- WE WOKE UP DREAMING announces luck and success.

- If we dream that WOKE UP TO A PERSON means: Conflict and opposition.

- If we dream that WERE DREAMING as when we dream something and then wake up, but after re-awakening because even though we thought we had woken up, we were still in the dream, it means that we have traveled to various cosmic planes.

- If we dream that SOMEBODY WAKE US SUDDENLY means that although our current situation looks good, we should not be complacent because those who oppose our interests.

- TO DREAM THAT WOKE UP IN A HOSPITAL means problems caused by the intrigues and malicious intent of someone. - If you have a nightmare, and WOKE UP WITH A DEEP SENSE OF FEAR OR DISTRESS, means that there is something that is causing trouble, but it can also mean that there is a looming threat, in which case this dream we are advised to be very careful and cautious in the following days.

- If we have a nightmare in which we see a DEMON, AND THEN THE AWAKENING, WE CAN NOT OPEN YOUR EYES, (but then we get to keep trying to do so) it may be evil spirits that visit us in our dream, especially if the little time sick or have difficulties. This dream advises us light a red candle to our Divine Lady (Virgin of Guadalupe), in addition to not show fear and be brave, because the value and trust in our Divine Lady makes evil weaken.

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