportunity to expand our business, and so on.

Wax apply:
This dream portends likely fights or arguments with those around us.
- If we dream that we washed and waxed our car, it means there is something we wish to correct or fix in our lives, but at the same time, there is risk of discussions.

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