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Dreams: Gh-Gl

This sign in most cases are associated with difficulties and problems, especially if dream is unpleasant.

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- Represents all that we must overcome to deliver and expand our personality.
- Dreaming with a giant stone tells us that we are being too stubborn and advised us to change our attitude, for example: Accept help from someone.

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Gift, Present:
A gift, in most cases represents a difficulty that is related to the meaning of the thing they give us; in some cases it means that we are lacking something that relates to the symbolism of the gift or the person who gives it to us; although the meaning may vary according to the context of the dream.

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G.I. Joe/ Action figure:
- If a man dreams of a doll that belongs to the girl he likes, represents her, for example, if he dreams that his bedroom is the doll that belongs to the girl he likes, it means he has a good chance with her. And the same means if a woman sees in her dream the action figure that belongs to the guy who likes (For example: A action figure of G. I. Joe, Star Wars, Hulk, etc.).

This dream speaks of friends and pleasures passengers and unimportant.

This sign tells us that we need a little more excitement in our lives.

- If in our dream we see a painting of the Mona Lisa or Gioconda, but noticed that the lady paint wears a fur coat, it means that if we are creative, we will have prosperity.

Dreaming of a giraffe, tells us to be more realistic and less harsh in our relationships.

- IF YOU SEE IN THE DREAM YOUR GIRLFRIEND, the message is related to her, in this case, the important thing is to check the meaning of the other things we see in dreams, to understand the full meaning.
- If in the dream, YOU ARE UNFAITHFUL to your girlfriend, it means we are dissatisfied with it because of its nature or the way it behaves.
- If the YOU SEE YOUR GIRLFRIEND CHEATING, it means that she is dissatisfied with your character or the way you behave.
- If in the dream KISS SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOUR GIRLFRIEND, means infidelity.

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If our dreams give us a gift, it means approaching problems of money. On the other hand, if our dream we offer a gift, the dream we forecast joy.

Give me the crips, that thing (From: The expression that denotes disgust and fear):
- If we dream of a rat with a tail that is longer than normal and we try to hold it to pull it out of the place, but it happens that we do not because give us the crips means that we have the possibility of moving away an enemy , But it is necessary that we put aside our fears.

Give up:
If we dream that we give up something, the dream augurs us a separation that can be painful, but that will become a liberation.


- It means unpromising prospects. Difficult situation that can lead to a break with our partner or financial bankruptcy.
- If in our dream we see a glacier melts, means financial recovery, or we will return with our partner; depending on our current situation.

It tells us that our success depends on the outcome of the fight, so that if we win, it means success over our adversaries, but if we do not win, it means a likely failure.

Glamour/ Glamorous:
- If we dream of glamorous things, it means that we must act less superficial way and start thinking about more important things.

The crystal and the glass, represents the spirit, intellect, wisdom, and divination.
- If we dream we walked BAREFOOT ON GLASS PIECES, tells us that we must be careful what we do or we're planning to do, as it can reach or cause us pain and diseases.
- Dreaming BUILD, WALLS OF GLASS in our house or we build a house with glass walls, tells us that we are putting ourselves barriers, what is impeding us achieve our objectives, this dream advises us analyze things well and have very clear our goals.

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- BREAK GLASSES, predict economic damage.
- If glasses, are colorless, the COLOR will tell us more about this vision, for example, if the glasses are red relates to our vision about love, if the glasses are orange, refers to our ambitions.
- In the case of CONTACT LENSES, means:
1. If it comes to contact lenses that are used to make our eyes look a different color, it means that we want to please the opposite sex, more.
2. If it comes to contact lenses to see better, and in our waking life we do not use that type of contact lenses, means that our vision of things is distorted.
- If we dream we wearing sunglasses and a black LEATHER JACKET tells us that we are hiding reprehensible conduct.
- LOSE GLASSES, warns us about our lack of care for others.

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- If in our dream we see a glazed donut, it tells us that we feel lost and we keep trying to find ourselves and our purpose in life.
It can also mean that we are well on the sentimental, depending on the meaning of the other things we see in dreams or in our current situation.

Glitter (Glowing Powder):
It represents the sumptuous and the presumption.

- The dreams in which a globe appears can reveal the craving for domain or announce a long journey.

Glove box:
- If we dream that the glove box of our car is full of soil, it represents probable difficulties caused by malicious people or because people try to make us witchcraft.

- Dreaming with new gloves we portends joy and happiness.
- If you are in poor condition, announce setbacks.

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- The glue in our dreams represents a person skilled in his profession who knows how to handle people; in this case it may be a friend or an enemy, depending on the other things we see in our dream.
- If in our dream we get crazy glue or instant glue on the hand, it means that we should be more skilled in our profession and/or in the way we handle others.

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by letter.

Glue stick:
- The glue stick has the same meaning as normal glue: It represents a skilled person in his profession and who knows how to handle people; In this case it can be a friend or an enemy, depending on the other things we see in our dream.

Glutted (Get fed up with):
It tells us that something can go wrong.

It warns us that we should be prudent in managing our business or affairs.

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