If in our dream we walk without difficulty, it means that we will have constant progress thanks to the security we have in ourselves, but if we see a path, then we must consult the meaning of: "Road".

- If we dream that we walk BAREFOOT ON PIECES OF GLASS, the dream it tells us that we must be careful with that we do or are planning to do, since it can cause us pain and/or illness.

- If in our dream we walk WITH DIFFICULTY, it means that we are being hesitant or insecure in some matter, which makes it difficult for us to progress.

- If we dream that it is difficult for us to walk and WE FEEL OUR LEGS VERY HEAVY, it means that it is costing us too much work to do things. But if we insist on achieving what we want with determination and perseverance, sooner or later we will achieve what we want.

- If in the dream we see ourselves walking HAND IN HAND WITH OUR GIRLFRIEND, it means that things are going well in our relationship.

- If we dream that we walk on MUD and that it is very difficult for us, the dream tells us that we are being too shy.

- If we dream that we walk on hot SAND, but then we walk on normal sand, it means that at first the situation will be complicated, but then things will improve and everything will go according to our wishes.

- If we dream that we walk on WATER, it means that we have a talent that we did not imagine or that remained repressed.

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