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Dreams: Ga-Ge

- If in our dream we are gagged, it means a dependence that weighs too much on us. If we can remove the gag, we will find liberation.
- If we see ourselves gagging someone means that we will commit an injustice unless it is the opposite sex that means attraction.

- In business bodes fruitful and beneficial activities.
- In the game, lose money, restlessness, difficulties and disorders.

Gain weight:
This dream promises us that we will have increased health and property.

- Galloping at full speed indicates a strong desire to sexuality.
- Mastering the horse is equivalent to whether or not we are able to control our senses and passions.
- If we can not control the horse, means the same as above.
- If these dreams have a child, talk about desires for adventure and action.

- If someone hangs us in the dream, it means that we feel guilty for something, which is a call to reflect on our actions.
- If, however, we who are going to hang someone or we hang someone, it means that we do not want others to dominate us.

- If you dream to do a gambit or a good chess move, tells us that we have planned things well, and so our projects will succeed.

- If we see ourselves as gambusino seeking gold, the dream warns us that it is likely that our wishes will not come to perform.
- If we looking for gold in a river, it is an indication that our feelings can´t be entirely good.

This meaning depends on the type of game, for example, if it is a children's game, it represents our desire to escape from the problems of daily life; If it is a sport such as football, then it tells us about our struggle against others or to achieve a certain objective; If gambling represents probable losses...
- If we are not children, and we dream we played cat # with a child, means the same as above, but also the dream tells us that we are behaving immaturely.
- If we dream that we are playing in classes means that we must act with more responsibility and seriousness, especially in important things.
- Society games mean joy and well-being in the family.
- Skill games, if we see ourselves winning means we will have good luck, and if not, otherwise.
- If a child dreams that he is with his friends about to start a game, and they begin to choose players for each team, but they do not choose him or her, or they choose the last one, it means Than the dreamer, would like to be more popular and have more friends.

Game, Cleo and Vero (Similar to the Ouija board game):
To dream that we played that game or we hear something about that, it means that there is a close risk.

Game room:
- It means that in our life no fun, unless we see in poor condition, since then it means that our lives are boring and advises us to try to have more fun.

Game show:
-- If we dream that we are in a competition or game show, that involves making something, for example, for making cakes, means the following:
a) If we win, it means we're doing well.
b) If win someone else tells us to change strategy.
-- If we dream that our girlfriend(boyfriend) is in a game show to choose a partner, it means that she(he) has other options, that is, if we do not treat her(him) well, there are other people who are looking for an opportunity with she(he).

Games, Video:
-- If you dream of a game, means:
a) Dreaming of a videogame console, or we're playing with it, tells us that we have the ability to manipulate others or to do what we want.
b) If children are no longer in our dream we see a child wearing a video game, tells us that we must avoid behaving in immature form because it does not look good, plus it is not necessary, since we have the ability to any situation that may arise.
-- Dream to we are inside game, as if we were in the virtual world, it means somebody is manipulating us.

Gamma rays:
- If in our dream we see someone contaminated by gamma radiation, and tries to infect us, it means that there are people who sympathize with communism or some other social evil power, to trying to steal something important, this dream and advises us not trust this may be dangerous people.
But if we dream that we flee or escape from someone contaminated by gamma radiation or gamma rays, which wants to infect us, it means that we will manage to get rid of the bad intentions of evil people who sympathize with communism or other malign social power.
- To dream that a relative or friend is contaminated with gamma rays, means that there are people who sympathize with communism or other social evil power to trying to harm our family or friend. This dream advises us to help that person.

If we dream with Gandhi means that in the next few days, we must act more humble, that is, without presumption.

To dream about a gang, means that there is a danger of someone stealing us, or of attack by dishonest people.
- To dream about a DRUG GANG, means that if we do not have the proper precautions, we can come to suffer attacks from dishonest people.
- Dreaming of a FIGH BETWEEN GANGS, is the announcement of calamities. It can also mean our desire to free ourselves from oppressions that we can not stand anymore. (The one that means the first or the second depends on our current situation).

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- See us in our dream as a gangster, tells us to be more honest to others.

