If that we remember most of the dream is the windshield (The glass front of the car), is related to the vision of our current situation, so that if we remember that the windshield was perfectly clean, it is because we have a good view of the situation, but if it was dirty or damaged, it is because there is something that we are not aware of.

- If we dream that we travel in a vehicle and suddenly suffer an ACCIDENT, so that when we hit the windshield breaking it and getting expelled from the vehicle, it means that there is something that we have not understood well enough, which can cause, not only that we do not achieve our purposes, but that there is also the risk of a misfortune happening. What advises us to turn back or look for another way of doing things.

- If in the dream we see a car with a BROKEN AND BLOODY windshield, it means that there is something that we have not noticed or we are not realizing, which can cause misfortune to happen.

- If we see a car with the windshield BROKEN WITH BLOOD AND SOMEONE SAYS that a person is injured in that vehicle, it means that we are neglecting or not taking the proper precautions; what can cause a misfortune to happen.

- If in our dream we travel in a car and we see a CLEAN BOY WINDSHIELD, it means that there is something that we are not seeing well, or that we are not understanding at all; unless in the dream the boy cleans the windshield, because then, it means that things will be completely clear.

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