- If we see wall of fence in BAD SHAPE tells us that we act in fear.

- If in dreams we see a BLACK CAT WALK ON A FENCE, means trouble in love because of intrigues and gossip

- If in a dream, we are BREAKING A WALL OR A FENCE, tells us that want things to change and thus free ourselves from something that produces constant nervous tension.

- If we dream of EDGED WEAPONS (Swords...) on the wall, it means that we want the family problems are over.

- If we CLIMBED A WALL AS A CAT SKILLS means that we must further develop our skills, or that to succeed we must improve and study more.

- If in our dream we see a CRACKED WALLS or cracked fences, means probable difficulties because of our lack of confidence in ourselves, which advises us to act more safely.

- To dream that JUMPED A WALL OR A FENCE, tells us that we want to overcome an obstacle or a difficulty, but we can attempt to commit an imprudence. What we are advised to be careful and think things through.

- If we are PROTECTED BY A WALL, means that we are protected from problems.

- REPAIR wall or fence, means we will soon achieve a difficult repair.

- If we SEE A FALL OR FENCE, we have no confidence in ourselves

- If in our dream we see the wall of the house of someone we know or someone who is our enemy, and noticed that this SMOKING (as if someone had burned something in there and been tainted by the smoke), tells us that acquaintance afraid we can do anything against him, but also tells us that this very angry at us.

- If we see THINGS THAT SOMETIMES HANG ON THE WALL, means we want a change, for example:
A ANIMAL SKIN hanging on the wall of a room, means we want to have a better social position and get rid of something that causes us stress.
If we see a GUITAR hanging on a wall, means that we want our love life change or better.

- Dreaming of a WALL IS SKINNING, it means that we are beginning to act in fear and insecurity, which is not good.

- If in our dream we see a house WITHOUR FENCE, tells us that we are not sufficiently protected, can also be a sign that tells us there is someone close to whom we should not trust.

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