See trash or garbage in our dream, tells us that there are bad feelings all around.

- If in our dream we see a BAGABOND EATING GARBAGE, means that soon there will be or will continue discussions, slander, lawsuits, envy and or ill will, but also tells us that we must act with firmness and determination to leave any problem may arise.

- If in the dream we see trash in the BATHROOM, tells us to seek spiritual cleansing (be honest) and or physical. It may also mean that we are gaining new enemies because of something related to the bathroom, and when someone is exhibitionist, or someone insists in spy your female neighbor.

- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WE KNOW PUTTING A BAG WITH TRASH IN OUR CAR it means that person has us ill will.

- Dreaming EAT GARBAGE, augurs, slander and ill will.

- To dream that someone throws trash in a landscaped GARDEN means we have a clear conscience, but there are people with bad feelings all around trying to discredit or even slander.

- If we dream HAZARDOUS WASTE, including syringes containing waste, substances, toxic, flammable, corrosive, etc., means that there are people who we have ill will, but it is also dangerous people, what we advises caution.

- If you dream you are in a HOLE filled with garbage and that is in the middle of a street, tells us that we have not made progress, because of the ill will of some people. What we are advised to seek the way to change that situation.

- If in the dream, we throw garbage in the KITCHEN, means we are gaining new enemies or they may soon do so. What we advises caution in what we are doing or planning to do.

- If we see our MOTHER THROWING TRASH ON THE KITCHEN floor, means that there is something about our current situation is causing us anxiety, but we must remain calm and analyze the situation, otherwise it is likely to make imprudent and we win more enemies.

- If in the dream, OUR MOTHER ASKED US TAKE OUT THE TRASH but we refuse to do so, it is a tip that tells us to seek the cleanliness and order. But if we not refuse to take out the trash, then it mean that we do well and simply tell us to follow as well.

- To dream that bring GARBAGE IN THE POCKETS, tells us that we are causing bad feelings because of our bad attitude.

- Dreaming of RADIOACTIVE WASTE tells us that there are bad feelings all around by members of a sect or some communist group, along with envy.

- Dreaming about walking down a ROAD WITH GARBAGE means trouble because we expect that there are many people who are ill will. This dream advises us reconcile with whom we can and get a silver charm give us good protection.

- Dreaming SAY WE ARE GARBAGE says that sometimes we look like the bad or someone makes us look like the bad guys through their gossip and hearsay. This dream advises us find a way to clear things up, and avoid falling into misunderstandings.

- If you dream you see garbage and SMELLY, it means that there are bad feelings all around and there's something not right.

- If you see trash, it pro the most notorious is WASTE OF SOFT DRINK CUPS, means there is someone who is jealous and try to harm us, and if the vessels are brown, envy is related to our luck in the love. In both cases we are advised to have it in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises.

- If in the dream we see a trash bag on the TABLE of the dining room, tells us that someone in our family (family with whom we live) has bad feelings towards us.

- If we THROW ANYTHING TO THE TRASH, means that our unconsciously to act, we can bring problems, but as long as the meaning of what we throw away is good, for example: if we throw coins because the coins have a good meaning.

- If we THROW SOMETHING TO THE TRASH, WHICH HAS A BAD MEANING (we can find the meaning in this dictionary), tells us that we made the right decision.

- If in our dream the GARBAGE TRUCK passes to picking up trash, is a good sign, as it represents the possibility of the bad away.

- Dreaming we took the trash out for the garbage TRUCK takes it away, means that we get rid of the bad feelings all around.
But if we dream that we get the trash out of our home IN BLACK BAGS, means there are bad feelings against us, but we have the situation under control so we are not hurting, because we are taking out of our house, which is equivalent to remove the bad of our Being.


- View a dump in our dream, says that there are circumstances unfavorable to our interests.
- If we dream to travel in a car with our ex, and suddenly we stop and left her(him) in a dumpster, it means that we got rid of her(him) in some way (That we break up with her(him), or did something on purpose so that the relationship ended in a way).

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