A watch and clock basically have the same meaning and is related to the pace at which we live.

- If in our dream we hear the ALARM CLOCK, it means that it is time to act or get to work and study.

- If we see A WATCH ON THE BED, tells us that feel anxiety about relationship issues, it may be because we have not yet managed to find our ideal partner or because either time to start looking for her(him).

- Dreaming of a BROKEN clock means that we no longer have time, so if we do not act immediately, we will not be able to do it later.
It may also be in the sense that we are wasting time with someone.

- If we see our brother(sister) GO DOWN THE STAIRS quickly and notice that he is wearing a pulse watch, it means that to avoid failure, we must take things slowly and / or have some patience.

- If we see a clock or watch DELAY, tells us to take it easy.

- If in our dream we see a FALSE CLOCK/WATCH (For example: A cardboard clock), it means that we no longer have time, that is, we must act immediately.

- If in our dream we see a GOLD WATCH, represents the Divine, and means happiness, prosperity, success and good things.

- Dreaming of a HOURGLASS tells us that we have little time to do something.

- If you dream of a HOURGLASS AND ALSO SEE OLD THINGS, says it is likely that someone close to us have little time for life, rather than talks about a possible inheritance.

- If we dream that we file a LAWSUIT and suddenly remember that we forgot the watch in court, it means that we should not forget that the lawsuits are a waste of time and sometimes do not resolve anything, which advises us to avoid demanding for things that they have very little importance, since we will only end up wasting our money and time uselessly.

- To dream that LOSE A CLOCK OR WATCH ON A BET tells us that if we do not hurry to do something, we can end up losing money.

- If we see a watch or CLOCK MARKING THE HOURS TOO FAST or SEE WHAT CONSTANTLY warns us to revise our lifestyle.

- To dream about to we PAWN A WATCH or clock means probable mishap caused by some unpleasant news.

- If in the dream we see a clock and noticed that where it should be one of the numbers has the sign Pi (π) means that we have little time to do something important (Example: A math test) and advises us to ask helps to know someone who knows a lot about that topic.

- A very POOR WATCH represents unreliable people or untrustworthy things.

- If you dream that WE REMOVED THE WATCH is a waste of time, something unproductive, or something that resulted in a waste of time.

- If we see a watch or CLOCK, MARK A SPECIFIED TIME, the message will be associated with that time, for example, if the clock mark an hour morning or noon is a good sign, it indicates that something good is starting. But if the clock mark an hour after noon, warns us that a stage in our life is about to end.

- If for example in our dream we see a WATCH THIS STOPPED, is a reminder that we are not moving forward in something that is important, it can also mean that our time in this world is ending.

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