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- If we GET OUT of the garage, in a BEAUTIFUL AND EXPENSIVE CAR, says we have good possibilities for the future, and it is likely that others will come to see us with respect.
- If we are GOING INTO THE GARAGE, it means that we will go through a time of reflection on our future.
- If in the dream we see a garage full of JUNK, tells us that we must get rid of some things (such as poor fitness, obsolete technologies...) to achieve a smooth transition between two forms of life, for a positive change.
- If in the dream we LEFT TO THE GARAGE IN OUR CAR, tells us that we have good possibilities for the future.

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See trash or garbage in our dream, tells us that there are bad feelings all around.
- If in our dream we see a BAGABOND EATING GARBAGE, means that soon there will be or will continue discussions, slander, lawsuits, envy and or ill will, but also tells us that we must act with firmness and determination to leave any problem may arise.
- If in the dream we see trash in the BATHROOM, tells us to seek spiritual cleansing (Be honest) and or physical. It may also mean that we are gaining new enemies because of something related to the bathroom, and when someone is exhibitionist, or someone insists in spy your female neighbor.
- If in the dream we see SOMEONE WE KNOW PUTTING A BAG WITH TRASH IN OUR CAR it means that person has us ill will.
- Dreaming EAT GARBAGE, augurs, slander and ill will.
- To dream that someone throws trash in a landscaped GARDEN means we have a clear conscience, but there are people with bad feelings all around trying to discredit or even slander.

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Garbage Pail Kids, Cards:
- If in our dream we see Garbage Pail Kids cards, advises us to seek help to solve our problems, it can mean that there are bad feelings all around us.
- If in our dream we see grotesque troll trading cards (Similar to garbage pail kids cards) tells us that we must take care how we behave to avoid bad reviews, plus we can be at risk, as there are people malicious around us who might try to exploit any situation to harm us in any way.

- A garden in good conditions, represents a clear conscience.
- If is in poor condition, means we are being led by instinct too.
- If it's dry or arid, means that our personality is dry or arid.
- Conditions of the garden, may also be associated with our partner or someone that we would like as a couple, if the dream is accompanied by other signs related to love, for example if in the garden flowers abound means luck in love, as if something red.
but if in the garden there, wilted flowers, or is neglected means bad luck in love.
- To dream that someone throws garbage into a garden in good condition, it means that we have a clear conscience, but there are people with bad feelings all around trying to discredit or even slander.

- If in our dream we see a gardener, it means that we'll meet a nice person, but as long as the dream no scissors present.

Gardening shears:
- To dream of gardening shears presages gossip of a person who is nice to people, that make it even more dangerous.

Gargamel (Character Series: The Smurfs):
- If in the dream we see Gargamel as a real person, means that we have dangerous enemies.

- If in our dream we see a stone gargoyle, it means that we will receive good news, but if you back, is bad news and pain.

- If in the dream we see someone of the opposite sex who we do not know, but we notice that he is wearing a garment (A bracelet, blouse, bow, accessory, etc.) equal to the one that someone we like usually uses, represents that person that we like and the message is related to the meaning of the other things we see in the dream, for example: If it corresponds to us it is because we also like it.

Garter belt:
- To dream that we wear stockings with garter belt means that we must leave behind our bad habits.
- If we see someone we know in stockings and garter belt means that person has bad habits.

- If you dream of a lamp or gas cooking with gas, we know you're good.
- If the gas starts to end, is a call to do more.
- If you dream that the gas goes missing or something because the gas was finished, tells us to study and prepare more.
- If something explodes because of the gas or leaks, tells us to analyze the situation to avoid disaster.

This sign is associated with our energy.
- Check that the gas shortage means apathy or lack of resolve to make things right.
- If we see abundance of gasoline, means that we are doing well, because we have enough energy and determination.

Gas Station:
- To see in our dream that the entrance to the gas station is close or it is difficult to enter it, it means that we need decision to make things right.
- If we dream scarce gasoline, means the same as the previous one.
- If we see a gas station with good looks, means we have the determination and resources to carry out a project.
- If we see gasoline in abundance, means the same as above.

by letter.

- If we have difficulties to pass, it warns us that we will have to make some sacrifices in order to achieve our goals.
- If in the dream we see scratches or dried flowers on the gate of our house, it means that there is someone who is trying to sabotage or harm us in some way.
Also consult: “Door”.

