To dream about a window, tell us how to see the panorama in our life, for example, if what we see through it is nice or has a good meaning, tells us that the thinks looks good, that is the things are going well, so we expect good things, but if what we see through it is unpleasant or has a bad meaning, then, means that things are not going well so we expect a difficult situation.

- See ANGELS FROM OUR WINDOW represents our guardian angels, and if in our waking life we have a problem, then, tells us that soon ended.

- If we window with BARS means that we are trying to escape reality.

- If we dream that we’re BATHING and there are more windows than normal, plus we felt uncomfortable because we think someone can be watching or SPYING, tells us there is someone who is attentive to everything we do, so we must be cautious.

- If we see the window of a house and we know that is the BEDROOM WINDOW, the meaning will be of the bedroom, and if is other part of the house, we must see the meaning of that part.

- If in our dream we see a window BREAKS, means that there is a risk that our projects are end bad.

- If in our dream we BROKEN A WINDOW means the same as above.

- A window that CAN NOT OPEN, mean that in the present we feel stifled and unable to move forward.

- If we see a window COVERED BY A CURTAIN, means that we are trying to escape reality.

- If we see ourselves ENTERING or LEAVING FOR A WINDOW, means that we have made a good decision, either on a project, business, love, or business.

- Dreaming about we FALL FROM A WINDOW means that the panorama in our life does not look good and we expect a likely failure.

- If we see through the window, and see at the front door a FRIEND OR RELATIVE TO AL READY DEPARTED FROM THIS WORLD, and to whom we appreciated in life, but in the dream felt pleased that she(he) visit us, we mean that she(he) is now an angel or archangel, and is helping us from Heaven, so it is good that we remember and to ask for help when we're in trouble.

- If in the dream we see a MAN GET IN THROUGH THE WINDOW represents someone trying to steal something important.

- If in our dream we see a HEXAGON SHAPED window, tells us we have psychic abilities.

- If we dream that we are in our bedroom, then we see someone KNOCK ON OUR WINDOW, but we can’t see his face, plus it's still dark, and woke up immediately with anxiety or fear, means that a pesky spirit is bothering us, which advises us not to be afraid, because they feed of our fears and if they see that we are not afraid, they go away.

- If in our dream we see that house LACKS WINDOWS (holes without windows), tells us that we are not sufficiently protected (suggesting that some stranger could get there) and someone might steal our luck or something it is important to us.

- If we look through a window and see that is night, but we can’t see the MOON means that our future is uncertain. But if we see the moon through the window, it means that we have a hope of getting out of a difficult problem.

- If in the dream we were through the window of a SHIP, tells us how our life is going, and is related to the meaning of what we see through it, for example: If we see a calm sea means that our life in this world goes quiet, but if we see the rough sea means that our life is too hectic.

- If in the dream we see a house with OVERSIZED WINDOWS and especially if it is night, tell us to be more discreet, for example, keep secret important information.

- If in our waking life we have a PET that we recently lost and dream that we see by the window at the entrance of our house, but we note that our pet is very clean, it means that we are concerned about it, but at the same time we says it is well, for example: That somebody has taken our pet, but that is feeding and treated well.

- If in our dream we see the NEIGHBOR’S WINDOW neighbor's window and noticed that the curtains are SLIGHTLY OPEN and into this is dark, it means that we must be discreet, because the neighbor is aware of everything we do.

- If through the window we see SOMETHING WE LIKE, besides being a sunny view, means that our wishes will come true in the near future.

- To dream that we SPY THROUGH AN OPEN GAP between blinds means curious about sexuality.

- If in our dream we THROW A CHILD BY THE WINDOW, tells us that we want to end up with a dangerous enemy, so that things will improve.

- If in the dream we see the house where live someone we know and notice that the windows are TINTED GLASS tells us there is something that person does not want to know about him(her) (either something happens or his personality).

- If instead of looking through the window, we see ourselves in the room WATCHING AS THE LIGHT INSIDE means that we receive the good influences that come to us well.

- If we see through a window one or more WOMEN means success, but if women leave means a likely failure. And the same means so if through a window we see the window of the neighboring house, where we observe one or several women.

- If we dream that we see through the window to a person whom we know accompanied by several YOUNG MEN, tells us to be careful with that person, because he is a friend of our enemies.

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