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Dreams: Wi

This sign tells us that we are open to any ideas and suggestions that may be of any help.

Wicks, hair:
- To dream that the hairdresser or stylist does us a bad job in the hair very badly with purple wicks, means that if we continue deceiving ourselves we can get to see ourselves in problems or even in the ruin.

- If we see our wife as it is today means we will have a surprise soon.
- If she died, see meaning: dead.

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This dream tells us that we are worried about hiding our real intentions, pretending to be good, which tells us it's not right to do that.
- If we dream to buy a wig, tells us that we are hiding our true intentions or that we are hypocrites, which is not good.
- If we try to buy a wig, but ultimately did not buy it, it means we avoid being hypocrites, which is good.
- Seeing someone we know with a wig on, it means that person is a false and unreliable.
- Take a picture to someone we know and who wears a wig, tells us that that person has a great interest to us, yet the dream tells us that this is a hypocritical and untrustworthy person.

It represents our aggressive side. This dream tells us that we must analyze the situation well before venturing to move on, or we could make a serious mistake.

This dream is a good sign that augurs economic success.

It is associated with sadness, and immortality.

Wimp (Wimp person):
This dream means that the inconstancy of our efforts will be reproached and will damage our finances in some way.

- If we see in our dream to win a battle, it means that we will achieve the recognition of our rights; but on the contrary, in our dream we are losing the battle, it means that we will suffer humiliations.
- If the battle hurt us, it means we have moral suffering.

Air symbolizes the soul, the breath of life, wisdom, and change.
- A little breeze, it tells us tranquility, as a breath freshener.
- An air becomes wind, predicts a change.
- If it's a cold, mean the loss of a sincere friend.
- If the air is foggy cautions us to be cautious before attempting to take any decision.
- If the air is dark, it means approaching problems with our superiors, but if the air is clear, it means that will clarify all misunderstandings that have or that may arise.

Wind bell:
- If we see a wind bell in our window, it means that we will have a little help to get out of a difficult problem.
- If we see a wind bell in the front door of our house, means we will have a little help to avoid a difficult problem.

If that we remember most of the dream is the windshield (The glass front of the car), is related to the vision of our current situation, so that if we remember that the windshield was perfectly clean, it is because we have a good view of the situation, but if it was dirty or damaged, it is because there is something that we are not aware of.

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To dream about a window, tell us how to see the panorama in our life, for example, if what we see through it is nice or has a good meaning, tells us that the thinks looks good, that is the things are going well, so we expect good things, but if what we see through it is unpleasant or has a bad meaning, then, means that things are not going well so we expect a difficult situation.

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The objects found in it, mean options and if there is only one thing or is one in particular, attracts us, it means the option to get it, but if the thing is strange, it is advisable to consult the meaning of the object in this same dictionary.

- If in our dream we travel in a car and see a guy cleaning the windscreen for a coin, it means that there is something that we are not seeing well, or that we are not fully understanding; Unless in the dream the boy cleans it, because then, it tells us that things will be completely clear.

This sign represents fertility, and sometimes wealth.
- May also represent friendship and happiness that causes us friendship.
- If we drink a glass of wine with small spiders, means there are some friends with whom we must act wisely and do not tell certain things, because otherwise we risk falling into a trap or to get to see us involved in gossip.

A full wineskin presages abundance, but if it is empty or suddenly empty, it means bad luck in matters of money.

The wings are a victory sign. This dream advises us to be more intrepid to obtain a good change of situation.
- But if in our dream we see someone we know with wings, tells us that this is a good and sweet person unless they are bat wings, but then tells us it is an evil person.
- If in our dream we see an angel with very small wings, it means we need a little extra help, for example: If soon we'll have to take a test, we can ask for help from an archangel-specialized in such cases, as it may be to Athena archangel. (As if our guardian angel told us that he needs the help of an archangel).

- If we dream that someone we know winked at us, it means that she(he) likes you.

Winning coupon:
- To dream that we have a winning coupon or we won a lottery, it means probable losses.

This station tells us that if we move forward in our projects, we need to analyze the situation and make plans for the future.

- This dream tells us that we will have a difficult relationship with someone, be it love, business, friendship, family...
- And if you dream of barbed wire, it means difficulties caused or derived from a difficult relationship with someone (love, business, friendship, family...).

by letter.

- This dream tells us that we will have a little Divine help.
- It can also be a comfort, good luck on the money, good luck in the spiritual, or in the familiar.

It means the same as above.

If you dream that wishing something, it means that we will fail to reach that desire. At least in the same dream we see us reaching or achieving that which we desire, then mean it can achieve but first there will be some difficulties overcome without much effort. But if in the dream we call a wish while watching the rainbow, means good luck and good prospects for achieving what we wish.

If in the dream we simply see a witch, let us see our unfulfilled desires.
- If in our dream a WITCH ATTACKS us or attacking us in any way, represent a female person who is trying to harm us using any means in their power.
- Dreaming of a WIZARD ATTACKS us or attacking us, in some way, represents an enemy (enemy man) who is trying to harm us.
- If we dream that a WIZARD ATTACKS US WITH A MACHETE, represents an enemy who wants to us have a problems and disputes, or to get distracted by other things so that we cannot fight it.
- If in our dream we see a witch(wizard) using a method of DIVINATION, to tell us something about our current situation, and we remember it clearly means that the same can happen. We can also look up the meaning of the things we see do the witch, as this can give us more details.
- If you see a witch BECOME A HEN represents an evil woman who is trying to harm us.

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- To dream that someone puts some of witchcraft to our car, it means that someone wants to hurt us and use any means at its disposal to carry it out so we advised to be cautious and take precautions.

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What in dreams is withdraw, is something we get rid of. In this case, the important thing is to look for the meaning of that is withdraw, to know what it is that we are getting rid of.
- If in our dream we see a man dressed in black and carrying a sword in his hand, it means we have a dangerous enemy; but if we see him withdraw, it means we will overcome him.

- To dream that we climbed a withered tree, tells us that we have not achieved success, because we have not tried hard enough or have not done things enough well.
- If in the dream we see flowers withering, it means that a relationship has ended or warns us of a disappointment.

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