- If we GET OUT of the garage, in a BEAUTIFUL AND EXPENSIVE CAR, says we have good possibilities for the future, and it is likely that others will come to see us with respect.

- If we are GOING INTO THE GARAGE, it means that we will go through a time of reflection on our future.

- If in the dream we see a garage full of JUNK, tells us that we must get rid of some things (such as poor fitness, obsolete technologies .....) to achieve a smooth transition between two forms of life, for a positive change.

- If in the dream we LEFT TO THE GARAGE IN OUR CAR, tells us that we have good possibilities for the future.

-If in the dream, we LEFT THE GARAGE IN A VERY MODEST CAR (what most remember is that a car was very ordinary, ugly, single, or modest) means that although we have good chances in a matter (in the future), tells us that if we go ahead with it, chances are others, we fail to do with respect, so well have to revise our plans and find the best way of doing things, so that others do not see us without respect.

- If we are TRYING TO GET OUT OF IT, BUT SOMETHING DOS NOT LET US DO IT, it means that something is an obstacle in our life, to aspire to achieve something better.

- If we are USING THE GARAGE, it means that we are going through a transition between two forms of life.


It represents the path of life, If you travel with another person or persons, refers to those close to us, if such person or persons get off the car, it means moving away from us, if someone rises mean that the person can be close to us in the future, unless sleep later in the car were lowered all, then it means that everyone will take different paths.
IF WE CONDUCT means that we have control of our lives, whether on the contrary is another one that leads is because we have the full control of our lives or we are strongly influenced by others.
It can also happen to look at a child leads, reflecting lack of maturity in us.
If we dream that we bring SOMEONE ALREADY DEPARTED FROM THIS WORLD, it means that someone is with us in spirit, that is, tells us it is our guardian angel and that we can trust him or her, always and in the case of someone dear.
In such dreams usually are accompanied by several signs that help us better understand the message, the event is to see the meaning of each sign.
- If we are DRIVING THE CAR ALONE, means that we desire for independence.
- GASOLINE: It means our energy, so if you run out of gas means that we lack courage or decision.
- FLYING: Means control.
- BRAKES: Our will.
- THE ELECTRONIC: Our intelligence.
- HEADLAMPS, our vision.
- The APPEARANCE of the vehicle, as others see us.
- If our dreams and we see a body wrapped in blood, in the TRUNK of a car (Especially if it is a nightmare) tells us that we need a change in our lives, whether in economic, family, work, business or work.
- The WAY through which pass, we may give clues of our lives depending on the meaning of things to see.
- If we dream we travel in a car or vehicle, and suddenly fall into a SLUMP OR A CRASH, which means that soon we may have difficulty. But instead of falling, we dodge the pothole or collapse, it means that we will manage to avoid trouble.
- If we dream that we went into a PARKING LOT OR A GARAGE with our car, means we are going through a transition between two forms of life. If we are out of the noise does have a good chance for the future. If we are trying to get out of it, but something's stopping us, it means that something is an obstacle in our life to achieve to aspire to something better. If we dream that a car parked or parked and got out of it, means that something that good start, is likely to end badly, so it is good advice to analyze the situation. And if we in a period of reflection points.
- If you dream TRAVELING MADE UP, means that we see around us who, by person or persons who traveled tight, in real life we feel pressured by that person or it is difficult to live with her.
- If we dream that we are in a car and FALL INTO A RAVINE means financial ruin, but if we dream that another car crashes and so we fall into the ravine, means that a person may cause our ruin, which advises us to light a red candle.
- If you dream that SOMEONE IS DRIVING AND FALLOS TO A SWEEP, it means that someone was ruined, but if we dream in a car and we hit someone, and therefore falls into a ravine, it means that someone is ruining our cause.

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