In this case we must look for the meaning of what we collect, since that is the meaning.

Gauchito Gil:
- To dream that we will light a red candle or he asks us to light a red candle, it means that at this time we need the extra protection, and would be good to light a candle to Gauchito Gil so he can be closer to us.

- To dream that someone heal with gauze, means that our concerns will end soon and have a new chance of success in our projects.

To see in our dream a gay or dream that we are gay, reflects personality conflicts, If repeated constantly, the dream we advised to seek medical help and spiritual. (If not repeated in the following weeks there is no problem, but if it is repeated, in most cases you can just have more confidence in the opposite sex and pray a little more to solve the problem).
- To see in our dream someone we know and see it behave as gay, it means that that person has personality conflicts.

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Symbolizes the woman and in a few cases the soul.
- To dream of a gazelle amounts to see an exotic and beautiful woman.
- If we dream that we want to hunt gazelle means we will try to seduce her.
- If we can catch it indicates that get seduce women.
- Throwing stones at a gazelle indicates that we mistreat our women or abandon the other, which tells us that we must change attitudes.
- If the gazelle attacks us is that our woman will be revealed against our domain, in this case, the dream advises us to be more understanding and less dominant.


Gear lever
- If it is the PARKING BRAKE it means: If we dream that our car is missing the brake lever, it means that there are times when we do not know when to stop.
- If it is the GEAR LEVER means: If we dream that our car is missing the gear lever, it means that there are times when it is difficult for us to maintain control of the situation or that we could easily lose control of the situation, reason why we should plan things well. It can also mean that sometimes we do not know when to continue or when to stop (When attacking, defending, insisting ... and when not to do so), as to a certain matter

- A gear that works well, it means we will have good conditions to carry out our business.
- If the gear does not work well, or are in poor condition, it means that our businesses are not going well, and we may have lost money.

It represents fertility and the land.

It means we will have good luck in love and we will achieve a good destination.
- If you dream of a flying goose, it means that we will receive news or views, soon.
- If you hear the honking of a goose, is a warning of a looming threat.
- If you see a goose swim or fly in pairs, means we will have happiness in our marriage.
- If we are eating goose, means good fortune at home.

- If in our dream we see hair gel, tells us that there are hypocritical people around us, and we advises caution.

Reflects an unrealistic and misleading appearance.

This sign can have several interpretations depending on the circumstances of dream, for example if we dream that we are of the other sex, or if we see someone of a certain sex, for example: If in our dream we see a woman or a man should consult meanings of man and woman, but must take into account that there are some exceptions (When that person shares something with us, curse us, makes us an obscene gesture or threatens us) that we scored a little lower.

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- Introduce ourselves before a general represents our life is about to change; normally this dream is related to achieve our aspirations.

Generic medicines:
- To dream that we use a generic product, it means that there is another way of doing things and also can give us very good results.

- This dream tells us that the joys of the moment, should not make us forget our true situation, we must be attentive to it.

- Represents creativity and power of the mind.
- An evil genius is our bad thoughts.

- If in our dream we see genitals, means we will soon receive money.

- If a man dreams that he is a gentleman indicated that he will face problems with dignity.

This sign announces emotional support, understanding, marital harmony, tenderness and love.

Gerber (Baby food):
To dream that we eat porridge or gerber, it means that we are being forced to learn something we already knew.

To View a plant sprout is the clearest indication that a project or long-awaited desire will soon start to become reality.

- If you dream that someone makes a gesture of disapproval, that is, they do not agree with us means: nuisance, disputes, bad intentions, discussions, and so on. But if the gesture is approved, then it means the finalization of the nuisance and discussions.

Get out:
- If in our dream we get out of a place that has a good meaning, it means bad luck. But if we dream that we get out of a place that has a bad meaning, it means good luck. In this case, the important thing is to check the meaning of the place we came from.
- If we dream that we get out of a bookstore and there are some people outside who do not let us pass, it means that to become successful in our projects we must not abandon the path of study and perseverance.

Get up:
If in dreams, we get up from a fall, it means that we have determination to continue with our initiated actions.

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